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Amelia's Thoughts On The TEMPUR Cloud Pillow

Within today's diverse world of sleep commodities, we spotlight a significant component designed to enhance your sleep - the TEMPUR Cloud Pillow. This pillow asserts to deliver a unique counterbalance of softness and support and is promised to cater to all kinds of sleepers no matter what position they prefer to sleep in. The Cloud Pillow captures the value of good sleep by offering 'extra soft' material and thousands of micro cushions enclosed in a patented TEMPUR envelope.

Who is this product for?

The TEMPUR Cloud Pillow seems to be a choice for those that crave for a gentler pillow feel but without losing out on traditional TEMPUR support. If you are someone who wishes for a temperature-sensitive material that adapts to your body's heat and presents a natural curve to your neck and head, this pillow could be of interest to you. It is also worth noting that the pillow is accompanied by a removable cover that simply washes at 40°C, which could be an inviting factor for those keen on easy maintenance.

What do we use this product for?

Beyond any doubt, this product aims to contribute to your sleep hygiene. The pillow is designed to create a supportive and comfortable foundation for your head and neck. Often undervalued, a good pillow can play a critical role in achieving quality sleep, which could enhance your overall well-being.

What customers liked and disliked

Customer feedback speaks volumes about the quality and performance of a product. A majority of customers have brought up comfort as the Cloud Pillow's primary asset, with one user crediting it for relief from persistent neck ache. Another consumer has termed it as a 'superbly supportive' choice for front and back sleepers. However, it's worth noting that some users felt the pillow warrants time to soften from the purchase, and others found the 'medium' choice harder than anticipated. There were also mentions about the ‘lumpiness’ of the pillow not being to their comfort.

Features you should know about

  • The pillow is made from a specially designed TEMPUR 'Extra Soft' material.
  • Its patented TEMPUR envelope contains thousands of TEMPUR micro cushions, giving it an innovative balance of softness and support.
  • The pillow is suitable for different sleeping positions, ensuring versatile use.
  • The removable cover of the pillow can be easily washed at 40°C, ensuring convenience and hygiene.
  • It has a soft comfort grade, promising a cozy sleep.
  • The pillow comes with a 3-year guarantee, ensuring your investment is protected.

Our Review

After a thorough exploration, it appears the TEMPUR Cloud Pillow is attempting to break customary pillow stereotypes by offering some truly innovative features. The pillow seems to be versatile, inclusive, comfortable and overall, dishwasher friendly, which is a handy feature indeed. The TEMPUR Cloud Pillow, therefore, could be a great investment in your sleep health if you are seeking a balance between tenderness and support. However, like all outfits, it does come with a side of peculiarities which you may or may not prefer, depending on your personal comfort preference. Hence, we recommend a 'trial sleep' before fully committing to it. Ultimately, good sleep is a personal journey and the more tailored your sleep accessories are, the more fulfilling your rest!

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    Rest easy with a 3-year guarantee

    Having a 3-year guarantee ensures that any defects related to manufacturing and quality will be addressed by the company at no additional cost. It exemplifies a commitment to durability and a long-lasting product, providing peace of mind for those investing in their sleep comfort.

    Its patented TEMPUR® envelope contains thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

    Suitable for all your sleeping positions

    For its specially developed TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material

    Its removable cover washes at 40°C

    Soft comfort grade

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Cloud Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

3 - We have only had these a few weeks and they are the most expensive pillows we have ever bought. Whilst they are comfortable they do tend to get very hot as does the Tempur mattress we bought with them. I is autumn and we do not have the heating on at night so I am not sure I will be able to stand the heat in the summer months. The mattress is on 60 day trial and I thinking that I may have to return it.

5 - I have bought duck feather with down pillows in the past but they don't tend to last long and lose their plumpness. These pillows are very heavy but provide fantastic support. The missus is also experiencing much less stiffness in the back and neck since using this and we are both sleeping much better. These should last for years as they are well made. Also fit in standard pillow cases. Well worth it.

