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Silentnight Heaton Pocket Sprung Mattress

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By Silentnight
Memory Foam
Pocket Spring

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Silentnight Heaton Pocket Sprung Mattress

If you're looking for a highly supportive mattress for a great night's sleep, the Silentnight Heaton Pocket Spring Mattress is ideal for you. The Heaton mattress boasts the innovative Mirapocket zoned support system, providing the body with the best support in the areas needed most. With up to 816 pocket springs and an Airstream Memory™ layer, this mattress provides unparalleled comfort and support for your body. The Purotex cover reduces moisture & dust mite allergens and hypoallergenic properties keep allergy sufferers happy. The soft, tufted sleep surface of this bed is made from luxuriously soft material that will provide you with a refreshingly comfortable slumber. With a 5-year guarantee and made in the UK, this is one investment worth making.

The Mirapocket zoned support system in the Heaton mattress is an innovative technology that supports the body in the areas that need the most help. The body is supported evenly across the entire mattress with up to 816 springs, preventing restless nights. These edge-to-edge springs provide the greatest supportive sleep surface across the entire mattress. 

The Airstream Memory™ comfort layer provides a soothing amount of pressure relief as it moulds to the contours of your body and minimises restlessness in sleep. The Purotex cover lowers moisture levels and dust making for a more comfortable experience.


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Reasons To Buy


    Hypoallergenic mattresses are the perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities, as they protect against allergens and irritants. They're also a great choice for those with asthma or respiratory issues.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

    A 5 Year Guarantee is toward the upper end for the industry. giving you a huge amount of confidence in the product while showing just how much belief the manufacturer and retailer have that you won't have issues during the products lifecycle. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    It features advanced Mirapocket zoned support

    Purotex cover reduces moisture & dust mite allergens

    Has a very firm comfort rating

    A very firm comfort grade is ideally suited to those looking for orthopedic support in their mattress. Great for back and stomach sleepers, a very firm tension won't suit most side sleepers due to the rigidness of the base layer. We typically consider very firm mattresses as specialist and should be chosen with care.

    Airstream Memory™ layer, exclusive to Dreams

    Has a luxuriously soft, tufted sleep surface

    Tufting is a great feature as it helps secure the fillings inside helping to promote even settlement while ensuring all fillings remain consistent. The result of tufting is a slightly firmer feel combined with great consistently across the entire mattress.

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Heaton Pocket Sprung Mattress

5 - Just what I wanted - perfect night's sleep, but did arrive with scuff marks that I could not get off. I did not complain as I needed the mattress to sleep on immediately!! With the mattress protector it is out of mind.

5 - Lovely mattress so comfortable would definitely recommend people to use the Sleep Master as it definitely gets the right mattress for you. So pleased with my new bed it’s made all the difference to the quality of sleep.

5 - Really impressed with DREAMS - did not appreciate how efficient and competent they were until I visited their showroom. The mattress is genuinely the most comfortable I have ever used so full marks DREAMS - Well Done!

5 - Having recently bought the Silentnight Delamere Pocket sprung Mattress I can be very clear when I say that my husband & I are sleeping better & longer than on our old mattress. This one is much firmer, it's a "Dream".

5 - Replaced our 15 year old mattress with this and had no idea how uncomfortable our old one was until I spent my first night on this. Slept better than I have for months and this has continued. Best Buy for a long time.

5 - Very pleased bought for my elderly mother - I hadn't realise how bad her old one was until she just mentioned it was a bit lumpy! She is very comfy on her new matress. I also like it because it doesn't need turning.

4 - I suggest you try out the mattresses in the shop but also consider what base you will be putting it on. This was comfortable on the base in the shop but we have wooden slats at home and this mattress is very hard.

3 - I bought the mattress some months ago, service in store was good but the product was not what I had expected for the money confort wise , also having one surface means less scope for refreshing unable turn mattress

5 - Great mattres ! Fantastic service at the Gravesend branch. I was supported by their sales representative called Frances , she listened to our needs, supportive and super friendly! Lovely experience :). Thank you!

5 - I wanted a firm mattress so went and tested lots of beds in Dreams. This was immediately my favourite so I couldn't wait for it to arrive! This bed is very comfortable, I sleep very well and it supports my back.

5 - We've had the bed around a month. It's so much warmer than our last. We will need a cooler duvet for the summer. Very comfortable too, all in all a great purchase. Grey storage space underneath too. Very pleased

5 - Recommended from a machine tailored to individualise your sleeping patterns against the range of beds. Comfortably firm mattress which keeps cool at night, quite effective in falling asleep quicker than normal.

