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Sleepeezee Sophia Combination Mattress

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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

With 2500+ individually wrapped pocket springs, the mattress offers excellent support and superior motion isolation, ideal for couples sharing the bed.

Firm tension provides ample support for back sleepers who need a balance of comfort and firmness to maintain spinal alignment.

The memory foam's pressure-relieving properties could provide restful sleep for individuals with aches and pains, by contouring to the body's shape and reducing pressure point discomfort.

This feature prevents roll-off and enhances the usable surface of the mattress, making it beneficial for those who tend to move around a lot in their sleep.

As the mattress has a firm comfort grade, side sleepers who require more cushioning for their shoulders and hips might find it too hard.

Despite the breathable mesh border, the deep layers of memory foam could potentially retain heat, potentially creating discomfort for hot sleepers.

As it's a single-sided mattress, you can't flip it to even out wear. It would require regular rotation to maintain its support and comfort features.

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Our Thoughts On The Sleepeezee Sophia Combination Mattress

The Sleepeezee Sophia Combination Mattress, available exclusively via Dreams retailer, is highly esteemed within the UK's bustling mattress sector. Sleepeezee, celebrated for their sleep-focused proficiency, have carefully crafted this mattress to deliver unmatched comfort and support, which has been a hit with certain types of sleepers.

Construction and Materials

Spectacularly, the Sophia Mattress packs a staggering 2555 pocket springs into its supportive core, coupled with a soothing memory foam comfort layer. This pairing offers an extraordinary harmony of support and plushness. Its gentle velour cover allows for breathability while retaining more warmth than natural mattresses, proving to be a boon for those who are prone to feeling chilly at night.

Support and Comfort

Consumers consistently accentuate the mattress's remarkable comfort and support. The blend of pocket springs and memory foam proffers firmness and plushness, conforming to the body and providing pressure relief. This feature has been lauded by those who suffer from back or neck discomfort, with a plethora of customers describing mornings awakened feeling rejuvenated and devoid of discomfort.

Motion Absorption

The Sophia Mattress shines in the realm of motion absorption, courtesy of the individually encased pocket springs. This element mitigates movement, ensuring that one partner's restlessness doesn't impact the other - a facet greatly appreciated by couples.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship and quality of the Sophia Mattress have been warmly received by customers. This handmade UK product, crafted from superior materials, guarantees robustness and longevity. Its soft-touch velour cover with a teddy finish bestows an additional comfort layer absent in most mattresses of similar specifications.

Temperature Regulation

Despite the memory foam's notorious propensity for heat retention, the Sophia Mattress has been praised for its temperature management. Its breathable soft-touch velour cover ensures a cooler night's rest. This attribute has been particularly applauded by those who usually feel cold at night.

Pillow Top

The mattress's pillow top has garnered an array of positive reviews from customers. This additional layer of cushioning intensifies the overall comfort of the mattress.

Edge Support

The mattress also boasts sturdy edge support, made possible by the high-quality pocket springs, a detail appreciated by customers. This feature prevents rolling off the bed and maintains the sleep surface's integrity.


Ranked as firm, the Sophia Mattress is perfect for sleepers who prefer a more resistive sleep surface. It's best suited for stomach or back sleepers, or individuals with a higher-than-average BMI. Customers suffering from back or neck pain, or those with a higher BMI, have found the product to be highly effective. However, a few customers found the mattress to be a tad too firm for their taste.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Sleepeezee Sophia Combination Mattress emerges as a brilliant choice for those on the lookout for a very firm mattress offering superior comfort and support. Given its high-grade materials and build, this mattress promises countless nights of peaceful slumber. However, as with any mattress, individual preferences and requirements are key when making a decision.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comes with our 100-Night Sleep Guarantee

    The inclusion of a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee with this product illustrates the manufacturer's confidence in providing you with the ultimate comfort experience. This means that you have a whole 100 nights to truly get a feel for the product, ensuring it meets your expectations and contributes to your wellbeing.

    Sumptuous pillow top

    A mattress with a sumptuous pillow top will give you the deep, restful sleep you deserve. The pillow top acts as an additional comfort layer, providing further comfort.Slip into something comfy and snuggle up to your new favourite bed for a blissful night's sleep.

    Edge support prevents roll off

    Experience enhanced durability and stability with the outer edge support feature of the mattress. This thoughtful design element reinforces the perimeter of the mattress, providing additional support and preventing sagging or roll-off near the edges.