5 - This pillow was recommended after I visited the showroom looking for a new mattress. I had been suffering from neck pain and thought it was my mattress. Tried the pillow in the shop and it was heaven. It is the most expensive pillow I've ever purchased but after a few days my neck pain had gone. I've been using it now for around 2 months and it's still exactly the same as first use, and I'm pain free.

4 - Very expensive for pillows but worth the money. Very supportive what ever way you lay. I used to wake up with neck pain daily but since having these my neck feels fine. We were advised to use just one pillow instead of two and and that works really well. The only thing that looses this product a star is that it’s not a pillow that your head can get snug in. Does the job though and have kept the shape.

5 - Advice, service and end result have left us wanting more!! We moved into new home with no beds and went out on a panic buy but the guys at Dreams on st Andrew quay in hull looked after us. We decided to buy spare room beds until we have our room decorated and ready for furniture and we have had such good nights sleep in the 'spare' room that we are goin back to be 'fitted' for our own bed / mattress.

5 - I can’t rate this pillow enough- it’s the BEST pillow I’ve ever had in my life. I recommend this for anyone who has aches and pains in their neck and shoulders cos now I don’t and it’s great! I have also combined this with a soft mattress topper and waiting for my new Hypnos mattress to be delivered from Dreams - I’m gonna be like the Princess and the Pea! Blissful night sleep pain free! Priceless!

5 - I bought pillow 3weeks ago as needed to try something different to improve my sleeping habits, headaches and neck pain. Admittedly it took me just under a week for the transition from another brand of pillow to the 'cloud' but every night since my headaches, neck pain and back pain is reduced. They are however very expensive but come with a very long guarantee. I would recommend this to everyone.

4 - I have been searching for the perfect pillow for years and years! I have found it ,even the first night using it was a good sleep,a very heavy pillow but soft when you lay on it,the smell I hardly noticed by the second night,loved this pillow so much ordered another one! I also find it is cool to lay your head on even though it was not the cooling pillow,I am side sleeper but a very poor sleeper!

5 - I purchased a new mattress at dreams chandlers ford and thought it rude not to get a new pillow whilst there. The demo model was a tempur cloud...well OMG since having this cloud pillow my neck hasn't been half as bad I can actually move it in the morning. I have told so many people about the pillow I'm hoping dreams sell out of them. What a great partnership this is with my mattress. Thank you

3 - Got this pillow over a month ago as it was recommended to me by the salesman when I purchased my Tempur mattress. I wasn't too keen as it was incredibly expensive but thought that, given it was a Tempur, it would be worth it. If I'm honest, I'm not impressed. Have tried to persevere with it but my neck can't take any more pain so I've gone back to my feather pillows. Serious waste of money.

3 - My husband and I tried the pillows out in store and they felt so comfortable. We have had the pillows now for one week. They are very heavy and a bit too firm. I am getting used to mine and hope it will improve over time but my husband is very disappointed and still prefers a much cheaper pillow placed on top! For the price paid, we feel disappointed. They are supportive but not very snug.

5 - it took me a long, very long time to decide to write this the title says TEMPUR mattress ever and not only...= if you want to sleep like a baby, BUY IT...worth every penny...figure it out, I'm a sceptic and I said to myself that worth trying and than write a review...and I'm writing this 8 and a half months later...hear me well...8 and a half months later.Cherrio!

5 - Having chosen a new (Tempur) mattress, we decided on new pillows, Tempur Cloud pillows. We haven't regretted the decision. We sink comfortably onto our beds at night for a comfortable and restful sleep! And the Tempur mattress, incidentally, is brilliant, as it keeps both my wife comfortable and me comfortable even thought we normally have different views as to soft or hard mattresses!

3 - Was expecting to be amazed but after 3 weeks of using the pillow I remain disappointed. Not experiencing the pain and discomfort of some customers but no real benefit either. It's very heavy and has a different texture to a 'normal' pillow which does feel a bit stange and I have actually reverted to sleeping with 2 pillows, the Tempur on the bottom and a very thin feather pillow on top.

