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Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

The world of mattresses is an intricate one, and the Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress is one of the esteemed gemstones to have sprung from it. Crafted in the UK, this mattress is a fusion of advanced technology, exclusive features, and meticulous attention to detail. From the advanced Mirapocket zoned support system to its exclusive Nanoflex™ comfort technology, it promises optimal comfort and body alignment for a restful night’s sleep. In this review, we will delve into the unique elements of the Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress and why it could be your ultimate sleep solution.

Who is this product for?

This mattress is specially engineered for sleepers seeking firm support without compromising on comfort. If you prefer a surface that keeps your body properly aligned while you sleep and at the same time offering a cushioned feel thanks to its luxury quilted pillow top sleep surface, then the Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress could be a great match for you. Given its hypoallergenic nature, it is also ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain materials. The presence of Purotex technology in its cover aids in reducing moisture and dust mite allergens, further enhancing its suitability for allergy sufferers.

What do we use this product for?

The Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress is much more than a surface to sleep on; it's a refuge of comfort and relaxation. It's optimally designed for providing restful sleep, relief for aches and pains, and promoting overall body health through healthy spine alignment. Its edge-to-edge technological support ensures your weight is uniformly distributed for maximum sleep space. This combination of sturdy support and enhanced comfort makes it a haven after a long day, facilitating peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers appreciated the firmness and support of the mattress. It received positive feedback for its ability to provide relief for back pains, thanks to its Mirapocket zoned support and thick edge-to-edge springs.

  • Many users found the inclusion of a luxury quilted pillow top sleep surface to be a bonus, adding a plush feel while retaining firm support.

  • Some customers noted that the mattress was deeper than anticipated after trying it in-store. Therefore, attention must be paid to ensure compatibility with your bed frame size.

Features you should know about

The standout feature of this mattress is its advanced Mirapocket zoned support system which offers personalized comfort. The system's ability to spread your weight evenly across the mattress ensures you have maximum sleep space. Moreover, the Nanoflex™ springs and the layer of up to 1500 mini super springs extend adaptive comfort that is built to last. Its new year of improved memory foam comfort layer recovers quicker than most traditional memory foams, so you won't feel stuck and find it much easier to get out of bed. Top it off with a Purotex cover that lessens moisture and dust mite allergens, and you have a mattress durably equipped for sustained comfort and hygiene.

Our Review

After a thorough assessment, we believe that the Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress is worth considering. Its firm support paired with optimal comfort features make it a versatile pick for many. The thoughtful combination of a memory foam comfort layer, adaptive mini super springs, and a hypoallergenic cover invests in a sleep experience that marries comfort and health. However, the depth of the mattress may require you to ensure it fits appropriately with your bed frame. All in all, it stands out as a robust and beneficial offering in the mattress industry, shaping up to deliver a sleep experience that refreshes and rejuvenates you each night.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

    Has a firm comfort rating

    A firm comfort grade is one of the less responsive of tensions in the lineup, having less "play" in the support layer than other mattresses. The benefits of this rigid support system is that it is regularly preferred by those who like to sleep on their back offering more support while not sacrificing body contouring abilities. Firm mattresses are also typically targeted as a prime purchasing option for those suffering from back pain. While advise may vary person to person, many suffering from back pain prefer a firm tension that helps give a slab-like feel on the back which can alleviate pain.

    It features advanced Mirapocket zoned support

    Providing distinct zones of support, this advanced technology provides targeted relief for pressure points and aids in maintaining proper alignment of the spine. Furthermore, it offers individuals a luxury sleep experience by evenly distributing their weight across the mattress, providing personalised comfort and support.

    Purotex cover reduces moisture & dust mite allergens

    The innovative Purotex cover acts as a safeguard, working to minimise exposure to moisture and allergen irritants often associated with dust mites. This feature prioritises sleep hygiene, offering a cleaner, drier and fresher sleep environment which could be particularly beneficial for those with sensitivity to allergens.

    Comes with our 100-Night Sleep Guarantee

    The inclusion of a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee with this product illustrates the manufacturer's confidence in providing you with the ultimate comfort experience. This means that you have a whole 100 nights to truly get a feel for the product, ensuring it meets your expectations and contributes to your wellbeing.

    Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

    A 5 Year Guarantee is toward the upper end for the industry. giving you a huge amount of confidence in the product while showing just how much belief the manufacturer and retailer have that you won't have issues during the products lifecycle. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    This guarantee emphasises the commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the product's quality. Over this period, you can assess the comfort and quality of the product in your everyday life, ensuring it meets your expectations.


    Hypoallergenic mattresses are the perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities, as they protect against allergens and irritants. They're also a great choice for those with asthma or respiratory issues.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    With a luxury quilted Pillow top sleep surface

    With a luxury quilted pillowtop sleep surface

    Its Nanoflex™ comfort technology is exclusive to Dreams

    New and improved memory foam comfort layer

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - A firm mattress with a comfortable memory foam upper layer. I’ve been using it for around 2 weeks now and my back is so much better in the morning. Also as I sleep on my sides my neck is not so tender either. This is the first decent mattress I have bought and I thought hard about spending so much money on it but so far I think I made the correct decision.

5 - The mattress is helping with the neck pain my partner was complaining about with the old one. It's suitable for both of us, despite our different sleeping styles. We are very happy we have decided to go with the recommendation in Dreams and purchase this one. It is very deep, so we had to get new mattress protector and sheets, but it's more than worth it.

5 - Lovely deep mattress! I ordered in the medium, but i would say it’s more firm than medium, but very comfortable! Cannot feel my partner tossing and turning in the nights, I bought it in a super king and every night it feels like I’m jumping into a hotel bed! Wish I bought it sooner! It is very heavy and bulky so make sure there’s 2 or more people to lift!

5 - Having had a ‘mattress in a box’ for four and half years, I can’t believe how we survived that long! This mattress has rescued my sleep! It took a little getting used to as I was used to sleeping in a deep divot but I’m now sleeping sooooo much better! Firm but the slight pillow top make you feel comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a slab!

5 - Bought this mattress in February 2020 but did not have it delivered until beginning of June because of the Covid-19 Guidelines. As soon as delivery was able to be made straight to room of our choice we arranged a delivery date. we are very pleased with our mattress which is firm and comfortable. It is well made with good quality fabrics. we love it

5 - Had this for a few weeks now and I have slept a lot better. My back has definitely felt better. I no longer struggle to turn over. The quality is very noticeable. Just the look of it tells you it is high end. Wish I had got this a long time ago. No negatives but use king size fitted sheet on double bed size because my double fitted sheets didn't fit.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and have never had a better night of sleep! The sleep machine in store told me I needed a firm mattress and this mattress has been perfect. I would reccomend this mattress to anyone, the combination of springs and memory foam makes the bed both comfortable and supportive. Overall I'm an extremely happy customer.

5 - We have had this mattress for two weeks now and I am completely happy with it. As I suffer with a bad back and don’t often sleep well, I can honestly say since using this mattress my sleep has improved and I don’t wake up with a bad back any more. I feel that it supports my back perfectly. Very happy with this mattress and would highly recommend.

5 - I had my bed delivered a week ago, I was worried about the change of bed, but had no need to be! my biggest problem now is I want to be in bed all the time as it's so comfortable. My husband and I are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend this bed. Thank you dreams for the recommendation based around all the beds you got us to try.

4 - Bought the mattress about a month ago now, to replace an older mattress that provided little to no support. I have back pain and so looking for something firm and supportive, but not too big a fan of tempur etc. Great support and quality, on the pricey side but hoping it will be worth it in the long run. Deep mattress so deep fitted sheets required.

4 - We spent a lot more money than we originally intended but it is totally justified as you can tell the quality of the mattress. It's so thick and heavy! At first I thought it might be a big firm for my liking but I'm getting more used to the memory foam now and it's making a difference. The memory foam also keeps you much warmer in bed, it's amazing!

5 - I am very happy wiht my purchase. Mattress feel is just nice for me and my mrs. I can't even feel when someone moving at night. It's just what I wanted not too firm but firm enough to support my whole back. You can feel equal pressure on whole body whether you sleep on back or stomach. Thankyou Dreams this is the best mattress I have ever slept on.

5 - this mattress has made for wonderful and very comfortable sleeps now, something we haven't had for years. The staff at the store were excellent with their help, guidance, advice & above all honest impartiality when we were deciding on our products. Shame we can't rate them higher than the 5 stars limit as they and the products sincerely deserve it.

