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Mammoth Mattresses Reviewed 2021

Written By Amelia

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Mammoth Mattresses are the world's leading memory foam mattress brand. Founded by John Tuton, a former medical executive, Mammoth was created after he suffered a serious rugby injury in his twenties. Determined to find a better solution to traditional mattresses, John found himself on the road to recovery when he met with some of the world’s leading comfort and sleep technology experts in healthcare. He invested all he had to create the first prototype and now has offices in both California and England.

Mammoth mattresses are the perfect combination of luxurious comfort, unbeatable prices and outstanding customer service. Mammoth mattresses are designed to help improve your sleep quality and provide a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep for you and your family. Offering quality, value and expertise to their customers, Mammoth mattresses have fast become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium quality mattress beds.
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