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    Can be tumble dried up to 70°C

    Machine washable at 60°C

    Fully breathable and 100% water resistant

    Its intelligent membrane protects your mattress 

    Rest easy with a 3-year guarantee

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector

3 - I have found it to be quite slippy and every fitted sheet I have put over it as come up over the course of the night. I never had a problem with my previous mattress, mattress protector and these sheets.

5 - Buying this mattress will instantly make you judgemental of others you sleep in. Never will we go away for a weekend and comment on the comfy bed. I cannot imagine anything more comfortable than this!

5 - We purchased the tempur mattress protector all together and so pleased we did ,a perfect fit ideal and will last and make the mattress last yrs longer,it also extended the mattress warranty so win win

5 - Mattress protector fits perfectly over the. Ew tempur mattress, was worried as we had bought a cooling mattress that it would affect it , it did not, as with all the tempur products we are impressed.

5 - I had a firm temper pillow before(classic type) and I really liked it but the softer cloud type pillow is amazing. Good support but comfortable before it even warms up. I would definitely recommend.

5 - Very usefull thing! Just had a weekend breaksfast in bed and my little one jumped on me! All the coffe was split on mattress! thanks God we have Tempur-fit Mattress Protector! Mattress clean as new!

5 - After spending just over £2000 on the mattress, which has been worth it, we thought we were just as well getting the protector as well, would never know it was on the bed, totally money well spent

5 - A perfect fit for the new tempur mattress, no creases or crinkles. Also guarantees the mattress is covered for spillages or accidents, not had to test that out yet, but glad to know I'm covered.

5 - I had my new Tempur mattress delivered about a month ago and I love it. Have had a bad back for years and although I was unsure to begin with I am now enjoying a great nights sleep every night.

3 - bought this as part of the deal when having a temper mattress is that the warranty is only valid if using this protector, the protector is good and good quality, and waterproof but is expensive

5 - Although a little big fitting around the edges of the Tempur Cloud mattress, I cannot find fault with this mattress protector. It washes well, and can be tumble dried (cool), which is a bonus

5 - I bought this protector for use with a cooltouch tempur mattress and I find that this mattress protector doesn’t compromise the feeling off cool through it from the mattress. recommend it

5 - We bought our bed one week ago and thus so far have had a weeks great sleeps on our new mattress. We received excellent help to all our questions and felt al our needs were met. Thank you

5 - We've had the mattress and frame for a few weeks, and although it has been a bit weird to get used to, we are both sleeping better and have been experiencing fewer aches and pains. Great!

5 - I was not sure whether or not to use this, but with young grandchildren I thought I had better! However, I can highly recommend, you do not notice it is on the bed, no noise or sweating.

5 - Fits the bed like a glove. Does not detract from the cool feel of the mattress itself. Having invested in the mattress this is a snip to protect it for the length of the mattress’s life!

4 - Its OK isn't like the old covers that make that sound when you get on it so that's good there is a slight hint when you run your hand over it but once your in you don't notice its there!

5 - This mattress protector is top class, I have an ileostomy and having such a quality and mattress protector like this one gives me reassurance that my mattress is well protected at night

5 - I was worried about a waterproof mattress cover as I felt it would be really breathable. This Tempur mattress protector is great as it keep the it breathable but pretexts the mattress.

5 - I bought temper mattress with cool covers bed and we now have a nice good sleep we also bought the temper pillars the only thing is it's a pity they don't have a cool cover as well

5 - I took the plunge and brought my wife the Tempur mattress So to quote her, I no longer struggle to go to sleep, I lie down and just go to sleep. All her aches and pains have else 98%

5 - I have had this cover a couple of months now and it does what it made for very well. It is easy to remove and clean and you don't even notice that is on the bed . Highly recommended.

5 - This is the perfect accompaniment to the Tempur mattress, providing protection and comfort. Well worth the money when you've made the investment into the mattress and of high quality

5 - Having difficulty getting used to tempur mattress it is firmer that I first thought will persevere a little longer and see how it goes.Pillows are good and so is mattress protector.

5 - We both was in need of a new bed after suffering back ache on old one. We bought a tempur mattress and a ottoman base for storage and love going to bed for a great sleep and no pain

5 - Great feels awesome just like a sheet on one side the other side has the waterproof on it doesn’t slip off the bed and you can’t hear any rustling from it when you move in the night

5 - Good fit, fine fabric that is unnoticeable under sheet. Good waterproof properties. Can wash at high temperature and can be tumble dried. Would recommend this mattress protector.

5 - I wasn't going to get the mattress protector but am so glad I did because as soon as my son laid down on my mattress he got chocolate on the cover which has washed up like new.

5 - We took delivery of our Tempur Divan a couple of weeks ago and haven't regretted our outlay for a minute. The bed is so comfortable our only regret is not getting one sooner.

