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Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Pros and Cons

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  • Customers love the soft velvet finish that adds a touch of luxury to their bedrooms.
  • The Sana Ottoman Bed Frame offers excellent storage space which many users find extremely helpful.
  • Many users appreciate the bed's stylish and sophisticated design that fits right into their interior décor.
  • Shoppers find this bed highly sturdy and well built, ensuring they receive great value for their money.
  • Customers are fond of its quality materials and overall durability, with some remarking that it still looks good and functions well even after months of use.
  • The Ottoman mechanism is often described as smooth and easy to operate, a feature that customers truly appreciate.
  • Several users reported that the bed frame was fairly straightforward to assemble, which saved them a lot of time and effort.
  • Many customers appreciate the Dreams Team for their excellent service, from the purchase process right down to delivery and assembly.
  • Some users recommend this bed due to its great functionality and design, making it a worthwhile purchase.
  • Many find the colour and texture of the bed to be luxurious. The bed often blends well with various colour schemes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their bedrooms.
  • The additional feature of a prop to ease the stress on the piston for the Ottoman is vouched for by several users.

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Our Thoughts On The Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

When it comes to our bedrooms, more than just a place to sleep, we seek a personal refuge that encompasses our personality and style. A bed that is not just comfortable but stylish is a vital part of this space. Let's dive into the Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame, a luxurious velvet-finish upholstered ottoman bed that promises to enhance your bedroom decor and maximise its storage capacity.

Who is this product for?

The Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a dash of luxury and elegance in their bedroom furniture. It offers the perfect blend of style and functionality for individuals looking for a comfortable bed with additional storage space. If you're attracted to timeless designs, appreciate a good night's sleep, and need to store away bedroom clutter, then this bed frame might just tick all your boxes.

What do we use this product for?

This bed isn't merely a place to rest; it's a multifunctional furniture piece that adds to the aesthetic of your bedroom while meeting your storage needs. Its easy-access end-opening ottoman storage with an internal depth of 19cm provides ample space to store clothes, extra bedding, shoes or any other items. The Sana bed also contributes to a comfortable night's sleep with its sprung slats that provide better shock absorption and cushioned support.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Many customers applauded the bed's stylishness, which adds a classy touch to various colour schemes. Its dark grey shade is popular, even if it's slightly darker than expected, and still beautiful.

  • The majority of users also enjoy the practicality of the spacious ottoman storage that doesn't compromise the bed frame's integrity.

  • A lack of sturdiness was the main drawback mentioned repeatedly. Some reviews cited noisy creaking sounds, while another pointed out a catch on the left side panel when operating the opening mechanism.

  • Customers also raised concerns about the product's longevity, with a few experiences of broken frames due to design faults and a persistent creaking problem even after repairs.

Features you should know about

The Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame boasts a high-end luxurious velvet finish and a cosy winged headboard that adds to its visual appeal. Upholstered in soft flat weave fabric available in various classic colours, this bed frame facilitates easy access to its end-opening ottoman storage. With an easy grip handle and smooth lifting mechanism, the bed remains raised while the ottoman is in use, thanks to the supporting bar. It comes with a 1-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Our Review

Having perused its features and customer reviews, the Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame appears to be a mixed bag. While its luxurious design and plentiful storage capacity render it appealing, the shared concerns around the bed's sturdiness and noise levels cannot be disregarded. However, everyone's experience varies, and issues such as creaking noises can be managed with regular maintenance. In conclusion, if aesthetics, comfort, and storage are your key factors when choosing a bed, the Sana stands tall. However, if stability and durability are your top priorities, you might want to keep looking.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Ottoman support bar keeps the bed raised while in use

    The inclusion of an ottoman support bar in a bed frame is an advantage as it safely retains the bed in a raised position when accessing the storage space. This feature promotes both convenience and safety, reducing the risk of accidental closure and offering ease of use when retrieving items from under the bed.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Sprung slat as standard available for better shock absorption and cushioned support

     This feature enhances comfort by evenly distributing weight and conforming to your body's shape and movements. The result is a more restful, comfortable sleep and reduced strain on your mattress, prolonging its lifespan. 

    Upholstered in soft flat weave or velvet-finish fabric

    In your choice of classic colours

    With a cosy winged headboard

    Easy-access end-opening ottoman storage

    Internal storage depth of 19cm

    Upholstered in soft flat weave fabric

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: I have a Nature's Finest 4500 K Mattress Medium which we brought 2019 from yourselves, would this bed support this mattress as very heavy.