4 - I brought my cloud pillow from dreams along with our new mattresses, I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I spend a lot of time in bed and wanted more comfort. I can confirm that comfort was upmost what I got in return for my money.these pillows are not cheap but I'm indeed glad I bought them because they have reduced the pain in my neck and I sleep more at night. Thank you dreams

5 - Service at Dreams is 2nd to none, they make buying difficult things like pillows and matresses fun and interesting. If you're in the area I advise you to visit the store at Lakeside Retail Park, they've got fantastic staff in there. Products are as good as the service, what you think you may need may not be what you actually need, so listen to the staff, they're the professionals.

5 - I went to dreams as was constantly suffering from neck back and shoulder pain! The sales woman recommended this pillow for me and at first I was a little put off because of the price but after the first night sleep with the pillow my pain eased and after a month I had no pain at all! I now have a much better night sleep and also recommend it to a friend who has the same thoughts

5 - I have had my pillow for two weeks now and I am very happy with it. The pillow is supportive but not like a lump of concrete (a problem with many memory foam pillows). I initially used it on my old sprung mattress but found it was much better when my new Tempur mattress arrived - it seemed to sink into the new mattress more and it felt a little softer. Plumps up very nicely.

5 - I brought 2 pillows about 3 weeks ago. Never had such good night sleep like this in years. No neck pains no pumping up in night (hold position all night) Stay like new after sleep. Less snoring from hubby so another good reason to purchase Never gone "flat" Still look like just purchased Definitely recommend Have brought so many cheap pillows absolutely no comparison

5 - I bought two pillows around 3 weeks ago for myself and my husband, I can honestly say it's the best nights sleep I have ever had. I no longer wake with aches and pains, it really is like sleeping on a cloud. I can't recommend them enough and colleagues at work have already bought some after I had recommended them. The ordering process online and delivery was easy and quick.

5 - I bought this pillow just over a month ago and it is the best thing I ever bought! I work full time as a mental health support worker and I was struggling to sleep massively due to the long shifts I do, but as soon as I bought this pillow I’ve never had such an amazing sleep in my who entire life! I feel more awake of a morning because I’ve had the best sleep! So worth it!

5 - I bought this pillow to go with the new Tempur Cloud Mattress I had ordered that day. I felt that to get the full benefit of the mattress, I should also have the correct pillow to go with it. I have had really good nights' sleep with both! It is very expensive for a pillow, but the comfort and benefits outweigh the cost. Luckily, mine was on offer at the time I bought it!

5 - This Tempur Pillow is the best pilow I have ever used. The pillow sinks to the shape of your head, it is cool, because it doesn't enclose you. It does not hold you, unable to move, but goes with your movement, without resistance and only collapses to the necessary amount relevant to the weight placed on it. Best nights sleep, without a pain in the neck, I have ever had.

5 - My husband and I visited the Cardiff store recently to look at buying a new bed. I am disabled and needed quite a bit of assistance in choosing something suitable. The sales staff were outstanding, very accomodating and supportive. We are now proud owners of a beautiful new bedand I have had the best sleep ever! I would recommend Dreams to all of my friends and family.

5 - When the store assistant told me this would be the most comfy pillow in the world I was actually doubting that. But after I used it for a while, I definitely agree! Even if it feels soft, the genius material it made from actually makes it firm enough for you when you lie on it. Perfect softness and firmness for a person who is quite picky on selecting suitable pillows!

3 - These were amazingly comfy in the shop and when we first got them home we followed the instructions and used them downstairs whilst watching tv and things and they did mould well and feel soft however after a few weeks they seem to be sagging and going lumpy where they shouldn’t be as it says they don’t do this and they feel more firm and stiff than they originally did

5 - Pillows are one of the banes of my life. Our pillow mountain is huge with the discarded pillows that are no longer comfy. I often get really painful ears from pillow. This pillow is a dream. It is incredibly comfy. Yes it's expensive buy when you add up what I have spent on pillows over the last few years it is actually cheap. And the best thing is my ears don't hurt.

