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Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress

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Pros and Cons

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The third layer of the mattress is a high-density foam base with a ventilation channel. This design encourages airflow and breathability, potentially reducing heat retention.

Ideal for those who sleep as dedicated back sleepers or have a heavier body type.

Plenty of long term reviews show the multi-foam layers work well and stand up to usage over an extended period.

Firm tension will likely not be comfortable for lightweight individuals. They will not sink in enough to get the full benefit of the contouring memory foam, which could lead to pressure points.

It can take time to adjust to the feeling of memory foam, especially for those who have not used this type of mattress before.

Despite the breathable cover and ventilation channel, memory foam is notorious for retaining heat. Even though this mattress has features designed to combat this, some people might still find it sleeps hot.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that can provide you with optimal support and comfort for your back, you might want to check out the Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress is designed with three layers of foam that work together to create a firm feel and a zoned support system that adapts to your body shape and weight distribution.

The Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress is one of the products from Hyde & Sleep, a UK-based company that offers high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. The company claims to use innovative technology and premium materials to create mattresses that can improve your sleep quality and health.

In this review, I will share with you my personal experience with the Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress, as well as some of the pros and cons of this product. I will also compare it with some of the other memory foam mattresses in the market and give you my final verdict on whether this mattress is worth buying or not.

What's Inside the Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress?

The Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress has three layers of foam that make up its 25 cm height. These are:

A 4 cm layer of  memory foam that conforms to your body shape and relieves pressure points. This layer also has an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate and prevents overheating.

A 4 cm layer of support foam that provides extra cushioning and stability. This layer also has seven zones of different firmness levels that target different areas of your body, such as your head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

A 17 cm layer of base foam that acts as the foundation of the mattress and supports the other layers. This layer also has ventilation channels that enhance airflow and breathability.

The mattress also comes with a soft and breathable cover that is made of polyester and elastane. The cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

How Does It Feel?

The Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress has a firm feel that is ideal for back sleepers who need more support for their spine alignment. The memory foam layer hugs your body curves and cradles your pressure points, while the support foam layer offers extra cushioning and zoned support for different parts of your body.

The mattress also has good motion isolation, which means you won't feel much movement from your partner or pet if they toss and turn during the night. The mattress also has minimal noise when you move on it, which adds to its quietness.

However, if you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper who prefers a softer or more plush feel, you might find this mattress too firm or uncomfortable for your liking. The mattress might also take some time to break in and adjust to your body shape, so you might experience some initial stiffness or soreness when you first sleep on it.

Another thing to consider is that this mattress might have some off-gassing when you unpack it from its box. Off-gassing is a common phenomenon among memory foam mattresses where they release some unpleasant odours due to their manufacturing process. These odours usually dissipate within a few days or weeks if you air out the mattress in a well-ventilated room.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    A 40 night sleep guarantee gives you the piece of mind when purchasing online to be able to buy with the confidence necessary for such a considered purchase. The guarantee allows you to swap out your mattress with a different model that is deemed more suitable in the event you do not like the product you receive. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Sleep Guarantee

    The inclusion of a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee with this product illustrates the manufacturer's confidence in providing you with the ultimate comfort experience. This means that you have a whole 100 nights to truly get a feel for the product, ensuring it meets your expectations and contributes to your wellbeing.

    Premium memory foam mattress

    Memory foam is a great material for mattresses that features frequently in premium mattresses within the comfort layer which is housed at the top layer of the mattress. The material is typically used for comfort rather than support and will typically be accompanied by a support layer of varying material.

    Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

    A 5 Year Guarantee is toward the upper end for the industry. giving you a huge amount of confidence in the product while showing just how much belief the manufacturer and retailer have that you won't have issues during the products lifecycle. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Choose from firm or very firm, or upgrade to split tension firm/very firm

    A firm mattress can help promote better circulation and easier breathing. So, if you're a back sleeper, a firm comfort grade mattress can enhance your sleep quality by offering the right balance of support and comfort.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    Memory foam layer provides support and durability

    With a soft-touch, breathable knitted cover

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Customer Reviews For The Hyde & Sleep Ruby Memory Foam Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Mattress is excellent we are now having a great full nights sleep.would like to thank the staff member who helped us that day she was most helpfull.

5 - Very comfy. Picked this matress after doing using the dream bed machine that helps you pick the right mattress. Good mixture of support and comfort.

5 - My wife and I now both get a great nights sleep thanks to our new mattress. Can’t believe we kept our previous uncomfortable mattress for so long.

5 - Extremely comfortable best bed i have ever purchased would recommend Dreams not just for the bed but also the fact that the service was excellent.

5 - Visited my local Dreams - great customer experience and product. I’ve never sleep so well, so a BIG bravo for the Sleepmatch system, spot on!

