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Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress

Immersed in the world of slumber we find ourselves gazing at the meticulously constructed Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress. A shining beacon in the sea of sleeping products, this mattress promises a night of blissful sleep bound by its innovative features and supportive structure. Deeply invested in the pursuit of perfect rest, we're here to crash-test this mattress for you.

Who is this product for?

Does your side ache as the sun rises, crying out for a comforting cradle? Esteemed side sleepers, meet your match. The Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress, with its medium tension, is designed for you. It aims to contour itself along with your body's lines, equally distributing the pressure and weight. However, both side and back sleepers of moderate weight should sleep soundly on this mattress – although those who predominantly dream on their backs should perhaps explore slightly firmer options for optimal support.

What do we use this product for?

The Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress - the vanquisher of sleepless nights, the purveyor of tranquil dreams - serves a purpose as simple yet vital as sleep itself. A carefully constructed haven of 2550 pocket springs, breathable memory foam, and temperature responsive fabric awaits. Not only does this product induce sleep, but it provides a luxurious and serene sleep sanctuary, responding to your body and needs and minimising night-time discomfort.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Most customers indulged in the plush comfort of the Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress, with several giving their seal of approval by saying they'd recommend it.
  • Back and joint pain sufferers seemed particularly smitten, noting improvements in their conditions after a few nights of sleeping on this mattress.
  • Despite the mostly positive reviews, there were a few perturbed by the stubborn, lingering smell after unboxing the mattress, a factor none were forewarned about.
  • Another point of contention was the perceived hardiness of the mattress, some finding it more unyielding than they expected, hence emphasising the importance of trying before buying with any mattress.
  • Finally, a few customers loved the mattress but found rotating it somewhat challenging due to its weight, suggesting improvements on handles or overall mass of the mattress.

Features you should know about

  • 7 Zone Pressure Relieving Air Memory Foam - This exclusive feature offers zone-specific support that follows the unique contour of key body areas, providing optimal comfort.
  • Dynamic reinforced edge support - This extends the life of the mattress by decreasing the propensity for roll-off and maximises usable sleep surface.
  • The Pro-Bio fabric treatment - This nature-mimicking technology helps stave off harmful bacteria and dust mite allergens.
  • The mattress is self-care, requiring no turning and only infrequent rotation for maintenance.
  • The 8-year guarantee is a cherry on top, demonstrating the trust in the mattress's durability.

Our Review

If you seek a mattress that caters to your needs like a personal sleep butler, the Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress makes a compelling case. Its strong commitment to comfort, support, and durability is apparent in every stitch and layer. A well-deserved Good Housekeeping Institute 2023 award adds to its charm, as does the 'I’m Green™” packaging dedication to eco-consciousness. However, consider the minor imperfections listed by a few customers. As dream-inducing as it sounds, ensure it aligns with your specific requirements. Don’t be smitten by layered promises before you've lain on it and felt its warm, cosy embrace.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    "I’m Green™” packaging – made from a minimum of 50% sugar cane and 30% recycled plastics

    Utilising "I'm Green™" packaging essentially means a substantial portion of the packaging is created from sustainable sugar cane and recycled materials, which significantly lowers environmental impact by reducing landfill waste. However, it's important to note that despite being eco-friendly, the packaging doesn't influence the comfort or support offered by the mattress implicitly or explicitly, and it's purely an environmental consideration.

    Made in the UK in a British Kitemark™ Quality Accredited factory - Recognised as a symbol of quality, safety and trust for more than 100 Years

    With a British Kitemark™ accreditation, this item guarantees not just a domestic origin but also a pledge of trust, quality, and safety that stems from over a century of stringent checks. As a consumer, you receive the assurance of a durable, reliable and high-quality product, that has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring it stands the test of time.

    Pro-bio treated fabric – a natural treatment in the fabric, to reduce harmful bacteria and help prevent the effects of dust mite allergens

    This unique mattress specification implies a healthier sleep environment, as the pro-bio treated fabric curbs the development of detrimental bacteria and lessens the impact of dust mite allergens. Consequently, not only does this promote increased hygiene, but it also contributes to mitigating the onset of allergies and respiratory issues during sleep.

