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Amelia's Thoughts On The Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame

This bed frame effortlessly complements any bedroom and serves as a comfortable base for your mattress. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the bed frame's features, construction, and customer feedback.

Purpose and Suitability:

The purpose of the Woodstock bed frame is to offer a stable and reliable foundation for your mattress. Its timeless design, featuring horizontal slats, allows it to seamlessly fit into a variety of bedroom styles and décors.

Construction and Materials:

The Woodstock bed frame is built using a combination of solid ash, ash veneer, and Acacia wood. This blend of materials ensures a durable and robust structure. The bed frame's design, with its classic horizontal slats, adds an element of sophistication to its overall appearance.

Sprung Slat Upgrade Option:

This bed frame offers the choice to upgrade to sprung slats, which provide improved shock absorption and cushioned support for your mattress. Upgrading to sprung slats can enhance the overall sleeping experience by offering added comfort and mattress support.

Customer Experiences:

Many customers have praised the Woodstock bed frame for its strong build and simple assembly process. They also appreciate the exceptional value it offers and its stylish, modern design.

A few customers have reported receiving damaged or defective components, but Dreams' customer service typically resolved these issues promptly. While most customers are content with the bed frame quality, some have noted minor concerns, such as slight creaking sounds or inconsistencies in the wood finish.

In Conclusion:

The Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame from Dreams is an attractive, well-crafted addition to any bedroom. Its solid construction, sleek design, and optional sprung slat upgrade make it a great value for the price. Although a few minor issues have been reported, the majority of customers are pleased with their purchase and would recommend the Woodstock bed frame to others.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Sprung slat upgrade available for added support and comfort

    Improved shock absorption can help in reducing noise and movement disturbances, ensuring you and your partner can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep. The sprung slat truly elevates your bed to a higher level of comfort and durability.

    Sprung slat upgrade available for better shock absorption and cushioned support

     This feature enhances comfort by evenly distributing weight and conforming to your body's shape and movements. The result is a more restful, comfortable sleep and reduced strain on your mattress, prolonging its lifespan. 

    Available in ash

    Available in ash and white

    Constructed from sturdy solid ash and ash veneer

    With a horizontal slatted design

    Constructed from sturdy solid ash, ash veneer and Acacia

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame

Question: Has the bed got a middle leg as I like to use the under bed space

Answer: , Yes there is a single support leg in the middle of the frame underneath the slats Kind regards Dreams

Question: is there a centre support bar under the slats

Answer: , Yes there is a single support leg in the middle of the frame underneath the slats Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Please can you tell me what middle leg support this bed has and what material these are made of? Also whether the bed frame has any metal in its structure or whether it’s made purely of wood?

Answer: , The bed frame does have a central support leg, and the frame is made from wood. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: What is thickness of the mattress used in the image? Alternatively what mattress is being used in the picture?

Answer: , The mattress used in this image is now discontinued but it was 23cm in depth. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hello - When the second bed is set up is it the same height as the main bed? Its just we'd also like to use it as a double by pushing the two beds together and were wondering if this was possible! Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, they should be the same height as long as the mattresses are the same height as each other. Thank you.

Question: is it made of solid wood?

Answer: Hi This mattress is not made from any single solid wood. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Does the bet come with a mattress?if so what kind of mattress

Answer: , This does not come with a mattress, it will need to be purchased separately. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Good afternoon, is it possible to make the legs longer? We are looking for a bit more space under the bed.

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to adjust the length of the legs on this bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: On the double bed frame which has a support leg, is this strong enough to support the slats as most beds have a support bar from top to bottom

Answer: , Yes, this has been designed to support the slats that come with the bed. Kind regards Dreams

Question: The online illustration of the ash finish does not look like natural ash. Is it stained, if so how dark?

Answer: , The bedframe is made from solid Ashwood and the finish is an Ash vaneer. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Are the white beds made of the same materials as the ash beds (i.e. are they ash beds which have been painted white)?

Answer: , These are both constructed from sturdy solid ash, ash veneer and Acacia. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: what is the clearance under the bed  

Answer: Hi , The clearance under the bed measures at 22cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: When would storage for this bed be completed?

