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A good night's sleep is integral to our wellbeing - it's what prepares us for the day, enhances our mood, and even benefits our long-term health. For such a critical pillar of life, it's essential that our sleep environment, namely our mattress, offers absolute comfort, relieving pressure points and providing support where it matters most. That's what has brought the remarkable Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' into the spotlight. Striking a delicate balance between luxury quality and affordability, this mattress expands the boundaries of the 'bed-in-a-box' concept.

How We Tested

While I personally haven't had the opportunity to test this mattress owing to the lead time on delivery, my expertise in mattress reviewing and my deep dive into the specifications, customer reviews, and manufacturer's description allow me to construct a thorough analysis. Alongside these, my understanding of the industry and sleep preferences assists me in crafting an impartial review.

Design and Features

The Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' is one that's been crafted keeping simplicity and quality at its core. It utilises two key layers to deliver comfort and support. Starting at the top, the moisture-wicking material ensures a cool and fresh sleeping experience, much like the feeling of poking one leg out of the duvet. Further down, the Evecomfort® layer, a proprietary product developed by Eve, offers optimum support to your bony bits and aids in maintaining spine alignment. It exhibits superb breathability, ensuring a well-regulated sleeping temperature. The base of the mattress is firm and strong, featuring an anti-slip coating that keeps the mattress steady on your bed base.

The quality doesn't stop at the layers. Eve has ensured that the mattress adheres to the highest safety standards, using foams tested and certified by CertiPUR® and a top cover certified by Oekotex. Having cleared stringent independent checks, the mattress confidently promises a safe and healthy sleep.

Mattress Comfort

The star feature of the Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' is its harmonious fusion of comfort with support. The velvety-soft top layer ensures a soft landing for the weary sleeper, while the Evecomfort® layer underneath keeps the spine aligned and supports the 'bony bits', ensuring sleepers wake refreshed and devoid of stiffness or discomfort. With a medium firm support, it offers an incredibly balanced sleep surface, allowing the body to subtly sink in while maintaining adequate support.


The Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' is particularly well-suited for side sleepers, people with a lower than average BMI, and those with an hourglass figure. This is due to its soft tension, which allows for additional sinkage in the support layer that these specific groups appreciate. However, its balanced features make it a versatile choice for various other kinds of sleepers as well.

What Customers Thought

Customer testimonials echo the quality and comfort that Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' promises. Sleepers have appreciated its perfect blend of firm and soft, allowing them to enjoy their sleep without worrying about waking up with a sore back. Its cooling technology, too, receives much praise, allowing users to sleep comfortably through the night without overheating. Encouragingly, many report waking up refreshed and well-rested.

The Verdict

The Eve 'The Lighter Mattress' may appear as an unassuming entrant in the world of premium mattresses, but its features make a significant impact. Its harmonised layering and temperature regulation technology provide an unparalleled sleep experience that belies its 'lighter' designation and makes its price point seem quite a bargain. While it may be ideally suited for side sleepers, the mattress doesn’t skimp on providing something for every type of sleeper. Thus, if you are searching for a superbly comfortable, yet realistically priced mattress, you should consider paying a visit to Eve.

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