    Firm comfort grade for superior support

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Individually wrapped springs absorb partner motion

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Handmade in the UK

    Wow! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that is handmade in the UK, then this is one to watch. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and tested to ensure quality.

    Rest easy with our 10-year guarantee

    A 10-year guarantee provides a significant amount of peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that if any issues arise within this period, the manufacturer will address them.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    Deep layers of pressure-relieving memory foam

    Soft-touch velour cover with a teddy finish

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Customer Reviews For The Sleepeezee Sophia Combination Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - This mattress is just so comfortable. It’s a bit pricey but I’m so glad that I bought it. No more backache in the mornings and a guaranteed great nights sleep. If you’re thinking about buying it, don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

4 - Comfortable bed on the whole, very deep mattress, which means sheets fitted or otherwise do not always stay in place. Bed is very comfortable, and much bigger than initially thought. Definitely get a good nights sleep and supportive for your back.

5 - Mattress was a little firmer than experienced in shop but that was as expected. Perfect for us, firm but really comfortable and underlying soft topper. Delivered with care and also used the recycle service which was quick and worth the extra cost

5 - After being assessed for the most suitable mattress in store, now I have had a few nights sleep, I can confirm that this is perfect for myself. Excellent quality giving me a great night's sleep and comfort even when I am just sitting up reading.

5 - I bought this mattress having tried many mattresses containing memory foam, which I found were too soft, sunk me in to the matress to much and got too hot. This mattress feels firms and supportive and helps me get to sleep and to stay asleep.

5 - We were recommended this mattress following the in-store mattress-match. It's firm but very comfortable. You can't feel the movements of the other person if you share a bed, which is great. The fabric is soft to touch and very comfortable.

5 - This mattress is really comfortable and supports you well, it also feels “warm”. The only problem is, if like myself not much strength, it is very heavy, and to put sheets on is a major job. Other than that it’s well worth purchasing.

5 - Used the dream machine technology to be directed to this bed. We like a firm mattress and this meets the criteria perfectly. It is thicker than previous mattress so have had to buy deeper fitted sheets. Very comfortable nights sleep

5 - Excellent customer service in the shop. They were really knowledgeable and explained the various types of mattresses available. A very smooth process from start to finish. Delivered within 1 week and really happy with the product.

5 - When you stop in fancy hotels and the giant dreamy bed is something you dream of actually having at home, well dreams come true, dreams beds made them come true, now we are living that dream Simply outstanding quality and beautiful

5 - Dubious at first that a change of mattress could impact on sleep comfort. But ... this mattress is superbly comfortable, warm, and firm without being hard. Sleep quality is vastly improved and all due to this mattress. Brilliant.

5 - Fabulous and very comfy so far. Had good nights sleep. Good to use the bed tester in Dreams and believe that this helped with our chose of mattress Have only used it for a couple of weeks so only time will tell just how good it is.

4 - Only been used for two weeks so still assessing. Some reservation regarding the 'Pillow Top' and retaining its shape. We are following the instructions as to turning the mattress We appreciate it can take up to 30 days to settle

5 - Always reluctant to leave reviews after a short amount of time, so 6 weeks on and the bed is still incredible. We used to have sore backs with our old bed but now we haven't had anything for 6 weeks. Would recommend to everyone.

5 - The mattress is firm but comfortable. The thin layer on the top of the mattress as well as controlling the temperature for your body also adds a very large layer of comfort in that it adapts to your body shape. Well recommended.

5 - The assistant matched us with this mattress and a less expensive mattress of similar make up/quality....we chose this one..very definitely the right choice! Great quality, super comfortable and we really enjoy our nights sleep.

5 - Love our mattress! Took the Sleep Match test and although nervous we took the plunge on our top rated mattress. It wasn’t cheap but it’s been amazing and after a year of aches and pains we haven’t had any since the first night.

5 - After 20 years and getting that 'sinking feeling' decided about time for a new mattress. The Chelmsford has proved to be very comfortable and lovely to have a good nights sleep. Will not hesitate to recommend this mattress.

5 - I've had the new bed and mattress about a month now and absolutely thrilled with it, and enjoying comfortable and long nights sleep. Only wish I had bought one sooner, had I known what a difference it would make for my sleep.