5 - Just wonderful !! Delivered by 2 great lads with great attitudes On time and punctual Too the other away with no trouble The new mattress is really comfortable we are rotating it as instructed it is comfortable and giving us the rest we need. This is the 3rd time we have bought from Dreams If we need beds or mattresses it is the first place we look

5 - The mattress is great! Such a huge upgrade from our old mattress. The soft upper layer and huge number of springs means that nothing "digs in" when lying down, even when lying on your side. Delivery was quick, and the delivery guys were great at communicating before delivery, and were very accommodating with where to put the mattress in the house.

5 - Having spent a few nights sleeping on this mattress it has already made my life at night better with less times waking up in the middle of the night and next to no pain in my lower back when I wake on the mornings. Great product and great choice for me. Not too hard or soft and you donr sink into it and feel like you cant roll over. Very impressed.

5 - The experience of buying a new mattress at Dreams was a dream. The technology used to find the perfect mattress for my husband and I was truly remarkable and we have found the mattress we bought is perfect. The saleslady who helped us was very caring and considerate and certainly knew her job. Therefore a good night's sleep on a great mattress.

5 - tested many mattress and finally settled on this. Firm but moulds to your body. A good night sleep for those who like to sleep on their side. I am a body builder and have wide shoulders. Usually this would cause me pain when sleeping on my side as my wife complains of my snoring. I have found a mattress where I can comfortably sleep on my side.

4 - We have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now and i have never slept better. Its firm but the topper lets you sink in a little. My partner loves it aswell. The only thing that i have noticed is that its a bit too firm for my head, but investing in some quality pillows might sort that problem out. We are using cheap ones at the moment.

5 - I bought this 3 weeks ago and it was a decision I do not regret. It does what it says. The best mattress I have had. Worth every penny. Before this I had the health bed mattress and my nack was really starting to hurt. So decided to get a new mattress. My back pain has improved and would reccomend this to anyone who wants to sleep luxuriously

3 - I bought this on the basis that I tried it in store and thought it was just what I was after. The mattress I had delivered was like a rock by comparison - it wasn't even remotely similar. I was advised to wait for it to soften but it didn't so I returned it and got a Tempur instead. Dreams were excellent in terms of their service though.

5 - We found the staff at the Ashford branch very helpful, patient and a pleasure to deal with. We went through the process of using the mattress diagnostic bed, tried a few mattresses and discussed ten options before settling on our final purchase. We are very pleased with it and are enjoying a very much improved nights sleep! Thank you.

4 - Tried mattress in shop, seemed just what we wanted, when delivered it was much firmer, made a request to change, was advised the hardness was caused due to the way the mattress was transported, and give it at least ten days to settle down, level of firmness has improved, so will leave for 39 days before committing, good delivery timetable

5 - Great mattress, very comfortable, really needed this to help with my hip and legs. Would recommend this to anyone with this problem. Best nights sleep in years. Easy to try in the shop,very helpful and friendly staff,delivery very goodband at your convenience again very helpful with putting the mattress where requested. Good work Dreams.

5 - An amazing quality mattress not too firm that it feels like you are sleeping on concrete, but you feel supported and the memory foam cushion top is really lovely to snuggle into. You don’t get that deep sunken feeling you do with a full memory foam mattress. We are sleeping really well and not being disturbed by each other moving around.

5 - We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it is fantastic. We upgraded to a super king and the size is phenomenal. The mattress itself has suitable cushioning for side sleepers and my partner and I have slept so much better since we purchased it. We also upgraded our pillows to side sleeper pillows and would thoroughly recommend them also.

5 - Kingsize Silent Night Chantilly pocket spring medium firm mattress, which is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Having had a bad back for years I always assumed I would need a firm mattress but, following the helpful advice of the shop staff, I can finally enjoy a good night's sleep. I can highly recommend this product.

5 - Bought a new mattress after the previous one had been here for too many years to remember. So glad I choose this one as it is so comfortable and now both my partner and I now wake up with no bad backs!. I now look forward to going to bed.. Great delivery, driver called in morning and and delivered on time so no need to wait in all day.

5 - I’ve had a bad back for years. It got to the point that after getting out of bed it could take a couple of slow minutes to straighten up due to the pain. I changed mattress and that’s a thing of the past. It’s no longer painful and i no longer have to work myself up to picking something up from the floor. Get the right mattress, I did.