    Dynamic reinforced edge support – for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    Dynamic reinforced edge support contributes to the mattress's resilient nature, lessening the otherwise commonplace issue of sagging at the corners and edges. This distinctive characteristic not only prolongs the life of the mattress but also makes more of its surface suitable for sleeping by diminishing the likelihood of users rolling off.

    Sensaform Memory Foam with breathable air channels – 5 times more breathable than standard memory foam, to help you sleep cooler

    Infused with breathable air channels, Sensaform Memory Foam innovates standard practices, enhancing its breathability up to 5 times - a notable change for those plagued by night-time overheating. The direct impact? A pleasantly cool night's sleep, the perfect remedy for those constantly interrupted by irritating heat.

    Deep quilted, stretch-knit sleep surface – featuring Truecomfort fillings for breathable, cushioning comfort

    A deep quilted, stretch-knit sleep surface aligns with your body contours seamlessly, providing relaxation paired with an unexpected plushness. The incorporation of Truecomfort fillings emerges as a revolution, ensuring breathability and an additional layer of softness that enhances the overall sleep experience.

    Temperature+ treated fabric – helps regulate body temperature for sleep comfort and designed to rehydrate the skin whilst you sleep

    Incorporation of Temperature+ treated fabric enhances your sleep experience by maintaining a balanced body heat, ensuring comfort throughout the night. Furthermore, it introduces an innovative feature of rehydrating the skin during slumber, potentially enhancing the skin's health and appearance.

    Easy care – no turn mattress, for ease of use

    Stepping away from the hassles of mattress maintenance, this "no turn" feature enables the comfort and durability to remain consistent over time without the need for manual flipping. Its ease of use means less physical effort for you and more time spent enjoying restful sleep.

    Mattress height – 33cm

    Available in three comfort ratings – Soft, Medium and Firm

    2550 Dual Layer Pocket springs – combination of 1500 mini and 1050 full height pocket springs, which adapt individually to body movement, for superior responsive support

    Exclusive 7 Zone Pressure Relieving AIR Memory Foam (6cm) – zoned to cleverly contour to key body areas, for responsive, pressure relieving comfort and support

    Good Housekeeping Institute award winner 2023 – for assured quality 

    Free 8 year guarantee – for total peace of mind?

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Customer Reviews For The Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - I waited until we were used to the mattress before I wrote a review as it takes a little time to get used to a new bed, must say my sleep has improved a lot and I'm waking more refreshed which is a huge bonus,

5 - I expected it would take a week or so to get used to a new mattress, but no, it was supreme comfort from the minute I first slept on it. I love this mattress and I don't wake up with backache like I used to.

5 - Really happy with the mattress, I've noticed the difference in sleep quality and back pain which I occasionally suffer with so really happy with the result. Next I've got my eye on one of their igel pillows!

5 - Absolutely fantastic Mattress!! You won't be disappointed, every night I get in to bed I'm so happy as it's just so comfortable. Was a lot of money for me to spend on a mattress but defo money well spent !

5 - Can't fault this mattress in anyway. If you like a soft mattress, this is unbelievably comfortable. It's excellent quality, very deep & provides a sound nights sleep. It is expensive, but worth every penny.

3 - It's a comfy bed but we bought a firm one and it doesn't feel very firm at all, which is a little disappointing but at same time it's comfortable. Not sure how long my back will cope with a soft mattress!

5 - Item as expected. Service excellent from ordering to delivery. Never realised just how badly a new mattress was needed until purchasing this one. The quality of goods matched only by quality of sleep !

5 - We have purchased two of these beds, one double and one king size. Wenare both happy with our choice so far. Takes a week or two to settle for the memory foam to soften a little. But no complaints so far

4 - I like the mattress but found it too firm although it's a medium mattress. I weigh 8 st and have severe osteoporosis so needed to buy a mattress topper which cost 90 but I am not sore when sleeping now.

5 - Great mattress so comfortable to sleep on. Like how nice and big depth on it as I don't like sleeping to low. Would definitely buy another one. Nice and firm don't feel no spring just lovely. Thank you

5 - We tested a number of mattresses on our hunt for a replacement. This was the perfect combination, supportive but not too firm. With a pregnant Mrs we had to get the right balance and we both love it.

