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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

Many users reported the mattress to be comfortable and satisfying to sleep on.

A lot of customers felt that they got good value for the price they paid.

Several reviewers reported that the mattress was very comfortable for their children.

A good number of customers reported that the mattress was of good quality, firm, and well-designed.

All smaller sizes available with fast delivery.

No super king variant available.

Some customers felt that the mattress was only suitable for children and lightweight to average adults.

Not as firm as reported for heavier people who sink further than expected due to the budget nature of the product.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dreams Workshop Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress

Introducing the Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress from the Dreams Workshop, a harmonious blend of comfort, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Crafted in the UK, this mattress boasts a design that features classic hourglass open springs, ensuring uniform support across the entire sleeping surface. Enveloped in a luxurious damask and packed with layers of sumptuous fillings, this mattress promises a tranquil sleep experience.

The Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress is a dream come true for those who favor a firm sleeping surface. It's particularly appealing to those who value the distinctive support offered by traditional spring mattresses. If you're on a quest for a mattress that could potentially ease back discomfort, this product might just be the answer. Some users have reported a reduction in back pain after sleeping on it.

Potential Drawbacks

This mattress, while firm, doesn't quite reach the level of extra firmness. As such, it might not be the right fit for those who crave an ultra-firm sleeping surface. If you're a memory foam enthusiast or if you lean towards a softer mattress, this might not be the perfect match for you.

Positive Feedback

The Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress has garnered praise from users for its comforting support. Many have noted that it's firm, yet not overly so, striking the right balance for a restful sleep. Users have also lauded the product's quality, highlighting its robust construction and durability. Another aspect that has won over users is its value for money, with many agreeing that it delivers excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Points of Criticism

While the majority of feedback is glowing, a handful of users have reported feeling the springs through the mattress. However, this seems to be a subjective issue, possibly influenced by individual sensitivity or weight.

Final Thoughts

The Dreams Workshop's Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress is a commendable choice for those seeking a firm, supportive, and reasonably priced mattress. It has received widespread acclaim for its value for money and superior support. Although it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, the preponderance of positive reviews indicates that it's a trustworthy choice for many. It's particularly well-suited for back sleepers, but may be too firm for side sleepers.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Traditional open spring mattress

    Traditional open spring mattresses have all the qualities necessary in order to provide a decent sleep experience. This support layer will typically be accompanied by a comfort layer above it that will offer the softness, while the springs offer body contouring support to help support your back and neck while you sleep. There are better support layers out there, typically in the form of pocket springs, however, the price point of traditional open spring mattresses relative to the quality of sleep you get makes them an ideal choice in the mid-tier arena.

    Quality soft-touch damask cover

    Damask covers are a fantastic option on many reasonably priced and mid to high quality mattresses as the material is soft to the touch while still being fairly hard wearing and rugged, something that is quite important given the average mattress life cycle of 8 years.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for superior support

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Workshop Botfield Traditional Spring Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - When i was buying a mattress i didn't have a huge budget so it wasn't top of the range however i was very surprised and delighted to find that even if your getting a pretty standard mattress dreams have the best quality for your sleep, i haven't been this comfy in my sleep in a long time

4 - I bought this for my daughter on the basis of the other reviews and because it was on offer for £90, which made it good value. I've laid on it and it feels quite hard, much more firm than we were expecting so we are getting a topper. It is however supportive and doesn't make any noise.

4 - Mattress is fine. It only has one orientation, so you can't flip it onto it's back. Well you could but it wouldn't have any quilting on that side. I'm a first time buyer, so take this with a grain of salt, but rather than medium firm this thing has hardly any give beyond the quilting.

4 - I bought 3 of these mattresses (for me, mum and dad) about 6 weeks ago. Amazing low price. To be honest I wasn't expecting much from them But they are just fine. Actually I found my 3' one a bit too bouncy so I replaced the sprung bed slats for solid pine ones and loved the difference.