5 - Needed to replace an old worn out memory foam mattress so on visiting Dreams we choose a Sleepeezee combination mattress. It is good quality mattress that ideal for our comfort requirements. We are very pleased with our choice

5 - We’ve had our new mattress for 2 weeks now and can honestly say this mattress been a great choice. It’s firm, which we wanted and also very comfortable with the in built memory topper. Would definitely recommend this product.

5 - I am very wary of buying new mattresses and was nervous about getting this one instead of the usual king koil. I was worried I had wasted my money however it is so incredibly comfortable. I definitely made the right choice.

5 - nearly a month in and I cant stress how much I am enjoying my new mattress, i was worried when i first laid on it to be honest that it was to hard but now its a dream (pardon the pun) would totally recommend this mattress.

5 - An extremely comfortable and supportive mattress. Having experienced low back pain for a number of years, I realised that my ‘old mattress’ may be the cause. Since sleeping on the Chelmsford mattress I do not suffer at all.

5 - I brought two of these one for us and one for our guest room, having taken the dreams mattress test, our guest love the mattress as much as we do, it's the best nights sleep ever. Would highly recommend, worth every penny.

5 - Very happy with the mattress, just what we needed. Great quality and we get good night sleep now. Prompt delivery as requested at the time of order and mattress was brought into our bedroom by delivery guys. Excellent!!!

4 - Very comfy mattress for side and back sleepers. Love the soft feeling of the top part of the mattress. The pocket springs offer a good firm support. Would recommend this mattress. Dreams customer service was excellent too!

5 - Best investment in the last 20 years. Good quality, with a very comfortable " I don't want to get out of it" feel. Firm but supportively squishy... I've got extra brownie points with the wife too, so a fantastic purchase.

5 - Bought this mattress after years on old one. It may be pricey but it is oh so worth it, firm but comfortable. Rolling over no longer disturbs anyone else and support it gives, well I have waved goodbye to my back pain.

5 - I had a look at a few mattress but this one was the most comfortable in the showroom. Expensive, but worth every penny. It’s really comfortable and had l’ve had a good nights sleep every night. Would highly recommend.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, but i did choose this specifc one, i recommend using the tech in store to configure your mattress. We will see how it fairs after a long while, but i am very confident in the quality.

5 - We bought a Sleepeeze mattress from Dreams after being analysed on their test bed. We are so happy with our purchase, all of our aches and pains seem to have disappeared and we are both getting a full nights sleep

5 - So comfortable, my back pain has eased since I’ve slept on this mattress. Not too heavy on the Ottoman frame, so it’s still easy to lift up. So glad we got this mattress, it has improved the quality of our sleep!

5 - Excellent mattress, firm and supportive yet very comfortable to rest and sleep on. No neck or back pains since sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks. Can highly recommend the mattress, and great for price.

5 - I have never slept so well and my back pain has basically disappeared. You can’t quite understand how great a bed can be until you have a great one. Get the perfect mattress for yourself - you won’t regret it.

5 - Absolutely brilliant. Don’t ever cut corners on the cost of the mattress, it’s the key to the whole thing. This mattress completes a perfect bed set up and our sleep has improved enormously since we bought it.

5 - Initially I was a little unsure about buying a new mattress, however I need not have worried as my wife and I have had a full night's sleep and waking refreshed every morning. Well done Dreams and Sleepeezee.

5 - So far, no complaints ts at all. Tried many beds over the period of a few days and kept narrowing it down, going back to this one, then trying others. But in the end we decided on this one and no complaints

5 - Purchased this mattress after trying 6 others all recommended by the sleep assessment machine..we have found it to be extremely comfortable and the soft touch cover makes it pleasent to get into bed from cold

5 - We have never in the 43 years of marriage had such a comfy mattress. It is so lovely to get into bed and not have to spend first ten mintes trying to got comfy. Its cosy as well as firm so glad we bought it .

4 - Very comfortable and i sleep beautifully all night. Barely move around but wake refreshed. My husband and dog both sleep well too. It has the dogs approval so it must be good, she doesn’t sleep just anywhere.

5 - Very comfortable. Would highly recommend especially if you or your sleeping partner are quite restless during the night as you don’t feel them moving about with this mattress. Means a less disturbed sleep.

