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Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

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3' x 6'3
4' x 6'3
5' x 6'6
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    Beautiful oak or walnut finish

    Indented head end

    Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

    Front opening ottoman

    1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is a stamp of approval. You can buy with confidence knowing that if anything bad happens during that year of ownership that is the result of a manufacturing defect, you will be covered.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Solid base ottoman storage (Storage depth: 25cm)

    In a beautiful oak or walnut finish

    With an indented head end

    Solid base ottoman storage with a storage depth of 25cm

    Sprung slat as standard available for better shock absorption and cushioned support

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: What are the dimensions?

Answer: Hello, The dimensions can be found in all available sizes under the dimensions tab on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can the Isabella wooden ottoman be made for a 5 foot by 7 foot mattress?

Answer: Hello , The bedframe's are only available for UK standard sized mattresses. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Will the EU double mattress of 140 cm x 200 cm fit?

Answer: Hello , Yes, with a gap around the sides of the bed of 5cm either size of our UK king frame. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Good afternoon, could you please confirm the cost of assembly. I am unable to find this on the website. thanks

Answer: Hello , The cost of assembly is £49.99 and can be added at the checkout. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Can you confirm if the base on the Isabella ottoman is actually a proper storage unit or do the items just sit on the floor. Is there anything fixed to the bottom of the bed to prevent scuffing wooden flooring

Answer: Hello, The bed frame has a hard base so your items will not be sitting on floor. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Isabella Oak Finish Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame! Please, can you help me to understand, what would be a dimensions of a mattress? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , The dimensions of a mattress for this frame (in a double) would measure at 190cm x 135cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is this available in SuperKing size?

Answer: Hi Nigel Unfortunately this bed is not available in a super king size. It is available in a double and king. I hope this helps.

Question: Hi just wondering if there is matching furniture to this bed? 

Answer: Hello , There is not a range of furniture that specifically matches this bedstead unfortunately. Thank you for your question.

Question: What weight of mattress do I choose

Answer: Hello, There is no weight restriction set so this will not be an issue on what mattress you select. Many thanks for the question.

Question: This seems to be the same bed that I bought 7/8 years ago, but now one of the gas struts have failed. Are you able to supply replacements?

Answer: Hello , If you contact customer services they can help with replacement of parts. Monday-Friday 9am till 5pm (0344 292 0000)

Question: I asked if there are any child safety systems on here. Is there anything to stop a child opening it?

Answer: Hello, There is no child prevention systems in place however this is a heavy bed frame to lift up. Many thanks for the question.

Question: How quick can you deliver this bed

Answer: Hello , The earliest delivery date for the Isabella is the 04/04/2016. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Do You also do this bed in superking size ???

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we only do this bed in a double and king size. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Question: what size length and width please as im not sure if i have a superking mattress ?

Answer: Hello , The double is 206.2cm x 144cm, and king is 216.2cm x 159cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: This bed is described as in an 'oak finish' is it solid oak?

Answer: , This bed frame is made from a combination of solid ash, ash veneer and particle board. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the walnut bed made from solid walnut, walnut veneer, or a walnut effect laminate or similar?

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame is made from a combination of solid ash, ash veneer and particle board. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the Isabella Ottoman 4ft6cm on display in Hemel, Watord or Luton?

Answer: Hello , The Isabella Ottoman is on display in our Watford store. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Is the headboard pictured included with the frame?

Answer: Hi , Yes this bed frame does come with the headboard pictured. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Question: We are trying to match in with current furniture. Do you offer wood samples of this product or is it a case of order the whole bed and send back if not suited? 

Answer: Hello , I am afraid we do not send samples, the wood is a natural product. Many thanks for your question.

Question: I'm thinking of purchasing this bed. I would like to use in carpeted room. As I see in image, there is no airflow under the bed so do you have any complaints where the carpet area under the bed might develop fungus which will destroy the carpet.

Answer: Hello , We have never received a case like this on a carpeted floor for this bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Will they remove my old bed frame as well as my old mattress

Answer: Hello , This can be done for £39. This option will be available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi can you please tell me the exact width of the bed as the dimension given 159cm is only for the base at the bottom and the headboard and part that holds the mattress on appears to be wider. Many thanks

Answer: Hello Colin 16, The width of the overall bed is approximately 166cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Does the slat frame come as one piece? I am concerned I will not get this up my stairs as have a very low ceiling!

Answer: , The frame comes in two sections which are then bolted together during assembly. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: What is the internal length and width?  Thanks.

Answer: , We have sought confirmation on this and will update you once we have a response. Many thanks, Dreams.

Question: Website says this bed is also available in walnut finish however i cannot find it. Can you confirm is it available?

Answer: Hi , Sorry for the confusion, this product has been discontinued. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Question: Can you tell me where I can go to see this bed in the Hampshire area?