5 - I sleep on my front which has recently started to give me a bad back. After reading reviews online I decided to purchase this firm mattress. I am so glad I did! I no longer suffer with back ache and actually enjoy a full nights sleep. The mattress is lovely and soft. Highly recommend.

5 - Great mattress with quality springs and soft satin lining. It’s just the right depth for the top of the bunk bed. I was conscious that it’s thinner than the other mattresses and would be uncomfortable but my 8 year old is very happy to sleep on it and finds it super comfortable.

5 - I had bought this mattress due to the low cost, i received it by the very well mannered delivery men and then when I placed it on my sons bed he said that he loved it,very comfortable and I would recommend highly for anyone that doesn't want to pay high prices or has a low budget.

5 - Bought this for my 4 year old nephew. He is a very restless sleeper but seems more settled on this mattress. I tried It out one night and found It firm, supportive and comfortable. A very good purchase and, being in the sale at the time, it was at a great price. I recommend this.

5 - I brought a single matress for my son a month ago, the matress is well worth the price and very comfortable, we are very happy with this purchase, we also Have brought a king size matress which arrives on the 15th July and we can’t wait to finally have a comfortable night sleep

5 - Super comfy, I am a back sleeper and since having this matteress I have had no back pain. It is quite firm but once slept in a few times it eases. I was worried at first due to how cheap it was but I think it is well worth its money and more. Would recommend and would buy again.

5 - An excellent well made mattress. It is firm enough to give you great support, whilst being comfortable enough for you to just relax into and sleep. We bought it for our spare room but found it so comfortable we swapped it with ours!! A fantastic mattress at a fantastic price.

5 - This is the second product I bought from Dreams this year. Earlier I bought a divan bed, mattress and headboard. I was so impressed by the quality, service and follow ups that when I needed another mattress for the spare room their was only one place I wanted to go yes Dreams.

3 - Decent mattress in that price range. The springs are a bit on the large size, so individual one can sometimes be felt and a little squeaky. But happy with the mattress for the price and sleeping well on it, planning on putting a mattress topper over in time, for added comfort.

5 - The mattress is firm and comfortable for my bad back. I hadn't realised how bad my old one was until I got this one. It doesn't have the buttons on the mattress which is a plus because I find them uncomfortable. It had easy removal packaging and was easy to carry upstairs.

5 - I bought this few weeks ago an I was at first dubious about online ordering as it was my first mattress purchased this way but wow how wrong could I be what a absolutely awesome an comfortable mattress I haven’t slept so well definitely will be buying another one eventually

5 - Brought this mattress as my old one was awful I was slightly sceptical as it was firm and I love a soft mattress but it was the best thing I have ever done my back feels incredible not a single ache or pain when I wake up ...i now love going to bed again so thank you dreams

5 - Got this for our son who is 5 and says it’s the best dinosaur raft he’s tested yet... survived the white water rafters and easily fits in dinosaur adventurer back pack no problem apparently. Great for trampoline and a very happy little boy who’s getting some quality sleep.

5 - Brought this because we’ve had a very well known memory foam mattress and found as we are getting older it’s become very uncomfortable after a nights sleep on our joints.this sprung mattress gives slightly with the body creating less pressure and a comfortable nights sleep

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago as me and my partner were long overdue for a new mattress! We came across this great mattress and it had an even better deal on it! We have slept so well since it's arrival and am annoyed we didnt think to get a new mattress sooner!

4 - This is not bad for the price. I got it for my daughter and she seems happy with it. The delivery time was slightly random (they said they would advise of delivery slot times, but didnt) and customer services were difficult to get hold of, but overall not a bad mattress.

5 - Nice comfy mattress. Despite being on a hard solid base (unavoidable as this has gone into a narrowboat) you can feel a bounce in this mattress making it really comfy. My previous one was like laying on a slab! I think this was a real bargain and I’m very happy with it.