4 - Fabulous mattress exactly what we were looking for, great experience in store! Very helpful and didn’t rush us even though it was coming close to closing time. Competitive price and overall great experience

5 - Fantastic product and the service was first class. Don’t hesitate if your thinking about it !!! Go for this product you will not regret it me and my partner love out new mattress and pillows thanks Dreams

5 - It’s fantastic. Exactly what we needed. We’ve slept so well since getting this mattress. It’s a replacement for our last mattress, same maker and specification but an updated version. So far we love it.

5 - It is a so relaxing and amazing mattress, don’t look at price as a whole but divide it up by the number of years and days. You will have amazing sleep for less than 2 pound a week. How amazing is that

3 - My wife and i both suffer with back problems so we decided on a newvbed.while the mattress is comfy it still makes me feel hot even tho we were reasurred by the salesman that it would keep us cool!!!!

5 - Honestly one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in in a while! Certainly worth every penny - and we'll be buying another one soon when our son inherits ours when we move into our bigger house!

5 - We had previously always had Sealy mattresses so were anxious at making the change. We need not have worried we both find this sleepeezee very comfortable and we are both enjoying good restful sleep

5 - We absolutely love our new mattress, it’s so comfy and massive that sometimes we even forget that the other person is sleeping next to you. It was definitely worth the long wait during the pandemic!

5 - This mattess was perfect for what we were looking for. It has the right balance of being both soft and firm. We wake up feeling more refreshed from having such a good sleep. Would highlt recommend.

5 - The Chelmsford pocket sprung mattress is firm and supportive and it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve had this mattress on my bed for four weeks now and slept extremely well. Very pleased I bought it.

5 - Very comfortable, but if you have a standard mattress you need to buy bigger fitted sheets as it’s much deeper. I like the combination of springs and foam topper. Service and delivery excellent .

5 - The whole experience was good from the computerised testing on the bed up until delivery.My back is much better after the correct advice and the staff at Dreams were excelleny and knowledgeable.

5 - Best night sleep I've had in year's. So comfy. Not to soft, not to hard. Feel really refreshed in the morning. I have a fused spine, this matress offers the right amount of comfort and support.

5 - My wife and I can't believe the difference it has made sleeping on sleepeezee mattress. We sleep better at night, mattress just moulds around your body shape to get a better sleeping position.

5 - We have tried all sort of mattresses and non of them came close to the Chelmsford combination mattresses. The firmnes is amazing and have this soft touch to it. Thank you for your help Dreems!

5 - Tried a few mattresses in store and this was the best for us. Was pricey bit considering how much time we spend in bed - it was worth it. So so comfy I just don’t want to get out my bed.

5 - We traded in our 8 year old silent night mattress for this beauty. I wasn't sure how i felt about a memory foam top but it is so comfortable and offers brilliant support for us side sleepers.

5 - Comfortable but firm, supportive with no transfer of bouncing which is what we wanted, we had had great nights sleep from day one, just turned it after 2 weeks as advised and still perfect.

5 - Great Mattress firm but comfortable, takes a couple of weeks to adapt to your body, provides amazing support where you need it. Sleeping well and waking up without any pain! Thanks Dreams!

5 - We have this mattress and it’s perfect for both of us who have back pain. The sales assistant put us on a virtual machine that took all our measurements and correctly picked this mattress.

5 - Excellent mattress, really comfy everytime i get into bed its like being in a hotel, this mattress is really good , its much deeper than my previous one and is really cosy but still firm

5 - Best nights sleep I have ever had. Used to take hours to get to sleep and be happy to get up in the morning. Now I get to sleep in no time and don't want to leave the bed in the morning

5 - We purchased this mattress after trying out quite a few different ones in the shop, its firm but not hard and the soft top makes it, in fact i dont want to get out of it in the mornings.

5 - Bought this mattress about a month ago now and it is the most comfortable mattress we have had. High quality and the topper makes it just that tad more comfy, would definitely recommend.

5 - Wishing we had bought one sooner. Lots of room to get a good sleep and dont feel the person next to you moving around during the night. Top Quality and a lovely finish. Super king size

5 - Excellent communication throughout, prompt delivery on date as communicated, and delivered by 2 person crew. Any post delivery queries dealt with promptly. Very happy with the purchase.

5 - I bought the mattress a month ago and noticed the difference immediately. It was comfortable from the start and we have no trouble sleeping the night through and waking fully refreshed.

5 - Really supportive and comfortable, would highly recommend. This was the right balance of being able to sit up in bed and read a book or do some work while still being very comfortable.