Answer: Hello Sorry neither of your local stores have it on display. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hello, is it possible to clarify if dimension B includes the overhang? Many thanks

Answer: Hello , The dimensions involve the overhang in it's measurements. Thank you for your question and I hope it helps.

Question: I would like to buy but there's no reviews of it.

Answer: , You should now be able to view the reviews, we apologise for the inconvenience. Kind regards Dreams

Question: We have an Isabella bed but is now hard to lift and will not stay open. Can anything be done?

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can I purchase replacement slats?

Answer: , Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to help you with this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How many pieces does the bed come in for assembly?

Answer: Hello , This comes in 4 boxes, with 12 pieces in total. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Will this bedframe accept a European KingSize mattress of 160x200?

Answer: Hello, Our bedframe's in a kin size are designed to cater to a size of 150 by 200cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: How long I have to wait for delivery?

Answer: , The Isabella double in oak is on a 7 week lead time for delivery at the moment. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hiya - my removal men lost one of the gas struts when disassembling the bed. Would you please provide me with the correct N-value for the required strut? A quick Google shows struts on average range between 450N and 1200N. Many thanks for the steer!

Answer: , For the double bed the pistons are 600N and for the king bed they are 700N. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Do you have matching bedside tables for this bed? if so , please send me the link

Answer: , Unfortunately we don't currently offer matching bedsides for the Isabella Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the availability of this bed ?

Answer: , This item would be available between 8-10 weeks dependant on postcode area. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: I want to order this bed with a Tempur mattress. Is there a weight limit for the hydraulic lifting rams as I know the tempur mattresses are very heavy?

Answer: Hello, The frame can handle heavy mattresses as there is no set weight restriction. Many thanks for the question.

Question: The length of the king size is listed as 216cm. Is this the total length of the bed or from headboard end to end of the foot the bad sits on?

Answer: Hello, This will be total length from the head-end to the foot-end of the bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Question: I am looking to replace the wooden bed slats, what are the dimensions and material of them?

Answer: , For a double, our slats are 9.5cm wide and 137cm long. They are made of Pine. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How high is the platform portion of the bed? I'm assuming the height listed in the dimensions is for the headboard!

Answer: Hello, The height of the Isabella Ottoman base frame is 31cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Hi, does the mattress sit on the base like with fabric bases or inside the frame like most wooden beds? Ie if I put two singles next to each other will they be attached as if it were one bed? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This will sit on a sprung slatted frame within the bed itself. Many thanks for your question.

Question: The assembly instructions for the Isabella Ottoman show the frame as one part (150 x 200cm). This would not go up our stairs. The picture looks like the frame is two bolted-together parts. Can this be unbolted to get it up the stairs?

Answer: , The frame comes in two separate sections, which is then bolted together. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Where can I go see this bed in Sheffield area?

Answer: Hello , Our Sheffield store has this on display. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Would it be possible to have a small double in this type of bed frame?

Answer: Hello , We do small double bed frame's, just not available for the Isabella. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Are the corners of the foot-end rounded or straight edged? Some of the photos show rounded corners, others show straight edged corners do just concerned as to how sharp they potentially are. Thank you 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. These are straight edged. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: is it possible to have the whole frame etc without attaching the headboard?

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not, the headboard is apart of the structure of the frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: How much will it cost to get the bed assembled?

Answer: Hello , This bed will cost £49 to assemble. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Is the Isabella Ottoman on display in Poole (Fleetsbridge) and how much does it cost to have it assembled? thank you

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not. This will cost £49 to assemble. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hi, what is the maximum weight of mattress that this ottoman (Isabella oak) can take?

Answer: Hello , There is no weight restriction on the mattress for this frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What is mattress size fitting for this king size bed?

Answer: , Our King Size beds would require a King Size mattress (150cm x 200cm). Many thanks, Dreams

Question: What is the solid wood used in the frame?

Answer: Hi , Depending on your choice, this frame comes in either Oak or Walnut. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi, Is it possible to assemble and use this as an ottoman bed without the headboard fitted to it? tHANKS

Answer: Hello Unfortunately, that would not be possible. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Does the metal bed frame on which the mattress and slats sit on come as one piece or several bars etc that fit together as I have a cottage staircase that would prevent me from taking it up the stairs if it was one whole section.

Answer: , The metal slat frame is pre built, but is delivered folded in half. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What weight mattress can this bed take and still left as ours is quite heavy?

Answer: Hello, There is no specific weight limit on this bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can I get a single version  

Answer: Hello , This bed is currently only available in double or king sizes. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi I have a Tempur Cloud mattress and wondered if this is compatible with this bed, as the mattress is quite heavy. Thank you 

Answer: Hello Yes this would be fine with this bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Do you have supper king size?

Answer: , Unfortunately super king size is not available with this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Do you do a disposal and assembly service and if so how much does it cost.

