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Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress

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Memory Foam
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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

  • The medium-firm tension offers excellent back support and is ideal for both side and back sleepers, as noted by several users.
  • This mattress has been appreciated for its high comfort level, delivering a restful night's sleep and aiding users with specific conditions like bad backs and fibromyalgia.
  • The lightweight nature of the mattress makes it easy for users to move around, change sheets, and fit on different bed frames, which includes wall beds and bunk beds.
  • User satisfaction shines through in terms of the product's overall value for money - great quality at an affordable price.
  • Despite its firmness, it retains a soft touch due to the comfortable cover, also, it holds up well over time, with no sagging reported by users.
  • Some sleepers found the mattress to be firmer than anticipated; thus, it may not suit those looking for truly medium firmness.
  • The mattress appears to be thinner than some customers expected, affecting its perceived value for money and potentially the comfort level for heavier sleepers.
  • A few customers had issues with fitted sheets and protectors slipping off easily due to the mattress's low thickness.
  • This mattress, with its distinctive firmness, might not suit all side sleepers, especially those with an hourglass figure in need of more pressure relief.
  • Likely not ideal for those who seek bounce in their mattress as it has a very firm and solid feel.

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Our Thoughts On The Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress

With the aim of delivering outstanding value, the Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress asserts itself as an affordable choice for a satisfying and refreshing night's sleep. This mattress is designed for those who crave the comfort provided by memory foam. Let’s delve into the specifics of this product.

Who is this product for?

With a balanced blend of memory foam and supportive reflex foam, the Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress is particularly suitable for both back and side sleepers of average weight. Issues may arise for side sleepers with an hourglass figure, who may require a mattress with a slightly softer tension to ensure appropriate sinkage and optimal alignment of the spine. Overall, this mattress caters to a wide spectrum of sleepers looking for the combined benefits of comfort, support, and affordability.

What do we use this product for?

This mattress can be considered a comfortable haven, ushering in long-lasting rest and relaxation. The Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress moulds to your body, delivering conforming pressure relief courtesy of its 3cm-deep layer of memory foam. Additionally, it carries a 13cm support layer comprising of high-density reflex foam that promises consistent, wholesome support. Adding to its appeal, it is treated with Adaptive technology and Fresche antimicrobial technology to ensure the mattress stays cool, clean and fresh night after night.

What Customers Liked and Disliked

Reflecting upon customer feedback, there is a mixed bag of reviews towards this product. Its convenience, affordability and quality attracted positive notes whilst a good portion of users appreciated the mattress's firmness, claiming it offered profound support especially to back sleepers.

On the other hand, some side sleepers found its medium-firm labeling a tad misleading as they felt the mattress leaned more towards the firm end of the spectrum, and felt uncomfortable for them. Also, a few customers voiced their disappointment at the 16cm mattress thickness, which they felt could have been a bit higher.

Features you should know about

The Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress carries a rich set of features designed to enhance your sleeping experience. It includes a comfortable soft layer of memory foam and a supporting layer of high-density reflex foam. The product comes with a soft-knitted cover, is hypoallergenic, and carries Fresche antimicrobial technology, offering a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

The mattress is also rolled-up for ease of handling and transport, only requiring you to rotate it from end-to-end every three months to keep it in tip-top shape. Finally, it keeps the ethos of environmental preservation at heart, with all its packaging being fully recyclable and no waste being sent to land-fill sites.

Our Review

Post analysis, I conclude that the Bodyshape Value Memory Mattress is a reasonable option, especially for those looking for quality on a budget. It shines in providing back and average-weight sleepers the perfect blend of comfort and support. However, it may not be the optimal solution for side sleepers or those with an hourglass figure.

The mixed bag of reviews concerning the firmness level and the mattress’s thickness dampens the appeal slightly but it does have a far greater number of admirers, and that speaks strongly in its favor. Balancing the pros and cons, the mattress promises a fundamentally sound investment for those desiring a firm, comfortable and cost-effective sleeping solution.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Super soft knitted cover

    Depth: 16cm

    Part of the exclusive Bodyshape Essentials collection

    Super-comfortable 3cm deep memory foam layer

    13cm of supportive, high-density reflex foam

    Infused with Adaptive cooling technology

    Enjoy a clean and healthy sleep with Fresche technology

    Medium-firm - for comfort and support

    Rolled-up for your convenience, easier to move

    A lighter-than-average mattress for easy handling

    Single-sided for easy care - no need to flip it over

    3 Year Guarantee Weights: Small Single: 8kg, Single: 10kg, Small Double: 13kg, Double: 15kg, King Size: 18kg

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