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Versatile medium comfort grade

Soft-touch damask cover adds a luxurious feel

100-Night Comfort Guarantee

Traditional springs are generally less durable than other materials

No specialised support for specific needs like back pain

Cannot be flipped, only rotated

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dreams Workshop Simmonds Traditional Spring Mattress

The Simmonds Traditional Spring Mattress by Dreams Workshop is a medium comfort grade mattress designed to offer all-round support and featuring 288 traditional springs that have been layered with comforting fillings, all encased in a soft-touch damask cover. The mattress is part of the Dreams Workshop Collection and is made in the UK with a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee and a 1-year guarantee. Priced at a much lower point than competing products, this mattress has received a 4.7 out of 5-star rating based on 738 reviews. Let's dive in and see if this would be suitable one for you.


The mattress is made with traditional springs, which are generally less durable than pocket springs or reflex foam. However, the damask cover adds a layer of durability that should offer some degree of wear and tear prevention. The mattress also comes with a 1-year guarantee, which is standard but not exceptional although should offer a relative good degree of confidence.


The medium comfort grade makes it versatile for different sleeping positions. It's an all-rounder, suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers. However, it may not offer specialised support for those with specific needs, such as back pain relief. Again though, being suitable for all sleepers of average BMI should give it a wider appeal than the average mattress in the range.


The soft-touch damask cover adds a touch of luxury to the mattress. It's not just about the feel; the look of the damask can also elevate the overall bedroom aesthetic (ish, it will still be covered most of the time), that said, it's deeper than comparable mattresses which will help make your bed look more plush and inviting.


The mattress comes with a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee, which is a good indicator of its quality. However, it's a no-turn mattress, meaning you can only rotate it from head to toe, which might affect its lifespan negatively. Ultimately double sided comfort layers give you more surface area which means better lifespan overall.

Final Thoughts

I find the Simmonds mattress to be a solid choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly yet comfortable option. The traditional springs and medium comfort grade make it a versatile choice, but it may not be the best for those seeking specialised support. The damask cover is a nice touch, adding a bit of luxury to an otherwise standard mattress. For the price, consider this one suitable for children's rooms and guest beds.

Reasons To Buy

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    Traditional open spring mattress

    Traditional open spring mattresses have all the qualities necessary in order to provide a decent sleep experience. This support layer will typically be accompanied by a comfort layer above it that will offer the softness, while the springs offer body contouring support to help support your back and neck while you sleep. There are better support layers out there, typically in the form of pocket springs, however, the price point of traditional open spring mattresses relative to the quality of sleep you get makes them an ideal choice in the mid-tier arena.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Soft-touch damask cover

    Crafted from soft-touch damask, the mattress cover promotes a luxurious sleeping experience by providing a smooth and gentle surface your body can melt into. Yet, despite its plush feel, its hardy fabric construction ensures lasting durability, offering an ideal balance between comfort and longevity.

    Medium comfort grade for all-round support

    Designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences, the medium tension provides a versatile level of firmness that suits the needs of many individuals. We typically recommend this firmness for those who sleep on both their back and side and are of average weight.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

    Comforting filling layers

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Workshop Simmonds Traditional Spring Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - It's always tricky trying to find a mattress online however, I can confirm this is a very comfortable mattress and at a great price! I would definitely recommend to anyone!

5 - I bought this for the spare room and another mattress twice the price for the main room. The quality is extremely similar, at least I know my guests will sleep in comfort.

5 - Lovely and comfortable, exactly what we were looking for. It’s really helped with my back and neck pain! Couldn’t fault the price either. So so happy with this mattress!!

4 - Nothing wrong with the matteress but way firmer than i was expecting. If I could have tried in the shop I probably wouldn't have purchased, however getting used to it now.

4 - Good for the money, However was bought online so couldn't test how comfortable it actually is. I've added a foam mattress topper so it's not as firm as it was without it.

