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Slumberland Divan Base On Legs

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Slumberland Divan Base On Legs

If you are in search of functional and impeccably designed bed foundation, our review of the Slumberland Divan Base On Legs will provide insightful information to help decide if this is the product for you — an ideal blend of practicality, comfort, and style.

Who is This Product For?

This product is tailored for people who want a good balance of style, functionality, and quality without compromising on durability. It's perfect for individuals with small or large bedroom spaces looking to make the most use of under-bed storage, thanks to the conveniently installed drawers. Also, the legged divan attracts those keen on cleanliness as it allows easy access for cleaning underneath.

What do we use this Product for?

The Slumberland Divan Base On Legs provides a firm and supportive base for a mattress, improving the overall sleep experience. It's also designed to offer extra storage space via the incorporated drawers making it ideal for those lacking ample storage. Its stylish design, coupled with the broad colour selection, makes it a functional centrepiece in any bedroom.

What Customers Liked and Disliked

Customers expressed happiness with the bed for being comfortable, stylish, and offering value for money. The extra storage space in the drawers was also a highlight for many users. On the downside, some users noted finishing issues around the drawers and weak connections between the base sections. Issues were also mentioned concerning the summer side of the bed, where mattress protectors and sheets struggle to remain in place.

Features you Should Know About

  • Available in 12 attractive colours, making it adaptable to various interior decors.

  • Offered in four different sizes to cater to diverse bed preferences.

  • Includes two-drawer storage that beefs up your storage space.

  • Has an 8-year guarantee for extended peace of mind.

  • The bed base is accompanied by a 10% off price tag when bought with a Slumberland Mattress.

  • Returns and replacements are efficient with a provision for product replacement or dispatching of replacement parts within five years of purchase.

Our Review

In conclusion, the Slumberland Divan Base On Legs triumphs in many aspects including comfort, style, storage and colour variety. However, given customer feedback, there seems to be areas that require improvement such as the finishing around the drawers. Additionally, a solution could be devised for the slipping protector and sheet issue. Overall, the bed base naturally lends itself well to many, and its varied handy features are evidence of its value for investment.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Product will be replaced or replacement part sent out within 5 years of purchase

    You can rest easy knowing that if any issues arise within this period, they will be handled, saving you the potential costs of repair or replacement. This guarantee is more than just a promise of quality; it's a pledge of excellent customer service, providing peace of mind with your purchase.

    Available in 12 attractive colours

    Choice of four different sizes

    Features 2-drawer storage

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