5 - We bought a new mattress and when trying them out we were given this pillow to try the mattresses, it felt so comfortable that we decided to buy it, this was the best decision we made, the mattress and pillow mean we are getting the best sleep we have had in a long while it seems to bond to your shape and you wake up feeling refreshed and with no neck aches or pains

5 - We purchased these pillows on 15th May, before the tempur pillows I would wake up most nights & in the morning have a stiff neck or headache. Now I sleep really well my neck & shoulders are suppoted the pillow is marvellous would never go back to a traditional pillow. They seemed expensive at the time but on reflection they will last a lifetime of good nights sleep.

5 - My partner has had sleeping problems for months and often found the only way to get comfortable was to fold his old pillow in half - which ended up damaging the insides and needed replacing every month or so. This pillow has been a real game changer! It is extremely comfortable and supportive, so there is no need to bend the pillow or have a second one for support.

5 - I had tried three different orthopaedic pillows for my neck problem none of which were successful. I went to Dreams in Bedford where the assistant spent a lot of time with me, giving advice and trying different pillows. She recommended this Tempur Cloud pillow and at last success. I am so delighted and would recommend it. My neck pain has significantly improved.

5 - We picked our new bed and the salesmen suggested we tried these pillows - as we had been complaining about stiff necks! He said although a bit pricey you won't buy another pillow for years. These pillows are just amazing! So comfy - just soft enough to have your head sink but provides fantastic support. And we even noticed a difference before the new bed arrived!

5 - Since buying these fab pillows I can honestly say I've never slept husband says he's sleeping better too as I'm not snoring anymore!! The Tempur Cloud pillow offers the ultimate head and neck support even if you change positions during the night...the pillow does it's own special thing by rejuvinating itself into a plump supportive pillow. AMAZING!!

5 - Amazing how hard it is to find a comfy pillow that doesn't collapse to a pancake or sit like a rock. We've been through a lot of different types of pillows over the past 4 or 5 years...a dozen or more each. Finally, this one is just right. Very comfy, supports my neck, doesn't collapse and doesn't give me pulled muscles from sleeping awkeardly. Love this pillow.

4 - Bought this as I have a cervical disc problem which causes me neck pain at night and have tried all sorts of pillows unsuccessfully. Hoped this might be the answer and whilst it is not making the problem worse, cant say i find it that comfortable either , it is not really helping the problem and feels quite firm so a bit disappointed having spent so much on it!

5 - This is the best most comfortable bed I have ever purchased and I will be back soon to buy another one for my other son. This bed was purchased for an autistic young person who struggled to sleep at night due to his medical needs however since this bed was delivered he sleeps soundly. I would highly recommend this bed and mattress as well as the Tempur pillow.

5 - We purchased these fantastic pillows last month as both of us have neck problems. Since the first night we have been so grateful that we bought them. We have tried so many pillows over the past 3years trying to get a decent nights sleep and spend a fotune but thhe cost of these pillows is so worth it. I would recommend that everone should have them. Thank you

5 - Since purchasing this product around a month ago I can honestly say I've had the best nights sleep ever. The pillow offers the perfect level of support and is so comfortable, it is literally like sleeping on a cloud! Although initially quite expensive it's well worth the spend! Recommended to anyone suffering from neck ache through sleeping with bad pillows!

5 - I bought these pillows years ago and loved them, when I then replaced them with new ones I got wrong ones although very expensive, a few months of bad sleep and waking up feeling like my neck was about to break, I finally ordered the correct ones and omg they are just like I remember so comfy, just wished I bought them ages ago, again having best sleep ever!

5 - I bought these pillows after a recommendation in store because my partner suffers from shoulder and upper back pain. The pillows are fantastic, they don't get too hot and you can lie comfortably on them all night. They are super comfortable and supportive, and have really helped with my partner's shoulder pains. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.

5 - Both my husband and I went for the same Pillow and we both after the first night said how comfortable it was, how perfect it was! My neck feels great in the morning and i slept so well! Its quite heavy but i actually think its a total plus as my hubby is unable to shove it along to gain more space! Excellent pillow the best ive ever slept on! So pleased!

3 - I'm in two minds about these pillows. When I tried one in the shop I thought it was very comfortable. Using it at home though it feels very unyielding, it needs warmth to soften it and I like my bedroom cold so it never really softens up. Perhaps in a warm room it would be better. I expected them to be really good given the price but I'm very disappointed.