Answer: The mattress you have weighs 49kg, so it would be suitable for this bed frame. Many thanks

Question: How does the mattress sit on the bed frame. On the picture its covered with bedding. I was wondering if it sits inside the frame so it doesnt move etc.

Answer: , The mattress sits on top of the frame rather than inside the frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the headboard integral to the bed? (I.e. if we have one already which is screwed to the wall can we keep that one)

Answer: Hi , The headboard is an important part of the frame. Many thanks for your question, Shannel

Question: Dose this bed have a super king size ?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this frame comes in double and king size only. Thank you for your question.

Question: Will the king size take a 43kg mattress

Answer: Hi , We do not have any weight restrictions on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the base like where you put the mattress. The description says solid base but there is no picture confirming it. Or does it have slats?

Answer: , The base where the mattress is placed is a sprung slatted base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the length of the bed 215cm in total? including headboard to the end?

Answer: , Our length measurements do indeed take this into account. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Does it comes with headboard? Is it included within price?

Answer: , Yes the headboard is included as part of the Sana bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi could you please tell me the exact colour its described as pearl but is a pearl grey or a cream just want to make sure and it's hard to tell on the picture 

Answer: Hello , This will be a pearl cream in colour for the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: I can see the dimensions but compared to most beds is this low or about average height? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This would be around the average height for a bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What colour is pearl? I have a Tempur mattress already. Would this bed be suitable?

Answer: Hello , A tempur mattress will be suitable for the bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What is the space between each slat? Some mattress manufacturers expect 3inch gap to support their warranty whereas your slats are nearly 3.5 inches.

Answer: , The approximate gap between slats on this bed is 3.5 inches. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you deliver to. Republic of Ireland and what is the cost?

Answer: , Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to Republic of Ireland. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi I've just ordered the grey Sana bedframe and wondered if you do a fabric sample. I want to decorate before it arrives would be handy to have to match colours. Thanks

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not currently provide fabric samples. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi, can i get the sana pearl bed in another colour?

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not, this only comes in the displayed colour. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi my stairway is quite narrow with a turn at the bottom. Please can you give me the dims of the biggest pieces so I can make sure they will fit. I would hate to buy it and it not fit.

Answer: Hello , This box is 158cm in width and and 150cm in height. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi does this bed have a gas powered lifting system.

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will have a gas assisted lifting system. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does this bed come with a headboard?

Answer: , Yes this bedframe is sold with the headboard in the image Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Are you able to send out a fabric swatch?

Answer: , Unfortunately we are unable to send out fabric swatches. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What is the height of the bed once opened?

Answer: , Without a mattress, the height of the ottoman once opened is 155cm. Many thanks

Question: Is it possible to post a fabric sample?

Answer: , Unfortunately we are unable to provide fabric samples. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Would this base frame be suitable for a heavy person 

Answer: , Yes, this bed does not have a maximum weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is this bed frame suitable for a tempur mattress? 

Answer: , This bed frame is suitable with a Tempur mattress. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Can I get a colour swatch for this bed

Answer: Hello , I am afraid we do not supply colour swatches. Many thanks for the question.

Question: is this a low ottoman?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this is a low ottoman bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What is the maximum weight limit this bed can support?

Answer: , This bed frame doesn't have a maximum weight limit. Kind regards Dreams

Question: can the legs be removed as a flat bottom bed frame ?

Answer: , The legs need to be kept on the bed to allow air to flow through. Thanks

Question: I have a 49kg King Size Mattress, It is heavy on its own so will this be okay on a bed that lifts up like this one?

Answer: Hi , Yes this will be ok. We have no set weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you.

Question: Can this fabric come is grey

Answer: Hi , This bed comes in the colour and fabric shown. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does it come with feet as in the photo?

Answer: , Yes this bed does come with feet as per the images. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi, can you order this bed in super king? Thanks

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, this is not available in superking. Many thanks for the question.

Question: I want to purchase the Ellis storage chest with this bed. Can you advise if they are the same shade of grey?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes these will be the same colour and fabric type. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How long does delivery take? I will be moving in around 4 weeks, and would prefer the bed to be delivered and set up at the new property, rather than delivered to the existing property. Could delivery be delayed if required?

Answer: , This bed is on a delayed lead time of 10-12 weeks at the moment. Thanks

Question: Can this bed frame support a Tempur memory foam mattress?

Answer: Hello , This bed can support a tempur mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Question: is this frame a silver grey colour ?

Answer: Hello, This is a light cream and described as pearl. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Is this made in Britain?

