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Doze mattresses offer great full body support at a new low price. The doze mattress range represents great value for money for a soft and comfortable product.

What is a doze mattress?

The Doze mattress is a basic foam mattress from Dreams Beds. These mattresses are typically one-sided, meaning you do not need to flip them. You should however still rotate the bed from head to toe every few months. A plus point for this is that, due to the foam and lack of pocket springs, these mattresses are exceptionally light, so turning them will not cause any unnecessary stress.

Any of the Doze range of mattresses are in a firmness grade of medium-firm. From our own independent tests it was measured as a six on a scale where ten is firmest and one is softest. These mattresses come vacuum packed and rolled so getting them up a few flights of stairs also represents little bother.

What's it like to lie on?

These mattresses have memory foam and reflex foam as a base, as a result you will find you get relatively good support from this mattress when sleeping both on your side and your back. Independent tests and long standing customer reviews show that these Doze mattresses do not worsen in the initial years and have a lifespan typical to those in the Dreams Beds range, of 8 years.

A small caveat, due to the foam nature of the mattress, those that feel warm in the night to an uncomfortable level may want to look at others from a different brand as the nature of memory foam is inherently not very breathable.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

Reviews show that these Doze mattresses do not sag with time, a blessing in the foam and memory foam market, however, they can soften with time and usage. With that in mind, and the amazing price of these products, you may find the mattress unsuitable for the firmness desired after a number of years, regardless though, a small price to pay for quality and comfort at such a low price.

Should I buy it?

Yes. This is a supportive, comfortable and stable mattress at a low price, provided you do not get too hot at night and find the foam elements restrictive, these will generally be a very good buy.

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