5 - Brought for our 10 year old daughter and she loves it. The firmness seems to be just right compared to her old mattress which was to soft. Very well made for the price will definitely get another. Delivery was fast and good. Thanks dreams for a great product

5 - My 6 years old finds this comfortable. Wanted to get a firmer mattress due to being on a non-spring base , had thought we might need a quilt topper if too firm, however son is sleeping much better on this as it is,than the very worn out mattress we had inherited before

5 - Great quality mattress, lovely soft top cover . Ordered medium and got exactly that, mattress has right medium spring comfort feel. The price was excellent which meant l could buy a good quality brand. Currently enjoying lovely and restful sleeps. Highly recommended

5 - Perfect mattress for the price you're paying. Good value for money. I imagine it will last for many years! I couldn't be happier.It's firm, but not hard. Very comfortable and feels sturdy. Plus the delivery was superb. Efficient, friendly delivery staff. Recommended.

5 - The new mattress is comfortable - although rated as firm it is not too firm which I'm pleased about. The delivery guy was excellent friendly and efficient. The overall shopping experience was very good and the website is easy to use with good product info and guides.

5 - We bought two of these mattresses for the kids (5 and 9) about a month ago and we’re really pleased with them. They’re good quality and value for money (got them on half price offer). I slept on it with my 5 yo and it was very comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

3 - This arrived around 3 weeks ago and has been fairly comfortable so far but for some reason it doesn’t feel long enough. I’m only 5’10/5’11 and have never had the issue in any bed before. It’s fairly comfortable though and was decently priced so overall I’m satisfied.

5 - An excellent, very comfy mattress. My son said it's the best night's sleep he has had in ages! Ordering was easy and delivered within days. The delivery chaps were very friendly and happy to carry the mattress to where I needed it. I would highly recommend Dreams.

4 - My daughter finds this a very comfortable mattress and is very happy to be sleeping on a nice comfortable bed. We are pleased with our purchase and the mattress is well worth the money even at fall price we got it on sale but still would of paid full price for it.

4 - Bought this mattress a month or so ago for my 12 year old daughter. Very pleased with the results. Good firm feel to lie on right to the edges and very little sideways movement which have often comes with an inferior mattress in this price range. Would receommend.

5 - I bought this mattress because there was a sale on and it was a really good deal. It’s a really comfy mattress, had thick plastic packaging over it to ensure it wouldn’t get dirty or damaged during transit which I was also happy with. Nothing to fault so far :)

5 - I bought this for my teenage son who obviously didnt get as excited about a new mattress as i wanted him to but he overslept two days in a row so that confirms it's very comfortable, one could say too comfortable. Good value for money and does the job too well

4 - I bought this for my daughter to replace her foam mattress, she gets very hot while sleeping, I believe this has helped her. It does feel very bouncy im not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I haven't heard any complaints from her regarding the new mattress.

5 - Perfect purchase, I'm a 85 year old and just wanted a nice mattress that didn't cost a lot. Got my daughter to do some research and she found just want I needed , at an exceptional good price. Best night sleep I have had in ages. Would 100 percent recommend.

5 - Had this mattress for a few weeks now i would highly recommend it very comfortable to sleep on bought for my 17 year son he says he’s had the best night sleep since I got it the mattress was on sale when I bought it but would happily of paid full price for it

5 - I’ve bought the mattress along with the pillows about three weeks ago and I’ve never been happier to just throw myself in the bed. Normally I take quite a long time to fall asleep but given the fact that the mattress is perfect i just fall asleep immediately.

5 - I bought this about a month ago and after having heart attack found old mattress was not giving ma a good nights sleep went to dreams bought new bed and decided that this mattress was ideal lovely and firm and no sagging what it is to get a good nights sleep

5 - Amazing firm mattress. Fits perfect on my double bed frame no gaps. Amazing delivery service the lads were kind to bring it downstairs for me into my room and pop on the frame. The lads were so friendly and happy considering I got an early delivery time lol.

5 - I have restless leg syndrome and back issues and have been waiting to buy a new bed for a long time and purchasing my new bed and mattress from dreams has made my nights with my legs so much better. I love my new bed and couldn’t be happier. Thank you again!