Answer: , At the moment we do not offer any additional storage options for this bed Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi Please can you tell me what parts of the bed are veneered? Thanks

Answer: Hi , The side panels and the panels within the headboard will be veneered. Thank you for your question.

Question: Do u sell the plastic clips to keep the slats held in please

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you for your question.

Question: what is the width of a solid slat and what is the gap between the slats

Answer: Hi roo roo, The width of the solid slat is 7cm and the gap between them is 8cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: Do you do the furniture range that accompanies this bed

Answer: Hi , Not at present, however it could be something we add in later dates. Thank you for your question.

Question: Do you provide an assembly service and if so is there a charge

Answer: Hi , Yes we do. You can add this charge on to your order within checkout. Thank you for your question.

Question: Are there any chests of drawers in this range?

Answer: , Unfortunately there are no chest of drawers available in this range. Kinds regards, Dreams

Question: What is the ash wood bed made of please?

Answer: , This bed frame is made from a combination of solid ash and ash veneer. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, I have european standard matterace 140cm width will this matterace fit in the bedframe? thanks

Answer: Hi , This frame takes a mattress to these dimensions: 137cm x 190cm. We hope this helps you.

Question: Please can you tell me the measurement from the floor to the underside of the dbl bed ('E' in the dimensions drawing) I'd like to know how much space there is for underbed storage boxes/ or possibly even a trundle which I know I'd need to purchase separat

Answer: , The dimension from the floor to the underside of the bed is 36cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: how many support legs does this have? I just read somewhere that the sprung slats come with three extra support legs but I can't find anything about that now! please let me know if both solid and sprung slats have just one support leg, thank you

Answer: , Both versions of this bed come with one support leg in the middle. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Hi, could the king size take a 160cm x 200cm mattress?

Answer: Hi , The king size will only take mattresses sized 150cm x 200cm. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can a single tempur matteress fit this bed ?

Answer: , All standard UK sized single mattresses should fit the Woodstock Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the height of the gap under the bed

Answer: , The gap from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 22cm. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Can you confirm if the dimensions as shown on your website are correct? The dimensions of " Floor to top of side rail" at 29cm seems particularly low when compared to a 'standard single bed' and even when compared to the "Foot-end height" of 58cm. 

Answer: Hi , Yes, the dimensions are correct as shown for this model. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi, can the queen frame it fit 140cm european standard matterace. Or the inside is fit 135cm? thanks?

Answer: Hi , The measurements for the double bed are : 137cm x 190cm Thank you for your question.

Question: How much of the bed frame is solid wood rather than veneer? 

Answer: , Only the side rails of the Woodstock Bed Frame are Oak Veneer. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hello Can you let me know the distance between the slats in the headboard? Many thanks

Answer: , The distance between the slats on the headboard is 57.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: We’re missing a lot of fittings/ stands under the bed due to moving, do you sell fittings separately?

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

Question: Will this be ok for a 22 stone person

Answer: , Yes, this bed would be suitable for a 22 Stone person. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: will you take my old bed away if i make an order

Answer: Hi , Yes we have recycling options. You can add this option within checkout. Thank you

Question: Hi, is this flat packed. I cannot get a single bed up the stairs (mattress is fine) so both the main bed and the guest bed would need to be self assembled.

Answer: Hi , Yes this bed is flat packed. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is the Woodstock available in white?

Answer: , Yes, this bed frame is available in white as well as ash. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have a very limited gap in which to fit the bed (142.5cm) would this bed fit in that gap as it says allow +/- 2cm. thank you

Answer: Hello, The bedframe will just about fit into this tight space. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Do you offer this bed in Super King size?

Answer: , Unfortunately this does not come in super king size. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Does the double with solid slats have a central support?

Answer: , The solid slat system does have a center support leg. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Are the sprung slats on this bed suitable for use with a pocket sprung mattress? Thanks

Answer: , Yes a pocket sprung mattress would be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams


Answer: , The height from the floor to the bottom of the slats is 33cm. Many thanks

Question: What is the weight limit for users of both the single and the guest bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: What size mattress can you fit on the bed frame

Answer: , This bedframe requires a standard UK size mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Provided they are under 22cm deep can I use two identical matresses for these beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes of course, this would be absolutely fine. Thank you for your question.

