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Sleepeezee Novara Headboard

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Pros and Cons

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1. Luxurious padding ensures comfort and sophistication.

2. Available in strutted or full-height design, meeting individual preferences.

3. Variety in colours and fabrics makes it suitable for different decors.

4. Crafted in the UK, promising supreme quality.

5. Enjoys a ten-year guarantee, offering peace of mind to the buyer.

While the benefits of the Sleepeezee Novara Headboard are undeniable, potential customers might grapple with the choices available. Deciding between the fabric types, colours, and height options could potentially be overwhelming for some. Additionally, it's more of a high-end product, which might not gel well with budget-oriented customers.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Sleepeezee Novara Headboard

There's no denying the importance of a superb headboard when it comes to creating a standout aesthetic and more importantly, generating optimum comfort in your bedroom. This is where the Sleepeezee Novara Headboard steps into the limelight. One of the newest additions to the brilliant Sleepeezee line, this headboard encapsulates luxuriant padding, the signature panelled design, a variety of dazzling colours and fabric options, all cultivated together in a UK-based workshop that ensures premium quality.

Who Is This Product for?

The Sleepeezee Novara Headboard is for individuals who value customisation, quality and comfort. It's aimed at discerning customers looking for that perfect balance between style and substance. If you enjoy reading a book or watching television in bed, noted for its classic padded panelled design, the Novara caters to you. Furthermore, with the option to choose between dramatic velveteen or a more subtle boucle-style pebble fabric and six striking colours, it adds a personal touch to your bedroom environment.

What Do We Use This Product For?

The Novara Headboard is more than just a stylistic accessory for your bed. It’s a functional piece, providing support when you're sitting up in bed whilst adding a sophisticated touch to your bedroom decor. Opting for a full height for a luxurious look or a strutted headboard for height adjustment flexibility, exemplifies just how the headboard can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Features You Should Know About

The Sleepeezee Novara Headboard boasts several features that make it stand out in the bedding sector. Not only does it offer a classic, panelled design for that vintage feel, but it also comes fully upholstered in a choice of six versatile colours and two distinct fabric styles to perfectly match your bedroom ambiance. Jaw-droppingly, aside from its strutted or full height availability, it’s also handmade in the UK and offers buyers a reassuring ten-year guarantee. These are endowments that should not be overlooked.


Investing in the Sleepeezee Novara Headboard is akin to making a commitment to colour, comfort and quality. The fact that it's handmade in the UK is symbolic of a commitment to quality craftsmanship and the choice of colours and fabrics further amplifies its visual appeal. Royal Warrant of The Prince of Wales guaranteed, the Novara is a quintessentially British gem, offering not only a striking aesthetic appeal but also significant real-world functionality.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, the Sleepeezee Novara Headboard is a top-notch quality product that combines luxury, comfort and versatile aesthetics. The captivating positive reviews from satisfied customers endorse its superior design and easy assembly, making it a high-potential addition to your bedroom setting. Whether you're aiming for a design overhaul or craving a more comfortable reading experience in bed, the Novara might just be the perfect fit for you!

Reasons To Buy

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    Handmade in the UK

    Wow! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that is handmade in the UK, then this is one to watch. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and tested to ensure quality.

    Rest easy with our 10-year guarantee

    A 10-year guarantee provides a significant amount of peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that if any issues arise within this period, the manufacturer will address them.

    Classic padded panelled design

    Fully upholstered in a choice of six versatile colours

    Your choice of luxe velveteen or boucle-style pebble fabric

    Available as a strutted or full height headboard

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