5 - Tempur mattreess is of a high quality, but very expensive... protection using the TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector is essential! DREAMS delivered very quickly and efficiently!!

5 - Brilliant cover and fits the mattress perfectly unlike my other one. Only used it for 2 weeks now i'm sure it's doing exactly what was recommend by the sales lady in store.

3 - It feels nice and fresh when its first laid out on the mattress. I've used it for a week now and it has maintained its crisp freshness. A good protector to have on the bed.

5 - I was very pleased with costumer service in the shop and happy to buy from them. They were reasuring and not at all pushy, listening my wishes. I’m finally sleeping great!

5 - Absolutely protects the mattress. This is the second purchase. the last one lasted for 5 years prior to slightly ripping and the mattress underneath still looks brand new.

5 - Purchase this item nearly a month back and it's the best decision I made, great mattress and bed is so comfy with great addition features such as usb ports, speakers etc.

5 - It's not necessarily something I thought of getting. When it's on you can't tell it's there and you can tell it's good quality from day one. Easy to wash and dries quick.

5 - What can you is a mattress cover .does what it says on the pack,apparently needed to comply with Tempur mattress warranty. Looks very well made and fits a treat

5 - This cover fits snugly so you can feel the full effect of the mattress and you don't feel like you are sleeping on a layer of plastic sheeting....the fabric is amazing!

5 - Bought this on the recommendation of the sales lady in store, just wanting to give the best protection for the mattress, which this seems to be doing it’s job just fine

5 - No better protector has been seen since Aragorn faithfully escorted the ring. Covers the mattress well, no accidents so far but you never know - great insurance policy

5 - Bought this to protect my Tempur mattress and I am so glad I did. It is a perfect fit and I know my mattress is full protected. A necessity with an expensive mattress.

5 - Although expensive this is just what I needed to get a good night's sleep. I suffer from back injuries and this mattress helps me rest peacefully throughout the night.

3 - I’m sure it helps but I don’t like the plastic feel. We have stuck with it as we want to keep the temper mattress good and clean but I’m always tempted to take it off.

5 - Have used for 1 month now and really pleased with it. Great fit does not move and strecthes where required when in use great addition to prolong life of the mattress.

5 - We have taken delivery of our new mattress and were very please with the deliver team The mattress is first class Would be happy to reccomend to future customers

5 - Wonderful quality which has ensured a great nights sleep. Wish we had purchased it sooner. Cool and comfortable whatever position we sleep in. Definitely recommend.

4 - Really comfortable pillows both my wife and I have had less disturbed sleep as they support our necks well, and don't wake up with neck pains in the morning. Great.

5 - We are very happy with our mattress, delivery was easy, although slightly delayed, but compensation offered for the inconvenience. Really pleased with our products

5 - My temur mattress is sooooo comfy fantastic quality very exspensive but worth every penny. I have since invested in 2 pillows wich are great. Good sleep all round

4 - This item is a good fit for the Tempur mattress but very expensive for a mattress protector! The item was received within a few days of placing the order online.

5 - Have had this bed about three weeks now and it has been really comfortable since day one. I thought our old bed was comfortable but this one beats it hands down.

5 - Purchased to continue the protection of a Tempur mattress which still looks as good as it did the day purchased four years ago, thanks to the previous protector.

5 - This mattress protector is water resistant but doesn’t feel like it is which is a bonus. It does wrinkle a bit but simply stretch back smoothly in the morning .

5 - We ordered our beds from Dreams. They price matched without any problem. Received 3 calls regarding delivery. Very prompt. Too early to comment on the product.

5 - Excellent customer service by Satty at the Oldbury store. Extremely happy with my purchase. Cant wait to try out my Tempur mattress and the mattress protector.

5 - Its the only mattress protector that I've found that doesn't make your fitted sheet slip off the TEMPUR mattress. It allows the CoolTouch to continue to work.

5 - Great cover for our mattress - we needed a waterproof cover for our childs bed, but also one where our child would not sweat in the night and would stay cool.

5 - We bought our Tempur mattress and other products about a month ago, it took a little while to get used to the Tempur "feel" but I wouldn't be with out it now.

5 - Had two of these mattress covers over the years and if you've got a tempur mattress I would highly recommend getting one of these to protect your investment.

5 - Was in two minds to purchase this item because of the price but opted to buy as an addition to the mattress and I'm glad I did. It complements the mattress.

5 - I bought this with out mattress last month and our little girl spilt a whole cup of juice not one bit went through to the mattress would definitely recommend

5 - Don’t notice it’s there which is better than the last one. Haven’t spilt anything on the bed yet so don’t know how it’ll perform but looks very good quality.