5 - LOVE this. Still can't quite believe I've spend so much money on a mattress but it was very worth it. My partner moving doesn't wake me up all the time, we don't overheat like we used to and I'm waking up so much more refreshed. Good level of support but it does need 'breaking in' which will result in a few mornings with an achey back

5 - After years of having a memory foam mattress and waking up every morning for the last few months with a sore back, we decided it was time for a new mattress! Went into Dreams and was laid out on the 2 mattresses that check what kind of mattress suits you. This mattress is amazing ... there’s not much more I can say. Highly recommend

5 - I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it’s has changed my life, not only is it super comfy, I’ve suffered with bad shoulders and due to have an op soon but sleeping on this has taken away my pain, I didn’t know that is was my old mattress causing me problems until I had this and noticed the difference. Best night sleep in years!

3 - I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and already have noticed significant dipping of mattress. Also have noticed staining on the sides of the mattress almost looks like a second hand mattress, my last mattress only starting dipping after 10 yrs the reason we changed it. Not sure this mattress will last 10 months let alone 10 yrs.

5 - I bought this product a month ago, and can say that my quality of sleep has improved immeasurably. Prior to this i had an IKEA mattress which we bought simply for convenience sake, my nephews jumped on it and ruined it and in a way I'm glad the did. I fall asleep very quickly and sleep soundly, at little too soundly at times!

5 - I received this two weeks ago and after initial concerns that it might be too firm, the memory foam topper seems to have softened a bit and is now super comfortable and has eased my back pain. Along with the divan we bought, the mattress is so thick it makes the bed high so really easy to get in and out of. So far, I love it!

5 - I've had this for 3 months now, and its hands down the best mattress I've ever had. The mattress is firm which gives good support for your back, however it's also so incredibly comfortable. I haven't woken up hot and bothered once since sleeping on this, which always used to happen previously. Highly recommend this mattress.

5 - This is the second Luxury Ottoman base as the first is still going strong we brought this one for spare room. Looks smart great that it comes in two half’s easy to get up stairs. The delivery men put it together for us and all is perfect so happy. Everyone from sales man to customer services and delivery where really great.

5 - Absolutely love this mattress! Perfect! Firm enough for support but very comfortable. I researched mattresses for weeks before finally deciding on this one, best choice ever! It’s quite pricey but I can say well worth it! I say go for it, we spend a lot of time in bed, don’t go for poor quality. Highly recommended *****+++++

5 - We spent ages in dreams trying mattresses and nailed it down to two, my wife liked the softer one but i convinced her this was the one. It is a firm but soft mattress if you know what i mean? you get in to bed at night and you sit on the edge of the bed and it feels firm but as soon as you lie on it it hugs you, we love it.

5 - We purchased this mattress after having our last for an embarrassing 14 years. I was suffering from backache and sore hips for ages and eventually guessed we needed a new mattress. Since having the mattress, a few weeks ago now, I have not suffered any backpain or aching joints at all. Lovely mattress, sleeping like a baby!

5 - Good combination of comfort and firmness. I was very anti memory foam but the topper gives the comfort without the dense feeling which I find memory foam gives when in a full mattress. The only thing to bear in mind is that it is warm. Have now ordered a cooling mattress cover and sheet so hopefully this will sort that out.

4 - I have had this mattress for about a month now and it still feels ok! I weigh about 14 stone and feel the side I sleep on is starting to sag a little from the firmness when we 1st got it, it’s still good but I hope it doesn’t get any softer over time like our last Tempur mattress purchased from dreams did after only 1 year.

5 - Since having this mattress we have enjoyed comfortable and restful sleep. One of us is generally a restless sleeper and the other gets up at least once a night, sometimes more. No names, no pack- drill! Neither of us has noticed the others movements through the night! Our sleep is undisturbed - what a great mattress!

5 - After trying multiple types of mattress in the dreams showroom we decided the Risborough was the one for us. A little firmer than we've had previously but the memory foam topper helps retain the soft comfortable feeling. Weve stayed in hotels since having this mattress and found ourselves looking forward to coming home!!

3 - From the first night we have found the mattress very comfortable and suportive. I expected to take time to adjust to the new sleeping position but the benefits for a good nights slep were immediate. I have suffered back pain for months on thelod mattress but that has now almost gone.We are very happy with our purchase.

