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Amelia's Thoughts On The Pensilva Ortho Comfort Mattress

With over a decade of experience in the robust mattress industry, I would be putting the Pensilva Ortho Comfort Mattress under the microscope in this review. Crafted meticulously with a view to provide indulgent comfort and sturdy support, the Pensilva Ortho Comfort mattress certainly has a lot packed into it. But, as with anything, the question is – does it deliver?

Who is this product for?

The Pensilva Ortho Comfort mattress is designed for anyone who values a good night’s sleep rooted in both comfort and support. It responds aptly to individuals regardless of their sleeping patterns, courtesy of its 1000 individual pocket springs. Also, if you are environmentally conscious, you will appreciate the recycled polyester fibres and the I'm Green™ packaging which incorporates 50% sugar cane and 30% recycled plastics.

What do we use this product for?

This mattress isn’t just for sleeping, it’s for offering a superior, revitalizing rest experience. Its key function is to provide premium comfort while maintaining excellent support for your body during sleep. It's also a great choice to free you from disturbances if your partner tends to wriggle around at night, thanks to the individually reactive pocket springs. Proper sleep is important for health and productivity and the Pensilva Ortho Comfort mattress is poised to deliver just that.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers appreciated the 1000 pocket springs that are individually responsive to body movement, ensuring that they had a restful night, undisturbed by their partner's movement.

  • The hypoallergenic comfort layer was a hit among customers as it not only promoted a fresher sleeping environment but was also kind to those with allergies.

  • The mattress's reinforced edge support, which increased durability and reduced roll-off, was widely appreciated for enabling use of the entire surface of the mattress to the edge.

  • However, some customers had specific preferences for either softer or firmer mattresses, meaning the firm comfort level of this product might not suit everyone's taste.

Features you should know about

This mattress features a damask cover that provides a soft, durable and breathable sleeping surface. The hypoallergenic comfort layer within is breathable, promoting a fresher sleeping environment. The use of recycled materials for both the comfort layer and packaging shows the manufacturer's commitment to sustainability. The mattress also boasts of a traditional, hand tufted design, which helps maintain its shape and support over time, when flipped and turned regularly as recommended.

Our Review

As a mattress reviewer, I can say that the Pensilva Ortho Comfort Mattress offers a good balance of comfort and support. Its hypoallergenic comfort layer and soft damask cover add to the overall sleeping experience, while the orthopaedic support comes in handy for those needing extra support. The eco-friendly aspects are wonderful to see in this industry, as we become more conscious of reducing our footprint. Consistent maintenance will be key in increasing the lifespan of this mattress, and for its sustainably appealing features, quality of materials and overall performance, the Pensilva Ortho Comfort Mattress offers compelling value.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Free 5-year guarantee – for total peace of mind

    A 5-year manufacturer's guarantee provides significant peace of mind when purchasing a product. It demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the product's quality and durability. Within this period, if any issues arise due to manufacturing defects, they will be handled by the manufacturer, saving you potential costs of repair or replacement. 

    Hand tufted - For a supportive feel

    Experience the perfect balance of firmness and durability with a tufted mattresses. The tufting technique employed enhances the mattress's overall firmness, providing you with the support you need for a restful night's sleep. 

    Dynamic reinforced edge support - for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    1000 pocket springs – which adapt individually to body movement, for premium responsive support

    Damask cover – for a soft, durable & breathable sleeping surface

    Hypoallergenic Comfort Layer - breathable to help you sleep fresh, and 42% recycled.

    Orthopaedic support – firmer fillings are hand tufted for added levels of support

    Traditional double sided mattress - flip and turn regularly to prolong the life of your mattress Mattress height - 26.5cm

    Comfort choice - Firm (Also available in a medium as the Pensilva Ortho Comfort)

    Made in the UK in a British Kitemark™ Quality Accredited factory - Recognised as a symbol of quality, safety and trust for more than 100 Years

    I’m Green™ packaging - made from no less than 50% sugar cane and 30% recycled plastics

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