Answer: , No, this bed Is manufactured overseas. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Sana Pearl Fabric Ottoman - I am looking to use a 36kg mattress on this bed - will that be ok?

Answer: Hello , This will be fine for the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: is this bed slatted? It says solid base in the description but a review mntions solid slats. We need a non-slatted base for our mattress

Answer: , This bed comes with a sprung slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What fabric is the headboard, is it leather? It says Luxury plush pearl or grey fabric.

Answer: , The fabric on this bed is 100% polyester. Many thanks Dreams

Question: My Mattress is 23.42 Kg .Would that be suitable ?

Answer: Hi , Yes this weight is fine for this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Question: I want to purchase a king size simba hybrid mattress to go on this bed,would this be suitable?

Answer: , Yes, this mattress would be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed include the headboard!!

Answer: , This bed does include the headboard. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Will this bed in kingsize be compatible with a Tempur Kingsize mattress?

Answer: , Yes this mattress will be compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, we've just purchased this bed but we are now worrying if we will get it up our stairs, does it get delivered in parts? Thanks 

Answer: Hello, This will be delivered flat-packed. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi I ve ordered this bed and it's being delivered next week but I ve just seen that memory foam mattresses are not suitable is this correct as I gave a memory foam mattress.what can I do?

Answer: Hi , Not to worry, a memory foam mattress will be fine. Thank you.

Question: Hello, can you confirm the width between each slats,the description says 9cm which seems to me quite wide. Thanks 

Answer: , The gap between the slats is 9cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Will this bed be alright for the weight of a temur mattress.

Answer: , This bed would be appropriate, yes. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Hi. Is this a gas lift bed

Answer: , Yes this is a gas lift bed. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Hi is the headboard 90' to the base or is there a slight angle to it? I have a skirting concerned any gap between top of headboard and wall could cause it to bend backwards and/or bang on the wall.

Answer: , The headboard is 90' to the base. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What's the depth of the storage space?

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: How many years are the extended warranty

Answer: , Our Bed Cover extended warranty is for 8 years. Thanks

Question: How deep is th bed for storage? 

Answer: Hi , This is approximately 30cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi, me and my husband are 170 kg total, mattress we chose is 40 kg. Is it OK for that bed? Thank you!

Answer: , This would be suitable for this bed. Many thanks

Question: What is the storage depth on the king size please.

Answer: , The storage depth is 23cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: how high is the actual bed (not headboard) from the floor?

Answer: Hello , This will be 36cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hello How much is the actual usable depth of storage area of double bed (excluding the thickness) ? is it 30 cm?

Answer: , The storage depth is19cm. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: How much is assembly for this bed please?

Answer: Hello , This will be £48. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hello, can I use this bed in king size with a memory foam mattress? You mentioned yes to someone, but also answered to someone else that it was only ok if it was pocket sprung with a foam layer at the top. What about if it's 100% memory foam? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , Any mattress will be fine on this bed. Thank you.

Question: What is the height of this bed from base to top of headboard please

Answer: Hello, This is 120cm. Many thanks for the question.

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Customer Reviews For The Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - I needed a mid price double bed for my spare room to replace a couple of dilapidated singles. I also needed storage as my place is woefully short. Hence choosing this bed. The bed head colour is perfect for my room and you won’t believe what I’ I’ve got stored under there now. Mattress not expensive but comfy and fine for occasionals.

4 - Had this bed just over a week, and so far it has been very comfortable. Lots of storage space underneath, although it is a bit difficult to open the ottoman. I'm hoping this will ease after a few uses. We paid for the Dreams team to put the bed together, which was well worth it. Got the bed in a sale and so good value for money.

5 - We wanted a glamorous looking bed at an affordable price that was also practical with the ottoman storage. We bought online judging our purchase from other photo reviews and the bed did not disappoint. Love it! The ottoman storage is not as deep as another ottoman bed we own but the bed is so lovely for the money it can be forgiven!

4 - I brought this over a month ago and I am very happy with it. Given number of components I thought it was going to be hard assembling it but it was not. I am disabled with mobility issues and still managed to assemble it with my wife’s help in 2 hours. The bed itself is great and my daughter who it was brought for is chuffed with it.

5 - I’ve had this bed for a few weeks now and it’s brilliant. The guys from dreams built it within 20 mins and were great. The material is super soft and a gorgeous colour! I love that the bed is super quiet and not at all creaky, one reason I got rid of my last wooden bed. Would definitely recommend this bed frame, worth every penny!