Answer: Hi, Yes we do. Prices are dependant on size and you can view the price list upon checkout. Thank you.

Question: Hi, What would be the weight of the king size bed ( walnut) Dindi

Answer: Hello , The weight of the Isabella is 110kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Is dimensions B to the end of the lower plinth or to end of the overhang? 

Answer: , B will be the maximum length of this bed, overhang included. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Would it be possible to get this bed without the headboard 

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed frame comes integral with the head end. Kind regards Dreams

Question: What is the total length of the 4.6 double at its maximum?

Answer: Hello , The double is 206cm in length. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Does the storage underneath the bed need to be split into two sides, or can the middle divider be removed? 

Answer: Hello , The middle divider cannot be removed I'm afraid. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is there a store near Manchester where I can see this? Neither White City nor Ashton have one

Answer: Hello , Middlebrook has one on display. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hi, We've ordered this double  bed and it's due for delivery on Saturday.We've assumed the width was the 144cm quoted but we now have concerns that this does not include the overall width of the headboard, could you confirm the overall width?

Answer: Hello , The dimensions given will include the overhang. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Is the oak King ever coming back into stock?

Answer: , We do not currently have a confirmed date for this. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it possible to have a holman mattress with the Isabella ottoman bed frame?

Answer: , The Holman mattress is suitable for the Isabella bedframe. Many thanks Dreams

Question: I have tempur 22 cloud mattress weighs 38kg will the bed lift that weight and be ok over future use

Answer: Hello, There will be no problem with the weight of the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What's the weight of a double bed please?

Answer: Hello , The double bed is 98kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Does the bed base come as sections to be assembled or as one piece? I have a narrow stairwell that turns at the top and restricts the width of items. Thank you.

Answer: , The bed comes disassembled and will arrive in 5 boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: See I'm in the us and I was wonderingly if you guys had a us site or if i can transfer currency, because I really like this bed

Answer: Hello , I am afraid we only deliver within the UK. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does this bed some with a middle suppprt bar? 

Answer: Hello, This will have a supporting bar for the ottoman frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Would you recommend a tempur mattress with this frame? Tempur say the base should be well ventilated and slats have a minimum gap of 130mm.

Answer: Hello, This bedframe will be suitable for a tempur mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Depth of storage area

Answer: , The depth of the storage for this bed frame is 25cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Do you do in black colour this one please let me know

Answer: , Unfortunately this bedframe is not available in black. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What is the product warranty on the bedframe  and in particular the ottoman mechanism?

Answer: , The warranty on the bed is 1 year for all components. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a min mattress height required for this bed?

Answer: , There is no mattress height requirement for this bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: How much to assemble this bed

Answer: Hello, This will be £38 and is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Question: how high from the floor does the mattress sit

Answer: , From the floor to the bottom of the base is 30cm. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Please can you clarify the width of the widest part of the double bed

Answer: , The widest part of the frame will measure 144cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed has base for the storage or things lie on the floor

Answer: Hello, There will be a wooden base for the storage area. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Please could you tell me the dimensions of the gaps between the slats to see if the bed will support my mattress?

Answer: Hi , These would measure at approximately 2.5 inches. Thank you for your question.

Question: Do you deliver to Jersey, Channel Islands?

Answer: , Unfortunately we only deliver to the main land. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What size are the width of slats and gap between

Answer: , The slats are 10cm wide and the gaps are 7.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does Southend or Basildon have this bed on show?

Answer: Hello, Yes, both store's will display this bedframe. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Can you please advise whether there is a weight limit and if so, what is it? Thank you

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limit on this frame. Thank you for your question.

Question: How much would assembly cost for Isabella oak ottoman wooden bed frame?

Answer: Hello , The assembly for this bed will £49. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Hi.we r looking for Isabella walnut wooden bed but we don't want the head it possible and how much will that b.thanks.

Answer: Hello , I am afraid this is not possible. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Hi, Does the frame rest on the middle divider?

Answer: Hello , Yes, the frame will sit upon this. Many thanks for the question.

Question: what country is id made of ?

Answer: , This bed frame is made in the far east. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: What is the width between the slats?

Answer: , The width between the slats is 8 cm's. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does this bed comes with solid slats?

Answer: , This bedframe has a sprung slat system. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is this bed a divan

Answer: Hi , This is an ottoman bed frame, it is not a divan. Thank you.

Question: Hello Team, we are looking for a deep ottoman storage. Could you please confirm, the height of the storage when the bed is closed. The specification above says 30cms foot end, but would like to know what is the exact height of the storage inside. thanks.A

Answer: , The internal storage depth is 25cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: is the storage area solid wood.

Answer: Hello , This will be ply wood. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Is the headboard curved? 

Answer: Hi , The headboard has a very shallow curve to it. Thank you.