5 - For me, this mattress was a good balance between comfort and price. It is for a guest room and so will only get light use and so I did not want to spend loads on it. This mattress is comfortable and good value.

3 - Great style and comfort, however have bed making sound with every move could be becoming loose, although paid for bed to be put together. If you small room good for extra space with side storage which is large.

5 - Had our 3 mattresses for a month now and all I can say is they have exceeded expectations. In the past have memory mattress but this even beats them. It is very firm but my back feels so good in the mornings.

5 - When we went to the dreams store, we tried out many mattresses that were recommended for us. I’m so happy that my partner and I chose this one. So comfortable and perfect level of firmness for the both of us

4 - This is a comfy mattress that most importantly doesn't give me backache. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it's not as comfy as a previous mattress I slept on (which was probably more expensive)

5 - It’s extremely comfortable and excellent quality Bought for grandsons bedroom who is twenty two and nice to sleep on a comfortable bed for a change Thinking about getting one for our bed in the future

5 - The Silentnight Heaton Pocket Sprung Mattress is such a comfortable mattress. It’s so soft yet supportive in the right places which give a very comfortable sleep and get up feeling revived in the morning

5 - I thought I had made a mistake at first and that the mattress was too firm for me but 3 weeks in & I have got used to it . it is super comfy & supportive so much so my back pain has all but disappeared !

5 - Usually when I buy a new mattress, it takes me a while to get used to the new feel, but this mattress turned out to be very comfortable along with maintaining support tomy back. Good value for money !!

4 - On this occasion I was impatient in ordering a mattress as my back was playing up. I should have waited (Coronavirus) and bought extra firm. Dreams did not have one. Other than that I am happy with it.

5 - Bought this matress 2 weeks ago, so far it's the best mattress I've bought, super comfy with the foam topping, had an excellent night sleep the day it was delivered! Definitely recommend it to anyone.

5 - Brought mattress recently. Wish we had replaced our old one years before. We both now have a good nights sleep mattress is so comfortable quiet and seems to mould to us. Excellent value for money.

5 - Have to say this is by far the best mattress I have ever owned My back as been so much better since since having this mattress Would deffo go for this one if you suffer back problems 10/10 from me x

5 - I bought this matress to replace my old one, and it's so comfy! I've had problems sleeping on my side but with this matress it feels like I can sleep freely again. No pain any more in the mornings!

5 - Desperately needed a new mattress & bed Purchased the Sana ottoman bed & the Cromwell mattress Had it a week now & I’m sleeping like a baby It is leaning more to the firm side but I like that

5 - Excellent product. I chose a hard mattress for my back problems and I find it extremely comfortable. Dreams was very good throughout my purchase experience. Delivery was on time and very efficient.

5 - I spent ages choosing this mattress but so god I did. My lower back ache has decrease due so much and I am not sweating as much at night. It's fairly firm but comfortable. Definitely recommend it!

5 - This was brought for our sons room and is probably now the most comfortable room in the house. It has perfect firmness, and is very well made . Expensive , but hopefully will be a long lived item.

4 - Bought a month ago. Weve had comfortable nights sleep. However there are dips appearing in the mattress so concerned they may get worse.wouldnt recommend at the moment as need longer to review it.

5 - Fantastic service, quick and efficient. The mattress is excellent quality, very supportive and comfortable. Best night's sleep in a long time and all aches disappeared after my first nights sleep

3 - This felt more firm than I remembered in store, despite then telling me it was a new store sample. I still have time to exchange it if I want to. Just working out if it's ‘the one’ at the moment.

5 - Brilliant service from the Llandudno staff, they were extremely helpful in finding us the perfect mattress and sorting out a direct debit for us, extremely pleased with the service at this store

5 - My new mattress provides just the degree of firmness to allow me to experience the best night's sleep I have had in years. Not really sure why I waited so long to make such an essential change !

5 - I bought the silentnight delamere pocket spring mattress,it is a quality product and gives you a relaxing sleep.The pocket spring system lets you move and turn with the freedom from discomfort.

5 - Our old mattress was 16 years old so thought it about time we replaced it. My husband has sciatica and the old matteress didn't help. This one is so comfortable and the staff were very helpful

5 - I purchased this mattress almost a month ago. The difference in my sleep quality has been greatly already. My wife and I wake up more rested and my lower back problem has definitely improved.