5 - Great mattress, as soon as I tried it in the store, I knew this was the one for me. Firm, very supportive, just what was needed for my back.

5 - Similar idea to a tempur mattress but much more affordable and for an ever growing teenage boy it feels like sleeping on a cloud apparently

5 - excellent & soft mattress. I will recommend to my friends & families I would like to thank the branch staff for recommending this item.

5 - Sleeping on this memory foam mattress feels like you’re sinking into bed. You’re sleep is so much better and I awake feeling rejuvenated.

5 - I found this comfortable from the start firm but soft feel to itlooks neat and tidy pleased with purchase would recommend to a friend

5 - Best bed ever . I was using a bed and had body pains every morning after work but this bed is the best ever. Thank you Dreams

5 - Felt a bit firm to start with compared to what I was used to. Stuck with it and it is, without doubt, the best mattress I have ever had

5 - The mattress is super comfortable. I can sleep very well every night. Highly recommend and grab for yourself. Good sleep is priceless.

4 - Nice comfortable mattress was hard at first but used to now. Looks nice and very firm. Quite expensive but if last years well worth it

5 - We have had this now for a month. And we wish we had got it alot earlier. We thought it seems alot of money. But it is well worth it.

5 - Really comfortable I didn’t realise how bad my old mattress was until I slept on this I would highly recommend this type of mattress

5 - Thought we were getting a decent sleep before we purchased this mattress, its like sleeping on air, most relaxing sleep of our life.

5 - Perfect replacement mattress after months of back ache due to sleeping on a bed that wasn't firm enough to support my sleep position

5 - Chose very firm due to physical issues. Getting used to it now, which takes time to adjust. Light enough for one person to turn.

5 - This mattress is so comfortable best sleep my wife and I have had for ages actually better than five stars. Please go and try them.

5 - Mum and Dad are converted to Hyde and sleep mattress. Mum also has had spinal surgery and she only trust Hyde and sleep mattress

5 - It is so firm and soft, it feels amazing. It did get very hot at night so I go a mattress protector, which kinda helped with it.

5 - It feels quite firm when you first lay down but then after a few seconds it feel very comfortable. Its a very well made matress.

3 - Decent mattress - does the job - not quite the same as a higher level brand that I experienced in store even though same 'specs'

5 - Perfect comfort and sleep from 1st night.wish I had one years ago.sometimes woke up and in pain as soon as I moved but no more.

5 - Perfect for what we need, comfortable and memory foam support, don’t feel partner getting in and out of bed, great night sleep


5 - Such a comfortable mattress! Exactly what I was looking for and worth every penny! The best nights sleep I've had in years!!!

5 - Beautiful and comfortable bed Excellent customer service from start to finish Did a great deal and extra pillow top service

5 - The most comfortable matress I've ever had. It supports me in all the right places. I haven't woke up with back pains since!

5 - The Ruby mattress has unique zoned support with memory foam, which relieves pressure and helps ensure a lovely nights sleep.

5 - Fabulous. First time I am actually enjoying my sleep on a mattress that takes care of my bad back. Happy I went with dreams!

5 - This product is really good I couldn’t believe the first day I used it. I slept well no back pains. It’s worthy to have it.

5 - Very comfortable and supportive mattress. The quality is excellent. Back problems improved and good night’s sleep achieved.

5 - Brilliant mattress. Very comfortable. Great service from Guy at Feltham. Excellent delivery service too. Highly recommended

5 - Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Well worth paying a little extra for something that makes all the difference.

5 - Very comfortable and supportive . Haven't failed to have a good night's sleep since being delivered. Can't say a bad word.

5 - Lovely, firm, comfy, no more body aching! It took a night or two to adjust to the new mattress, but now sleeping soundly!

5 - Great mattress, especially for the price. The firmness is perfect for us, we went for very firm, and it works perfectly.

5 - Super Comfy, best nights sleep I've had in a very long time! Would recommend this to anyone with lower back or hip pain.

5 - It is amazing, I can finally sleep like a should. Not tired anymore and a very important thing for me is " no noise" !!!

5 - This has transformed our sleeping, we no longer wake up during the night or wake up in the morning with aches and pains.

5 - staff were very helpfull. ruby mattress makes for a good nights sleep. delivery time great and driver verry helpfull

5 - Do not hesitate to purchase this mattress. If has great benefits, I proving sleep and also all those aches and pains

5 - Brilliant service in store, couldn’t fault the quality and comfort of our Hyde & Sleep mattress! One happy customer.

5 - Great mattress as both half's as we like firm /extra firm - both myself and wife happy as get a good night's sleep.