Question: What is he depth of the storage space under the mattress in total please.

Answer: Hello , This will be 22.86cm. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Delivers you to Norway?

Answer: Hello, We only deliver within the UK. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can it be adjusted to open sideways?

Answer: Hi , No, this is not possible. Thank you.

Question: Does this bed have gas cylinders to lift or does it have to be lifted manually?

Answer: Hi , This is pistons. Thank you.

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Customer Reviews For The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

5 - Love this bed. The ottoman is easy to lift up and down and the storage is impressive. I particularly like that it comes with a wooden floor base to put in the storage area so my belongings aren’t just on the floor. Would definitely recommend the style is nice and not many places offer a wooden ottoman and this goes perfectly in my bedroom.

4 - Really nice bed frame, fairly easy to put together although I didn’t find the instructions till box 4 which was a bit of a nightmare. Found online fairly easily though. The only thing that holds it back from being a 5* is when closing the ottoman part it doesn’t close smoothly and clips an edge but other than that I’m super happy with it!

5 - My Isabella Ottoman bed was delivered at the scheduled date and time and assembled in no time as per arranged. I am now enjoying my beauty sleep and I wake up fresh and well rested every morning. I call it the 'Isabella sleep experience' The bed is easy to lift to access the storage facility and loving it. I am happy with my purchase...

5 - We ordered the Jacobs K pocket sprung mattress and the Isabella platform bed in May. Our mattress came in a few weeks . Our bed arrived yesterday well worth the weight we are over the moon. Excellent all round service from Dreams it started with the lady on the phone to the two sets of delivery drivers . Would highly recommend Dreams .

5 - Bed looks great in the room. It looks classic and tasteful with its clean line profile and the storage is life-changing. All my summer wardrobe securely stashed in one instantly accessible place (once I manage to wake the greyhounds and get them off the bed). It might be sad to admit but I can't begin to say how happy this makes me!

5 - Purchased this bed a few months ago and it took a bit of time to come but that was not dreams fault at all and once I told them that I needed something for my disabled mum they made other arrangements. I would also like to mention the delivery guys assembled my mums bed and they were one of the nicest men I have ever met. Thank you!

5 - Great bed space, with exceptional space! solid wood and goes well with my room! I’m thoroughly happy with the purchase. I’ve stored my bits and bobs in there and still space for some more things Very easy to lift and put down. Assembly took about 2 hours ( thanks to dad and brother) instructions were quite easy to follow

4 - The bed is amazing, the ottoman works perfectly, however when attaching the headboard to the main frame of the bed only one of the two screw holes in each side actually attaches. When you try and screw in the top screw on either side it doesn’t screw as the holes are too big and you can push the screw in and out without it catching.

5 - Bought a short while ago. The frame was very easy to build but does require 2 people for attaching the metal mattress base. The lift action is very easy to use but does require some force to push back down (not a complaint though since it's a good thing as it means the mattress won't fall down when I'm putting stuff inside of it)

5 - This bed is very easy to assemble with the exception that the bolts for the mattress support were very difficult to reach it would have been better to have the bolt heads at the top so you can see them while fitting and tightening them. Once the bed has been assembled it looks fantastic and the storage space underneath is huge.

3 - Got the bed today, seems good quality however the frame seems a little to big for a kingsize mattress about an inch gap between frame and mattress, and also do not let the picture fool you it is alot darker which I now have to re decorate the room to suit it. I would not of chosen the bed it it had of looked like this in person

5 - I did not realise that Dreams still sold this bed so when I saw it online I just had to give it a review. I purchased this bed nine years ago (yes, nine years ago) and its still going strong. Exceptional quality, well made, never had a problem with it. Loads of storage and very solid frame. You can't go wrong with this bed.

4 - Good product, suggestion: - the last item to be assembled is the actual bed frame (ie. the metal frame the mattress sits on) , so why put the instructions in there? Found them by accident after assembling the rest by common sense & experience, would be better in the other boxes the are used first, other than that very happy

5 - I bought this bed as the shape seemed brilliant. It was a slow assembly but pretty straight forward. The varnish did smell for a couple days but went away eventually. Also the colour in real life is slightly darker than the pictures so watch for that. All in all a great sturdy bed but make sure it matches your furniture!

5 - I purchased the Isabella frame because I wanted to take advantage of the storage underneath. I have to say the bed, itself is gorgeous. Loads of space underneath, easy to lift up and down and great support for your mattress as well. While its only been about 2 weeks, I can tell I am going to enjoy this bed thoroughly.

5 - Great bed. The pistons do give a good/high level of resistance especially when the mattress hasn’t gone on yet but once it has it’s fine/how it was in the shop. It does have a ‘new wood’ sort of smell when it first comes but this has lessened the longer it’s been out. Only had it a few weeks but generally very happy.