5 - After being encouraged to try different mattresses by a very knowledgeable member of staff, I decided that soft was best for the way I slept. This mattress is so comfortable and I sleep really well.

5 - I absolutely love this mattress. So comfortable it's just like sleeping on air, and so good for pressure points. I am getting the best nights sleep every night, waking refreshed and happy each day.

5 - Very comfortable mattress. Somewhat getting used to the depth of it. I can no longer just sit on the edge of my bed because it is too high for me. However it is comfy and I get a good nights sleep.

5 - Very comfortable. Had a previous mattress on our guest bed and always found it comfy. Swapped our Tempur mattress for this and find we get a better sleep as we don't get so hot. Would recommend.

5 - Absolutely wonderful could not be happier. The service at the store was above and beyond to get it right for us as I have back issues. And the delivery guys were brilliant and on time as promised

5 - I would definitely recommend this mattress to others it's a good job my husband and I have retired otherwise we would be late for work every day it is so comfortable neither of us want to get up

5 - Extremely comfortable and very well made, totally improved my level of sleep. A real investment in my quality of life. Excellent delivery service old mattress taken and even the packaging too!

5 - Best mattress ever had not to soft but just right dont want to get out of bed in the mornings would recomend this mattres to anyone there is nothing we didnt like about this mattress brilliant

5 - Absolute god send making our sleep perfect. The mattress is so so so comfortable it's absolute bliss. From the staff at purchasing, to the delivery team the whole experience was fantastic.

4 - Very comfortable but still has its warehouse smell after three weeks. I left it for 48 hours before making the bed and sleeping on it and my bedroom window is always open yet still it smells.

5 - It took a while to get used to as any new bed will, but find it extremely comfortable as the sales person said I would and my thanks to them for al the help in the choice of this product.

5 - So comfy and the mattress seems to regulate temperatures much better than my old mattress. My dog (yes my dog sleeps in the bed) and are very cozy. We love the support it gives us both.

4 - very comfortable and supportive of bad back. The only let down is the actual weight of mattress as you definitely need two of you to move it. Good for myself who has to sleep on back.

4 - Only had our mattress 3weeks just getting used to it. Have had good nights sleep since we got it so very happy with it so far. Got medium double mattress do not yo soft and not to firm.

5 - This mattress is so comfy! I can't believe how much better my sleep has been since getting this! It's very thick and great quality too. Well worth the money spent! Thanks again! Zzzzzz

5 - Its so comfortable, my joints used to hurt on my old mattress but ive had the beat aleep in years . It says firm but i think its more of a medium ,netherless fab bed and a lush sleep .

5 - A fabulous mattress providing amazing support yet allows you to feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud. If you like a medium firm mattress, I would definitely recommend this one.

5 - Love it xxx very comfortable and sleeping well service was good brilliant at the shop on Robin park wigan and the delivery lads were very very helpful xxx thank you bensons for beds

5 - I replaced my 20 month old mattress for an Airstream memory 6000, best thing I have done. Most comfortable, no pressure to my skin in whatever position I lie in. So smooth and even.

5 - The mattress takes a bit of getting used to, but have had some good sound sleep at nite. Some nights not slept at all , but every one is different. Iv had this mattress a month .

5 - Very deep, and the perfect level of firmness but with the soft padded upper layer. I purchased this purely off the previous recommendations and am glad i went for this mattress.

5 - If you are looking for a soft, Comfortable, yet supportive mattress this is the one. After a hard day sinking into supportive softness feels great, and gives a good nights sleep

5 - My new bed is so comfortable , not too soft or too firm. Every night I look forward to going to bed. The delivery was good, it was brought in by two men that respected my home.

5 - It is sumptuously comfortable. I feel almost wrapped up by it as soon as I go to bed. Not been a great sleeper for several years but I can feel that this is starting to shift!

5 - It's absolutely wonderful. I have been having the best rest in years. Considering that I suffer from Osteoarthritis of the spine, I am so thankful for the support and comfort.

5 - Had the slumberland clima airstream memory 6000 for 3 weeks now and we are finding very comfortable. Trying in the shop was differently the way to go. Thanks Bensons for beds.