4 - Hadn't expected to buy pillows when we bought our new matress as didn't realise there was anything wrong with ours. Comes in choice of 2 densities. Only 1 pillow needed each. Makes head and neck more comfortable height and less tossing and turning in the night. Takes a few nights to get used to these but worth their money as long as they last a few years.

4 - My wife and I both suffered from aching necks . Must be an age thing! So it was suggested we purchased these pillows. The price seemed a bit steep but in search of a good night's sleep was worth it. It must be said that the pillow please to work. I'm not saying that it has cured everything but safe to say good night's sleep have followed. A good purchase.

5 - This honestly is worth every single penny! I used to suffer from a bad neck and that was purely due to using the wrong pillow. The tempur cloud pillow has sorted that out, it is the most comfiest pillow I have ever used! Whether you are a back, front or side sleeper it caters for all positions! It really is worth its weight in gold! I highly recommend!

3 - We have been trying out our new Tempur pillows for about a month and are struggling. We have been told by friends to persevere but we find them too hard and not high enough resulting in us using a second pillow on top which defeats the object of spending a lot of money on these pillows. We just cannot seem to find a comfortable head resting position.

5 - I absolutely love this pillow. I could sleep anywhere as long as I have this pillow. It doesn’t mould to your head too much that you feel like you can’t change your position. It also doesn’t get too hot which is ideal even in the Summer months. I have two of these pillows so I can have one in each room that I sleep in. I would highly recommend!

5 - I bought this pillow a few months ago and have really felt the benefit as I was often waking up with headaches previously. The headaches have significantly reduced and I generally sleep alot better. My husband has also been swayed and I purchased one for him recently, and he can't quite believe the improvement in his sleep quality since getting it.

5 - Have bought several pillows which seem comfortable at first but then end up clumpy and uncomfortable. Although the Tempur Cloud pillow seems expensive it is worth every penny. It is without doubt the most comfortable pillow we have had and can sleep peacefully in the knowledge it will not end like its predecessors - in the bin and a waste of money.

5 - I'm still getting used to using this pillow ... I think its working for my neck pain but need a bit of experimenting still I found I need a pillow on top but the firmness keeps the pillow taught instead of sinking into it. It's the best pillow I've had and I have wasted a lot of money on alternatives. Should have just bought this in the first place

5 - The guy in the shop recommended these to me and when I saw the price, I thought he was pushing the sale for comission etc but honestly, these are the nicest things I have ever laid my head upon, and whilst I always had to use 3 pillows for comfort, one tempur pillow is enough now and has improved my neck and back problems no end. Highly recommend.

5 - I bought this on impulse since it was payday. I only went in the shop to buy a new mattress but when trying the mattress I was shocked at how comfortable the tester pillow was and had to have it. Even my misses loves it, she has said my snoring has reduced since buying the pillow and if only she knew she would of bought me one a long time ago.

4 - after having this product for a month I am happy with my purchase. They checked how I sleep on the machine in store. I got the back sleeper one although now I’m thinking an all round one may of been more suitable. The pillow doesn’t seem to keep its shape as well as I’d of liked for the price of it and find myself having to readjust it on a night.

5 - I’ve been looking for a pillow just like this since my honeymoon last year where the 5* hotel had the most amazing pillows! Since returning home I haven’t been happy with a regular average prices pillow. Did some research and found this pillow and I’m so glad I did! It is exactly what I was after and very comfortable! I would definitely recommend

5 - Just approaching the 40th night now and I have to say this pillow is so comfy it moulds well and works whether I lay on my back, side or front. I've now realised that trying is important and although a little expensive (I wouldn't have bought this if I hadn't bought the cloud mattress) But it's defenetly worth it and a highly recomended purchase.

5 - My partner and I bought a pillow for each of us to go with our new Tempur mattress. The first thing you notice is how heavy the pillows are but they offer great support and don't need plumping after a night's sleep like traditional pillows. They are a bit of a squeeze to fit into standard sized pillowcases but, overall, I think they're brilliant!

