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Tempur Hybrid Supreme Mattress

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Tempur Hybrid Supreme Mattress

Experience the transformative sleep comfort of the Tempur Hybrid Supreme Mattress, an ingenious combination of innovative design, premium materials, and advanced sleep technology. Designed for adaptability and resiliency, this mattress introduces a fusion of traditional spring system with the sublime softness of premium memory foam, creating a sleep surface that provides both support and pressure relief.

Who is this product for?

This mattress is perfect for individuals who are keen to experience the best of both worlds - the traditional bounce and support offered by spring mattresses, and the body-contouring, pressure-relieving comfort of TEMPUR® memory foam. If you have been a long-time user of spring mattresses but want to transition to the more advanced TEMPUR® sleep technology without completely giving up the familiar feel of springs, then the Tempur Hybrid Supreme mattress is your ideal choice. The Medium comfort grade makes it suitable for different kinds of sleepers, regardless of their preferred sleep positions.

What do we use this product for?

The Tempur Hybrid Supreme mattress is designed to provide a restful, rejuvenating sleep experience. It is ideal for individuals seeking ultimate back care solutions, thanks to its Dynamic Support Technology that supports the body deftly and allows free movement. The hybrid design caters to different sleep preferences – those who love the moulding property of memory foam, and those who favour the springy resilience of traditional mattresses. Besides, the removable cover washable up to 60°C contributes to maintaining a fresh and hygienic sleep environment.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers appreciated the mattress's outstanding pressure relief features, attributing it to the meticulous combination of memory foam and micro coil springs.

  • The mattress's comfort grade - Medium, was well-received among users with varying sleep preferences, providing an optimal blend of firmness and plush comfort.

  • Many users were pleased with the removable and washable cover, highlighting its contribution to hygiene and longevity of the product.

  • However, some customers voiced concerns over the pricing of the mattress, expressing that the cost might be a barrier for some potential buyers.

Features you should know about

The Tempur Hybrid Supreme Mattress boasts a range of features:

  • The 21cm deep mattress layering includes advanced TEMPUR® material for cushioned comfort, a layer of Precision™ Micro Coils for support, and Durabase™ technology that enhances the overall lifespan of the mattress.

  • The mattress is designed with low maintenance in mind – no need for turning or flipping.

  • The mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

  • Space certified technology adds another feather to the cap of this exceptional mattress.

Our Review

In our opinion, the Tempur Hybrid Supreme Mattress truly stands out in demystifying the common notion that you have to choose between the plush comfort of memory foam and the responsive bounce of spring mattresses. Its smartly engineered hybrid design, Space certified technology, and top-tier features such as the removable and washable cover, and 10-year guarantee, demonstrate a commitment to delivering not just a mattress, but an unparalleled sleeping experience. While its high price range might jar some, but for sleep enthusiasts seeking a long-term investment in superior sleep quality and spinal health, it presents an investment worth considering.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comfort Grade – Firm

    Firm mattresses are becoming increasingly commonplace, surpassing the sales of many medium tension mattresses for a number of retailers in the UK. The primary benefit of firm mattresses comes in the form of personal preference and acts as an indicator to how a certain mattress will feel for you. Those with a higher BMI than the traditional average will find a firm mattress to be more of a medium in terms of feel while those with back or neck pain may want to consider a firm mattress to help offer additional support. Typically better suited toward back and front sleepers rather than side sleepers.

    Non-turn, non-flip

    A non turn non flip mattress is a one sided mattress. This means that the fillings and comfort layer are only on the top. This means hassle free nights sleep with no need to turn of flip the product. The benefit of this is that the mattresses are often cheaper due to the reduction in over-all fillings, or, they feature higher quality materials for the same sort of price point. This means better value but does come at a cost in terms of longevity. After all, two sided mattresses get twice the surface area and will thereby take longer for settlement and wear to occur.

    Comfort Grade – Medium

    Medium tension mattresses are regarded as the goldilocks of tensions. This is due to their one-size-fits-all approach to comfort which will generally see most people who are underweight through to overweight still being able to find a degree of comfort with such a purchase. Medium tension is great for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers with the only real caveat being that those with backpain or a larger BMI than average may want to consider a slightly firmer product.

    10 Year Guarantee

    The 10 year guarantee is a great option because you know that your bed will last for a long time. It gives you peace of mind knowing that it'll be there to support you for years to come!Bare in mind, the average mattress typically lasts around 7 years showing the sheer level of quality offered with this mattress, after all, the supplier and manufacturer wouldn't offer a guarantee of this length without the confidence that it would stand the test of time.  

    Comfort Grade – Medium with springs

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    Removable cover, washable at up to 60°C

    The cover is both machine-washable and dust mite resistant. The mattress cover is a soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable to sleep on and will help you maintain a clean bedroom. It can be removed quickly and without fuss, making it easy to wash the mattress pad. The design also ensures that the cover stays in place, so you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

    Premium memory foam mattress

    Memory foam is a great material for mattresses that features frequently in premium mattresses within the comfort layer which is housed at the top layer of the mattress. The material is typically used for comfort rather than support and will typically be accompanied by a support layer of varying material.


    At time of writing, this product comes free with 2 additional comfort pillows. This offer is subject to change however, so your offering may vary. Rest assured however that we have managed to secure the best price for the product from the retailer regardless of whether the pillow offer is active or not.


    At time of writing, this product comes free with 2 additional comfort pillows. This offer is subject to change however, so your offering may vary. Rest assured however that we have managed to secure the best price for the product from the retailer regardless of whether the pillow offer is active or not.

    Space certified technology

    Memory foam is the next generation in mattress technology. It is made of visco-elastic foam that responds to your body weight and shape in order to provide the right level of comfort and support. Memory foam is durable in all sorts of climates, it is breathable, and it will never go flat.

    Low maintenance mattress

    Low maintenance mattresses still need to be rotated but do not need to be flipped. This typically means the mattress is one sided and that the comfort layer is only on one side, keeping costs down and ensuring you get the best quality at the best price.

    Ultimate back care

    Built with orthopedic support in mind, this mattress will take care of your neck and back while you sleep. The tension may be slightly firmer than standard to help offer the support necessary, making it suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike. 

    21cm depth

    21cm is a great middle-ground for a mattress. Thick enough to house good quality materials and components while being thin enough to fit normal sheets ensuring you do not need to upgrade your bedding unnecessarily.

    Micro coil spring layer

    Dynamic support technology

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