5 - The medium mattress has the correct balance of comfort and support. Not too soft and not too firm. Delivered in just over two weeks and kept informed during the whole process.

3 - Still not sleeping well realy didn't want a mattress filled with memory foam even with springs not sleeping well did say l didn't want memory foam when started shopping

5 - Mattress is amazing. Just don't think it was the right mattress for the bed frame we bought with it. Far too deep. My own fault though. Should've looked into it a bit better.

4 - I find the product comfortable and promotes sound sleep, however I was surprised at the thickness of the mattress and would have opted for a slimmer product had I been aware.

5 - Very pleased with both the mattress and the base. Very easy to assemble. Have been sleeping a lot better. It is quite hight though. I would recommend it and bensons for beds

5 - We have not slept on it as it is a spare room but a few people have tried it fully clothed and said it was very comfortable. It seems good quality and at a reasonable price

5 - I had an Emma and went back as giving me bad back so went to bensons and looked at this and oh my I haven't had a bad back since, it's a very deep mattress. Love it 10/10

5 - Such a fabulous experience choosing this mattress. The staff were knowledgeable and gave great advice. The mattress has given us a great nights sleep from day one. Perfect!

5 - Great service, quick delivery and bed installation went without a hitch. My old bed was removed at the same time so all I had to do was put on my new sheets and duvet set.

5 - Should have made this purchase months ago. No longer waking constantly during the night & without pain in the morning. I overslept the first night I had it. Says it all.

5 - So far really enjoying sublime comfort and better sleep, particularly the top layer which give an added but not too deep cupping effect. I would recommend it to others

5 - Happy very comfortable made a difference to my sleep definitely recommend. Very pleased with the overall quality and service. Mattress well made good support for body

5 - This bed and mattress are great, we are getting a good night's sleep. The staff at store did not pressure you but gave advice when asked. Would recommend to friends.

5 - The mattress is good and comfortable but is much deeper than I am used to. I use mattress protectors and it can be difficult to find one that fits a deeper mattress

5 - Was looking for a new mattress, so went to bensons found a good solid memory foam mattress. Bought it go it delivered and now sleeping like a baby every night..!!!!

5 - It's a very nice and comfortable mattress, the only problem is it's about 3inches thicker than my old one . So now I climb into bed rather than get into bed !!!

5 - SOOOO comfortable!!!!After waking up with backache every morning it's great to feel fine again after a nights sleep.We would definitely recommend this mattress.

5 - Love the mattress, sleep better and wake up without the aches and pains that have been plaguing me for so long. Wish I'd changed my mattress a long time ago !

5 - Love the bed...when I first tried to get into it I needed a small step upper... 2 weeks later and I'm managing. Really comfortable bed for the money we paid.

5 - Expensive but very comfortable have had excellent night's sleep. Took a long time to deliver. You have yo weigh up if a good night's sleep is worth the cost.

5 - Best mattress ever! We sleep like babies every night and it's all because of the fab service we had at Bensons Colchester to get the right mattress for us :)

4 - Very comfortable for sleeping but not so comfortable when sitting up in bed each night reading. Feels a bit lumpy. But overall I am pleased with my choice.

4 - Great and fab quality. Took abit of getting use to, didn't sleep much at first, but great now. Mattress was ever deep so added cost on that for new sheets. X

5 - Very cool and comfortable i had a bad back it took the pressure away and I was able to get a brilliant nights sleep now I would recommend this bed to anyone

5 - It's fantastic as was the delivery service Martin in Hedge end in your branch he was great the complete experience was delightful From beginning to end .

5 - Absolutely love this bed, very solid, comfortable, right balance between firm and memory foam. Getting great night sleeps from day one. Couldn't be better.

4 - Bit difficult to assess just now. Feels like it slopes to middle. We ordered a soft mattress but this one feels like a medium. Taking some getting used to.

5 - Very comfortable, good finish, long delivery time (6-8 weeks). Anoying requests (-2) for feedback before mattress arrived. ? Poor internal communication.

5 - The mattress is phenomenal and is everything we hoped for and more in terms of comfort. It wasn't cheap but the quality has been really impressive so far!

