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Amelia's Thoughts On The ONE Mattress by TEMPUR

Coming to you today with a review of the One Mattress by Tempur, a product designed and developed from the combination of Engineered Danish design, extensive experience, and contemporary technology. This memory foam mattress promises to revolutionize your sleep experience and by extension, improve your day-to-day life. With a good night rest being non-negotiable to a productive day, let's unpack what this mattress has to offer.

Who is this product for?

The One Mattress by Tempur is not crafted for any specific demographic, rather it's an ideal product for anyone who values good sleep. Given its unique memory foam construction and the choice of three comfort ratings of soft, medium or firm, this mattress caters to anyone irrespective of their preferred sleep position. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, this mattress can adjust precisely to your body contours providing the desired comfort and support.

What do we use this product for?

Primarily, the One Mattress by Tempur is designed to ensure you have a better, deeper, and longer sleep. The visco-elastic cells imbued within the durable foam base provide a superior level of support — way beyond what basic memory foam offers. Whether you're rejuvenating after a long day or enjoying a lazy weekend lie-in, this mattress offers delightful comfort like no other.

Features you should know about

  • A 10-year guarantee ensures your investment is secure
  • Available in three comfort ratings - soft, medium, and firm, accommodating to all kinds of sleepers
  • Extra soft material moulds to better support your body
  • A zip-off, machine-washable cover external cover keeps the mattress fresh and clean
  • No need to turn or flip the mattress, making maintenance carefree

What customers liked and disliked

Many customers were pleased with the mattress describing it as comfortable and worth the investment. Some users noted that the mattress greatly improved their sleeping experience and gave them a feeling of luxurious comfort. They praised its fine quality and the noticeable relief it provided for their pressure points and joint aches. A few even confessed to it being the best mattress they've ever had.

However, not every reviewer shared the same sentiments. Some customers were not entirely comfortable with the offered firmness. They felt it deviated from the tried version in the showroom while others believed that the mattress might sink over time. A reviewer also noted that the mattress seemed narrower compared to their previous king-sized mattress. Nonetheless, these negative reviews were more of personal preferences and did not necessarily criticise the general quality of the mattress.

Our Review

In my opinion, the ONE Mattress by Tempur poses great value considering its features and potential for sleep quality enhancement. As a mattress connoisseur, I appreciate the visco-elastic cells and the choice of firmness that accommodates the needs of different sleepers. While the divergence in customers’ opinions underpins the subjectivity that comes with mattress comfort, it's clear that the positive outweighs the negative.

The 10-year warranty, ease of cleaning, and maintenance convenience adds a feather to its cap. However, the mattress' ability to hold up over time would require a long-term assessment. In conclusion, it's evident that Tempur has made a sound effort to provide a product that encapsulates luxury, variety and quality. Whether it's the right match for you or not, ultimately boils down to personal preference and trying it out for oneself.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    No need to turn or flip the mattress

    A non turn non flip mattress is a one sided mattress. This means that the fillings and comfort layer are only on the top. This means hassle free nights sleep with no need to turn of flip the product. The benefit of this is that the mattresses are often cheaper due to the reduction in over-all fillings, or, they feature higher quality materials for the same sort of price point. This means better value but does come at a cost in terms of longevity. After all, two sided mattresses get twice the surface area and will thereby take longer for settlement and wear to occur.

    Exclusive to Bensons for Beds

    This product was made exclusively for Bensons for Beds. It's the perfect product for anyone who loves a good night's sleep and you won't find it anywhere else. Bensons for Beds generally has over a hundred thousand positive Trustpilot reviews at time of writing and are actually the most well reviewed mattress company in the sector, their own line-up will come with the same quality we have come to expect from them as a whole and can be purchased with complete confidence.

    10-year guarantee

    The 10 year guarantee is a great option because you know that your bed will last for a long time. It gives you peace of mind knowing that it'll be there to support you for years to come!Bare in mind, the average mattress typically lasts around 7 years showing the sheer level of quality offered with this mattress, after all, the supplier and manufacturer wouldn't offer a guarantee of this length without the confidence that it would stand the test of time.  

    Machine washable at 40 degrees for easy cleaning

    You can wash this cover in just 40°C water and have it come out looking like it's brand new. Critical for those looking to keep the mattress in the best condition possible. Remember, when you sleep you sweat, regardless of how breathable a mattress is. Keeping your new purchase hygienic is both important for longevity, but also your health. 


    At time of writing, this product comes free with 2 additional comfort pillows. This offer is subject to change however, so your offering may vary. Rest assured however that we have managed to secure the best price for the product from the retailer regardless of whether the pillow offer is active or not.

    Available in 3 comfort ratings: Soft, Medium and Firm

    A medium firmness mattress is good for people who prefer a medium level of cushioning and pressure relief. It's perfect for those who need a balance between comfort and support.It's a great choice for all sleepers, from back sleepers to stomach sleepers.

    Extra soft material to cushion you where you need it

    Zip-off cover to keep your mattress fresh

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