5 - We are very happy with the mattress. It is wel made and comfortable. the ordering and delivery process was easy and efficient. Delivery took a while but that suited us.

5 - Quality is very good, would recommend to anyone. Only thing id mention is the medium softness seems to be abit firm, although this might be down to personal preference.

5 - After trying out the sleep machine in store we decided on this mattress. Best nights sleep I've had for years! So very happy with this extremely comfortable mattress!

5 - Large very comfortable mattress, springs give this mattress a firm but comfortable disposition. Would recommend this mattress for adults or children for a good sleep.

5 - Exactly what my little girl needed as she grows up! The bed is fab and comfy, the service in store was great and it was delivered on time and with god communication.

5 - Great value mattress, needed a new one after having the last one for 8 years but didn’t want to be spending a lot of money, very happy with purchase with my budget.

5 - Great mattress for the price, got one each for my kids & they are really happy with them. good delivery service & arrived on time after a phone call that morning.

5 - Purchased 2 of these mattresses for our kids (12 and 10). Very comfortable and both of them have said how much they like their new mattress. Great value for money.

5 - A good springy responsive mattress. Very comfortable for relaxing and sleeping on. If you find it hard to get up out of bed the springs in this can aid with that.

4 - Really recommend this bed, have no complaints and had great nights sleep. Delivery process is easy and Dreams are very communicative of when they will deliver

5 - The mattress it self is very comfortable for the price and the delivery was very quick and the guys were very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to a friend.

5 - The mattress is very comfy to sleep on. Not to firm which is good. Delivery was amazing, brought straight into the house and then was easy for 1 person to move.

5 - Just the right firmness for a goodnights sleep. Bought it for my daughter who’s old mattress was a bit lumpy but this one is perfect. Good quality material too.

5 - Really good value mattress. Purchased for teenage son who says it’s really comfortable. Excellent delivery and service, couldn’t be more pleased with service.

5 - My daughter loves this bed and mattress. She was fed up with her bunk bed and now that she's a bit older she's enjoying a double bed and mattress from Dreams.

4 - Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this mattress does sometimes squeak but I’m hopeful this will stop. Overall I would say this is definitely worth the money.

4 - Had it for a week and it’s pretty comfortable so far. There are no handles on the side to help rotate it but that’s no big deal for me. Great value for money.

5 - Very good quality. What you would expect in comfort out of a 190 pounds purchase. It's not too firm, which is what I wanted. Bought the double-bed sized one.

3 - This mattress is more firm than medium, it’s making me wish I went for the soft, I have had it for over a month now and it is still as firm as when I got it!

5 - I bought this for the spare room lately my husband has used it do to an illness I had recently he reckons it’s very comfortable and sleep brilliantly on it.

5 - Purchased this mattress a month ago. Delivery was prompt and great, the product is fantastic and comfortable. We sleep so much better since we're using it.

5 - Great value product and perfect for my young daughter. The delivery team were so lovely, delivered it to the room of my choice and removed my old mattress.

5 - Delivery gets it to the room of your choice with packaging removed as well. Mattress is comfortable with a medium rating for firmness. Good value for money

5 - Extremely comfy with good support but still has a little bit of bounce to it which I was looking for! Dislike memory foam style beds that you just sink in

5 - Great comfortable mattress guaranteed for a good nights sleep by by son. Now we don’t hear him getting in and out of bed highly recommend this mattress

5 - The bed is a absolute beauty. So comfortable. First day, sleep like a baby. Would recommend it to everyone and it is affordable. They came on time. 10/10

4 - I had bought this for my son and we based on buying something similar to what he had before. He finds it really comfortable and springy! would buy again.

5 - So much better than the mattress set that came with the original beds. Better sprung, more padding on top of the springs. Better nights sleep all-round.

5 - Very, very comfortable and extremely well made product. I am over the moon with this product and the costumer service provided by dreams. Well done all.

