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Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress

Snuggle down in supreme comfort with the Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress - a state-of-the-art offering from one of the UK's most esteemed mattress creators. This luxurious mattress boasts a succession of sought-after features that are tailored to ensure heightened comfort and durable support, all contributing to a deep, restful slumber that makes getting out of bed a challenge.

Who is this product for?

Individuals who cherish their sleep and yearn for a mattress that responds to their body's needs will appreciate the Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress. The soft tension of the mattress makes it a perfect choice for side sleepers and those with a lower than average Body Mass Index (BMI). Additionally, it's an ideal choice for those with an hourglass figure as they require additional sinkage from the support layer.

What do we use this product for?

The Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress isn’t just a place to sleep; it's an investment in improving the quality of your sleep. This mattress is designed to deliver a revitalising sleep experience through its numerous features. It's highly appealing to those who value comfort and quality in their relaxation. Right from the ultra-responsive pocket springs, breathable memory foam layers, to the unique temperature-regulating fabric, everything about this mattress spells luxury.

What customers liked and disliked

There were bouts of appreciation from customers who've spent the night on this opulent mattress. Many users reported improved sleep quality and comfort. The mattress's premium build quality, breathability, and body-contouring memory foam were repeat points of praise. Many found the dynamic support provided by the mattress kept aches and pains at bay, allowing them to wake up refreshed and revitalised. A select few found the mattress a bit too firm to their liking. The depth of the mattress while contributing to the opulent feel, was flagged by some customers as being a challenge when it came to finding suitable fitted sheets.

Features you should know about

Engineered to perfection, the Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress boasts a unique combination of 2000 mini and 1050 full-height pocket springs that individually adapt to body movement, providing superior responsive support. The seven-zone pressure-relieving air memory foam offers tailored comfort and support, cleverly curving to key body areas. This mattress is also 5 times more breathable than standard memory foam mattresses, promising a cool sleep environment. The dynamic reinforced edge support optimises the sleeping surface and extends the durability of the mattress. All these constituents are encased in a fabric treated with temperature regulating technology for year-round comfort. All of this culminates in a mattress that not only looks luxurious but feels like a personal slice of heaven too.

Our Review

Anchor your bedroom in comfort with the exceptional Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress. The mattress masterfully strikes a balance between opulence and practicality. Its carefully curated features provide superior support where needed, relieving pressure points and promoting a healthy night's sleep. Forget tossing and turning on an uncomfortable bed; this mattress offers a delectable mix of technology and tranquillity that is sure to alleviate your sleeping discomfort. To top it all, it’s important to bear in mind that even though the mattress's price might seem steep, one cannot put a price tag on a good night's sleep. So, invest in the Slumberland AIR 9.0 Memory Mattress and make every night a mini vacation.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Available in two comfort ratings – Medium and Firm

    A medium tension mattress provides a balanced feel, offering a combination of softness and support. It gently conforms to your body contours, relieving pressure points and promoting spinal alignment, making it suitable for a variety of sleeping positions.Alternatively, a firm tension mattress offers a higher level of support and a firmer sleeping surface. This option is ideal for those who prefer a more solid feel and need additional support for their back and spine.

    "I’m Green™” packaging – made from a minimum of 50% sugar cane and 30% recycled plastics

    Utilising "I'm Green™" packaging essentially means a substantial portion of the packaging is created from sustainable sugar cane and recycled materials, which significantly lowers environmental impact by reducing landfill waste. However, it's important to note that despite being eco-friendly, the packaging doesn't influence the comfort or support offered by the mattress implicitly or explicitly, and it's purely an environmental consideration.

    Made in the UK in a British Kitemark™ Quality Accredited factory - Recognised as a symbol of quality, safety and trust for more than 100 Years

    With a British Kitemark™ accreditation, this item guarantees not just a domestic origin but also a pledge of trust, quality, and safety that stems from over a century of stringent checks. As a consumer, you receive the assurance of a durable, reliable and high-quality product, that has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring it stands the test of time.