5 - A mattress that retains the shape and provides an excellent airy sleep for those that like a firm support mattress

5 - a very nice very comfortable mattress very well made and it looks well in design its made for a great nights sleep

5 - Hyde & sleep Ruby mattress firm memory foam best night sleeps I've had no back ache since buying this 4 weeks ago

5 - Fantastic mattress at a good depth to help my partner in and out of bed. Getting a great nights sleep as well.

5 - Really helpful store staff and delivery. Bed is sturdy and mattress is very comfortable. Good value for money.

5 - Bought our top recommended mattress from the machine in store & delighted with our improved quality of sleep.

5 - The mattress is about brilliant. It’s helped my back pain out soo much and I would recommend it for everyone.

5 - Initially I thought the mattress was too firm - we purchased a Super Firm/Firm and we have grown to love it.

5 - Quite honestly since I’ve purchase this mattress I’ve always had the best nights sleep, it’s so comfortable!

5 - Best night's sleep I've had in a while. The mattress is perfect for us, and our dogs are big fans as well!

4 - The first night i thought the mattresses might be too hard but since then i have had a great night's sleep

5 - Absolutely great purchase I’ve made. I’ve had no back issues since moving to this mattress it’s wonderful

5 - A really great mattress that is soooooo comfortable. Wish we had chosen a mattress like this years ago!

4 - Fab mattress. Build quality 100% However its too hard for me being? So I’m swapping down to a firm style

5 - It felt right in the store, and when we got it on the bed, it improved my sleep and changed my life!!!!

5 - By far the best mattress we’ve ever bought, so comfortable, now the only problem is getting out of bed!

5 - Really firm and comfortable mattress. Feels like hotel quality and the delivery was slick and on time.

5 - A good, firm mattress, very comfortable. Perfect for my 11 year old. Reliable delivery, well packaged.

5 - Very comfortable bed solved bad back problems. Great service by Dreams to help us find the right bed.

5 - Very comfortable, more firm than i’ve had previously but I sleep right through the night like a baby!

5 - Great mattress & very comfortable.. great service and communication .. highly recommend this company

5 - Better than I thought it would be. I really like it, doesn't make you sweat or feel uncomfortable.

5 - Excellent mattress. We tried some very expensive ones and this is very close for a lot less cost!

5 - Such a comfortable mattress. It envelopes you in a comforting way while still be a firm mattress.

5 - Very sturdy and comfortable. Arrived when Dreams arranged. Polite and courteous delivery men.

5 - We have this mattress for a few weeks now and it has really improved the quality of our sleep.

5 - Very firm but very comfortable. I have slept much better. Light to move when changing sheets.

5 - My wife has back problems and this mattress allows her to sleep with out issues the next day.

5 - Memery foam mattress is very comfy and supports it all the right area's. Very happy with it

5 - Really high quality, attractive finish. Went for the extra firm and I'm sleeping just great!

5 - This product was absolutely beautiful, it genuinly gives us such a better night sleep now!

5 - Great mattress ideal for my back problem, my wife loves her mattress sleep improved a lot.

5 - From walking into the shop to taking delivery of our mattress and pillow brilliant service

5 - Since i started sleeping on the foam, by back pain is 90% gone. I now sleep well ay night

5 - The memory form mattress is fantastic, it remembers your position and it so comfortably

5 - Perfect mattress. Firm but memory foam comfort. Pity bed i wanted has been discontinued.

5 - Super quick delivery, drivers was very polite . Slept great since using the new mattress

5 - Have spent sleepless nights for years our new memory foam mattress has changed our lives

5 - Great mattress only took a few days to get used to it, no more bad back in the morning

5 - Really comfortable and some of the best nights sleep since changing to this mattress

4 - Great mattresses both myself and wife love them very comfortable great nights sleep

4 - Polite staff very helpful and very happy with my foam mattress and pillow thank you

3 - It was harder than we thought in the shop and we ended up changing it for a tempur.

5 - Very comfortable, the best sleep I've ever had and works well with my back issues.

5 - Very comfortable. Appropriate firmness for me. Does not leave you with a headache.

5 - Amazing mattress. Best sleep I have ever had. Would highly recommend to everyone.

5 - Didn't realise what a good night sleep was like until i changed to this mattress

5 - Very comfortable after a 30year old bed. Dont wake with aches and pains anymore.

5 - Very comfortable, well worth the money, makes sleeping so much more refreshing!

5 - Fantastic service from the start, perfect mattress for us at a reasonable price

5 - To have a good nights sleep starts with a great mattress. We love ours so much

5 - Great quality mattress, super comfy lovely quilted top. Good value for money.

3 - Excellent staff very helpful from start to finish when my matter was delivered

5 - Perfect. My son had the best nights sleep. Thinking about buying another one.

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