5 - I’ve always been a fan of Dunlopillow but since they don’t make the same ones anymore and mine are coming to the end of their life it was time for something new. This pillow came recommended by Ricky the Port Talbot store manager of dreams knowing I was a side sleeper. Excellent choice! This pillow will only contribute to the winter bed magnets!

4 - I bought this pillow as I have a neck problem which is made worse when I sleep awkward. I was advised this pillow would support my neck in whichever position I lay. It is very comfortable and my neck feels more supported but I think it is a little too soft as I constantly have to plump it up during the night but the firmer pillow felt too firm!!

5 - Pillows came included with a mattress purchase. Appear expensive if purchased separately. Pillow is quite heavy because of the technology, and if you prefer to sleep with more than one pillow, are a bit unwieldy. Very comfortable - and appear to manage heat better than a traditional pillow. Cannot wait to experience in the hotter Summer months.

5 - It became time for me to get replacement Tempur pillows. The ones provided "free" by Dreams, when we bought a Tempur mattress, were extremely comfortable. I think the only downside would be that they are a tight fit side-by-side in our King Size bed, so anyone with a small double bed would find that they overhung the sides of the bed a little.

5 - We purchased a lovely new bed and whilst trying them out in the shop were given two Tempur pillows to help with our selection. They were so good that we just had to have them. It was a very wise choice as we are now getting a much better night's sleep than we did with our old pillows, of course the cosy new bed might have also played a part !

5 - Extremely comfortable pillows. They have removable cases, which can be washed and these covers have a lovely design. I use pillow protectors with mine. Offering the hard and soft options, depending on your preference, both are comfortable with the sink in memory foam feeling. Best sleep I have ever had and woke without my usual neck ache.

5 - I bought 2 of these after being given them to use while choosing a mattress. Lived them so much bought one for myself and my daughter. The only way to describe it is It’s like resting your head on a marshmallow. Amazing comfort, almost like you head and neck is supported by air. Very heavy to lift but so pliable. Would definitely recommend.

5 - Bought this pillow due to suffering a lot of neck and back pain, I have bought many pillow but after a while they lose their shape, this pillow has stayed the same as the day I bought it, its a comfortable pillow which seems to hug your head and neck, I love this pillow it cost a lot of money but it was well worth it for a good nights sleep

5 - This pillow is just amazing,I have never regretted buying this as I have the best nights sleep ever,it's so comfortable,you just sink into it and it bounces straight back into shape. At first we were unsure as it was so pricey but when you try it you will fall in love,money well spent and thinking of buying another 2 for me and my husband

4 - I bought this pillow for myself but although it's lovely and soft and supportive it's just a tad too high for my neck to be comfortable. Having said that, it's perfect for my husband which is a bonus as it's a pricey purchase. P.s I have also requisitioned it as a back support when watching telly for which purpose it is soooo comfortable.

5 - We must have gone through 5 or 6 pillows over the last 18 months and they all gave us neck aches. We decided to buy a Tempur Cloud pillow each this time and it has made a huge difference. No more neck and shoulder pains and no more flipping the pillow for the cool side! Although they are more pricey than your average pillow its worth it!

5 - I love this pillow, it was on offer when we bought a new mattress and at first I wasn’t convinced it was worth the money, and it felt too high/hard, but as I got used to it, it’s brilliant. Having had recent neck pain since sleeping on this pillow it hasn’t reoccurred, even when it’s been sore through the day, so glad I persevered with.

5 - I was dubious because I've had "memory foam" pillows before and hated them. The tempur pillow is in a league of its own though. I loved it from the beginning and it has really helped with my neck and shoulder problems. My friend bought the same product at the same time, and she loves it too. So its an "excellent" from me. It does work.

3 - Having suffered from a bad back & neck for many years, I purchased this to hopefully help with the neck side of things. Although the pillow is a lot firmer and keeps it shape much better than others I have tried and although I wasn't expecting a miracle cure I would have hoped for a bit less pain in the mornings considering the price.