5 - So happy with this bed. It just looks beautiful and not over the top. The storage so much more than my old divan and fairly easy to access. I would recommend to pay for the bed to be assembled if you have any doubts about doing that yourself. The bed did take a while to be delivered but worth the wait and I have no regrets at all.

5 - The bed looks beautiful, I got it in pearl, and it's very comfortable. The colour goes well with the whites and greyish wood colours in my room. I paid to have it assembled and it took less than half an hour - impressive! I don't find that it makes any noise. The bed seems very sturdy and there's a lot of room inside the ottoman.

5 - The Sana bed is great and we are very pleased with our recent purchase. It looks very stylish and with the storage underneath it’s very practical. We paid for assembly too and that was well worth it - the guys noticed one of the slats was faulty so immediately organised a replacement to be sent and we received this very quickly.

5 - We bought this bed to maximise 'hidden storage' for bedding, towels, etc and it has proved a good buy. Bed itself is lovely and seemed sturdy. Underneath good level of storage area and there is a 'floor' of sorts to prevent stuff simply lying in the ground as with some beds. We paid for assembly and it was done within 30 minutes

3 - Bought this bed in the January sales and easily managed to build this on my own. The colour comes up more Pearl than displayed in the online photos. The ottoman storage mechanics are quite stiff at first, but hopefully over time they loosen up. Overall it’s good value for money for an ottoman storage bed and visually appealing.

5 - I bought this 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier! The bed is very expensive looking and has a great finish, it is also very sturdy with generous storage with the ottoman style. We opted for assembly and the delivery men were polite and efficient and the bed was put up in approximately 30 minutes. Very happy with my purchase.

5 - The colour is lighter than I had hoped and I'm struggling with bedding colour options so I'm sticking to whites as the mo. Nonetheless it's still a beautiful bed. The gas lift is smooth and easy for me to lift. The base is solid and raised off the ground so you do lose a bit of height for storage but it's not a deal breaker.

5 - Lovely bed frame although looks different in colour depending what time of day it is due to fabric. I’ve always had a divan bed, even as a child, so going to a slatted base is noticeably different. Guys who built it kept in touch throughout the day re delivery and built it without any issue. Delighted with my purchase.

5 - I purchased this bed about a month ago. Not only does it look good but is so useful as I have very little storage space and seems to have given my old mattress a new lease of life, the bed is now far more comfortable than my old one. Also the lifting mechanism is so smooth and easy to use. Very happy with my purchase.

5 - We had this bed frame made up by dreams delivery and couldnt praise it highly enough. Saved me a lot of time and hassle and being an ottoman im so glad I opted and let them do it. Being my first Ottoman I was a bit reluctant buying it but there is no difference between a normal bed except you get loads of space below!

4 - Very comfortable bed. About 18cm high storage under the bed.. due to the height of the backboard I thought this would be a little bit higher but still decent storage. The bed is light to lift up too which was pleasantly surprising. Putting the bed together was simple and the instructions were ere straight forward!

3 - Bought this bed a couple of weeks ago. The bed itself looks nice and feels soft. The only thing that i am not satisfied with is the storage base which is not as hard as I thought it would be. When you apply some weight on it with your hands it feels like it is going to collapse. Not suitable for storing heaving items.

5 - Bed is fantastic. We seen it online, then looked in shop but we were told that since it is a new model, it was trialling online only to see how it sells. We reckon it will soon be in stores as it is a lovely bed. Looks great in our room and delivery and installation was quick and easy. Thanks to everyone at Dreams.

5 - A great bed base. Easy to build and looks great. We have a very deep mattress (34cm) and the bed lifts up really smoothly, no issues. Loads of space underneath, alot better than our 4 drawer divan. Delivery was good. We had one damaged piece, but Dreams exchanged that for us, no problems. Over all very happy.

5 - I am loving my new bed! It has so much storage space underneath, and it’s so easy to see where I’ve put everything. The headboard is lovely soft material and it’s a great size for my room because it doesn’t have to much space on the sides and at the fort of the bed. Delivery people were also very nice and helpful

5 - the Dreams guys set this up, and it was much easier than another similar product I had bought elsewhere and set up myself. We are storing all spare bedding under it for a number of beds. It is giving a solid, but not hard, support to our Dreams mattress and saved a lot of storage space elsewhere in the house.

5 - The service i received was great customer assistance. The guys was wearing their PPE and brought the bed to my bedroom which i was happy with the service. I haven’t opened the double bed up yet as im in progress of moving out of home. Thank you for excellent service. I will definitely be buying of dreams again.

