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Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress

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Pros and Cons

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  • Highly regarded for its comfort and support, even suitable for adults.
  • Quality of construction impresses many, with mentions of good stitching and durable materials.
  • Frequent praises for providing a good sleep experience for children, enhancing their sleep quality.
  • Compliments for being well-suited to bunk beds due to appropriate thickness and light weight.
  • Appreciated for its good value for money, with many stating it's a sound investment for a child's development.
  • Although the Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress is generally comfortable, it may not provide firm enough support for growing children according to a few reviewers.
  • Some feel the mattress might be a bit weak, making it potentially unsuitable for heavier sleepers or for those who prefer a hefty, robust build.
  • Due to its thin nature, it could possibly seem low quality or cheaply made to some customers, indicating it might not be the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious feel.
  • There were several delivery issues mentioned, hinting the mattress might not be the prime selection for those who demand flawless and prompt delivery experiences.
  • Despite the many positive opinions, one reviewer mentioned their 4-year-old found the mattress uncomfortable, suggesting it may not suit younger or more sensitive sleepers.

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Our Thoughts On The Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress


Providing quality sleep for kids is paramount for their healthy growth, and Silentnight has exactly that mission in mind with their Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress. This cleverly designed mattress is specifically constructed to fit neatly atop a bunk bed whilst prioritising child-safe standards. Bursting with sustainability and comfort in its design, it aims to deliver a comfortable snooze for your little ones. Let's delve deeper into what this mattress offers.

Who is this product for?

The Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress is crafted specially for kids who are the proud occupants of bunk beds. The mattress, at a 14cm depth, squarely targets safety concerns by fitting below the safety barrier of the top bunk. The firm nature of the mattress, although not suitable for all sleeping positions, is ideal for back sleepers and those in need of orthopaedic benefits. The mattress may also accommodate some stomach sleepers, but side sleepers might not find the level of comfort they require.

What do we use this product for?

As the name suggests, the primary use for the Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress is for promoting healthy sleep habits among children. It delivers breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and solid support that encourages good spinal alignment — all crucial factors for ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of a growing child.

What customers liked and disliked

Feedback from customers is largely positive. Many find the quality satisfactory and agree that it offers good value for money. The comfort factor gets a big thumbs-up, with some going as far to declare it equally comfortable for adults. The hypoallergenic feature is also applauded by parents.

On the flip side, some users expressed concerns over its durability, with prognostications suggesting it wouldn't hold up over the long run. There were also a few niggles about the firmness of the mattress not offering adequate support for growing kids, and a few customers felt the quality was questionable.

Features you should know about

  • The mattress boasts EcoComfort Fibres™ that not only promise wonderful comfort but also possess breathable properties to maintain a well-regulated sleep temperature. It's also worth mentioning that these fibres are created from recycled plastic, making your choice a thumbs-up for the planet too.

  • A soft knit, the cloud-patterned fabric encases the mattress, enhancing the comfort level and giving it a cosy finish. The adorable green border is an aesthetic plus, adding a touch of charm to its appeal.

  • The firm mattress relies on an open coil spring system that ensures even weight distribution. This feature, along with its ability to provide pleasing spinal alignment, can help reduce sleep disturbance for kids.

  • A comforting aspect for parents is the hypoallergenic nature of the mattress, oreventing allergens from ruining a peaceful night's sleep.

Our Review

The Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Bunk Mattress shows promise in meeting the needs of growing children. Leveraging eco-friendly ingredients for its construction and ensuring the comfort sustains night-long sleep, its design caters to care and nurture.

That said, it may not satisfy the requirements of side sleepers, and its long-term durability is a concern for some, so these factors could weigh in if you're considering this purchase. However, overall, the mattress emerges as a supportive, comfortable, and environment-friendly choice for young sleepers.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    3 year guarantee

    Hypoallergenic for undisturbed rest

    Breathable EcoComfort Fibre™ fillings

    Provides soothing spinal alignment

    14cm depth - ideal for bunk beds

    Made from environment friendly recycled plastic

    Soft knit cover for comfort

    Cute green border

    Specially designed to aid healthy growth

    Open Miracoil springs for support

    Firm mattress for a solid feel

    Single sided for easy maintenance

    Made in the UK Weights: Single: 12kg

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