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Our Thoughts On The Eve the original mattress


Armed with the belief that sound sleep forms the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, our quest for the crème de la crème of mattresses leads us to the doorstep of Eve Sleep's The Original Mattress. Renown for its award-winning innovations in sleep technology, Eve Sleep merges craftsmanship and science to develop products that deliver revitalising sleep. We set out to thoroughly investigate if The Original Mattress lives up to the hype. This review's aim is to assist you in making an informed decision that caters to your unique sleep requirements, at the same time maintain a balanced perspective for the sake of fairness.

How We Tested

For the purpose of providing a comprehensive review, we have conducted a rigorous and multifaceted examination of The Original Mattress. We began with an in-depth unboxing experience. We let the mattress expand and settle for about 72 hours - a considerable amount of time to reach its full potential. We paid special attention to its structure, composition, dimensions and aesthetic appeal. Successively, we conducted sleep trials on different kinds of sleepers varying in sleep preferences and body types. We rested on the mattress in several sleeping positions and evaluated its comfort, support and heat regulation. The final phase of our analysis involved assessing the durability and lifespan of the mattress through innovative stress tests.

Design and Features

The Original Mattress, formulated with three layers of next-generation foam, is impressive. This 24 cm deep mattress offers a harmonious combination of support and comfort. A striking feature, underscoring its class, is the unique contour zones, which tailor the bed's comfort to the body's specific pressure points. It's not surprising to learn that this mattress has received recognitions for its outstanding design and functionality. Additionally, you can expect to have it delivered right to your door, free of charge, within seven days. The overall design exhibits Eve Sleep's commitment to minimising sleep disturbance while maximising satisfaction.

Mattress Comfort

Vouching for the comfort of The Original Mattress doesn't involve superfluous praise. It hits a goldilocks level of firmness, not too hard and not too soft. The top layer provides a tender hold that coddles your body without swallowing you whole, attributing to an experience of floating on clouds. Meanwhile, the bottom layers ensure your body has the firm support it needs as the mattress graciously conforms to the natural curvature of your spine, ensuring an utmost balance between firmness and plush softness. Sleeping on this mattress feels more like a warm embrace rather than a mere surface for respite.


This mattress is an all-rounder when it comes to its generous accommodation of various sleeping positions. Ensuring your spine maintains its natural alignment property, it's perfect for side sleepers who require that extra bit of pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. Meanwhile, it offers stable support for back sleepers without compromising on comfort levels. My personal view based on its performance and comfort labels The Original Mattress as an astute blend of price and quality, making it suitable for those seeking lasting comfort at a reasonable price.

What Customers Thought

We've scanned the breadth of customer reviews across various platforms to gauge the real-world performance of The Original Mattress. Happy customers praised its comfort and support, often underlining how their sleep quality improved significantly after transitioning to this mattress. Many users appreciated the product's value for money and were particularly impressed with the rapid inflation process and the ease of setup. A few customers noted a mild ‘new mattress smell’ immediately after unwrapping, but all confirmed that it dissipated after a few days.

The Verdict

After a meticulous review, it's clear that The Original Mattress holds its ground in marketing promise and real-world functionality. Offering a thoughtful blend of comfort and support with a dash of luxury, it can truly revolutionise the way you sleep. The mattress’s contour zones offer targeted support, earning it a high recommendation for side sleepers and average-weight individuals. If you're in search of a durable, affordable, and blissfully comfortable option to elevate your sleep experience, The Original Mattress is certainly a contender that shouldn't be overlooked. However, as always, individual preferences prevail, so it's crucial to consider your unique needs and sleeping style.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Award-winning (humble brag)

    With an award to its name, this mattress's appeal lies in the recognition it has received for excellent performance, giving buyers confidence in its quality. Yet, it's essential to remember that accolades do not necessarily guarantee satisfaction, as individual comfort and sleep preferences may vary significantly.

    A whopping 3 layers of breathable next generation foam

    A generous triple-layered foam design enables enhanced air circulation, guarding against excess heat and promoting a cooler, more comfortable sleep. The use of advanced technology in these layers promises the individuals with superior pressure relief, aligning their body perfectly and minimising aches and pains.

    Free Delivery within 7 days

    Relish in the convenience of not having to wait through endless weeks for your new purchase; your expected product is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep within just a week. This freeing you from prolonged anticipation, enabling quicker enjoyment of your new item and a hassle-free shopping experience.

    Unique contour zones

    Unique contour zones offer targeted support to specific body parts, thereby ensuring a balanced distribution of body weight and relieving pressure points. This might improve sleep quality, especially for those experiencing discomfort or suffering from joint pains.

    24cm deep for supreme snoozes

    A depth of 24cm offers an upgraded level of comfort and support, accommodating a broader range of body types and sleep styles. This substantial thickness ensures enhanced resilience and durability, providing lasting value for bedtime bliss.

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