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Our Thoughts On The Maypole Backcare Mattress

If you're in search for a mattress that's not only extremely comfortable but also offers exemplary back support, look no further. The Maypole Backcare Mattress, designed meticulously to adhere to the unique contours of your body, promises to provide you with the sleep you've been dreaming of. Its distinct features like the 1000 pocket springs, double-sided usage, firm support, and dynamic edge reinforcement all contribute to its recognized reputation. Additionally, its eco-friendly packaging is just one way the company is committed to sustainable initiatives.

Who is this product for?

The Maypole Backcare Mattress is particularly beneficial for individuals who need firm support to maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep. This means it's excellent for back and stomach sleepers. Moreover, thanks to the individually reactive pocket springs, it is also an excellent choice for people sharing the bed with a partner. The independent spring response guarantees unhampered sleep, even with a partner who tends to move frequently through the night.

What do we use this product for?

Apart from its most significant advantage of providing users with a sound sleep, the mattress's seasonal use further adds to its appeal. To cater to changing weather and temperature variations, this mattress offers two sides; a warmer layer of wool for cold nights and breathable, hypoallergenic layer made from recycled materials for the warmer days. Besides ensuring an undisturbed sleep, it also contributes towards the betterment of the planet with its eco-friendly packaging.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Liked: Customers were particularly fond of its pocket spring technology, which affords individual support. Many also appreciated its double-sided feature that caters to seasonal shifts. The mattress was also lauded for its firmness and support, with users praising it for its backcare properties. Also, the fact that it is made in the UK and ensures long lasting durability has been a hit among customers.
  • Disliked: On the other hand, a few customers indicated that they preferred a softer sleep surface, suggesting that this firm mattress might not be the best fit for everyone, particularly those who sleep on their side or prefer softer sleeping surfaces.

Features you should know about

This mattress goes beyond the call of duty with its practical features. The Belgian Damask cover provides resilience while maintaining softness for an excellent sleeping surface. Moreover, its reinforced edges prevent any roll-out incidents and optimize the sleep surface, ensuring no wasted space. Hand-tufting not only preserves the shape of the mattress but adds a supportive feel to it, enhancing your comfort. Moreover, the mattress is safeguarded by a free 5-year guarantee, providing users with peace of mind.

Our Review

In my years of reviewing mattresses, the Maypole Backcare Mattress stands out due to its thoughtful design and superior quality. Its firmness is not overbearing, instead providing the right amount of support needed for a good night's sleep. The double-sided function is innovative and impressive, showing the manufacturers' understanding of their customers' needs. Its eco-friendly credentials coupled with a durable structure only make it more appealing. All in all, the Maypole Backcare Mattress delivers on its promise of comfort, support, and quality, making it a choice worth considering in your mattress shopping journey.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Made in the UK in a British Kitemark™ Quality Accredited factory - Recognised as a symbol of quality, safety and trust for more than 100 Years

    With a British Kitemark™ accreditation, this item guarantees not just a domestic origin but also a pledge of trust, quality, and safety that stems from over a century of stringent checks. As a consumer, you receive the assurance of a durable, reliable and high-quality product, that has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring it stands the test of time.

    Free 5-year guarantee – for total peace of mind

    A 5-year manufacturer's guarantee provides significant peace of mind when purchasing a product. It demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the product's quality and durability. Within this period, if any issues arise due to manufacturing defects, they will be handled by the manufacturer, saving you potential costs of repair or replacement. 

    Warmer months' side - breathable, hypoallergenic 42% recycled Comfort Layer helps to keep you cooler

    Possessing a 'Warmer months' side integrates a eco-friendly comfort layer that endeavours to maintain your temperature at night, effectively allowing a cooler sleep experience. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic material promotes a cleaner sleeping environment, reducing the risk of allergen-induced issues.

    Dynamic reinforced edge support - for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    The inclusion of dynamic reinforced edge support contributes to a lasting mattress lifespan by strengthening its overall structural integrity. This feature also extends the usable sleep area to the perimeters of the item, thereby minimising the likelihood of uncomfortable edge sag and roll-off.