    Pro-bio treated fabric – a natural treatment in the fabric, to reduce harmful bacteria and help prevent the effects of dust mite allergens

    This unique mattress specification implies a healthier sleep environment, as the pro-bio treated fabric curbs the development of detrimental bacteria and lessens the impact of dust mite allergens. Consequently, not only does this promote increased hygiene, but it also contributes to mitigating the onset of allergies and respiratory issues during sleep.

    Dynamic reinforced edge support – for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    Dynamic reinforced edge support contributes to the mattress's resilient nature, lessening the otherwise commonplace issue of sagging at the corners and edges. This distinctive characteristic not only prolongs the life of the mattress but also makes more of its surface suitable for sleeping by diminishing the likelihood of users rolling off.

    Sensaform Memory Foam with breathable air channels – 5 times more breathable than standard memory foam, to help you sleep cooler

    Infused with breathable air channels, Sensaform Memory Foam innovates standard practices, enhancing its breathability up to 5 times - a notable change for those plagued by night-time overheating. The direct impact? A pleasantly cool night's sleep, the perfect remedy for those constantly interrupted by irritating heat.

    Deep quilted, stretch-knit sleep surface – featuring Truecomfort fillings for breathable, cushioning comfort

    A deep quilted, stretch-knit sleep surface aligns with your body contours seamlessly, providing relaxation paired with an unexpected plushness. The incorporation of Truecomfort fillings emerges as a revolution, ensuring breathability and an additional layer of softness that enhances the overall sleep experience.

    Temperature+ treated fabric – helps regulate body temperature for sleep comfort and designed to rehydrate the skin whilst you sleep

    Incorporation of Temperature+ treated fabric enhances your sleep experience by maintaining a balanced body heat, ensuring comfort throughout the night. Furthermore, it introduces an innovative feature of rehydrating the skin during slumber, potentially enhancing the skin's health and appearance.

    Easy care – no turn mattress, for ease of use

    Stepping away from the hassles of mattress maintenance, this "no turn" feature enables the comfort and durability to remain consistent over time without the need for manual flipping. Its ease of use means less physical effort for you and more time spent enjoying restful sleep.

    Free 8 year guarantee – for total peace of mind?

    3050 Dual Layer Pocket springs – combination of 2000 mini and 1050 full height pocket springs, which adapt individually to body movement, for superior responsive support

    Mattress height – 5cm

    Good Housekeeping Institute Award winner 2023 – for assured quality

    Free 8 year guarantee – for peace of mind?

    Mattress height – 33.5cm

    Deep quilted, stretch-knit sleep surface – featuring Truecomfort fillings for breathable, cushioning comfort                                                                                       

    Mattress height – 5cm                             

    Exclusive 7 Zone Pressure Relieving AIR Memory Foam (6cm) – zoned to cleverly contour to key body areas, for responsive, pressure relieving comfort and support

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Customer Reviews For The Slumberland Air 9.0 Memory Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Fantastic bed! Never been so comfy!! I have had the best nights sleep since receiving my super king. Spacious, easy to put up and so comfy!

4 - My husband loves the mattress, I'm not to keen. You can't please everyone. I would have gone softer. But it is a good quality mattress

5 - We love our new mattress really deep and so comfortable I would really recommend this we have had some great nights sleep since buying it

5 - Honestly this is the most comfortable mattress I've had. Having spinal problems I found it to be great for my back would highly recommend

5 - Slumber land I is a great brand and is so comfortable we are sleeping really well and didn't realise how much we needed a new mattress

5 - We have had this mattress for a month and find it very comfortable. We sleep well on it and have not noticed any negative issues yet.

4 - Thought the springs would be more useful, in helping get out of bed with my bad hip. quite a numb mattress. Hopefully will get better

5 - It's very comfortable value for money would recommend benson for beds to people well whether the money and the staff are so helpful

5 - Great customer service. Helped us find the best mattress that suited us perfectly but also felt no pressure when browsing the shop

5 - This mattress is perfec for me and my partner we have had for a few weeks now and I have not slept so well in quite a long time x

5 - Absolutely love our new Slumberland Air 9 mattress, after putting up with our last one for only 18 months our new one is a dream

5 - good quality & great services high quality & vslue if money thry offer to custmer as usually u recomment family sand firends too

5 - Great mattress and great service, sleeping like a baby and has helped with my back pain, not too hard and not too soft, perfect

4 - So far so good, only had the mattress for 10 days (hence the 4 stars instead of 5) but got a great nights sleep straight away.