5 - I'd been suffering with lower back pains when walking up in a morning, someone suggested it.could be my mattress. We went to Dreams and the assistant showed us round the beds and advised us which one may be suitable. Within 2 weeks it's made such a difference and my lower back pain has gone. Cant recommend this enough

5 - Lovely product absolutely beautiful, comfortable, soft, high, 100% makes my bed loads better. I sleep comfortably on it but christ is it heavy, did 4 days of heavy gym work out just to throw it onto the bed. Best purchase I made in a long while and it's definitely something that will serve the duration of its time.

5 - I've slept on many different mattresses over the years and this is by far the best, most comfortable one to date. I've always had medium tension mattresses but the pillow top gives the Risborough just the right amount of 'softness' - I look forward to going to bed at night! I would highly recommend this mattress

5 - Solid, firm support mattress but with added softness from the memoryfoam. Has taken a little while to get used to it but we're glad we purchased it. It is very heavy so rotating it as recommended is likely to be difficult, almost impossible without two people! Also, you will require extra deep fitted sheets.

5 - This mattress was worth every penny since it has more springs than other mattresses, it is very comfortable to sleep on. In addition, it has a pillow top cover to add extra comfort. It helps with back pain and feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud! I was impressed by the thickness of the mattress; it is pure luxury.

5 - I've had the mattress for just over two weeks. It feels lovely and luxurious to sleep on, very cosy. My boyfriend agrees too. I was slightly apprehensive after reading reviews about the mattress being firmer then the one tested in the shop but haven't found this to be the case. I'm very happy with my purchase.

5 - we brought our mattress about a month ago because we were both aching in the mornings and we had,owned our old mattress for a number of years so it needed changing. It took a few days to get used to how firm it was in comparison to our old one but it did not take long and now we both wake up feeling refreshed.

4 - Bought a couple of weeks ago and so far sleeping reasonably well. A lot firmer than the one tested in the showroom but that’s probably due to the newness. Only concern is the off gasing from the memory foam top. Aired for a few days before using it, but there is still a chemical smell present when using it.

5 - Bought this to replace a ten year old mattress and very glad we did. Suits our sleep requirements, made by a locally based company! Definitely recommend but this is at the top end of the market. Much more comfortable than the foam based memory equivalent we found. Staff also very helpful in Loudwater branch.

5 - We bought this mattress after conducting the sleep match test in store. It suited both mine and my husband's needs for our middle and lower back pain. It offers full comfort and support while not feeling the other person turn in bed. It's such a great mattress we bought the exact same one for our guest room.

5 - So glad I went to dreams to purchase this mattress! Excellent service by staff who really know their stuff! I was very impressed with the technology used to match you up with a range of mattresses to suit the individual. Absolutely love our new risborough mattress, well worth the money highly recommended

5 - We’ve had this mattress for 2 weeks now and are sleeping much better. It’s very comfortable and supportive. My partner tends to move position quite often in the night but I’m not aware of the bed moving as I was with the old mattress. Love it and my back feels much better. Should have bought it ages ago!

5 - We have been sleeping on this for a few weeks now.. It is a very firm mattress (although I expect it to soften a bit more).. It is very deep mattress so be prepared for that.. but I like the support of the springs, whilst having a comfortable foam 'topper' to avoid pressure points.. very happy over all..

4 - I had slept on this mattress at my parents house so knew it was lovely, and now we've got our own one it does not disappoint. Supremely comfortable, I love it. Only slight downside is that the extra height means our sheets don't fit. And that my little boy can't climb in so easily. Small price to pay tho!

5 - We bought this bed after testing all the relevant products in store. It is so comfortable and it’s every bit as good as we hoped for. My wife has suffered morning back problems for years but we’ve had our new bed for 6 weeks and she has been pain-free. It just shows all those tests are really worthwhile.

4 - Mattress gives a good comfortable nights sleep, so I am happy with the purchase so far. The real test of a mattress is whether it is still performing as expected one to two years after purchase, so I regard the jury as still out in this respect, but I am optimistic that this will prove to be a good buy.

5 - I bought this mattress less than 1 months ago as the old one was needing replacement. Me and my family (me, my boyfriend and my dog) love it. The mattress is at the perfect blend between softness and hardness. I will highly recommend for everyone who needs really good quality and comfortable mattress.

4 - I bought this three weeks ago and it is exactly what I was expecting - welcoming yet firm to support my weight. Delivery was hassle free and straight to my room too. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and have confidence that I made the right choice given the in-store advice I received.

