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Amelia's Thoughts On The Tempur Original Supreme Mattress

The Tempur Original Supreme Mattress is a well-crafted premium memory foam mattress designed to provide incomparable sleep quality. With its space technology, 21cm depth, medium comfort grade, and 10-year guarantee, it's an investment for not just resting your body, but restoring your body as well. The mattress was developed using cutting-edge technology, somewhat perfected by NASA, to ensure you have a sleep experience that's out of this world.

Who is this product for?

This is a product for anyone looking for exceptional comfort and support during sleep. It is ideal for those who prefer a medium-feel mattress that moulds to their body shape and reacts promptly to their body temperature and weight. It's particularly recommended for individuals suffering from back and shoulder aches, needing a well-distributed pressure relief. Moreover, it's meant for those who seek a low-maintenance alternative, as this mattress does not require flipping over time.

What do we use this product for?

This product is used for achieving a phenomenal level of sleep. It's designed not just for comfortable sleep but for therapeutic purposes to rebalance your body and recharge your mind. Its space foundation-certified material is designed to mould to your body in any sleep position, reducing pressure build-up and preventing tossing and turning. It's an excellent product to ensure an uninterrupted, reinvigorating night's sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

  • One customer reported that the Tempur Original Supreme Mattress seems initially hard but moulds comfortably to the body during the night. The support it provides for the spine was appreciated by this user.

  • Another user was less satisfied, citing back and shoulder aches possibly attributed to the mattress. It's worth noting that mattress comfort can be very subjective and individualised.

  • A different purchaser appreciated the comfort but pointed out the high cost. However, they noted the possible long-term benefits and durability could make it worth the expense.

Features you should know about

The Tempur Original Supreme Mattress is engineered with three intense layers and boasts a depth of 21cm. The top layer comprises space-certified TEMPUR® Material, which moulds perfectly to your body to provide excellent comfort and support. It's backed by a layer of TEMPUR® Support Material that evenly distributes your body weight and reduces motion transfer for maximum comfort. The core integrates innovative DuraBase™ Technology, extending the life of your mattress. With its removable, washable cover at up to 60°C, the mattress remains hygienic, fresh, and low-maintenance for a long time.

Our Review

In my view, Tempur has delivered a mattress with excellent design and functions. Its proprietary material provides a fantastic level of comfort and support that confers with the body to distribute pressure evenly. The use of premium materials coupled with excellent workmanship reinforces the product's durability and longevity. I admire the incorporation of the material used in space, validating the mattress's top-tier quality, although this likely contributes to the higher cost. On the downside, its initial hardness may put off some users, but given time, it seems to adjust perfectly to the body. In summary, if you're looking for a mattress that offers great comfort, firm support, and long-lasting quality, and you're willing to put a bit of a premium on your sleep quality, the Tempur Original Supreme Mattress is worth serious consideration.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Non turn, non-flip

    A non turn non flip mattress is a one sided mattress. This means that the fillings and comfort layer are only on the top. This means hassle free nights sleep with no need to turn of flip the product. The benefit of this is that the mattresses are often cheaper due to the reduction in over-all fillings, or, they feature higher quality materials for the same sort of price point. This means better value but does come at a cost in terms of longevity. After all, two sided mattresses get twice the surface area and will thereby take longer for settlement and wear to occur.

    Comfort Grade – Medium

    Medium tension mattresses are regarded as the goldilocks of tensions. This is due to their one-size-fits-all approach to comfort which will generally see most people who are underweight through to overweight still being able to find a degree of comfort with such a purchase. Medium tension is great for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers with the only real caveat being that those with backpain or a larger BMI than average may want to consider a slightly firmer product.

    10 Year Guarantee

    The 10 year guarantee is a great option because you know that your bed will last for a long time. It gives you peace of mind knowing that it'll be there to support you for years to come!Bare in mind, the average mattress typically lasts around 7 years showing the sheer level of quality offered with this mattress, after all, the supplier and manufacturer wouldn't offer a guarantee of this length without the confidence that it would stand the test of time.  

    Removable cover, washable at up to 60°C

    The cover is both machine-washable and dust mite resistant. The mattress cover is a soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable to sleep on and will help you maintain a clean bedroom. It can be removed quickly and without fuss, making it easy to wash the mattress pad. The design also ensures that the cover stays in place, so you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

    Premium memory foam mattress

    Memory foam is a great material for mattresses that features frequently in premium mattresses within the comfort layer which is housed at the top layer of the mattress. The material is typically used for comfort rather than support and will typically be accompanied by a support layer of varying material.


    At time of writing, this product comes free with 2 additional comfort pillows. This offer is subject to change however, so your offering may vary. Rest assured however that we have managed to secure the best price for the product from the retailer regardless of whether the pillow offer is active or not.


    At time of writing, this product comes free with 2 additional comfort pillows. This offer is subject to change however, so your offering may vary. Rest assured however that we have managed to secure the best price for the product from the retailer regardless of whether the pillow offer is active or not.

    Space certified technology

    Memory foam is the next generation in mattress technology. It is made of visco-elastic foam that responds to your body weight and shape in order to provide the right level of comfort and support. Memory foam is durable in all sorts of climates, it is breathable, and it will never go flat.

    Low maintenance mattress

    Low maintenance mattresses still need to be rotated but do not need to be flipped. This typically means the mattress is one sided and that the comfort layer is only on one side, keeping costs down and ensuring you get the best quality at the best price.

    21cm depth

    21cm is a great middle-ground for a mattress. Thick enough to house good quality materials and components while being thin enough to fit normal sheets ensuring you do not need to upgrade your bedding unnecessarily.

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