5 - Despite all the issues at the moment, I am very impressed with the service from Dreams. I don’t normally bother with reviews but thought this was worthy. Our weekend charge and assembly costs were refunded without having to request. Assembly of this bed is actually quite easy - I’m no DIY expert. The bed is perfect.

5 - Because of our location I did not have an opportunity to see the bed in store. When it arrived I was delighted with the quality. It came well packed and protected. When I unpacked it the quality of the materials was better than I had been expecting. It was easy to put together and once built was very sturdy indeed.

5 - Really pleased with the quality & styling. The under bed storage is perfect & the hydraulic lifting hinges are really easy once the mattress on! Well worth paying for the installation & the lads who did it could not have been nicer or more helpful. COVID - safe measures were stuck too & made us all feel happier.

5 - This is a great bed. The ottoman space is so good and I have packed a lot in and it’s not yet full! Opening and closing is a breeze. The wooden frame is solid and well made and as it’s wood It brings a warmth into the room. Can’t fault it. When the spare room gets its make over would not hesitate to get another

4 - Was ok to assemble and definitely not a 1 hour job. Will require 2 people to assemble. Some bolts were bit hard to screw it in. As for the product, it looks sturdy and there is plenty of storage space. The bed can be raised easily to access the storage space. The veneer wood appears ok and doesnt look cheap.

5 - Great bed frame. Loads of space under it for storage. Looks good and is very sturdy. Due to Covid restrictions we had to put it together. this took about 15 minutes with 2 of us and was really easy. The base was really stiff to push down the first time but once the mattress was on top it worked really well.

5 - This particular bed caught my eye some months ago when availability and delivery was slim. I am so delighted to have waited. Excellent quality and excellent value. An expansive space for storage disguised by a stylish and clever design. Complemented by a solid wood headboard. A fine piece of modern furnishing.

5 - I am so delighted with this bed. It looks really expensive and is solid and well made. All surfaces are oak or oak veneer, no cheap chip board even on the inside of the base.The base lifts easily to get to the storage area. It wasn't difficult to assemble and the instruction were clear. Can't fault anything.

5 - This is my second Isabella Ottoman bed from Dreams. I was delighted with the first and ordered another for my spare room. The bed is elegant, clean design, well made and has a large storage space underneath. Dreams order process is easy, delivery was efficient and the assembly team top service. Great service!

5 - This is a very comfortable bed, although that is a lot to do with the mattress. The large storage space underneath is very useful. When you lift the base to access the storage it feels quite heavy at first, but then the pistons take over and it goes up very easily and stays there until you push it back down.

5 - Bought this bed four months ago, after having bought my teenage daughter the same bed but in oak several months ago. Not had an ottoman before - the storage space is unbelievably useful - and lots of it. Bought the walnut - very smart, modern looking bed - excellent value for money - would recommend 100%!

5 - Very pleased with this ottoman bed frame. It is well built and comfortable. Raising and lowering the frame is straightforward aided by the well designed pistons. I paid extra for the bed to be assembled on site. It was money well spent and the team did a great job of clearing up afterwards. Recommended.

5 - As I live in a flat this bed has been a godsend. excellent storage space, beautiful finish. We bought the last one in the shop which came with no build instruction but it was so easy to put together it was built in under an hour. Much better quality than all the others I looked at and not pleather.....

5 - I had been looking to buy this bed for several months and then it came on sale. Living in a bungalow it has provided an amazing amount of storage space. It is also so simply designed that it has made the bedroom look so much more spacious. We love it and it has been admired by friends and family alike.

4 - Very nice bed frame and has a lot of space underneath, incredibly good quality and have many a good night's sleep on it. Was relatively easy to build, but does require a lot of brute strength. I'd recommend having it built for you by one of their friendly members of staff if you might not be so strong.

5 - Really pleased with the bed , wood quality, easy to lift for storage , even though not seen before purchasing it’s a good colour match with other wood in the room , even though there was quite a serious problem when your guys tried to assemble, your firm went all out to get that sorted on the same day

3 - It's a nice looking bed (the headboard is lovely), but I would have preferred it to be better built and would have been happy to pay more for it to be so. Some of the visible joins on the base don't look great and the frame is not rigid enough to easily move for cleaning, etc. The ottoman works great.

5 - I purchased it two months ago, and absolutely love it: stylish, lots of storage space and very comfy. There was some smell at the beginning but but it disappeared few hours after. Excellent assembly service: fast and professional! Overall, very positive impression, and recommend to any new customers.

5 - Don’t try and put it together on your own! You need someone to hold the metal slats frame while you fasten it to the struts. I tried, believe me, you need another person for that stage of its construction. The bed is great, lots of room underneath it. Well designed, comfortable and I like the style.