5 - I was hesitant to order a mattress online, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! It's so comfy and is very thick, I would definitely recommend.

5 - Good quality mattress. Bought for a child’s bedroom. Very comfortable. Great price and free delivery included. Will definitely be using dreams again.

4 - Firm but springy - a good middle ground mattress which should suit different tastes - making it ideal as a spare guest bed mattress for occasional use.

5 - I bought this product a month ago and have been very happy. Great nights sleep and no problems at all. Fantastic service from Dreams. Happy customer!

5 - I bought the mattress for my son that suffers from bad backs. He’s extremely pleased that he gets a very comfortable without any pain in the morning.

4 - I bought small double size for my child he likes soft mattress not hard so I choose this one it is medium firm it is soft and comfortable he likes it

5 - I’ve had the bed for a few weeks now and I can honestly say it’s the best bed I’ve had. It’s really comfortable and I feel it meets my requirements.

5 - I bought this product for a new flat I moved into. So pleased with the mattress, it’s super comfy and it was delivered on time with friendly staff.

5 - I love everything about this comfortable mattress! Additionally it’s manufactured in UK and the delivery process was easy thanks to John and Mark

5 - Bought two of these for our children and are excellent, kids are delighted. Service was also excellent delivery by two gentleman extremely good.

5 - Incredibly comfy, shocked by the price being so cheap as this is better than some of the £500 beds I tried in other stores! Nice and medium firm.

5 - Excellent mattress, arrived when expected and fits my sons bed perfectly. Very comfy mattress with my son sleeping soundly throughout the night.

5 - Excellent customer service, delivered on time & friendly & helpful staff both in store & for delivery. Daughter very happy with new Matress too!

5 - Was surprisingly very comfy. We were struggling to find a mattress with depth less than or equal to 20cm, and Dreams had the best one. Perfect

5 - I haven’t slept many nights on this bed as we have it in the spare room but our guests always say how comfortable it is! Great value for money.

5 - Very good value for money and a level for of comfort that you would usually only find in higher priced mattresses. Very happy with our purchase

5 - I just bought this mattress and I think it’s very good value for money. It’s very comfortable and I would recommend it for a good nights sleep.

4 - We got the medium mattress and it is comfortable if a little on the firm side. Quality is as expected for the price. Happy with the purchase.

5 - Comfortable, well made mattress, delivered to the room on time and with clear delivery time guidance. Thanks for a good customer experience!

5 - You don’t always have to spend a fortune to get good stuff. These mattresses are very comfortable and very good quality and at a great price

5 - Very comfy and excellent quality. Best mattress I've ever invested in. My son is now having quality sleep which is essential for a teenager.

5 - Very pleased with mine purchase not been used yet has my grandchildren are coming the 22 of august but they look really nice in the bedrooms

5 - So comfortable. When I stretch out in bed, it feels like zero gravity. Reflects body heat back. Glad I chose Dreams, best sleep in years.

5 - Super comfy and at a great price! I was sceptical about ordering a mattress online without trying it out but really happy we took the risk.

4 - bought it for my daughter to sleep on, it's been greatly appreciated. It is soft enough for her, but firm enough for a decent nights sleep.

3 - This mattress would not be suitable for a full-time adult bed, but is fine for a guest bed which will usually be used by our grandchildren.

5 - Good value for money. Very comfortable on the spare bed that our grandsons use when they stay over. Well finished. Pleased with purchase.

5 - Was so easy to order bed, base and board all online and delivered in great time. The bed is easy to put together, great colour and comfy.

5 - Great quality and a pretty good price. Daughter impressed with the comfort ... just hoping she won't spend even more of her day in bed!?

5 - Nice mattress! Me and my partner have been sleeping well! It’s soft but the springs give it enough give to make you feel well supported.

4 - I cant get on with the memory foam mattresses. I even tried Emma. This mattress has no foam and is comfy. It seems perfect for my needs.