5 - I purchased this mattress in the Sale for a bed in our spare room. My guests commented how comfortable it was and had a perfect nights sleep. Excellent purchase and to save money by buying it in the sale was a bonus. Also the service from DREAMS was 100%.

5 - Beautiful quality mattress and my son says it is really comfortable. Excellent value for money and perfect for teenager's room - don't need it to last too long! The delivery time was quick, and I like the mattress removal service which is super efficient.

5 - Wonderful mattress! delivered by a very helpful pleasant young man who you should be proud of! My son is very happy with his mattress and is finding he is sleeping a lot better,as he was really struggling to get a good nights sleep,that is very good news.

5 - We bought the first mattress a year ago, and really liked it. So we decided to get a second matching one to put in the guest room. Great quality, great value. Amazing customer service from the delivery team, very on time and polite. 10/10 would recommend.

5 - Bought mattress for my sister after several online searches. She's had an amazing night sleep and she's hard to please. The mattress was half price and the quality is amazing so I've definitely got a bargain! As a bonus the delivery service was perfect.

5 - Couldn’t recommend this enough! Both me and my partner were pleasantly surprised at how comfy this mattress is, even without any sort of topper. Even better that we got it on sale too - so it didn’t cost an arm and a leg like most mattresses these days!

5 - Very good quality, makes the perfect mattress for an active 6year old. It is a good sturdy mattress which has passed our bounce test and fort making skills lol. My little one has had such an improved night's rest since getting this, definitely recommend

5 - bought a new mattress for the little lads room as he required one and obviously I had to test it out when it arrived and and I made his bed up. It was so comfy in fact its that comfy my little lad now sleeps throughout the night without any waking up.

5 - I bought this in the sale a few weeks ago and was really pleased because I also got student discount on top! This mattress was amazing value for money as it’s so comfortable, I would’ve even paid full price for it! Delivery service was also fantastic!!

5 - Brought this for my 10 year old son after buying one recently elsewhere which was shocking when arrived. This mattress is comfy and definitely worth the price, I've laid on it several times and you cant feel any springs. Very well packaged on arrival.

5 - This mattress really good value for money, cos if you want to buy a firm single mattress you couldn't find anywhere for this price. The design for delivery was really convenient, just loosen it on the bed frame for 3 hours rest and that's it. Amazing.

5 - For someone who has struggled for years to find the correct mattress for my back - I was surprised to come out of dreams with the perfect one. It supports yet provides so much comfort. Having much better nights sleep and my shoulders are much better.

5 - We noticed our son's mattress was getting a little worn so looked to purchase a new one. Found this and ordered and delivered at agreed time with full social distancing measures in place. Lovely comfortable mattress and son has slept well ever since.

5 - I need a cheap firm double mattress before my room is decorated. The Watson mattress appeared the cheap one with the firmness I required. It is firm and value for money for your purchased. Definitely recommended if you need a firm and cheap mattress!

5 - For the price I am surprised in how comfortable it is! I wasn't expecting anything amazing as it was one of the cheapest mattresses available, and as I was on a tight budget I'm so surprised in how comfy it is. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

4 - I’ve been using it for 2 weeks. It’s good value for money. It’s Soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to support my back. Only problem is at time when you lay down on the mattress it gives small squeaking noice. This only happens initially.

5 - I am very pleased with this mattress. It fits my bed perfectly and the springiness is just right allowing me to feel supported but not too hard. The depth is ideal for me as I have a mobility problem and it is the right depth for me to sit easily.

5 - I bought this mattress as a replacement for my young son as he’d been having some disturbed sleep. What a wonderful purchase. He now sleeps soundly and says how comfy it is. Overall a great product and I was lucky enough to pick it up in the sale.

5 - Excellent mattress! Medium Firm and comfortable. Will definitely recommend to friends and family! I got mines on half price sale so was a bargain! Its perfect for kids bunk beds, guests, and for myself as well for everyday use. It was not flimsy.