5 - This was bought for me as a birthday present,it's not a special birthday but thus bed is..It looks lovely & is very comfy to sleep in. It's that comfy I don't want to get out in the mornings . I was very spoilt for my birthday to get such a gorgeous bed.Very happy customer.Never slept in anything so luxurious.

5 - Great style and perfect quality material of the bed! I have this bed in the grey and the colour is much nicer than the picture shown. So much storage under the bed! Overall, I’ve had the best experience from the beginning of picking out the best bed for me, to the very end of finally having the bed in my room!

3 - Lovely bed BUT not the colour as shown in the online photos. I was expecting a cream/beige colour but it’s not, it’s pale grey. Incredibly disappointed as this doesn’t fit with my colour scheme. Dreams need to update this as it’s very misleading and looks like a totally different colour to what’s advertised.

5 - Streamline process from start to finish. Superb quality, easy assembly with straight forward instructions. Kept fully up to date with delivery and delivered on time, on the stated day with no hiccups. Every the delivery drivers went over and above. Couldn't have wished for a better experience or product!

5 - Always thought spending this much on a bed was a waste of money. How wrong I was! So good to actually have a great nights sleep! I look forward to bedtime. Well worth every penny! Storage inside is brilliant!! Youll be suprised how much you can fit in! Couldnt recommend enough, it is such a beautiful bed!

5 - It is very comfy... We are very pleased with the bed. It was straightforward to assemble and is sturdy. The storage is very useful as we can keep our bedding sets. The communication with you was excellent and the delivery people. We were extremely happy about the whole process and would recommend you.

5 - Brought this in the sale, delivery was excellent, the guys were excellent in helping move it into the flat. The bed was easy to assemble using the instructions in inder an hour although needed an extra pair of hands to get the bigger peices in place. We have filled the storage underneath and its great!

4 - Bed is just as shown. We did have a long wait for it to come back into stock, however, we are happy with our purchase. The ottoman drawer is lighter to lift than some of the other models that we viewed which makes it easier to open up to store items underneath. Fabric is soft and a pale Greigey colour.

5 - Bought this bed around 3 weeks ago and it's been fantastic. Only took around 45 minutes for 2 people to build. Lots of space in the ottoman part and it's been quiet. It looks gorgeous as well, really happy with the bed and the delivery men were excellent especially with their social distancing.

5 - Went into Dreams having no clue what to look for in a bed, mattress or pillows. Very helpful staff member helped me pick the perfect items for me. Delivery and set up was prompt and I was kept updated with when the delivery guys would arrive. Very happy with my purchase and the service I received.

3 - I've purchased this bed about 1 month ago, it looks and feels very nice but ar the end if the bed it needs a bigger piece to support the slats and mattress...mine goes down, I cant sit at the end of bed . We have followed the instructions when fitting the bed , so I guess is a manufacturing issue

5 - I’ve had this bed a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it. I wanted something plush but practical and it exceeds expectations. It’s well made, and the material feels really luxurious. The ottoman lift is smooth and nicely lined inside with plenty of storage space. Would definitely recommend.

5 - I had been looking at this bed and wish I bought it sooner. It was easy to put together and the instructions were very clear. The delivery men were ever so friendly and bought it up into the room I wanted. The pearl colour really stands out. Very happy with my purchase would definitely recommend!

5 - This is a good looking bed and has really finished off our room. The headboard is sturdy whilst comfortable, making sitting up in bed a delight. The instructions were simple enough to follow making it easy to assemble. Having all that extra storage space is great and it's easy enough to lift up.

5 - I fell in love with this bed as soon as I saw it in the store. It’s very well presented in the way it looks and is very sturdy and storage is just what I needed. I can’t stop looking at it. I’m a very fussy customer as I’m in interior design but this has just ticked every box. Worth every penny!

5 - Having visited my local store to view the colour and qualuty of the bed i finally took the plunge and ordered this bed online when it was discounted in price. Prompt delivery. Delivery men x2 both very helpful and polite. Put the bed together myself. Fabulous bed and looks stunning. So pleased.

5 - This bed base is fantastic, really happy with it and the quality is great. The ottoman base was slightly stiff to push down to begin with but after a few uses it has become easier, which I was informed of when they built it for me. Really pleased with it and there is so much space for storage!

