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Our Thoughts On The Eve the lighter hybrid mattress


In the sea of mattresses, there's always one that will rise above the waves, promising you nights of tranquil slumber and mornings invigorated with energy. Today, we're going to talk about one such mattress - the Eve the lighter hybrid mattress. It's not just another mattress; it's a mattress designed with a focus on achieving the elusive perfect balance of comfort, support, and durability. And what's even more exciting? It does all this without burning a hole in your pocket. So, if you're looking to maximise comfort in your guest room or searching for an affordable yet premium mattress for your own bedroom, this might just be the one. Read on as we dig deeper into this mattress and see whether it's worth your investment.

How we tested

Our mattress evaluation process revolves around an extensive testing period spanning several weeks. Throughout this period, we sleep on the mattress under different conditions and take note of various factors, including the mattress's firmness, temperature regulation, motion isolation, and overall comfort. Towards the end of the review period, we consolidate our observations in a structured format to draw objective conclusions to help prospective mattress buyers make an informed decision.

Design and features

The Eve the lighter hybrid mattress comes with an impressive combination of over 650 full-sized pocket springs and unique evecomfort® foam. This sumptuous mix of spring and foam is the secret behind the mattress's top-to-toe support. Standing 20 cm thick, the mattress is designed to ensure that your body enjoys a cloud-like feel without compromising on the much-needed spinal alignment and distribution of body weight. And the best part? Your mattress arrives at your doorstep, vacuum-sealed in a box, ready to provide you with a rejuvenating sleep, thanks to the free delivery within seven days.

Mattress comfort

The mattress scores a homerun in the comfort department. The top-notch evecomfort® foam layer maintains a perfect balance between firmness and plushness, leaving you feeling as if you're floating on a cloud, all while enjoying sound spinal support. The responsive pocket springs effectively react to your body movements, thus reducing the chances of waking up with a sore back or a stiff neck. As our bodies tend to generate heat during sleep, the mattress's breathability plays a crucial role in ensuring a restful sleep. The mattress's foam and spring mix promotes adequate air circulation, thus keeping the chance of overheating at bay.


This mattress is an ideal choice for side sleepers and those with a lower BMI than average. The soft tension effectively cushions the sleeper's body, particularly the pressure points which are more exposed when a person sleeps on their side. It's also a good fit for individuals with an hourglass figure as it offers additional sinkage in the support layer due to its unique construction.

What customers thought

Based on the customer reviews, the Eve the lighter hybrid mattress stands up remarkably well to the test of time and use. Users love its outstanding blend of softness and support and appreciate how it strikes a balance between comfort and affordability. The quick delivery and easy setup have also found favour among users.

The verdict

It's time to wrap up our exploration of the Eve the lighter hybrid mattress. With its inviting feel, optimal balance of comfort and support, and affordability, it truly is a mattress worth more than the sum of its parts. If a budget-friendly mattress that doesn't compromise on quality is what you're after, then your search might just have ended. So, if you're ready to revitalise your sleep experience without breaking the bank, the Eve the lighter hybrid mattress could be worthy of your consideration. After all, waking up refreshed and rejuvenated from a good night's sleep is a luxury we all deserve!

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Over 650 full sized pocket springs

    Implementing over 650 full-sized pocket springs equates to a mattress that effectively caters to individual body weight distribution, therefore providing optimal support and reducing the likelihood of uncomfortable pressure points. Consequently, this feature further enhances better sleep quality by maintaining the correct spinal alignment, and reducing motion transfer, ensuring undisturbed slumber even when your partner moves.

    20cm thick for top-to-toe support

    Navigating through the dense fog of mattress specifications can be daunting, especially when the information appears technical and overwhelming. Delving into the specifics of a 20cm thick mattress, it provides ample support for the body, enabling an aligned spine and promoting healthy sleep patterns. On the downside, such thickness might add difficulty in moving or flipping the mattress due to its enhanced weight.

    Unique evecomfort® foam

    The inclusion of unique evecomfort® foam implies an enhanced sleeping experience by offering impeccable support and breathability, which is indispensable for maintaining a balanced temperature throughout the night. Albeit being exceptionally buoyant, there's no trade-off in terms of durability, confirming the foam to be a long-lasting investment for superior comfort.

    Free Delivery within 7 days

    Relish in the convenience of not having to wait through endless weeks for your new purchase; your expected product is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep within just a week. This freeing you from prolonged anticipation, enabling quicker enjoyment of your new item and a hassle-free shopping experience.

    Sumptuous combo of spring and foam

    Integrating springs with foam lends the mattress an unparalleled sturdiness whilst ensuring a luxuriously plush feel is maintained. This suggests you can savour long-lasting use and comfortable relaxation in equal measure, with neither material overpowering the other.

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