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Amelia's Thoughts On The iGel Advance 1600i Divan Bed Set On Glides

The iGel Advance 1600i Divan Bed Set On Glides is a pioneering solution to sleep comfort. Exclusively designed for Bensons for Beds, it comprises of advanced technologies such as the iGel™ Advance Graphene and iGel™ Advance intelligent temperature regulation. This mattress represents a leap forward in bedding technology, combining comfort, cleanliness and sustainability in a remarkably unified design. Its main appeal is undoubtedly the promise of perfect temperature regulation, aiming to keep you at the ideal comfort zone of 35°-37° Celsius throughout the night.

Who is this product for?

This product is designed for people who value a good night's sleep. It is especially suitable for those who struggle with maintaining a comfortable temperature while sleeping or those who experience aches and pains. The iGel™ Advance Graphene technology, together with its superior pressure-relief system, can help reduce discomfort and foster deep sleep. It might also be favored by eco-conscious customers, as the mattress construct comes with cleaner foams and fibres, boasting 80% recycled PET polyester fibre content.

What do we use this product for?

The iGel Advance 1600i Divan Bed Set On Glides is primarily used for enhancing sleep quality. Its advanced moisture wicking can help maintain freshness throughout the night, while the AdvantEdge™ technology provides superior edge support, increasing the mattress's usability and durability. Additional storage options make it a functional choice for individuals who need more room for their bedding essentials

What customers liked and disliked

Customers appreciated the luxurious feel and the advanced features. The iGel™ Advance Graphene technology and intelligent temperature regulation were frequently praised for contributing to improved sleep quality. The stylish design, wide choice of colours, and plush upholstery were also highly commended.

However, some customers have noted that the mattress could feel a bit firm. It's also important to be aware that the headboard needs to be purchased separately, which some customers may find inconvenient.

Features you should know about

  • Powered by iGel™ Advance Graphene technology: this intelligent temperature regulation technology can help you maintain the perfect sleeping temperature.
  • 1600 premium pocketed springs: designed to offer tailored comfort and support while reducing partner disturbance.
  • AdvantEdge™ superior edge support: ensures durability and expands the sleeping area.
  • FreshNow™ advanced moisture wicking: helps maintain an all-night fresher feel.
  • iPure™ Cleanest Formula Foams And Fibres: provides more recycled content and fewer synthetic additives, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Our Review

In our opinion, the iGel Advance 1600i Divan Bed Set On Glides is a significant player in the contemporary sleep industry. Its innovative technologies are beautifully entwined with a luxurious and thoughtful design, creating a mattress that doesn't sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. We are particularly impressed by its use of Graphene, allowing quick heat transfer and the ability to maintain a comfortably steady temperature. Its commitment to cleaner and more sustainable materials also adds a pleasant bonus.

Despite its premium outlook, prospective buyers should be aware that the headboard is not included and needs to be purchased separately. The level of firmness may also warrant consideration depending on your personal preference. Nevertheless, the iGel Advance 1600i Divan Bed Set On Glides remains a remarkable bedding option with its advanced technology and stylish design, promising a restful and refreshing sleep.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comfort choice – Medium

    The medium level of firmness provides optimal support to promote proper spinal alignment, which is essential for back sleepers. It helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and minimising the risk of discomfort or pain.For side sleepers, the medium tension mattress offers a delicate balance between cushioning and support. It allows for proper contouring to the body's curves, particularly around the shoulders and hips, providing pressure relief and maintaining healthy alignment.

    FreshNow™ advanced moisture wicking - helps to prevent waking caused by humidity, for an all-night fresher feel

    The freshNow™ technology works by actively wicking away moisture from the surface of the mattress. As you sleep, any excess heat and perspiration are quickly absorbed and transported away, promoting better airflow and ventilation. This helps regulate your body temperature and creates a more comfortable sleep environment, reducing the likelihood of waking up due to humidity-related discomfort.