Question: How heavy is the bed, please

Answer: , The weight of the Woodstock in a double is 42kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hello, how high is the underbed storage please? Many thanks

Answer: Hi , The height of the under-bed storage is 22cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: Are the wooden and painted beds constructed in the same way? The top joints at either side of the headboards look different between the painted and non painted.

Answer: , These would be constructed in the same way. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Thank you JSDreams for your answer but I think the dimension you gave must be that between the legs along the length of the 3ft Woodstock bed. I was after the dimension between the legs on the end of the bed. Hope you can answer this. Thanks

Answer: , I apologise about this, the dimension is 88.4cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What are the dimensions, (see your dimension diagram) dimension E and Dimension F of the Woodstock 4'6" Double wooden bed please. Yes I am aware there is a central leg. Many thanks.

Answer: , Dimension F is 22cm and dimension E is 36cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Will it be possible to disassemble this bed in the future if I need to? (so that I can move it somewhere else)

Answer: , You would be able to dismantle this bedframe. Many thanks Dreams

Question: On the king size bed whats the max weight this bed would handle

Answer: Hi, We do not have weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello I’m planning to buy a clip-on hanging shelf that will attach to this bed frame.  Please could you tell me the width of the side rails so that I know what size clip will fit.  Many thanks

Answer: , The width/thickness of the side rail is 2cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the main bed assembled using dowel and bolts or metal clips as with metal frame beds. The one in the Shrewsbury store has metal clip assembly which facilitates dismantling unlike a dowel system.

Answer: Hello, This will be constructed in the same way. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Which country is this bed manufactured in?

Answer: , This bedframe is manufactured in China. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: when the base of the guest bed is up, is it the same height as the base of the proper bed, so that both mattresses can be the same height when using as a double is the guest bed a full 3ft width size

Answer: Hi , Yes, the guest bed is a 3ft single. Thank you for your question.

Question: Woodstock Wooden Bedframe Single. What is the width of the solid slats and how many are there?

Answer: , There will be 12 in total at 7cm each. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What is the the gap between the sprung slats?

Answer: , There is a gap of 6cm between the slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, how wide is the bed at the maximum width?

Answer: Hi , This would measure at 141cm x 201cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: could i buy a single bed with two headers instead of a head and foot board

Answer: , Unfortunately this is not possible. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Do you deliver to the bedroom

Answer: , We do deliver to the room of choice. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Please advise the measurement between the inside of the legs on the end of the Woodstock single 3ft bed. We wish to slide in a trundle bed from the end. (The height does not matter as we can if necessary add some elevators under the legs). Thank you.

Answer: , The gap between the legs is 193cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Are all the wooden beds from dreams made in the uk?

Answer: , This bed frame is made in Vietnam Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Please can you give me the dimensions of the mattress that fits the king size version of this bed?

Answer: Hi , It would be a UK standard size king mattress. Thank you.

Question: Hi, Would the main bed take a 200 x 90 (Euro) mattress, or must it be a 190 x 90? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , Yes, this must be 90 x 190cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the exact length of the slats Inside a single woodstock bed frame?

Answer: , The length of the slats is 90cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: is the wood FSC certified or otherwise sustainably sourced? thanks

Answer: , This bed frame is FSC certified. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Is this frame gloss white ?

Answer: The finish is a matt white finish rather than gloss. Regards Dreams

Question: Would this fit an EU King size mattress? I have looked at the dimensions but not sure if it's worth the gamble

Answer: , This would not fir an EU size mattress. Many thanks

Question: In respect of the dimensions given for the three foot single bed. Are the measurements for length and width overall sizes or the dimensions of the well that will contain the mattress?

Answer: , This is for the overall bed. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Will a mattress size of 135x190 be suitable for this double bed?

Answer: , Yes, this will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is there any chemical or oil finish on this bed or is it unfinished bare wood? 

Answer: Hi , This is a NC lacquer finish. Thank you.