    Mattress height - 26cm

    An ideal mattress height of 26cm caters to those seeking a balanced blend of comfort and support. As an appealing trait, it provides significant thickness to incorporate ample layers for quality sleep, whilst ensuring ease of access for nearly any age group.

    Cooler months' side - cosy wool layer to help keep you warmer

    Experiencing the chill of cooler months shouldn't have to impinge upon your night's rest. A side adorned with a cosy wool layer caters specifically to these times, offering warmth retention that can make all the difference in achieving a blissful slumber.

    1000 pocket springs – which adapt individually to body movement, for premium responsive support

    Each of the 1000 pocket springs functions independently, providing a tailored level of support to every section of the body. This structure ensures minimal disturbance for a sound sleep, even if your partner tends to toss and turn throughout the night.

    Hand tufted - For a supportive feel

    Experience the perfect balance of firmness and durability with a tufted mattresses. The tufting technique employed enhances the mattress's overall firmness, providing you with the support you need for a restful night's sleep. 

    Comfort choice - Firm (Also available in an extra firm as the Maypole Ortho Backcare)

    I’m Green™ packaging - made from a minimum of 50% sugar cane and 30% recycled plastics

    Damask cover –  for a soft, durable & breathable sleeping surface

    Double sided mattress – flip seasonally so you sleep well whatever the weather

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Customer Reviews For The Maypole Backcare Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - we love our new mattress it's just what we were looking for! it's firm and comfortable. never slept so well.

4 - This mattress is comfortable and affordable, would recommend if looking for a mattress more on the firm side

5 - I would definitely recommend this mattress and am sleeping better since purchasing it. Very comfortable.

5 - it is very comfortable and helps are needs we would recommend this to everyone in need of this mattress

5 - I would recommend this mattrass for the comfort and quality sleep I have enjoyed since first using it.

5 - Very comfortable for my Dad he loves it getting a great nights sleep for a change well worth the money

3 - Bed delivered 9th January 2024 so too early to make any "honest" comment as to its backdate qualities.

5 - Good product and keanly priced this is the same mattress we had before and we are very happy with it.

4 - The mattress is firmer than I was used to but is now moulding to my shape and I am sleeping better.

5 - I'm 16 stone, mattress is fine and very comfortable, very pleased with my purchase.Thank you David

5 - Very comfortable mattress. Would definitely recommend along with the pillows. Well worth the money

3 - Ok product but I do sometimes still have a backache after waking up otherwise a good firm matress

4 - So far, so good. Lovely mattress, gives great support. Great help in store, couldn't fault it.

5 - Good service in store. Good mattress. Delivered on time excellent what more could you ask for

5 - It is really comfortable and was an extremely good price. I am very pleased with my purchase.

5 - Absolutely love this mattress, so comfortable, worth the money too. Lovely sleep lovely sleep

5 - Comfortable, more on the firm side, gave a good nights sleep. I would recommend this mattress

5 - Excellent mattress, incredibly comfortable. Highly recommended for those with sore backs!

5 - Excellent choice good nights sleep by both of us very happy with purchase would recommend.

5 - Great bed, nice and firm. Good value for money and the delivery was very professional.

4 - my grandson is very happy with his new mattress. says it's the best sleep he has had.

5 - Bed great, sales and delivery team great. Bed great, sales and delivery team great.

5 - Very satisfied From the first time I lay on it I knew I had made the right choice.

5 - Mattress is very comfortable and had a good nights sleep since we had it delivered

5 - Lovely mattress. Thanks so much to the friendly salesman for helping me to choose.

5 - Lovely comfortable bed. Reasonably priced. Staff very knowledgeable and helpful.

5 - Brilliant mattress really comfortable and great price really pleased I bought it

5 - Bought three of them for my kids they love it fantastic value and great service.

5 - Very ice sleep and comfortable mattress and it's eased my back pain a little.

5 - Very pleased received excellent service from gentleman at parc pemberton store

5 - Excellent value for money. Extremely comfortable. Bed much warmer as a result.

5 - Excellent mattress. Comfortable but gives firm support. Good value for money.

