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Sleep Science Mattress Reviews 2022

Written By Amelia

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Sleep Science is a new subdivision of the popular manufacturer Staples. Staples have a long and proud history within the mattress industry and one which has flourished in recent years with partnerships from large retailers such as Bensons for Beds. Recently, in line with an evolving strategy, Staples have created a sub brand in the form of Sleep Science which aims to capitalize on a growing demand for memory foam and memory foam substitute based products.

While the Sleep Science range is new to the market, Staples isn’t and the long standing history they share will no doubt ensure this new brand's success. Since it is a new brand however, long term reviews won’t be here for a while. Thankfully to put people's minds at ease Bensons for Beds have rectified this by offering an impressive 10 year guarantee as standard. When you consider the average lifespan and replacement timeframe for a mattress is around 7 years, this means you are getting full-lifetime cover of the product which should give huge confidence around the capabilities and materials utilised in these mattresses.

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