5 - We bought this mattress after reviewing a lot of different mattresses across several stores. As my partner is significantly lighter than me we needed a comfortable but firm mattress to help us both to be comfortable. We have never had a better nights sleep! could not recommend this mattress enough.

5 - After trying multiple mattress me and my husband both decided this mattress was for us , it was a little more expensive then we were expecting to pay but buy cheap buy twice is out theory so decided to get it!! One of the best decisions we have made!! Perfect nights sleep since buying this mattress

5 - Thanks for our new King size bed and mattress we love it.we was asked what we needed and our sales person was very helpful even finding a ex display mattress which saved us 500 pound gave as 2 pillows for 100 pound should of been 100 each overall would recommend Wednesbury dreams to family thanks.

4 - Hubby loves it - my vote is still out. We used the Sleep Match Machine instore to find the perfect mattress for us - I am 15 stone, my husband is 20 stone, so we needed something robust! This mattress is definitely that. He finds it really comfortable, I am still struggling after a couple of weeks.

5 - I had lots of issues with back pain and poor sleep on my previous bed and mattress. After lots of research, I purchased this alongside a sprung slat frame and I am feeling the benefit immediately. My back pain has almost gone and sleep much better through the night. my best investment of the year!

5 - great mattress, much improved sleep; not so happy with the delivery! Turned up much much earlier than I was told and got annoyed when I took longer than 5 mins to return from shopping to let them in, didn't do any of the things they should have ( over shoes/masks/check the route to bedroom etc)

5 - I brought this mattress due to not sleeping well and having a bad back. Previously my best night sleep in recent years was in a specialist hospital bed. Luckily I brought this mattress and it’s been great, so comfy, supportive, best night sleep I’ve had in a very very long time. Highly recommend

5 - Wehave had three nights with the new mattress,and we are delighted. No aches and pains in the morning. The bed is warm without being too hot, and you feel well supported and cosy. The installation team from Dreams were efficient and informative, and cleared away our old bed,without fuss.

4 - The mattress is wonderful and supportive. We needed a firm one to stop rolling into each other during the night and this works, lots don't! It feels a little too firm right now but I think that is because it is new and it will relax a little over the coming weeks. Recommend this one for sure.

5 - We bought this mattress about three weeks ago after our old one was way past it’s best. An amazing mattress. It’s a firm mattress that somehow manages to make you feel like it’s soft and comfortable. We get the firm style that we need but feels soft to lay in. Amazing how they managed it.

5 - We went into store to try this mattress before lockdown started and ended up ordering it online. We had contact with the helpful team, who were still replying even in these hard times. We received the mattress early it is very comfortable. Very thick and think it will do us a fair few years.

5 - After a horrific experience with a mattress from elsewhere, decided to replace with something more traditional and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Feels very supportive yet the topper gives a really 'bounce' feel, deep but without being too imposing. Just love it and worty every penny

5 - King size mattress which is quite firm but this absolutely suits me. If my mattress is too soft I suffer from back problems after a while. The mattress is comfortable and has a softer top layer. i also find it comfortable for reading in bed but haven't tried this for a longer period.

4 - Very pleased with the quality of the mattress There was a very strong synthetic smell from the mattress initially from new after the plastic covering was taken off and left to settle This lasted for about 10 days and has since gone. But other than that very happy with the purchase

5 - I bought this on Boxing Day and waited in anticipation for it to arrive. I was right to be excited! Not only has it provided me with countless good night’s sleep for the past 3 weeks but it has really eased my back pain and I feel a lot better supported now when I go to sleep. Love it!

5 - We brought this mattress a month ago and are extremely happy with it. It was the first time we had brought a replacement mattress so took our time in selecting the right one. This mattress provides a great combination of firmness from the pocket springs and comfortable memory foam top.

5 - We purchased this mattress after completing the sleep analysis in store at dreams and it matched perfectly! The firm mattress offers support we need however the memory foam top provides that luxurious and soft feeling. We don’t feel each other toss or turn and sleep incredibly soundly.

5 - After spending thousands of pounds over the last 8 years trying to find a bed like the one we slept in on holiday in New York hey presto Silentnight Chantilly pocket sprung mattress and sprung base and two tempur pillows thank goodness we visited Dreams very happy with our purchases

4 - Love the mattress took delivery 15th January 2021. Just cant get rid of newness smell as yet. Tried to phone Hunslet Leeds of an evening but goes onto answering service. Hope in time the odour goes. I will give it 2 more weeks and if no better call and aee them in Leeds Crown Point.