5 - Cannot believe what a brilliant night sleep we have had since I ha I g our new bed It’s amazing My shoulder and back pain have gone completely The mattress has made a massive difference

5 - Both myself and my partner suffer back problems over the the years we have purchased many mattresses some good some not so good this is without doubt the best mattress we have ever slept on.

5 - Recently we purchased a kingsize Silentnight Delamere mattress. From the excellent customer service in store to the extremely helpful guys they could not have made this mattress any better.

4 - Brought this mattress 2 months ago. Impressed with the quality but on the pricey side. Although the price is higher than expected the mattress is very good quality and had no issues so far.

4 - The customer service we experienced buying this bed from Dreams Horsham was second to none. The bed however is very mediocre, not particularly easy to assemble and drawers not very secure.

5 - I’m very happy with this purchase. The mattress is very comfortable and is good for back problems. My back pain has got better thanks to this mattress. Thanks to Dreams for your services.

5 - Bought this together with new bed. Really comfortable to sleep on and as it is turn only mattress no need to struggle with flipping it over. It doesn't make too hot or cold whilst I sleep

5 - Bought for my daughter who suffers w8th pain in her back (She is a tall teenager) this has transformed her sleeping results into excellent. It's firm, supportive and yet very comfortable.

5 - Bought 2 weeks ago for new bedroom and have been super pleased. Comfortable peaceful night sleep ever since. Highly recommend for those seeking firm bedding Great value with 20% offer

5 - I went in store and laid on the bed which tests which mattress is best for you and out of the 6 it gave me to choose from i went with this one and i am so pleased i did, very comfortable!

5 - at last a mattress that doesn't give me a back ache each morning, from the very helpful and knowledgeable staff to the really helpful and polite delivery guys, glad I chose this company.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, The feel of the material used in this mattress is quality and after sleeping on this for a week we both felt we had slept better with less aches in the morning

5 - Fantastic in every way, took my order over the phone and they could deliver my mattress in under 7 days! It arrived nice and early, really great delivery guys as well, was very careful.

5 - I bought this around a month ago to replace an old mattress that was getting passed it ... I went for a firm mattress which I've never gone for before and this one is so comfy. Love it!

5 - I used to have such a bad back because I'd always had soft mattresses, I got this one which took a little while to get used to and now my back pain has gone and it's very comfortable.

5 - I love how the matress is firm and is very sturdy. It is very comfortable and I started to notice that the pain on my back is starting to go. I recommend it for side sleepers like me.

5 - I bought my new mattress after asking the store person for help. He was incredibly helpful and after having slept on my bed for the first time I forgot it was new as if felt so right!

5 - Great Medium to Firm mattress, strong handles that don't feel like they will tear off. Was a lot lighter than my old mattress, but that doesn't seem to effect how wonderful it feels.

4 - I've only had this matress two weeks but so far I am finding it very comfortable and supportive. I'm a light sleeper but I no longer wake up if my partner gets in and out of bed.

5 - We bought this mattress online without being able to test it and it is an amazing mattress. We bought it for our son and he is so pleased with it and is sleeping so much better

5 - Bought a hard mattress hoping it would help my husbands back. It is much better than the memory foam mattress and is a comfortable nights sleep too. Very hapy with our purchase

5 - Friendly and efficient service from store staff to delivery drivers. Would highly recommend visiting a Dream's store if looking for top quality service for a reasonable price.

5 - We both needed the right mattress as we both suffer in different ways with a bad back. We needed the comfort and sleep from this and thankfully i think its really done the job

5 - Excellent mattress exactly the comfort I was looking for. Delivered as arranged with removal of my old bed. Could not have asked for a better service from everyone involved.

4 - It was just a little to firm for me I have called to exchange my mattress and the service from both in store and customer service on the phone has been fantastic and helpful.

5 - Bought this about a month ago , 1st couple of nights wasn’t sure as felt hard but now it’s great .. no back pain on waking ...shows had bad my old one was ... excellent buy.

5 - We bought this mattress about a month ago as our previous one was old and too soft causing back pain. This mattress is perfect for those looking for a medium to firm style.

5 - I bought this few weeks ago and im so happy that I did. my back pain is nearly gone i sleep like a baby!! I'd never go back to my old one. Highly recommend it to everyone.

5 - I thought this mattress might be a bit to hard , but having done the mattress test Instore the hard mattress was recommended , and how right they are simply the best !!!!