Question: Can you tell me the height of the bed frame from the floor please, I want to check the storage space underneath. Thank you.

Answer: Hi , Under bed height is 22cm. Thank you.

Question: Does it come with the headboard? If so, is the headboard part of the frame or does it screw on? Does it have a board at the bottom or a cloth ?

Answer: Hi , This is part of the frame. Thank you.

Question: hello what is the storage depth please ?

Answer: Hi , This is approx 20cm. Thank you.

Question: Hello Please can you tell me the size of mattress in cm to fit the Woodstock 4'6" double bed. Many thanks 

Answer: Hi , 137cm x 190cm Thank you.

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Customer Reviews For The Woodstock Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Bought this bed to replace one we'd had & loved for 20 years but we wanted a king-size. Bed looks great, really happy with the quality and design. I love the detail of the joints which give it a little something extra. Bed was simple to build to so that's a bonus too. Overall a really nice, stylish piece of furniture which goes with anything.

5 - We decided to get rid of our divan bed as it was looking rather dated and we were really pleased to find this bed frame that is of a nice design and also sturdy compared to some wooden bed frames around. It is really well finished and we found it very easy to assemble ourselves. Plus we had a sale discount that made it excellent value for money.

3 - Ordered a bed frame from the online store, but it arrived with two cracks in the head board. Contacted customer service, and they helped arrange a collection. So, happy with support but unhappy with quality of the particular item received. Just took up a lot of time then between initial order and finally getting a useable frame from elsewhere.

5 - We brought this for our son who desperately needed a new bed he loved it. it was delivered on time and the driver was happy to deliver it to a room of choice. We had already looked at the bed in the shop so knew what we wanted and ordered on line. the wood is very sturdy and heavy so excellent quality it was easy to assemble. Would recommend.

5 - I am absolutely in love with this bed frame. It looks perfect in our bedroom. I think it's such good value for money. We decided to buy the king size and are so happy with the amount of room we feel we have when we sleep, it's like we are sleeping separately! The simple wooden style is so in at the moment and this one is perfect for the price

5 - I thought i would treat myself after having the same bed for 16 yrs my son put it. Together for me and now its up im so pleased the men that delivered it and the mattress was so polite friendly and helpful in carrying it up stairs.custom at dreams store in eastleigh was so helpful and friendly polite just like the delivery men rate 10/10

5 - This is a great bed and definitely worth the money. I was looking for something that was relatively cheap, but that would also look great in my new flat. This bed definitely does the job. The wood is excellent quality and it's sturdy. The instruction we simple to follow and I had the whole thing up and ready by the time I finished my coffee.

4 - I purchased a 3ft bed fixed slats in January and a 4ft 6in sprung slats bed in September this year, so far I am pleased with both beds no issues at all. The online ordering and delivery was excellent from Dreams well done. A tip when assembling the frame do not overtighten the alan bolts I only used light pressure with the tool provided

5 - I bought this bed two weeks ago and so glad that I did. It looks great in my room, even better then I remember in the showroom. The guys came and assembled it and within 25 minutes I had my new bed and mattress and my old ones taken away. Amazing service and I am so pleased with my bed. Literally do not want to get out of it in a morning!

3 - Unfortunately this arrived with dents in the headboard so we’ve had to ask for a replacement. It was fairly easy to construct with two people. The colour is not what I would consider to be ash. It looks much lighter on the photos than in reality. It looks more yellow in real life like pine. We had to wait 6 weeks for this to be delivered.

5 - The quality of the bed is brilliant, such good value for money. It looks exactly as shown in the pictures and it’s so straight forward to put together. I have been looking for a white wooden bed for a while and I am most definitely pleased with this purchase! Definitely got the most out of my money and would most definitely recommend.

5 - I bought the bed frame in the single size and its quite sturdy for a wooden frame. I also like how the headboard has an interlocking system fitted so there is no screws showing which is aesthetically pleasing. However my had end to get nicked between the wood plank and mattress when changing covers. Overall its a great sturdy bed frame.