5 - I bought two of these for my other half as it e never been a fan of tempur pillows before. It now transpires that one is mine. I can’t believe how much of an improvement i’ve seen in my sleep since using them. Also the cover comes off which is even better for washing. Definitely worth purchasing. Perfect for side sleepers like me. :)

5 - The performance of this pillow is very similar to the Tempur mattresses. I opted for the "Cloud" (firm) pillow which allows your head to sink in the pillow, but only marginally. It provides excellent head support without the "pain in the neck" feeling in the morning. The pillow has a removal (zipped) cover allowing you to wash this.

5 - As a lifelong light sleeper with regular sleep deprivation, changing my pillow and mattresss (and indeed, in the end bed!) with Dreams in Solihull, I am finally...for the first time...sleeping well night after night. What a difference it has made! I thoroughly recommend this product and getting the pillow mattress combination right.

5 - Bought 2 a month ago.Take a little getting used to.Heavy and high with little give,at first.After 2 nights ,found that the pillow moulds to your head shape,but maintains support to the neck.From then on,never looked back.You forget that the pillow is there,so comfortable.Give pillow comfort a whole new meaning.Well worth the price!

5 - This mattress is amazing. I can genuinely can say it's like sleeping on a cloud. It just feels so pleasing to go to bed. I am now so rested after getting a good nights sleep. The gel topping adds an extra dimension. It feels lovely and soft over what is a nice medium to firm feeling mattress. Totally recommend it!!! Five stars

5 - I'll be honest in that we were given these pillows as part of the deal in buying a very expensive mattress. Would I have paid the going rate of £90/pillow at the time? Probably not. Yet here I am saying they're superb, so only the individual can tell if they're worth the cost. But I can say, that these are the best we've ever had

5 - This was a free gift from Dreams where I bought the mattress and bed frame from, my husband had it first because he has neck problems, but said it was too heavy, it is a little on the heavy side but you are only laying your head on it so it's okay, my husband gave it to me, YES! I don't want to get up now that is the problem.

5 - I brought my new bed around a month ago since then I have had no back ache it literally is a dream Was really good service in store and they didn’t mind my little boy just running around trying the beds we spent about an hour trying the beds and we are really happy with our choice considering there’s that much to choose from

5 - Previously I didn’t really care what kind of pillow I had but since I bought one of these pillows it has completed changed my views on what pillows to buy. They are incredibly comfortable and for someone who gets bad neck ache, provides good support. Definitely worth spending a little bit more on a pillow to get top quality!

5 - My husband still thinks I’m crazy for spending so much on ONE pillow… but it’s worth it. Super comfortable and just the right amount of softness. In my opinion, it’s worth the investment as I find even the nicest of ‘hotel’ style pillows end up misshapen after minimal use, so the quality of this should sort me for some time!

3 - I brought this to alleviate neck pain whilst sleeping. I tried it in the shop and it was amazing but when I brought it, it turned to be too flat and I need another pillow under it. Also the smell is off putting so I have needed to put two pillow covers on it to be able to sleep on it. For the price I paid i expected better.

5 - I have always known about Tempur & when looking for a new pillow, came across this one on sale on Dreams website It’s still a lot of money to spend on a pillow but it is worth every penny The pillow does not flatten during the night It supports your neck whichever position you sleep in Highly recommended with good warranty

5 - We were given these pillows to get the best experience whilst reviewing mattresses in store, and so glad we were able to take some home with us! Absorbing my head and giving support without the need for any additional pillows, I've never had such a comfortable single pillow, and have had many a good nights sleep so far!

4 - I bought this pillow a month ago, usually a lot lot more than I would spend on a pillow but I thought I'd give it a go as my other pillows were giving me neck and shoulder pains and now I've noticed headaches too. After getting used to this pillow I slept better and my neck pain has gone. Amazing and worth the money spent!

5 - We bought the pillow a few weeks ago on a whim. Didn't really think it could make that much of a difference but was prepared to give it a try. I have been suffering from shoulder pains for nearly five months and now I have no pain! Not sure how it works but it is amazing. It is now a family joke how much I love my pillow.