    Soothing and supportive pressure relief - iGel™ Advance can help reduce aches and pains, with pressure relieving Gel crystals for targeted support where your body needs it most

    The iGel™ Advance technology incorporated into the mattress features Gel crystals strategically placed within the mattress layers. These Gel crystals respond to your body's unique contours, gently cushioning and supporting you throughout the night. By adapting to your body shape, the mattress helps alleviate pressure points, reducing the discomfort often associated with tossing and turning.

    iGel™ Advance Graphene - 7 times faster heat transfer than standard foam, Graphene is cleaner than synthetic additives

    The inclusion of Graphene in the iGel™ Advance technology brings remarkable thermal conductivity to the mattress. With its superior heat transfer properties, it helps dissipate heat quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Say goodbye to restless, overheated nights and embrace the refreshing sleep experience provided by the iGel™ Advance Graphene.

    Opulent super loft and super soft stretch-knit cover - luxuriously soft and breathable, with eye-catching centre panel design

    Wrapped in a super soft stretch-knit cover, this mattress not only feels incredibly gentle against your skin but also provides excellent breathability. The stretch-knit fabric allows for enhanced airflow, helping to regulate your body temperature and maintain a comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.

    In partnership with the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) - the largest and longest established association for chiropractors in the United Kingdom

    The BCA's endorsement of the mattress speaks to its quality and effectiveness in promoting healthy sleep and proper spinal alignment. You can have confidence in knowing that this mattress has undergone rigorous evaluation and testing by chiropractic professionals, making it a trusted choice for your sleep needs.

    Nothing feels quite this good - with iGel™ Advance patented know-how, exclusively at Bensons for Beds, we’ve perfected a feel that’s like nothing else

    Experience a level of comfort like nothing else with the iGel Advance 4400i Plush Top Mattress, featuring an exclusive iGel™ Advance patented technology, available only at Bensons for Beds. The brand have perfected a unique feel that sets this mattress apart, providing you with an unparalleled sleep experience.

    Powered by 3cm of iGel™ Advance Graphene technology – intelligent temperature regulation helps you sleep not too hot, not too cold, just right

    By using iGel™ Advance, the mattress adapts to your body's unique needs, making it suitable for a variety of sleepers, regardless of their personal temperature preferences. This technology provides a more personalised and comfortable sleep experience, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

    iGel™ Advance intelligent temperature regulation - proven to absorb, store and release heat to help you stay in the 35°-37° Celsius comfort zone

    By using iGel™ Advance, the mattress adapts to your body's unique needs, making it suitable for a variety of sleepers, regardless of their personal temperature preferences. This technology provides a more personalised and comfortable sleep experience, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

    Easy Care – No turn mattress

    Single-sided mattresses are typically constructed with a sturdy base layer that provides excellent support, ensuring durability and prolonging the lifespan of the mattress. This type of mattress allows you to enjoy consistent comfort and support, with less effort required for upkeep.

    iPure™ - our cleanest formula foams and fibres, with more recycled PET polyester fibre content (80%), and fewer synthetic additives

    In addition to its eco-friendly composition, iPure™ reduces the reliance on synthetic additives. The manufacturer have carefully formulated the mattress with a focus on natural and sustainable materials, ensuring a cleaner and healthier sleep environment for you.

    AdvantEdge™ superior edge support – premium support along the edge of the mattress, for added durability and to increase the mattress sleeping area

    The outer edge support system offers several benefits. Firstly, it helps to prevent sagging and maintain the overall shape of the mattress over time. This ensures that you can enjoy consistent comfort and support, even near the edges of the bed.

    10% off divan base when bought with a mattress included in price

    When purchasing a mattress you will receive a 10% discount on a compatible divan base, and this discount is already factored into the combined price of the mattress and base.

    Strong, sturdy timber frame – sourced from responsibly managed forests

    Finished with luxury glides with a silver finish – keeps your base firmly in?place

    Free 10 year guarantee – for total peace of mind

    1600 premium pocketed springs - for individual comfort and support, with reduced partner disturbance

    Mattress depth – 26cm

    Wide choice of colours?– Choose from different neutral tones or something brighter for a pop of colour?

    Extra storage options available?–?A choice of drawers or an Ottoman base?

    Hand upholstered in a choice of 25 Premium Upholstery Fabrics?–?A choice of textures and styles from velvet look, warm faux leather, linen look and more?

    Headboard not included – this needs to be purchased separately. View the Collection

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