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Eve the original hybrid mattress

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By Eve
Memory Foam
Pocket Spring
3' x 6'3
4' x 6'3
5' x 6'6
Super King
6' x 6'6
Custom Size
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    Over 800 full-sized pocket springs

    For someone seeking a robust support system in a mattress, the presence of over 800 full-sized pocket springs provides individualised adjustment to your body contours, ensuring even weight distribution. However, it's worth noting that if you prefer a softer feel, this high number of pocket springs might not provide the plush comfort expected.

    Free Delivery within 7 days

    Relish in the convenience of not having to wait through endless weeks for your new purchase; your expected product is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep within just a week. This freeing you from prolonged anticipation, enabling quicker enjoyment of your new item and a hassle-free shopping experience.

    25cm deep for cloud-like comfort

    The depth of 25cm is synonymous with a luxurious comfort, often associated with high-quality mattresses, enabling superior body contouring and optimum support. However, deeper mattresses may require specially sized fitted sheets, which could be an extra consideration for those prioritising convenience.

    Springs and foam - the best of both worlds

    Blending springs and foam allows for optimum comfort and support: the springs provide responsiveness, while the foam contours to the individual's body shape for pressure relief. However, the combination might lead to temperature regulation issues, potentially causing a warmer sleep experience.

    Luscious layers of memory and cooling foams

    Given the luscious layers of memory and cooling foams, you can anticipate sublime balance of comfort and support. The inclusion of cooling foams also ensures ideal temperature control, letting you enjoy undisturbed, refreshing sleep.

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