5 - i called in Dreams in a spare half hour. I bought an amazing silentnight bed with the great advice from the salesman. no pressure to buy the top of the range if it wasnt right for me, i love my new Silentnight memory foam mattress and my Tempur pillow, i am sleeping so much better.

5 - Major improvement on my last mattress, just wishing I had purchased it earlier. Gives a good level of support and not too firm. Couldn't fault Dreams through the whole process, although the delivery was delayed due to Covid, regular updates were provided and very satisfied overall.

3 - An o.k mattress, have been sleeping on it now, for almost 5 weeks, but, have decided that it's not really for me. So, i am going to upgrade to the next more comfortable model. The mattress, i found to be slightly on the hard side, some people may like this...but, each to their own.

5 - Very pleased with the bed frame, good height, easy to open with an anti-slip device to stop the mattress from sliding off when opened, very large storage area inside plenty of room for bedding, good sturdy construction with quality hinges and gas pistons to assist with lifting up.

5 - When we first got this mattress it felt alot firmer than I remembered in the shop but after a couple of weeks it's now the most comfy mattress we've owned. It's really supportive where you need it but having the memory foam top to it makes all the difference to the comfort level.

5 - We are so happy with our new mattress, both husband and I suffer with bad backs, went into dreams and used their machine that tells you what mattress is suitable and we choose this mattress. Absolutely no faults with this.. so worth the money. Best nights sleep I've had in ages!!

5 - Both soft with its top-layer and firm with the underlying mattress construction, my new Thornbury mattress has given me the best sleep in years over the month that I’ve had it. I may very well replace all the mattresses in the house with this product !! Many thanks Silentnight!!

5 - I always thought I needed a soft mattress but after using the sleep technology frame in store I was advised I needed a firm mattress, I'm so glad I did this and would recommend it to everyone. I now have the best nights sleep and no more bad back. Silentnight are a great brand.

3 - The mattresses is very deep much deeper than actually appeared in the shop i seem to have to clamber up into bed but it is comfortable but if you are just buying the mattress take measurements so you don't have a surprise must admit I couldn't stop laughing when it was delivered

5 - Although I've only had this mattress for 2 weeks I can honestly say it's the best mattress I have ever had! The memory foam gives so much support that the back pain I used to suffer when I got up has now gone. Would highly recommend for anyone who suffers from aches and pains.

5 - The Risborough is a fantastic mattress, it is so supportive with just the right amount of comfort in the topper. When we first got the mattress it seemed to firm but after a week of bedding in, our bodies adjusted and oh my goodness we love it now and so glad we went with it.

5 - Simply the best service from start to finish. After trying the super scientific mattress i was given a selection of mattresses to try which would suit my back. This mattresses is beyond words. I have never felt such support and comfort in my life. Well worth every single penny.

5 - It was a little over our budget, but man oh man is it worth it! We're both loving this. Firm but still has that bit of 'give' that makes it feel nice, comfortable and luxurious. Definitely pleased we spend the little bit extra to go with this one, worth every penny!

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress. We visited our local dreams store and with the match technology, this was one of the mattress which was suggested to suit both of our postures. Even though it’s pricey, the quality and comfort is brilliant. We’re really happy with the purchase.

4 - I bought the mattress 2 weeks back along with ottoman, The mattress is very heavy - 67 Kg and very thick. First couple of nights was not comfortable, After the settling period we have now started enjoying the mattress, very comfortable . I really recommend Chantilly mattress.

4 - Very comfortable mattress - bit firmer than in the shop but I think it will get softer as it is used (I guess lots of people had tried it out in the shop). The memory foam part on top makes the mattress quite deep so sheets are a little tighter! Very happy with this product.

5 - This mattress is very comfortable and well worth the money. I was a bit worried about buying a new one because my old one was very comfortable. But now having my new one I need not have worried. Yet again we’ll done Dreams you have yet again supplied a great mattress 10/10.

4 - Great customer service, confidence to explore options with no 'hard sell'. Firm mattress with a super soft topper. Took some getting used to, 20 days for me until sleeping well, my wife not so. Jury still out if we exercise the sleep guarantee for a slightly softer option.

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