5 - Fantastic service and great mattress. Very helpful delivery person who assisted me in getting the mattress upstairs and provided us with tips to keep it in good condition. Great mattress for a very reasonable price - would highly recommend!

4 - I bought this mattress on a budget and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. It’s used in my spare room so have only tried sleeping on it once and have added a mattress topper too but all seems fine. Happy with it considering the price point

5 - From ordering to delivery, my whole experience with Dreams was efficient and enjoyable. We purchased this mattress in single size and firm, and it's brilliant. Its such good quality and comfortable. It's firm, but not hard. Can highly recommend.

5 - I was having bad back issues with an old mattress but then got this Great mattress nice design and soft but not to soft just right and perfect size for the base of the bed I have and at a good price my back feels a lot better highly recommended.

5 - We got this in the January sale so it was fantastic value and it's very comfy. Delivery driver was friendly and apologetic that he couldn't bring it into the flat due to covid but I was able to get it up 1 flight of stairs to the flat by myself.

5 - I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago for my grandson aged 8 who was not sleeping very well. Since using this product his sleep pattern has improved greatly ( also his temper) . He is sleeping a lot better and sometime has to be spoken up.

5 - I brought the mattress around 3 weeks ago when moving. We did not realise how much we needed a new mattress until we got one!! Slept like an baby ever since! Dream delivery guys were helpful and friendly, couldn't have asked for anything more.

4 - Bought in March knowing we would have a wait due to covid. So pleased with quality and well worth the wait. Great value. Only lost a star as received an email in error saying mattress was ready......then had a further month to 6 week wait.

4 - While it's not exactly anything special, it is a comfortable matress that has privided me with many good nights sleep since purchasing. If you don't have any special requirements for medical purposes, then it's an afordable abd good choice.

5 - Bought this mattress for our son and he said how really comfortable it was and as a 19 year who loves to lay in without complaining this is a thumbs up for us. Hopefully time will tell how good it is long term but so far so good. Thank you

5 - I bought this mattress two weeks ago and have had great night sleeps since I have moved into my new house. Exactly what I needed. All for a great price and reliable and efficient delivery service! Would definitely buy again. Thanks!!

5 - I bought this for my kids, they both are happy. Good price good quality and excellent delivery choice. Both persons were very friendly and helpful, left the mattresses in the right rooms for me. Good experience would defiantly recommend

5 - I bought this mattress online during a sale so took a chance not being able to test it beforehand, it's turned out fine so far, a big improvement over my old mattress. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new simple spring mattress.

5 - Excellent quality, son doesnt want to get out of bed in the morning's. He says its the most comfy bed he has ever had. Didnt arrive with a nasty chemical smell like previous mattresses iv brought in the past. Would definitely recommend.

5 - We purchased this mattress in the sale so did get it at a good value, but for a spare bedroom matress it is perfect. My Mum stayed with us for 2 weeks at Christmas and said she hasn't slept so well in ages so that's a win in my books!

4 - We are extremely pleased with this mattress, it is very comfy, well made. Considering I brought this online without first trying it in the shop, which is what i normally do I couldn't be more pleased . Definitely would recommend them.

5 - Amazing value for money the quality and comfort is out of this world I've had the best nights sleep in 2 years also the delivery drivers put the mattress were I wanted it I will be recommending dreams for the rest of my life thankyou

5 - Product is great quality and very light but still a sturdy comfortable mattress. We are using as a second mattress for a guest within a pull out cabin bed. I had to rearrange delivery and the text service reminder is great for this.

5 - Was worried the quality of this mattress would be poor as it was not the most expensive but I need not have been, it's a really comfy mattress so far, firm but not too firm and my back feels all the better for having a new mattress!

5 - Really struggled to find a decent mattress and didn’t want a cheap one. Looked on the Dreams online store and found my dream bed for half the price that I was expecting. 10/10 for comfort and a 10/10 for a quick and easy delivery!