5 - Can't fault this mattress comfort comfort comfort best mattress we've aver bought. This mattress has improve my nights sleep.

5 - Best bed people always use them. Friendliness from both members of the staff. I'm disabled and they helped me in every way.

5 - If you're looking for unparalleled comfort, premium materials, and exceptional support, this mattress is worth every penny.

5 - This mattress has a comfortable soft topper with an underlying firmness. Therefore, it is very supportive on the skeletal.

5 - Nice and comfy mattress, I would recommend it to everyone and I wish bensons for beds would stop pestering me for a review

5 - Comfortable at reduced price. The delivery also helped bringing the mattress to my bed room. Overall satisfactory service.

5 - It's wonderful, like I always say you can beat an egg and you can beat a drum but you can't beat a good nights sleep!!!!

4 - Very good for my back I just wish mattresses were little bit cheaper.. as not everybody has a thousand + pounds to spend

4 - Comfortable mattress but very very tall. Would not recommend buying this with a bed frame other than a short divan base.

4 - Seems really good but don't understand why I have to turn it every week for 8 weeks could you please explain to me why

5 - Perfect. Excellent quality. Got the firm mattress and would recommend. Would recommend Bensons they were so helpful.

4 - So far so good! Just waiting for it to soften a bit. Mattress is just too high with bed frame but my sleep is amazing

5 - Excellent and cost effective . Air Meomory Mattress is just we have been looking for to improve our quatity of sleep

5 - My daughter is delighted with her new mattress so comfortable, only problem is actually getting her up in a morning!

5 - Absolutely amazing mattress. Albeit a bit pricey but if it lasts as long as our last one it will be worth the money!

5 - Awesome quality & amazingly comfortable, absolutely love the new mattress and bed.... I have never slept so well!!

4 - Its a good matress but i find it a bit hard and so does my wife but i think it needs time for us to settle into it

5 - The mattress is firm and perfect for 2 of us sleeping on it. Hard wearing and clearly built with quality in mind.

5 - Highly recommend this product, I have had the best nights sleep in the past two weeks then I could ever remember.

5 - Best decision ever to buy this mattress!! If you want a thick but comfy mattress then this is the baby you want!

5 - Great mattress! Super comfy, excellent support, and improved my sleep quality significantly. Highly recommended!

5 - We're enjoying this mattress very much sleeping better and longer feel less tired during the day great purchase

4 - Very comfortable but just like everything nowadays a little overpriced but generally pleased with our purchase.

5 - Very pleased with our new mattress. Tried out several in the shop, took the advice of the manager. No issues.

5 - Lovely mattress but having trouble finding sheets that don't move as the top fabric is very soft but slippy !

5 - This Kingsize mattress suited us as the best option in the Medium firmness category with a memory foam top.

5 - My new bed is the best, so comfortable I can't wait to go to bed, and I don't want to get up, best bed ever.

5 - We haven't had our new mattress long but so far we are very happy. Very comfy and sleeping so much better.

5 - First few days I thought it was a bit hard but it soon became comfortable. very pleased with mattress now.

5 - Great service from the showroom to delivery ***** Very pleased. Great delivery guys too. Would recommend

5 - We are very pleased with our purchase , have slept well every night and would highly recommend this divan.

5 - It's one of the best Mattresses I've ever slept on it's not too hard but not soft but it's very very nice

5 - Next level comfort especially with having a newborn, the little hours you get in this bed are incredible

5 - Very pleased with the comfort provided by the mattress almost a shame to get out of bed but needs must !

5 - Only had it a few weeks but no issues so far. Not the cheapest but I guess you need to pay for quality.

