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Sleepmotion bed frames adjust where you need them to. At the touch of a button, you can adjust your bed to sit up and watch TV, eat breakfast, work on your laptop to meet a deadline, or read a book. Sleepmotion is more than just a lifestyle bed with the added benefits of elevating your legs to improve blood circulation and Zero Gravity technology to minimize the pressure that causes aches and pains caused by your natural sleeping style. Sleepmotion can also help lessen the problem of snoring. During a deep sleep the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue and throat relax. This can partially block your airways and cause a vibration which is what we know as snoring.
The Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frames are the perfect bed for every lifestyle and are easy to adjust using the wireless remote or Napp app. The Sleepmotion 100i bed frame is great for those looking for a simple yet comfortable bed. The Sleepmotion 200i bed frame offers more comfort with the option of different positions and adjustable head and back height. The most luxurious option is the Sleepmotion 800i bed frame with its adjustable head, back, and feet height, as well as two massage units and underbed light. Which sleepmotion bed would you choose?
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