4 - Brought this for my 16 year old child and it does the job perfectly . Not the most expensive by far but the mattress does the job . I guess weight also is a feature on this item so to say and my child is weight of 50 kilo (8 stone)

4 - bought this mattress at the same time as the Barton and it has proved to be much better than the Barton but still not the correct one for my wife who suffers terrible back pain. Perhaps we should have bought an orthopaedic mattress

4 - Decent mattress for one of the best prices you can find. A little bouncy when sharing the bed -- that's the tradeoff with not having pocket springs I suppose. Great value for money but not raving about it in general. No complaints.

5 - I bought this mattrase a month ago and I am happy that I did as it's a really nice combination of great quality and affordable price. I chose a firm one that supports the body core and keeps my back healthy providing a good sleep.

5 - Bought for my little boy and he has slept through the night, every night, which wasn't happening before. It feels so comfortable to lie on when we have a bedtime story. I will be purchasing another one soon for my other sons bed.

5 - Really impressed with this mattress. It’s very bouncy as our 2 year old demonstrates by bouncing all over it! Comfy too as husband fell asleep reading him a story although he sleeps anywhere so just take my word that it’s comfy.

5 - Great value, perfects night sleep. Delivered on time delivery men were here early so they could nock and deliver right on schedule. Received mattress during coronavirus, all processes were made to keep everyone safe. Great job.

5 - Easy ordering process through an efficient and informative website. Excellent communication throughout the delivery process. Friendly helpful delivery drivers. Mattress is comfortable , supportive and excellent value for money.

5 - It my first time buying from d Dreams and would definitely purchase agin , Great delivery, Comfortable, delivery men were polite and friendly, told me how to look after the mattress ( turning it etc ) fabulous value for money

5 - I bought this double bed a few weeks ago and I am delighted with the comfort and anatomical features of the mattress. The bed itself is stylish and robust, ideal for the bedroom it was intended for. A very very happy customer!

5 - Really happy with this purchase. I bought two of these for a single bed with a trundle and they are ideal for kids or occasional guests. Comfy and good value. Delivery was quick and the team were very helpful and considerate.

5 - Bought for my 4 year and I’m tempted to keep it for myself! High quality. Can’t feel springs. Very comfortable so a great nights sleep.I’ve even nodded off myself on it. Excellent price. Would definitely recommend for any age

5 - I bought this a month ago when it was half price, and am so happy I did. Its for the spare room but has had a lot of use, and id be just as happy if I'd paid full price for it. Its firm and comfortable a good night's sleep.

5 - It was very easy to order my mattress from start to finish. The Dreams delivery man delivered the mattress and took it upstairs to our chosen room. The mattress is as described. It provides decent cushioning and support.

4 - Bought for our spare room. Basic but comfortable mattress. What I was really impressed with was the efficiency and service offered by Dreams. I would highly recommend the company and will use them again for future purchases.

5 - Highly recommend. I bought 2 weeks ago and it is incredibly comfortable. Fits nicely on the bed we also bought through dreams. It is springy and quite firm, which is to my taste and I can honestly say it is holding up well.

5 - A great looking mattress with a good bounce for my toddler. i found though that when i lie in bed with her some of the springs just pop or get blocked with a noise when i try to get off but i shouldn't be in there anyway:))

5 - I bought 2 of these for my children who are 8 and 9. They love it and said it's the most comfortable mattress they've slept on, I got them on sale so they were fantastic value. Dreams delivery service was excellent as well.

5 - Great mattress, bought for my 8year old daughter as her old one was too soft. This is nice and firm but not hard. Excellent quality. Dreams kept me updated on the delivery process by email and text. Happy with my purchase.

4 - Good support. Can feel the springs if you apply pressure and I feel if someone’s weight is a bit in the higher range, it will not be very comfortable. Apart from that no issues. Great price. Timely and smooth delivery

5 - I bought two mattresses for my children's beds. They are so comfortable and the children are having a much more settled sleep. Highly recommend. The delivery drivers were also fantastic when. It came and in setting up.

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