5 - Such a nice, elegant and expensive looking bed. A lovely colour and great design. It’s handy ottoman is great too for storing lots of things. I have a little one and required dreams to build the bed together... they arrived on time and fit the bed in 15min.... perfect! Would highly recommend

4 - I purchased this bed in store took about 3 weeks to come in well worth the wait. Assemble easy enough looks stunning. Was great for a month or two (4months old) it’s now making creaking noise everytime I move around the bed. Im the only person thats stay in the bed im average size and weight

5 - Very professional service! Bed delivered quickly and to room of choice. Delivery men took shoes off to go upstairs which I found very respectful. Quality of bed is sturdy and came in a choice of colours. I would definitely recommend Dreams to family and friends. Sale price was a bonus too!

5 - The bed is amazing, would recommend to anyone. We paid the extra for the assembly worth every penny, the guys were excellent, friendly and did the job really quickly. You can even get an extended warranty with the bed we we purchased for 8 years. Have to say the best bed we have ever had

3 - The bed looks the part in the room, however the stability is poor. It’s a new bed and it creaks and groans like it’s 10 years old and we should be getting a new bed. I am not sure if this is the case with ottomans or just this particular bed. I am disappointed we spent alot of money on it.

5 - Beautiful bed, fantastic quality would recommend. Was daunted at first by the amount of screws and bolts. However myself and my Mum did it no problem. Its worth watching the Youtube video when closing the bed down and using the ottoman part. The ottoman part is massive, great storage.

4 - I bought this bed over a month ago and its just as it looks. Looks more expensive than it is! Very easy to put together with clear instructions. Delivery was on time and easy to arrange as I needed a Saturday delivery. It was my first time purchasing with Dreams and will certainly return

4 - I fell in love with the DREAMS BED and from ordering to receiving prompt communications regarding the delivery and a text to say the bed is on its way - it was all amazing customer service, delivery and product. I love my bed, it’s comfy and I’ll definitely recommend DREAMS. Thank you

5 - I bought this bedframe in the sale but was pleasantly surprised as to its quality. Myself and my husband managed to put it together in an hour or so and the instructions were very clear. The under bed storage is much bigger than I expected and it is easy to lift the top to access it.

5 - Really happy with the Sana Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame from the fabulous Dreams Team at Dragonville, Durham. Expertly assembled and the quality and finish is superb. The storage it provides us is just what we need and it adds the perfect finishing touch to our bedroom makeover.

5 - Bed was delivered about a month ago. I put it together myself without any problems. It is better than in the picture and has loads of storage underneath and the base boards are very good quality, much better than another ottoman bed that I already have. Very pleased with my purchase.

5 - The product arrived securely packed, although quite heavy and awkward to lift around tigh spaces. Once in place it is easy to lift and also bring back down into place. The storage space is great, and easy to acceess. Now it's in place it looks great, very pleased with our purchase

5 - I am really pleased with my new bed. I chose this bed on line and when it arrived I was not disappointed exactly as described and I chose the pearl colour it is beautiful. I put the bed together with the help of my son and the instructions were so easy to follow. Happy customer.

5 - i have had my eye on this bed for about 18 months! We managed to move house during lockdown and my first purchase with the bed. It was well worth sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 2 months. So much space underneath and the fabric is so soft. Love it! Very easy to essemble too

5 - I have had this bed for 3 months now and I’m so pleased with it. It looks lovely and the fabric looks and feels such good quality. It is relatively simple to assemble with 2 people. I love the otter man base and it’s so easy to lift up and down. I’m throughly pleased with this bed!

5 - I only bought this a month ago but i'm so pleased with this bed, it has loads of storage space and is very strong. No problems to date so im keeping my fingers crossed. The guys who delivered it put it together in 20 mins, no fuss or mess. Really pleased with the whole experience!

5 - Easy enough to set up by yourself. There were some stickers in the wrong place which meant it took at extra 10 mins to actually work out where the cross bar goes. Once set up bed looks great and feels sturdy. Lots of people have said about squeaky noises but we cant hear anything.

5 - This bed was delivered a few weeks ago and I must say so far, it has been a joy sleeping on it. I love how solid it is, the beautiful velvet feature and the ottoman storage it provides. I can't fault this bed. Highly recommended. Thank you Dreams, the bed brings my dreams to life.

5 - I went and viewed this bed before purchasing online and I thought it being a ottoman it would be quite difficult to build! However it took two of us about 30 mins to put it up, it’s so useful and the design and colour is beautiful, you can tell it’s good quality just looking at it

5 - This bed is exactly what I was looking for, it has storage and the headboard is part of the bed instead of coming seperately like other beds. The price was great for it, but it has a luxurious look/feel to it, as I got it during the sales. Worth every penny and highly recommend

5 - This bed is so beautiful - the winged headboard and velvet finish give it a sophisticated, luxurious feel in our guest bedroom - it’s really comfortable and has the added bonus of storage underneath. I also love the Pearl colour of it which is a light grey - a perfect neutral.