5 - Such a lovely comfortable mattress. Very supportive for people with joint problems and who are a bit heavier. The best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. Would definitely recommend.

5 - Excellent service from all members of staff that we dealt with. Helped us choose a middle ground for me and my partner to get a good night's sleep and so far it is working brilliantly

4 - Second sleepeezee mattress we have had. Very firm which is perfect for our needs and went for zipped super king this time which meant it was easy to install. Very comfy night sleep.

5 - Perfect mattress for us firm but soon get used to it and great nights sleep from day one love it would recommend the mattress test that you do in store to get the right one for you

5 - This combination mattress is so comfortable! The memory foam topper is an absolute god send too! We’ve only had the mattress for a few weeks but it is definitely worth the money!

5 - I was sceptical about the Dreams sleep check but armed with the output I selected this mattress and wow its wonderful. I sleep so well and always get up ache free and refreshed.

5 - Have been struggling with backache for a while and chiropractor recommended getting a firmer mattress. This offers such good support but is also so comfortable. Very happy back!

4 - Everything went as planned despite delivery being one day before lockdown. The mattress is very comfortable and is relatively ease to turn evenallowing for it's size and weigjt.

5 - Very comfortable mattress. We particularly like that when one person moves the other can barely feel it so sleep is much less disturbed overnight. Excellent value when on sale.

5 - My father bought this matress and he is delighted with it. He is 85 and was falling out of bed with the matress he had as it was too soft,what a difference it gas made to him.

5 - Excellent mattress; very even springing over the width, even at the edges. Whilst the 'topper' layer might be a bit warm in the Summer, it gives that extra bit of comfort.

5 - Dreams were first class from start to finish. Buying the product and delivery were easy and the service was excellent. The mattress itself is fantastic. Buy with confidence.

5 - My fiancée and I bought this as our first mattress and it’s simply outstanding. It’s thick, soft, plush and so comfortable. We’ve never slept so well! Would 100% recommend.

5 - Excellent customer service. We had issues with our house exchange and Dreams were kind enough to hold on to our order and assist with a long extension to the delivery date

5 - Fantastic extremely comfortable king size mattress when combined with the base it creates a lovely high bed like you get in American hotels. I am sleeping so much better.

5 - Delivery service was brilliant and the mattress is wonderful. It’s a lot of money but if you are going to spend a third of your life on it. Why wouldn’t you get the best

5 - Absolutely brilliant bed I’ve bought quality beds but this is far superior better comfort better sleeping and not aching so much in morning with my ache and bone problems

4 - Mattress quality is great, very firm so try before you buy. It does ease up a bit after a while. In my opinion it could be a tiny bit less firm but sleeping well with it.

5 - We decided to upgrade our mattress and this was the best choice. Its a great mix of firm mattress with soft memory foam. Its like sleeping on a lovely supportive cloud.

5 - This bed is super comfortable, having used the sleep analysis system in store we have the right fit for us. I have back problems & they have eased since having this bed.

5 - 3 weeks in & bed has been good so far. Firmer than felt in the shop, but assume that's because it's boxfresh! The guidance & assistance given in the shop was excellent.

5 - I’ve never napped in the afternoon before but with this new bed it’s becoming a thing! I wasn’t a fan of springs but this bed is great. Firm but soft and feels luxurious

4 - I bought this a month ago and have found that it is a firm mattress but it gives a lot of support. Previous backaches and neckaches have gone.We are sleeping better now.

5 - I am really happy with the this mattress, before buying the mattress I used to experience neck and back pain. Since sleeping on this mattress I no longer get any pains

5 - I have finally got some sleep with this new mattress. Firm enough to not to mould completely and leave you uncomfortable, but soft enough to feel supported and cosy.

5 - The Chelmsford pocket sprung mattress give excellent support with a soft firm touch. Highly recommended for luxury support. Excellent night sleep relaxed and comfort

5 - Mattress is excellent, good quality, very comfortable and offers a very good nights sleep, we are extremely happy with our purchase and would recommend this product

5 - The mattress is extremely comfortable and firm, it hass alleviated my back problems, probably due to the fact I was tested and given the correct ones to choose from

5 - I bought this last month and it’s nice and comfortable The service at store was great - they tested us on machine showed me 6 or so mattresses and we chose this.

5 - Needs some getting used to as I've been sleeping on a bad matress for over a year during lockdown, now I've got my new matress my back is now improving great spend.

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