5 - The overall experience of buying this bed was great. We had online support with choosing the bed, could pick a delivery date that worked for us, quick and easy delivery and the bed is wonderful. I've never had an ottoman bed, but it is brilliant for storage, easy to use, and is really comfortable.

5 - This is a very well made bed frame and, although I had only seen the colour of the Oak finish in the shop, we wanted Walnut and were very pleased when the bed arrived as it was just what we wanted. The operation of opening the frame fror storage is very easy and the storage capacity is very good.

5 - After wanting to change our bed, my partner and I went with this design and have been so happy with it. It was relatively easy to put up, as long as you follow the instructions. The only issue is the finish on the headboard could have been a bit tidier, but aesthetics aside it is a very good bed.

5 - This bed is excellent value for money This was our first ever visit to Dreams and we were both pleasantly surprised,we were made very welcome in the store,and we were not badgered but the staff were more then helpful it was a great experience from start to finish We would highly recommend them

4 - Really good bed frame. It’s a little tricky to assemble on your own and the quality of some of the mechanical fixings arnt the best given the price (one fixing disintegrated on me when trying to tighten it). The wood parts are solid and once assembled works, is nice to visually and really comfy.

4 - Chose bed, Bought bed, had it delivered and assembled all in about 3 days. Bed is great, if a little hard, (i guess that is the nature of slat beds) and the extra storage is fantastic. Would recommend getting it assembled though as it's much more complex than a normal bed, due to the mechanism!

5 - One of the panels came with a fault, but was easily rectified by the customer support rep and a new piece was delivered. Fairly easy to assemble. Would be useful to have a guide to what pieces are in which box. Also very difficult to lower the bed for the first time once the mattress is on it.

4 - Nice bed frame on the whole, the mechanism works well with lots of storage. Slight criticisms would be lifting handle could do with a redesign as it could be easy to trap a finger if not careful and the finish of the wood could do with some fine sanding as some of the edges are a little rough.

5 - I love the isabella ottoman bed. I bought the king size and there is so much room for storage underneath it. Great quality and a lovely colour of wood. I paid for the bed to be built and installed in my home and the lovely gentlemen who came couldn't have been nicer. Would highly recommend!

4 - Really exactly what it looks like in the pic, and we didn't find it that hard to put together actually, just took an evening to do it as a couple. One or two of the pieces were slightly damaged unfortunately, but nothing really bad or too noticeable. Would have been 5 stars apart from that.

5 - Purchased on-line and couldn't be easier. Was kept informed of progress and consultated about delivery, date and time. Paid for building service and the delivery guys were excellent. Took shoes off and wore masks withour even asking. They were quick and professional. Highly recommended.

5 - The bed is amazing, really well made and the lift mechanism is great. We have an extremely heavy memory gel mattress and it lifts it with ease. The storage has helped us so much, especially to store away items we don't often use helping declutter our store cupboard in our little flat.

5 - I was so happy with the bed I bought five year's ago I bought another one a month ago. The frame is sturdy and looks like good quality oak. The under bed storage is practical and the mechanism to lift up the matress is light and easy. A great value handsome tasteful looking bed.

5 - The bed is exactly how we expected, it looks beautiful and feels sturdy. It took a couple of hours to compose it, in 2 people, non so difficult to follow the instructions but non that easy either. The opening mechanism works perfectly and there is a lot of room. Really recommend it!

5 - I love this base. It's a high quality, looks great and has so much space underneath because of the way the boards are placed on the floor and not wasting space. The lift mechanism is very safe and easy too. I like it so much, one year later I bought a second base for our spare room!

5 - Really love this bed, looks great and is more sturdy than I was expecting. The packaging was more than adequate and took some removing to be honest. Faced with a load of pieces to put together was a bit daunting but it was actually really easy to assemble. Totally satisfied. Thanks

3 - Bought and have been using for nearly 11 months. Easy to assemble and use. Good bits- wooden looks, light weight. Negative- too low height, no fixed base, parts wear out quickly when opened/ accessed ottoman frequently and expensive not value for money as expected from the looks.

5 - We bought this bed around 9 months ago and must say that was very good choice. Bed is massive, large (king size) and was easy to assembly (well I did it myself around 2 hours). No other troubles at all, lifting equipment working as new, no squiking - all seem to be just perfect.

5 - The Isabella Otterman bed was very easy to put together I managed to do it on my own and we are very pleased with end product, it is very sturdy and the opening and closing of the bed is very smooth. Also the delivery team were helpful and even took the boxes upstairs for me.

5 - Well constructed, solid design and easy to assemble. Took about 2 hours to assemble and so easy to complete for anyone with a modicum of technical ability. The very handy tilting frame is very easy to use and hides loads of storage underneath. Fantastic valuable and quality.

5 - I bought this a month ago and it has been a life saver, the storage underneath in a godsend! Can fit so much underneath and easily remove the slats to hoover so no need to move the bed! The colour is beautiful and goes great with our white/cream bedroom. I love it thank you!

