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The Shine Essential by Mammoth Mattress

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By Soak and Sleep

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    No-Turn Technology

    No turn technology means that this product is one sided meaning that the support layer sits on the bottom of the mattress and the comfort layer that you lay on, sits on top. The benefit of this is that you do not need to turn. The downside means that there may be a degree of settlement over time since you have less overall surface area to explore. Thanks to strides in materials and technology in recent years, it is not uncommon for no-turn products to last almost as long as dual sided.

    British Made

    This product is made in Britain with specific attention to detail and produced by a team of experts. People prefer buying British made as it helps home-grown talent succeed while often being of higher quality.

    Firm; standard 24cm depth

    A 24cm depth is a good mattress size. Not so deep that you need to mess about with new deeper bespoke sheets, but not small enough in depth that you are left questioning where the quality resides. 24cm is a great happy medium that can house good quality components.

    Medical Grade Foam

    Accolades a-plenty

    Made with cooling Medical Gradeā„¢ foam

    PostureCellĀ® construction for specialist support

    5 year guarantee

    A 5 year guarantee is longer than the industry standard and gives confidence that both the supplier and retailer have confidence in the product they sell. After all, if it goes wrong through a manufacturing defect in this time, they will be the ones on the hook! Sleep soundly with the confidence that you will not be left out of pocket through this period. A win for the consumer.

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