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Anyone who has experienced the discomfort of a restless night or the dissatisfaction of waking up feeling more tired than when they went to bed can attest to the value of a good mattress. However, finding the perfect one that offers both comfort and adequate support is not always straightforward. This is where Eve Sleep springs in with their high-quality mattress range, specifically designed to cater to diverse sleep needs. One mattress that stands out in its lineup is the Eve Premium Mattress, a perfect combination of plush comfort and top-notch technology. Encased in a luxuriously quilted anti-microbial cover and equipped with four layers of carefully calibrated foam, this mattress promises a restful slumber.

The Eve Premium Mattress possesses a unique blend of softness and firmness that comfortably cradles your body while providing sufficient support to prevent any aches or pains. It appeals to those who value comfort, effective spinal alignment, and temperature regulation all wrapped in an aesthetically delightful package. A closer examination is required to take in the full breadth of what it brings to your sleep experience.

How we tested

As sleep preferences are highly individual, a good mattress should cater to a wide array of sleep styles. Therefore, while testing this mattress, we left no stone unturned. The Eve Premium Mattress was examined over a period of two weeks, keeping its performance consistent across varying conditions in mind. We took into consideration the different sleep positions we adopt throughout the night, noting how the mattress responded to changes in posture and movement. We meticulously observed if the mattress managed to absorb movement efficiently, preventing disturbances that could lead to restless nights. We also paid attention to how well it regulated our body temperature, ensuring it didn't contribute to any unwanted night sweats or chills.

Design and features

The distinctive features of the Eve Premium Mattress are cleverly embodied in its construction. The waterfall cover, one of its captivating outer features, promises both functionality and aesthetics. The cover is thick, quilted, and enhanced with tiny silver strands, ensuring it remains bug-resistant over time.

The mattress harnesses the power of memory foam and floatfoam®, working together to create a soft and responsive surface. These layers are strategically placed to provide the utmost tranquility, with floatfoam® offering immediate soothing pressure relief and memory foam effortlessly contouring to your body's unique shape. This impressive combination presents you with a cloud-like sensation some may liken to floating.

The base layer, crucial for support, has seven contour zones to prevent sagging while adequately supporting the pressure points of a vast range of body types. Finally, the mattress is graced with an anti-slip base to help it remain steady on your bed frame, with handy side handles included for easy manoeuvring.

Mattress comfort

The Eve Premium Mattress’s comfort level is a shining example of balancing softness with firmness. The top layers offer a delightful sinking sensation upon contact. However, the underlying support layers come through, offering firm support, aligning your spine, and keeping any potential aches and pains at bay. Even as you change positions during the night, the mattress adapts and continuously offers pressure relief and support - truly a winning combination in promoting restful sleep.


This mattress is most suitable for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers due to its firm tension. While it may not be the best fit for side sleepers or bodies with curves that warrant deeper sinkage at the hips and shoulders, for those who sleep primarily on their backs, it provides optimal support.

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    Ultra Breathable memory foam combined with our patented floatfoam®

    Transforming your sleeping experience, this unique blend of Ultra Breathable memory foam and patented floatfoam® provides optimal comfort due to its responsiveness and pressure relief capacities. Moreover, the advanced breathability functions regulate temperature effectively, ensuring a consistently fresh and cool sleeping environment, enhancing the quality of your rest.

    Free Delivery within 7 days

    Relish in the convenience of not having to wait through endless weeks for your new purchase; your expected product is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep within just a week. This freeing you from prolonged anticipation, enabling quicker enjoyment of your new item and a hassle-free shopping experience.

    28cm deep for pure cosiness

    A depth of 28cm guarantees a luxurious experience with an ample layering of both comfort and support materials. This aspect, while showcasing the product's high standards, might require deep-pocketed sheets and an elevated bed frame - factors worth considering for a perfect bedroom fit.

    Waterfall cover with nifty side handles so you can lug it about with ease

    Beneficially, the waterfall cover not only ensures a seamless look to your sleeping area but also aids in maintaining cleanliness. Equipped with convenient side handles, this feature simplifies the occasionally daunting task of moving the mattress, offering ease and convenience.

    Contour zones that hug your bod

    Enjoy a personalised sleep experience enabled by contour zones designed to support your body's unique shape. However, a caveat is that these zones may feel overly restrictive to some, limiting free movement during sleep.

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