5 - It's quite high and we had to buy new deep sided sheets to fit. Nevertheless it's extremely comfortable

5 - Huge heavy mattress with the memory foam topper, Very comfortable and we are pleased with our purchase

4 - Had it a couple of weeks now and it's very nice A little bit hard for a medium but getting used to it

3 - I bought the medium and think it should have been the soft i am hoping that it softens as time goes on

5 - Great product, super comfy. Was a shame it came slightly dirty but nothing that couldn't be wiped off

5 - Love our new bed and mattress, mattress really helped both mine and husbands back , would recommend .

5 - Very comfortable. This mattress cushions the pressure points. Wake up now with no aches and pains.

4 - The mattress was pretty pricey but it is super comfy and sturdy. The price you pay for good quality.

5 - Very pleased with my purchase it was quick and easy to choose in the shop the sale man very helpful

3 - Don't like the added memory foam topper on top of the mattress Keep rolling together Not worth 800

5 - Extremely comfortable and beautifully made. Great quality and a superb mattress. Highly recommend.

5 - Comfortable mattress. The only downside is that it's so deep, the fitted sheets are too small now!

5 - While the bed is quite expensive, it was definitely worth the money. Have slept well ever since.

5 - We ate very please with our new mattress. Had it now for a couple of weeks and very comfortable.

5 - Took a couple of weeks to adjust to us. Now really comfortable. Glad we invested in new mattress.

5 - Excellent quality not to soft and a perfect night's sleep we both wake up with no aches or pains

5 - I'm enjoying the best nights sleeps I've had for years, I'm just sorry I never bought it before.

5 - After the first few weeks we are very happy with the mattress and bed overall. Very comfortable!

5 - Very comfortable mattress and getting a great nights sleep. Needed to air the bed for a few day.

5 - The most comfortable bed ever!!! Like going to a premier inn but better can't recommend enough

5 - Superb mattress for the price extremely supportive and comfortable. Exceeded our expectations.

4 - Felt quite uncomfortable the first couple of nights, but it's really nice now. Great mattress!

5 - Super quality mattress, very comfortable good support, since purchasing better quality sleep.

5 - Soo comfortable - King size - and 2 weeks in have no complaints and cannot praise it enough.

4 - Good product, firmer than in shop however brand new so understandable, happy with mattress.

3 - It is very comfortable but we seem to have a ridge in the middle where neither of us sleep.

5 - First night was weird, however since that night it's been great. Super comfy and luxurious

5 - Am really pleased with my new bed. Really comfortable and am getting a full nights sleep.

5 - The most amazing mattress! I've slept so well since buying this and can highly recommend!

5 - Beautiful mattress medium soft very comfortable after 3 different previous mattress tried

4 - Super comfy. Quite a soft mattress so likely not for everyone. But I am loving it so far.

5 - We absolutely love our new mattress, despite being new it is so comfortable to sleep on.

5 - I am very pleased with my purchase have slept well since receiving so comfy thank you

5 - Very comfortable! Really nice to sleep on in-fact I have a much better night's sleep.

5 - Super Comfortable sleep. Amazed at how deep mattress is. My new favourite place to be

5 - Excellent comfort, quality and value for money. We are both very pleased with product

5 - Sooooo comfortable, get out of bed with out my back aching now and sleep much better

5 - Really good because it's nice and convenient mattress for me to sleep on it but good

5 - I found the product to be very comfortable managing to get a full night's sleep .

5 - Very comfortable mattress which replaced the one we got from benson beds 7 years ago

5 - Really comfortable and enjoying the extra space, glad we chose the super king size.

5 - Lovely mattress, comfortable and cosy. Memory foam topper definitely worth getting.

5 - Love it so comfortable. and the free pillows are amazing. Would highly recommend it

5 - Perfect support without the heat of a memory foam mattress. Excellent nights sleep.

5 - I love this mattress it is so comfortable and I do'tt wake up with lower back pain

5 - The most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on! Absolutely amazing. Love it!

5 - Very comfortable mattress , felt supportive without feeling too firm. Good quality

5 - Delighted with the purchase !! Had it for a couple of weeks now and still love it

5 - Deep mattress and very comfortable! Topper gives it that sink in feeling. Lovely!

5 - Love my new mattress it's so nice to have a good night's sleep worth every penny

5 - Just as I expected comfortable, having good nights sleep now. Been a long time.

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