5 - Excellent service from the Shop assistant on the phone through to the delivery. Needed a mattress quick and Dreams didn't let me down.

4 - Great value for money, efficient staff quick delivery that was simple to arrange and managed well with plenty of communication, simples

4 - Really comfy, quality Mattress. This is only used in the spare room but my quests always rave at how comfortable these Mattresses are.

5 - I bought this item without any knowledge of mattress and I am not disappointed, the mattress is firm but not too hard. Easy to clean.

4 - For the first week this mattress was very firm and it hurt my back a lot, although as time passed it became softer and now I love it.

5 - Great price for a very nice quality single mattress. Has a good weight to it and I think it will last many years of use. Very happy.

5 - Firm mattresses but my children like them and daughter no longer complains of being uncomfortable. They seem to be good quality too.

5 - Brought this mattress a few weeks ago for the Grandsons new bunk beds (also from Dreams). "Very comfy Grandad" they say. Excellent!

4 - Bought this for my 10 year old daughter’s new bed and she loves it as very comfortable and helps her stay asleep til early morning.

5 - This mattress seems to be excellent quality, particularly for the price paid. My child reports that it is very comfortable indeed.

5 - Fantastic mattress! Really comfy, I get a great nights sleep. Also the delivery service was great, especially the 2 delivery men!

5 - I cannot fault this mattress bought for my toddler going into his first single bed and it’s so comfortable! Really great quality!

5 - Bought for my daughter who says its the best she's slept on. Which is ideal as she suffers with her lower back. Fantastic buy !!

5 - Very comfortable. Worth paying slightly more than the basic mattress. Could really tell a difference when trying a few in store.

5 - I brought this mattress a couple weeks ago and now I know what a cloud feels like. Never slept better, mattress of my Dreams.

5 - This is a really comfortable mattress for the price. It is supportive without being too hard or too soft. I would recommend it.

5 - Bought for a guest room so it has not been used fully as yet. However, on first impressions, it appears to be very comfortable.

4 - bought this couple weeks back since my old mattress was so unconformable so i slept on the floor and waited for this to arrive.

4 - I like medium firmness and this mattress is spot on for me, the quick delivery time was also a bonus as i had just moved house.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for my 4 ye old daughter, it’s soft, comfy and she sleeps like a baby. Thank you Dreams

5 - Brilliant. Can't get any better especially if the item is for a 2 year who can clock out literally anywhere at any given time.

5 - Brilliant service, efficient company, very comfortable mattress and polite staff and delivery drivers were friendly and polite

5 - Very pleased with the mattress very comfortable this is the second mattress I have from Dreams and both are perfect thank you

5 - Wanted a small single that was firm enough for an adult to get a good nights sleep. This fits the bill at a reasomable price.

5 - Really comfy mattress, not too firm and not to soft,,,perfect for my 3 year olds first bed. Highly recommended for the price.

5 - I love the mattress, not hard and not soft, just what i like , very comfortable and delivered to my room. Thanks Dreams team

5 - Great comfort and support for the children, they both love their new mattresses and are now sleeping in longer!! Thank you!!

5 - Great mattress and a great price. Delivered promptly and rolled up for ease of transportation. Very pleased with the quality

5 - The mattress was really good. It was delivered very professionally with great help. It is really supportive and comfortable

5 - The mattress was bought for my spare bedroom for guests and its great, comfortable and perfect for what I intended it for.

5 - Great service, arrived on time and even took to room where needed. Very polite and very pleased. Mattress also very comfy

5 - I bought this mattress few weeks ago and it's perfect for my 11 years old son. Arrived in few days and on time. Thank you.

4 - Perfectly comfortable, particularly as an occasional bed for a guest. Should be good for many years. Lovely and cool too.

5 - I brought this item about 4 weeks now and I am very satisfied that I did, it is very comfertable and perfect for the kids

4 - Great product and good value for money. Delivery was quick and easy. Website easy to navigate. Overall a good experience.

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