3 - I was very happy with the delivery of Isabella Ottoman bed. The bed itself looks more basic, than I expected. You need to apply lots of force to close the opened storage and it doesn’t click, but rather stay under the pressure of the mattress. It’s steady, so I am satisfied.

5 - Excellent bed frame, which looks great in the bedroom. Delivery was prompt and the 2 delivery men were courteous and careful, building the frame quickly and efficiently. Took the time, after removing all the packaging, to explain its operation and care. Highly recommended.

5 - My husband and I have had this bed for 2 weeks now and it's fantastic! It looks great, it's sturdy (doesn't creak at all), the headboard is comfortable to sit against and there's plenty of storage space underneath, which is easy to access. The walnut is a lovely colour too.

5 - We saw the ottoman bed online and immediately fell in love with it. At the showroom the assistants were only too happy to help and understood exactly what we wanted. Definitely recommend Dreams to our friends and the bed we ordered has been admired! Thank you Dreams x

4 - I bought this less than 30 days ago- I am pleased with the space it provides and the look. The fitters that I paid for did not put in all the screws, nuts and bolts correctly and I had to finish it. The fitters marked my wall and I have two 'filled' spots on the headboard

5 - I was unsure about buying this bed as there were no models to view in any of my local stores. But, I have not been disappointed. Brilliant bed. Great for storage and (as a Kingsize) not as imposing as the versions with leather/PVC headboards. Very happy with my purchase.

3 - Bought a month ago and I am really happy with my purchase. The only issue is the varnish had a really strong smell, which led to us not using the room for a week, until the smell had settled down. Otherwise, would have gave 5*. The storage space is also a great benefit !

5 - I bought one of isabella bed frames about 3years back and that actually increased my confidence in the product and just got one more of the same one.Also the staff and manager(harry) at our local branch (hayes bridge) are great.I am very much satisfied with my purchase.

4 - This is a decent bed, my problem is that I bought it to replace a walnut bed which had matching bedside tables. I was disappointed in colour, walnut I had was a reddish wood but this one is a brown wood and quite dark so doesn’t match my very expensive bedside cabinets.

4 - When it says 2 people to assemble it means it, I did it by myself but putting on the metal bed frame part was hard by myself! Other than that really easy, week made and well designed. Looks great when finished and I've slept on it for over a month - really comfortable.

5 - It is everything that it looks like in the picture. The guys who came to install it were fantastic and it was all done within 20 minutes from start to finish. It’s beautiful and had loads of storage! Very strong and sturdy. Cannot fault this purchase at all.

5 - Bed is really nice, feels well made and is easy to move Altho a bit stiff at first. Only thing I would say is that the colour of the walnut bed is different to the photo - a lot darker. Not an issue for me as I still like it but I was a little surprised when I saw it.

4 - Great bed with a nice looking oak finish. Managed to assemble it myself with ease, just needed my partner to help when it came to fitting the slat frame. Due to the nature of the design it is a but tricky to move once assembled but only a small annoyance. Very happy.

5 - I’m the third person in my family to purchase this frame. It’s stylish, easy to assemble in about an hour and has ample storage room inside. The pneumatic struts make it easy to lift up one handed, and the angle it opens to allows for easy access to stored items.

5 - This bed is delightful. It looks amazing and together with an Emma mattress it is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Lots of storage underneath the bed too for all my bedding, towels and various clothing items. The delivery was spot on and very efficient.

5 - Love our new Isabella bed! The ottoman feature is a game-changer. Loads of space for storage and the functionality is effortless. We love the traditional walnut wood colour which is classic and goes with our style. Really pleased with this lovely bed and mattress.

4 - Good delivery and easy assembly. The quality is quite high, there are a few aesthetic things that could be improved - perhaps small wood effect covers for the exposed screws along the side - but that doesn't take away too much from how pleased we are with the bed.

3 - Lovely bed - good quality however it was an absolute nightmare to put together. Two of the screws for the headboard wouldn’t go in at all - just kept spinning. The spanner you get for the bolts is useless. Takes triple the time to put together than what it states.

5 - Me and my gf like totally opposite mattresses, personally I love the Tempur/memory foam whereas she hates those and loves top-quality springs. We spent a lot of hours looking for a mattress that could satisfy us both and this stood out as the best of both worlds.

4 - A modern and sturdy bed with ample storage. Fairly easy to install for an experienced DIYer. The only suggestion is the base flat panels could have been fixed to the frame. They change position if the bed is moved. Overall happy with the product and the purchase.

5 - This bed is a great addition to any room with really useful storage underneath. Simple to put together and solid in it s make up. I would recommend this to anyone who wants added storage in their room that is easy to access and simple to keep clean and tidy.