5 - Had my new mattress for three weeks now and it is brilliant. Very comfortable yet supportive. Along with new pillows and duvet it is like sleeping on a cloud. Wonderful

5 - I brought this a month ago and so far an really enjoying sleeping on it. It’s nice and firm to sit and lie on but with a softer top so not hard. Nice and cool as well.

5 - I bought this a month ago and i wish i have done it sooner! Its been the best nights sleeps! Its firm and soft at the same time! Best purchase ever! Highly recommend!

5 - Easy to order and delivery was stated as 7 days. We received it in 2 days which was excellent! and the fellows that delivered were excellent and very accommodating.

5 - The comfort of this is so amazing and I realised how much i needed a new mattress. The comfort of this has me thinking twice about getting out of bed every morning.

5 - This was the BESTEST decision we have made oh my days my partner sleeps for hours so that means I get to have a whole night sleep the comfort is out of this world

5 - We added the steel frame a couple weeks after purchasing this mattress and they definitely helped us get the most from the mattress! It’s so comfy and we love it!

5 - That the whole process of buying a new bed/ mattress was plain sailing and the purchase was not rushed.The mattress is extremely comfortable,no regrets. Thank you

4 - Very nice and helpful in the shop. Had a mattress delivered but when unpacked had a hole in it. Replacement was less than a week and no hassle. Excellent service.

5 - Great mattress. I struggle with aching hips and back so this is the perfect firmess (medium). I haven't suffered since after using this mattress for 3 weeks now.

5 - Our mattress is wonderful thank you , and we where extremely impressed with the delivery team who delivered our mattress in a very professional manner thank you

5 - Absolutely amazing!! The best mattress I’ve ever bought, it’s soft top layer combined with its firmer mid layer is perfect!! Never had a sleep like it!! 10/10!!

5 - We opted for the firm mattress as this is similar to one we had in the past. The quality is excellent and the feel and support it offers is exactly as expected.

5 - Bought this mattress for my teenage son as his previous bed wasn’t supportive enough. He absolutely loves it. He has slept so well since he’s had it. Brilliant!

5 - We bought this mattress and we are over the moon. Excellent customer service and a great product with good value for money. Highly recommended. Thank you Dreams

5 - I have managed to have a peaceful sleep since getting this mattress. It is nice and firm people so that I don't sink in too much when I sleep. Best purchase.

5 - This is a great mattress! Woke without backache after the first nights sleep. Am quite amazed to be honest as I don’t sleep well at all but am very impressed.

5 - We bought the mattress four weeks ago and we have had four weeks of restful sleep on a good firm comfortable surface which maintains its shape. Very pleased.

5 - bought this got delivery after 4 weeks and got it on time got 2 hour slot like they said I would and got the mattress and have slept really well ever since

4 - A very comfortable nights sleep for both of us. We no longer feel each others every move, which is handy when your a dog owner and have to get up at night.

5 - We selected this mattress for our guest bedroom and we are very pleased how comfortable it is and have received nothing but positive comments from friends

5 - We bought this mattress for my daughter who has been suffering with back pain. She finds she is now in a lot less pain and has a comfortable night's sleep

5 - This is the greatest and most comfortable mattress I have ever had the pleasure to sleep on. The ottoman function of the bed is so much better than draws.

5 - Have been sleeping on this mattress for the last two weeks and have surperb nights sleep, did not realise how bad and uncomfortable the old mattress was.

4 - Bought this a month ago for my Daughters new bed. It was actually delivered sooner than expected which was great. Big improvement in her last mattress

5 - Delivery was excellent and actual mattress came up to expectations. Comfortable and supportive and very relaxing. Certainly gave us a good nights sleep.

5 - A very comfortable and supportive mattress which was excellent value for money. Would recommend it for anyone needing support for back or neck problems.

5 - Had a foam mattress for 10years and decided to have a change due to regular backache. The back ache has gone since using this mattress !! Fab mattress.

5 - We bought this mattress to go with our new ottoman base and it's extremely comfortable. Getting a good night's sleep is a must so this is a key feature.

4 - Absolutely NO roll together. Firm but soft top. My husband chose it and I thought it would be too firm at first, but it does give where you need it to.

5 - The mattress that we bought is very comfortable and we do not need our electric blanket since buying it we have been sleeping right through the night.

5 - I'm an old lady and (except for one occasion) have always bought Silentnight beds and mattresses and so far this latest one has been very comfortable.

5 - had lower back pain for about four years, first morning after sleeping on this mattress, no more back pain, would give 10 stars if that was an option

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