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Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base

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Our Thoughts On The Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base

The Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base is a classy and practical offering for anyone seeking a blend of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality in their bedroom decor. Personally, I've always admired how ottoman bed bases pair functionality of storage with sumptuous styles and this one is no exception, providing an effortless answer to bedroom storage conundrums without compromising on style or comfort.

Who is this product for?

This product is undeniably perfect for anyone who values neat and clutter-free interiors, while also seeking a touch of elegance and luxury in their living space. The Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base would make an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate the sophistication of luxe velveteen or boucle-style pebble fabric, and the added touch of diamante button detailing at the foot end which brings an unmistakably lavish vibe. Furthermore, if you're looking for a quality commitment, the accompanying 10-year guarantee and Royal Warrant of The Prince of Wales are clear indicators of the exceptional standards maintained by Sleepeezee.

What do we use this product for?

One of the standout features of the Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base is its resourceful use as a storage unit. With a depth of 23.5cm, the ottoman storage presents a sizable space to easily stow away extra bedding, out-of-season clothes, or any other items that need to be tucked away, leaving your bedroom clutter-free. The ease of access to this storage section is especially important, as it allows you to maintain a clean and streamlined look in your room. It's also worth noting that the divan base is compatible with a range of Sleepeezees stylish headboards, allowing you to expand the aesthetic potential of your room.

What customers liked and disliked

  • One customer praised how the product had improved their sleep quality and eased back pain, thus enhancing overall well-being. This speaks to the base's firm, supportive platform top design.
  • Customers have universally appreciated the generous storage space, another testament to the bed base's practical value. One review mentioned how the base is well-worth the extra investment for the extra space it offers.
  • The diamante button detailing was highlighted by another review, which mentioned how it elevated the bedroom's look.

Features you should know about

The bed base delights with a variety of design features, from the luxe fabric choices in versatile colours to its diamante button detailing at the foot end. However, beyond its looks, the ottoman base is also about functionality, with easy access to storage, chrome glides that manoeuvre smoothly on different floor types, and a platform top that offers a firm, supportive base. When it comes to durability and craftsmanship, the fact that the base is handmade in the UK, coupled with the ten-year guarantee, assures longevity.

Our Review

Bringing together style, durability, and practicality, the Sleepeezee Messina Ottoman Divan Bed Base is a standout choice for a range of customers. Whether you're prioritising storage, elegance, or a mix of both, this Ottoman bed base certainly offers value for money. The choice of luxe materials and the thoughtfully designed aesthetics make this a worthwhile addition to any bedroom. Finally, given that Sleepeezee carries the Royal Warrant of The Prince of Wales, customers can rest assured about the quality and excellence of the product.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 10-year guarantee

    10 years of guarantee is the highest we typically see within the industry and a testament to the sheer quality on offer. It speaks volumes that the manufacturer and retailer are willing to offer this length of guarantee and should inspire consumer confidence toward purchase. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Handmade in the UK

    Wow! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that is handmade in the UK, then this is one to watch. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and tested to ensure quality.

    Divan base with stunning foot end design

    Seamlessly pairs with the Sleepeezee Messina headboard

    Finished in luxe velveteen or boucle-style pebble fabric

    Choose from six versatile colours

    Ottoman storage depth is 23.5cm

    Chrome glides are easy to manoeuvre on carpet or hard floors

    Platform top creates a firm, supportive base

    Easy access ottoman storage

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