5 - Purchased the bed a month ago. Instructions recommend two person assembly which I can understand as fitting the slatted frame into place is difficult for one person. I however did it myself eventually. Lovely bed, perfect height. Loads of storage. Easy to open.

5 - sturdy frame with LOTS of room for storage beneath, great it's wood too rather than chipboard, proper quality and after searching for ages glad that I found what we were after at Dreams, the staff were excellent and now will be going back fora new mattress too.

5 - I bought this bed a month or so ago for my brother as he hasn’t got a lot of storage space in his flat and find it to be great value. It took me about an hour to assemble and the instructions were pretty straight forward. It seems good quality for the price.

5 - Bought a kingsize in the sale. It looks great, it shouldn't be a dust hoarder and it has brilliant storage. I paid to have it built and all went smoothly. Some customers say the storage base is flimsy but it's absolutely fine unless you're storing rocks.

4 - I've had some really good sleep since getting this bed 3 weeks ago (not something I've been used to). I really love being able to just lift the frame on the gas struts and easily access the storage beneath. Excellent design, well engineered and put together

5 - Solid, heavy wood. Relatively easy to set up with somebody else, however parts are large and can be quite cumbersome. Once setup, ottoman opens nicely and sits flush, looks V nice. Looks slightly higher in person than initially perceived from the images.

5 - Our old bed was falling apart so we decided to look at Dreams as they are nearby. I am pleased we did. This bed has amazing storage space underneath, is wide enough for me and my wife and is so comfortable we are getting a good nights sleep every night.

5 - Having owned this bed for a couple of weeks I must say am really impressed with it. I’ve a smallish bedroom and am amazed how much can be hidden away in the base! The headboard shape is very comfortable when sat reading in bed. Overall I can’t fault it

5 - bought this back in January after looking at various ones, loved this one as soon as I saw it very modern & stylish & so easy to use & has added bonus of a solid base rather than cloth. Very heavy once in situ would need some rugby players to move it.

5 - Bought this bed for my 2 sons since their room is limited to space. They love it and the storage underneath is divided into two so their clothes can't mix up. Heavy though but great so brother want one for his kids he is saving money to buy it

5 - I was looking for an ottoman with enough depth to store my large suitcase and I found it! You can remove the base on one or both sides, which gives you an extra inch height in the base. Looks great in my room and we managed to construct it ourselves.

5 - I had my kingside bed delivered and installed this morning by two young men who are polish sounded. Very hard work and attentive, neat and clean. excellent service. Apologies as I didn’t get chance to ask their names. Thanks from happy customer Lin.

5 - All in all a great customer experience. Lovely delivery men. Instructions for making up the bed were clear and the quality of the wood finish on all parts was reassuringly good. Very nice headboard with an attractive natural wood pattern. Thank you

5 - Delivery was on time and collection of my old bed was smooth and quick. One box had picked up a little bot of damage but the bed itself was unharmed. Assembly was straight forward and went together easily. 2 weeks in and im still very happy with it

5 - The bed is exactly as expected. Looks and feels of good quality and goes really well in the room. The under bed storage is great. The Dreams delivery team were also fantastic in building the bed and taking our old one away. Would highly recommend.

5 - We love our new ottoman bed frame. It fits well in our room and although a bigger bed we seem to have more room. We have been able to clear the clutter on our wardrobes and hide it away under the bed. Brilliant design and looks great. Very happy.

5 - I’ve been sleeping on this bed for a couple of weeks and I have been pleasantly surprised with how good it is. It looks very luxurious, it is very sturdy and quiet. The underneath storage is massive and easy to access. Would definitely recommend!

5 - That bed is just great. Storage space is huge! I could fit there loads of boxes in there. Easy to lift. Looking very elegant without any sharp edges. Overall great experiance especially with Dreams delivery service, professional and kind. Superb.

5 - Its definitely worth every penny and after using this bed 3 years i can say its an outstanding quality. Would definitely recommend to everybody! Easy to care, just wipe the dusts, no sharp corners - no bruises on the legs, plenty of storage.

4 - An excellent nights sleep with the right mattress is assured for most of our guests. The storage beneath is a bonus. Visually I would have liked the attractive wooden headboard to be slightly less in height. Hence a rating of one star less.

5 - This bed frame is very stylish and excellent quality. The storage underneath is excellent and it needs some muscle to raise the mattress which prevents small children from hurting themselves. We had it assembled which was worth every penny

5 - It’s a lovely bed with stacks of storage space and an easy to lift ottoman, lovely looking and a very good price. We were very pleased with our purchase and received exceptional service from the showroom to the delivery, thanks team Dream

4 - Had the bed a few weeks now, after the initial struggling trying to understand the useless assembly instructions it went together fairly easy. It seems sturdy enough and the struts are more than strong enough to keep the bed up when open.

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