5 - It is just amazing, could but have asked for a better sales person either, very knowledgeable and also left us to make our minds up, no pressure at all.

5 - The first night we slept on this mattress, it was like we had done regularly. It was so comfortable. We would recommend this mattress, go on give it a go.

5 - A good quality mattress for a very good price that is comfortable to sleep on and hopefully the benefits of the copper entwined within will benefit us too

5 - We chose a medium mattress after trying them out in the store. It is very comfortable providing the right combination of support and comfort for my back.

5 - Since purchasing this mattress I have had the best nights sleep in a long while it is very comfortable and the quality is superb would highly recommend.

5 - Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Mattress medium is an excellent product.. it performs exactly as described by Bensons staff and gives a great nights sleep.

5 - The best nights sleep I've had in years. The mattress is so comfy I drift off to sleep in minutes. One of the best things I've bought in a long time.

5 - the mattress is so comfortable and looks amazing I slept so peaceful bestxsleep I've had in years thank you with all advice given before purchasing

5 - Bed is very comfortable to lay more back pains again. The delivery team (Drivers George and Ally) gave an awesome service delivery. Thank you

5 - Bit firmer that i thought it would be, but still comfortable, hopefully will soften in the next few months, if not can return for the softer mattress

5 - Superior quality mattress and so comfortable in the medium. I have slept so much better and support is perfect. Slumberland is the best you can buy.

5 - Mattress is firm but has a soft top so is very comfortable. You don't feel each other turning over in the night so it disturbs you less than before.

5 - Had this mattress before and loved it so was pleased to find Bensons stocked it when I came to renew. Medium firmness, supportive and comfortable.

5 - Well made mattress. The memory foam top keeps me cool, supported and comfortable. This is a nice deep mattress too. I'd recommend it to anyone.

5 - Really comfortable nights sleep. Every time . Friendly delivery men , they came when they said they would and phoned half an hour before delivery.

5 - Very comfortable mattress. Sold as medium, but is soft which is what I like. Thick mattress but still fits a normal fitted sheet which is useful.

5 - It's brilliant, and the live video chat on Benson's website wear really useful when I read stuck on all the different mattress types available.

3 - This mattress doesn't seem to be suitable for my needs. Having MS. It's probably my condition. But it feels very soft. And makes me feel to hot

5 - Most definitely worth if anyone is side sleeper this is one for you it's so comfortable since I got this I've had the best sleep for long time

5 - Love my new Slumberland air 6 memory mattress, so comfy with nice support, would recommend this it's certainly worth spending the extra money.

5 - Comfortable and good value, as we bought it in the sale. The branch staff were helpful and professional as well as friendly and knowledgeable.

5 - Best night sleep I've had in years. Very comfortable. I tried all the mattresses in the shop and found this to be the most convenient for me.

5 - I love my new mattress, it's comfortable and I don't worry about falling out of it, I'm glad I got the Queen size, which is what I'm used to.

5 - Takes a few days but I get a proper night's sleep on it .a lump appears were you don't lie but a quick roll about wink wink shorts that out

5 - Tried out lots of mattresses, but this one offered comfort and affordability. Very sturdy/heavy mattress, not too hot and sweaty to lie on.

5 - This is the first time in along time i have found a mattress that i have had a full nights sleep on. Very comfy whilst helping back issues.

5 - We thought our last memory foam mattress from here was great (over 8 years ago) but this one is even better! Never slept so well, love it!

4 - Decided to switch to a soft mattress as I was finding my other mattress a little hard. Have found mattress not to be as soft as expected.

5 - From start to the finish your company was by far the best if anything goes wrong it's finds us but we had no problems and we love the bed

5 - Quality products. So comfy and supportive. Iove the quality divan with useful drawers. Superb deep mattress giving you a fantastic sleep.

5 - Love love love. Fell in love the minute I lay on it in my own bedroom. One month later and still in love. Can't sleep anywhere else now.

5 - Lovely comfortable bed, think it's hard to give a review when you first buy. Appears great but time will tell how good this mattress is

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress, would recommend to anyone who suffers from back pain. The mattress moulds to support your body shape.

5 - Very comfortable- was worried that I had chosen the best new mattress for my aged bones, needn't have fretted though, it is spot on!

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