5 - Extremely comfortable - an excellent choice and excellent service throughout.

5 - My mattress is very comfortable snd has proved to be much better for my back.

5 - A wonderful mattress! The best mattress I've ever owned! Highly recommended!!

5 - Very comfortable, providing excellent back support. No more hip and back pain

5 - Best sleep I have had for years. Great feel to the mattress and not to firm.

5 - Opted for a firm mattress due to back issues. Absolutely fantastic mattress.

5 - Great bed and mattress and comfortable and would recommend go back buy more

5 - Bought this mattress for myself ,really comfy ,helps my back,really pleased

5 - Being a back sufferer I find it the right support. Firm without being hard

4 - Great mattress, very firm. Safe to say, we are definitely sleeping better!

5 - Very pleased with the new matteress. The service from Bensons was superb.

4 - I love it it's so comfortable, my back isn't as sore plenty of firmness..

5 - Very pleased with my purchase. Staff were friendly, polite and helpful.

5 - It's wonderful comfortable. I get a better nights sleep. A brilliant buy

5 - I'm very pleased and it's really nice and comfortable well worth buying

5 - Really comfortable and great value for money as we got it in the sale!

5 - Very comfortable just what I needed very helpful in finding a mattress

5 - Very comfortable, and 2 drivers were excellent, cheerful and polite.

5 - Outstanding mattress and unbelievable service and very quick delivery

5 - Best tho g iv purchased gif a long time each day my back is improving

5 - One of the comfiest mattresses I've ever slept on. Absolute bargain.

5 - Great comfortable matress. Great for the price. Really great service

5 - Comfortable firm mattress. Easy to move with the handles. Well Made

5 - Great mattress with good support for my back. Happy with my choice.

5 - Very comfortable,enjoying goodnight sleep Thankyou benson for beds

5 - No worries with this. This is very comfortable .Ww have no problems

5 - Good efficient service. Delivered on time and excellent product. .

5 - Gives a great night's sleep and can be turned to suit the seasons.

5 - Very pleased with our new bed and have recommended to many friends

5 - Its very comfortable, I never want to leave it, sleeping very well

5 - I'm very happy with the new mattress. It is deep and comfortable.

5 - Very comfortable mattress. So far I have slept well every night.

5 - Good place to buy a mattress very helpful, good customer service.

5 - Very comfortable got a really good nights sleep would recommend.

5 - Very please with quality and comfort, and great delivery service

5 - Fabulous mattress- sleeping like a baby again Highly recommend

5 - Very comfy, expertly delivered and on time. I like it very much

5 - We have had the best nights sleep for ages. Highly recommended.

5 - Very good like the fact it has a wool side for the cold months

5 - Excellent mattress - firm and supportive, but very comfortable

5 - Very comfortable and supportive bed. Good value for money too.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, which ensures a good nights sleep.

5 - Fantastic mattress. Firm but comfortable. 5 stars Best sleep

5 - Nice firm mattress, is just what we needed great night sleep

5 - I found it very comfortable and supportive. Would recommend.

5 - Excellent instore service Delivery team prompt and freindly.

5 - Ive had 1500 mattress and found the classic is just as good.

5 - This mattress is incredible. Very comfy. Satisfied customer

5 - I would definitely recommend Benson bed brilliant thanks.

5 - The new bed is lovely too look at ,and is very comfortable.

5 - Thank you again and again. We are like a king and a queen.

5 - Most comfy mattress ever had problems getting out of bed

5 - this is a very good bed i can hardly stay away from it.

5 - Very comfy and love has options to adapt to the seasons

5 - It's a fantastic mattress and helps me with all my pain

5 - Good firm mattress which provides comfort and support.

5 - Have not woken with aching back since I got it Love it

5 - Really lovely comfy mattress second one we have had.

5 - Very comfortable. Feel well rested when I wake up.

5 - Very comfortable bed, really has improved my sleep

5 - Pleasant staff good quality products good service.

5 - Comfortable would recommend for quality and price

5 - Very happy with my new bed and service I received.

5 - very comfortable helps to have a good nights sleep

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