4 - This pillow, although a little expensive, offers firm support around the neck. It's quite heavy, and as such doesn't migrate around the bed like conventional pillows. If you suffer with neck ache as I do, it may provide some comfort. It did not cure my pains, but has certainly reduced to the point I can sleep much better!

4 - I bought this pillow 3 months ago, feel a bit expensive at a time. Although I was not used to it when I first had it, but now super love this pillow. Feel my neck pain has reduced lots. I used to have memory foam pillow but it now gone out of shape, but this Tempur pillow still remain in shape. Hope it will last for long.

5 - I bought this pillow recently and I was a bit unsure as it was £70. My wife insisted and I'm glad she did as it is the best pillow I've ever had. The one before was a bit flimsy and had no support but this has made me sleep better and I love it. Don't be put off by the price as it really is money very well spent.

5 - I recently bought Tempur pillows for myself and my wife. The pillows do precisely what the adverts say they do! They provide soft, comfortable, positive support for the neck and head and, because I move quite often whilst in bed, readily adapt to change of position of head and arm. An excellent, if rather expensive, buy.

4 - Got 2 of these free with a purchase of a mattress. Normally I contort and twist my duck feather pillows in my sleep to mis-shapen mess by the time I wake up. Haven't been able to do that with these. I've also always needed 2 to 3 pillows, you'll only need one of these bad boys. Only downside is they are quite heavy.

5 - I have a dodgy neck - due to arthritis and other issues.... this pillow is MAGIC from the first night I took to it, and within just a few days, my neck was much more mobile and less of a problem with reduced pain and 'crunching'. I like it so much am planning to buy my Mum one for Christmas ... she has a dodgy neck too!

5 - I purchased this on recommendation at the Dreams store as i have restless nights sleep and wake up every day with a bad neck, since the day i bought this i have had the most rested sleep ever and have not had a bad neck since, i am a dancer and work out regularly so suffer with injuries but this has genuinely helped me.

5 - Wow, bought this tempur pillow when I got a new bed as had neck problems for a long time - often leaving me with a stiff a painful neck for a few days after a rough nights sleep. But from the first night and every night since I’ve had the best , and most comfortable sleep ever - wish I’d have paid the extra years ago!!!

3 - I bought this a month ago but struggled to get comfortable with this pillow had to buy extra large pillow cases as standard ones made the pillow slightly hard . Also extremely heavy. Haven't given up on it just yet maybe need a memory foam mattress. Feels lovely to the touch but for some reason not to lay your head on.

5 - I have brought this pillow about a month ago and my word my nights have never been better! Lately I've been struggling to get to sleep and have been having quite badly cricked necks in the morning! Since buying this pillow it has made speeping a pleasure and I wish I had only bought one sooner! Well worth the money!!

5 - I bought this pillow in January 2014. It was sold to me because I needed a pillow that is allergy friendly and it is - so would also recommend on this basis. Since I bought it my sleep pattern has improved. The comfort is fantastic and the support incredible! In fact would this pillow recommend to anyone. Sleep well!

5 - This came free (a pair) with our new Tempur mattress. Thought at first it would be too firm (it is made of the same foam as the mattress). However, it gives the best support for your head and neck once you get used to it, wouldnt go back to an "ordinary" pillow now. P.S. should cost £85 so lives up to the price tag!

5 - My first thoughts were : This was expensive, its heavy. its stiff, is this really worth it ?..... well, let me tell you, it absolutely is !!.... flippin fantastic !!.... its soft and firm, it keeps it shape, its supportive, mouldable, breathable and by far, the best ever pillow I have ever purchased...............

5 - I hadn’t been sleeping too well so I thought I would have a new mattress and bought the pillows at the same time . I’m waiting on my bedroom being renovated so I haven’t used my mattress yet but the pillows have improved my sleep tremendously. Pricey but well worth it for a good nights restful sleep highly recommend

5 - My husband I bought 2 of these pillows about a month ago and I have to say that they are really comfortable. I used to use 2 pillows to get a comfortable night sleep, but no longer need to do this as one pillow is enough and it easily adapts to your shape and we had no problems adapting to them from ordinary pillow.

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