5 - So glad I purchased this bed. It is so well made. Very strong. Very stylish and most of all very comfortable. Completely happy with this bed. The storage facility is so good and I can get a lot under this double bed..cant recommend this bed enough. Highly satisfied customer

5 - We decided to go with the purchase of a new double bed for our daughters bedroom from Dreams, after researching in shops and online. I decided to buy it as a kit, and finish the build onsite at home. Following the very clear instructions, this was actually very easy to do.

3 - Bought this bed in 2018. Storage is amazing and the bed is comfy. But the vile smell of the headboard is still pungent no matter how much I clean it. I've resorted to covering it just to minimise the smell... thought it was due to it being new but 2yrs on is and no change

5 - Absolutely love our new bed wit it’s huge storage underneath. The headboard looks great quality and jazzes up our bedroom. Even better that we managed to purchase while in the sale AND we had the two lovely delivery assembly it. Great service and very happy with the bed!

3 - We purchased this bed frame along with a new mattress. The delivery guys assembled it in no time at all. We have now had the goods for a month now, and although we are not heavy people at all it is starting to creak every time we move which some times disturbs our sleep.

5 - Very nice bed that has soft velvet feel to it. Also like that you can store a lots of things inside the bed. The mechanism of the bed is very good although you do need to have some strength to lift the bed to get to the storage area. It is a bed that I highly recommend.

5 - I was searching for a new ottoman bed for ages and this was the best I come across and it hasn’t disappointed! I have a small room and it slots in perfectly which was one of the reasons I went for an ottoman. I also love the Pearl colour! It’s also great value for money

5 - This the 2nd Sana bed we have brought and the third bed off dreams, my daughters love the style and as parents we love the storage it gives underneath. The Girls now have plenty of storage whilst keeping their rooms clean and tidy. I would definitely recommend this bed

5 - Great value for money. Quality exceeded my expectation for the price. Loads of storage underneath and looks fantastic in our room. King size installation was done mostly by myself but required around 10 minutes of help from my partner. Overall very happy with this bed.

5 - Excellent communication from Dreams about the order and delivery. Delivery guys were very curious and respectful. I’m so happy with the quality of the bed. It looks more expensive than it costs. Ensure you follow the instructions and you won’t have any problem.

5 - Had this bed delivered at the weekend in the king size. Excellent quality. No issues at all from start to finish. Delivered within a week of ordering in the shop and was assembled in under an hour by the delivery men. Fits into my room just perfectly. In love with it!

4 - I bought this bed knowing a friend had also bought it recently. So I knew what to expect. It’s a lovely colour and texture and the storage space is great. Very easy to put together. Had to wait ages for delivery (2.5 months) but customer service were great about it.

3 - I bought this bed a month ago and have found this looks impressive, however the noise is unbearable from moving around, constantly creaks and is only after a short time. Appreciate if dreams can resolve especially after we purchased the additional guarantee option.

5 - Excellent quality. Bed frame very sturdy. Aesthetically very pleasing and excellent value for money. I would highly recommend. Also our experience in the shop was first class, excellent service. Really pleased with my experience. Would definitely shop here again.

5 - The bed is very nice. I bought the grey one and loved it. It looks so elegant. For me it was a right choice along with 2 bedside tables. Although when I called customer service for their advice in bedside table they were unable to do so which was bit of frustrating.

5 - Bought the ottoman bed frame (not mattress) and we are very pleased. The colour and quality of the fabric is great and the overall look is lovely. The storage part is quite easy to open and with a little pressure closes easily too. Very pleased and a good price too.

5 - After 2 failed deliveries on other beds (due to a narrow staircase) I’m so so pleased to have finally got a bed I love. It perfectly fits my room, everyone has commented on how lovely it looks & the storage underneath is a god send (for someone with a lot of shoes!)

5 - Really lovely looking, stylish, cosy bed covered in a very soft fabric. Fairly easy to construct as I did it by myself (female over 60). The storage space below is very useful and easy to get in to when lifting the mattress frame handle. I would recommend this bed.

5 - Really simple to put together and doesn’t take long at all. When lifting the slatted frame in to place, it is easier if there are two of you. When up, bed looks great. Really pleased with it. Delivery was fast and the delivery crew where efficient and very polite.

5 - We needed a bed that offered storage so we picked this ottoman bed. The amount of storage space is quite a surprise. Also, it is so luxurious looking. It's also hugely comfortable. I'm thrilled with this bed (this is 6 months after purchase too). Highly recommend.