5 - Easy to fit and really does fit - and it stays in place when we raise and lower the mattress on our lovely new bed! Absolutely does what it says on the tin.

4 - This was a must to protect a comparatively expensive mattress. It would appear to do the job. Initially we found it a little noisy! but soon got used to it.

5 - So comfortable. Great investment if you have a history of a bad back and poor sleep. I actually look forward to going to bed now instead of dreading it.

5 - “Bought my jacobs mattress from the Ladybay store ;Alex and all the store staff where very professional and courteous and would recommend Dreams to anyone

5 - I’ve had the product a month now and can safely say I have never slept better. Great customer service allowing me to find the best mattress that suits me.

5 - Purchased a new mattress a month ago and the first day of having it the cat decided to wee on it. The protector did its job thankfully andmaytess survived

5 - Not sure I can review this yet as it's not noticable, maybe that's what it's supposed to do. I got this to go with the mattress so I'd say it's a must buy

5 - The sheet is great , fits snugly and takes the brunt of the dirt away from the mattress . The sheet washes well and maintains its shape and performance.

5 - We bought this mattress protector with out Tempur mattress a couple of weeks back and it seems to be a good cover, that does "what it says on the tin".

5 - This mattress protector fits the mattress so well that you won't even know that it's there. A suberb way of keeping your new mattress as good as new

5 - So comfortable and supportive. Really the best mattress I have ever slept on. Just could do with some handles to aid turning the mattress each week.

5 - What can you say - it protects the mattress! Oh, and it's waterproof too, so it REALLY protects the mattress! Who doesn't love a protected mattress?

5 - Bought this to protect our new mattress. Pricey but fits mattress well, doesn't rustle or sweat like other moisture proof covers and stays in place

5 - I bought my new mattress about a month ago. I had trouble sleeping on my old one and often went all night without sleeping. Now I sleep like a log,

5 - Excellent product. Sales Manager in Reading was first class, extremely helpful in getting what we wanted. The bed is great and was delivered early.

5 - Great mattress protector that fit the bed well. Good quality. Possibly a tad expensive for a mattress protector, but if it works then that’s good!

5 - It’s worth buying this, as any water spillages wil damage a Tempur mattress. Although it’s waterproof, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way.

5 - This protector is easy to fit and does not in any way distract from the feeling of comfort that is afforded by the mattress. Highly recommended.

5 - This was recommended to me to protect my precious new tempur mattress . After a store demonstration of it,s properties I have confidence in it .

4 - I bought this a couple of wks ago. Although it is a lovely material it is rather sloppy under your sheet. May be better after a couple of washes

5 - Two days in and I'm wondering why we waited so long to replace our old mattress. Much more expensive than others but so far, worth every penny.

5 - Bought this to go with the Cloud mattress. Yes there are less expensive options but this was recommended to match the movement of the mattress.

5 - Good quality and fit, bought as a replacement for a different old mattress protector and this seems much better. Nice light breathable fabric.

3 - Having bought this product and used it for a few weeks, it does not seem to fit quite right. There seem to be wrinkles after a couple of days.

5 - I bought this mattress protector recently and have found it to be very useful. It's a great product which can be easily removed for washing.

5 - It was easy to fit on the mattress and perfectly sized. Sufficiently thin and flexible that it is not noticeable when lying on the mattress.

4 - It soundeda bit crunchy and squeeky as I put it on and I was worried that it might make a noise as I turned over.It did not do this however.

5 - Wendy in the shop was so helpful . We spent a lot of time choosing the right mattress and the staff where very happy to let us just look :)

5 - Brought this a couple of weeks ago at first I didn't sleep to good just getting used to it,now sleep like a log,excellent choice for money,

5 - I found it was an excellant fit,it was easy to put on,quality fabric was used to make it which is stain resistant, has elasticated corners.

5 - Bought this with a new tempur mattress. The protector is light weight, comfortable and unlike others does not make you sweat whilst asleep

5 - Happy I’ve gone for the genuine article and not a cheaper alternative. Fits the mattress well and feels and performs as a quality product.

5 - Highly recommend this product as it offers better protection for the mattress than any other protectors i have purchased from other brands

4 - The material feels appropriate and has good depth - fitting over a deep mattress plus a mattress topper. Too early to tell how it washes.

4 - Every time I lay on the bed it relaxes me slowly it’s perfect for my back and the pillow is just as good should have brought one years ago

5 - As a mattress protector is it exactly what you would expect. You can’t feel the waterproof aspect as you can with cheaper alternatives.

5 - So far this product hasn’t been put to the test but still very happy with it. Definitely worth the extra cost to protect your mattress.

5 - I bought a Tempur Mattress best I have ever had so I purchased a Tempur Mattress Protector to go with it I also bought a spare as well.

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