5 - Bed looks fantastic. No difference from what the website showed. Delivery was prompt and professional. Due to covid I set it up myself. Instructions were clear and it was very easy to do. Love the new feature to the master bedroom and now additional storage space.

5 - Bought the King size. Bed is comfortable and it is spacious from the ottoman perspective. Fabric is soft and colour is what we expected. Next time I think I'll buy the mattress on Dreams because the King size that I purchase elsewhere is too small for the frame...

5 - Very pleased with this bed, looks very stylish, the only criticism I would make is that the bed is extremely heavy in that I can’t move it at all. Also to lift the bed to access the ottoman is also a struggle, we were told that it would get easier after a while.

5 - Absolutely stunning bed frame and super easy to assemble! Was really pleased that the base came with all the slats ready assembled too. The instructions were easy to follow and for 2 people it wasn't difficult. The colour and fabric is beautiful, great quality!

4 - Beautiful bed looks really stylish and classy, bought in the sale so a fantastic price. My only criticism is when using the storage underneath it's very difficult to push the mattress back down, if it wasn't for this it would have been a 5 star rating from me.

5 - I am so pleased with the bed base. My bed base was old and needed replacing. The ottoman gives me much needed storage and is so easyto access. It is so easy to use and the design and colour are up to the minute and very well made, so will stand the yest of time

5 - Love this bed, so comfortable and so easy to clean and lift up. I payed £50 for dfs to make the bed, this was the best £50 spent, the guys were so lovely and helpful, the bed was done in around 30 minutes and they explained how to use the ottoman etc. So happy

5 - Bought this during lockdown after a toss up between this and another bed, glad I decided on this. Easy to build myself (had a help lift the frame onto the gas lift) delivery was excellent and the bed itself is beyond amazing. Buy it, you will not be disappointed

5 - Really easy to put together (I did it by myself in about an hour with a little help from one other towards the end) and is the most comfortable bed we've ever had. The storage is brilliant and the headboard is sturdy to sit up and read 'til your hearts content.

4 - Great luxurious bed frame. A bit tricky assembling,and took 2 of us over 3 hours. Love the gas spring element,holds lots of different things,mattress moves slightly,but nothing major. Have to use 2 pillows in order for head to feel comfortable whilst sitting up

5 - This bed exceeded our expectations.. The velvet headboard is just luxurious and a beautiful colour! Instructions were spot on which made it easy to put the bed together snd there’s plenty of storage underneath the pull up frame, so pleased with our purchase

5 - I am so happy with my purchase. Very stylish. Fantastic quality for a great price. The underbed storage is amazing. Friends have commented on how easy it looks to open in comparison (using Facebook time due pandemic )from others they have experienced.

5 - Best bed I've ever owned! Very comfortable and the delivery team were fast, efficient and professional. Not only is this bed comfortable, the storage in incredible! I would have no issues highly recommending both Dreams and this particular bed. 5 STAR!!!

5 - Firstly the bed to fit was really simple and easy with simple instructions. The look of the bed looks amazing just how it does on the pictures. The storage is huge to keep a lot of stuff in it. The material is really soft and smooth. Both me and wife love it.

4 - Good quality product. Looks stylish and more expensive than it was. One point of note is that the wood slat frame comes as a preassembled item and so you need ample space in your room to build the bed frame as well as laying out the slat frame separately!

5 - Very pleased with my new Dreams bed. The colour is really stylish and if in the future I change the colour scheme of my room it will certainly match probably with most colours. Also the storage space has exceeded my expectations. Totally happy. Thank you.

5 - An absolute dream to put together. All holes in the right place, and no missing bits. It took us 2hrs. Nice and sturdy and we love the storage space. Only thing is, I ordered Pearl, it came in a pearl box, but definitely doesnt look pearl. It looks silver.

5 - Perfect for us. Very happy with the service on delivery, (my husband assembled himself which took approx 2 hours), the price was excellent value and the bed itself we are so happy with. It's given us so much extra storage space which is worth every penny!

5 - Beautiful bed with plenty of storage underneath. Statement in the bedroom. Takes 2 people to build and approximately 3 hours. Absolutely love it - great bed at a great price! Oh … and the delivery guys were extremely polite and helpful too. No complaints.

5 - Bought this bed after being let down by another company. Delivered so quickly I only waited a week, compared to other places where you wait 8 weeks or so! Great quality, looks amazing and wasn’t too difficult to put together. So happy with this purchase!

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