5 - From start to finish an excellent service was provided, the sales assistant was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. The bed was delivered 15 minutes early but that was fine as we were at home, the guys that put the bed stead together did a grand job and within 15 minutes of arriving, they were very friendly and professional

4 - I bought this a month ago. It’s a great bed, very easy to put together and looks good in my room. It’s confortable and I’m very happy with my purchase. It would have gotten 5 stars but there wasn’t a hormsrilled for the top slat to screw into so we just laid that flat on top. Couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of sending back.

5 - Bought this and assembled it for my daughter’s room. It looks great and is very solid. When complete, my wife noticed a mark on the front of the headboard. She called Dreams and they were couldn’t have been better - they sent a new headboard and fitted it, even though I built the bed in the first place. great customer service!

5 - We were looking for a single bed for occasional visitors to use and found this at Dreams. It’s exactly as described on the website; it was easy to put together and seems to be a sturdy frame and good value for money. Delivery was excellent, exactly at the time arranged, and straight to the room of choice. I recommend it.

5 - Purchased for my teenage son along with a pocket sprung double mattress. He is extremely pleased with it. Took us about 45 minutes to assemble. Really needs two people to do this. Bed frame is not too heavy when assembled but is very sturdy, no movement or creaks. Looks good for the price. Purchased sprung slat option.

3 - Bed frame is great. Pity is was damaged in 2 places and one side rail was drilled in the wrong place. No evidence of damage on the boxes so must have been pre packaging... Dreams were quick to respond and arrange a replacement including taking away the old bed and assembling the new one (dues for replacement in two days). ©

5 - Similar design to one I purchased previously. Solid build and very easy to put to together, unlike my previous bed were is was a pain to put together with a spanner this was very simple. Plenty room underneath for storage and there is no give in the frame meaning it is solid. Would easily buy again and looks great too.

3 - The bed is nice looking and was not too expensive. However it is not as sturdy as I would have hoped. It would benefit from an extra couple of wooden legs in the centre, we got a kingsize bed and there is only one small and rather flimsy leg in the centre of the bed Lets hope it holds out, I expected better from Dreams.

5 - Amazing, this is the same with what i had before, actually its quite similar, finally i can sleep better, ofcourse the matress does the other half of the job but either way, both combined does a great job, would recommend this but depends of your budget, worth the money, nothing compares with a goos sleep. Thank you guys

5 - We bought this frame to replace our old ottoman so it was very different. The bed looks simple yet classy. We bought a mattress with it and it came right to the same height as the end of bed frame. My husband single handedly assembled the frame with no problems.. The downside, we had to wait for 9 weeks for delivery!!!

4 - The finish and style of the bed is lovely, perfect in white to go with the rest of my daughters furniture, glad I paid extra for the sprung slats though as I think with the wooden sides the sprung slats gives her more support. Would recommend for a child’s or young adults double but certainly not for a full grown adult.

5 - I needed a new bed, had always fancied a king-size and rather liked the minimalist look of this one. I was a bit wary about how it would look and the quality of the wood considering the price, however when it arrived I was genuinely pleased. It’s a lovely honey-coloured wood, feels pretty sturdy and fits together well.

5 - Excellent customer service . The only negative was I did email the company to pass on my experience with Jason from dreams in Eastleigh but I had no response back. I would have liked to hear this was done or not as he was brilliant. I was offered cups of tea by the staff and they were really chatty . Nice atmosphere.

5 - We originally bought a double Woodstock Bed Frame for the spare room. Really solid frame and easy to put together. We like it so much we bought another, but in king size for our bedroom. The guys that delivered were also great and respected our home by wearing shoe coverings when taking the Bed Frame to the bedroom

5 - I was looking for a good quality, reasonably priced, modern looking bed for my small bedroom, and this is exactly what I got. The bed is of a very good quality. It looks very smart, simple but modern. I chose self assembly and the instructions were very clear and it was easy to put together. Very happy with this bed.

5 - Whilst I am thoroughly satisfied with the product, I wish to complement Dreams on their excellent delivery, with a well communicated time slot, phone numbers to contact, and the ability to speak to someone was very accomodating. The drivers took their shoes off on entering the house, and I am very pleased all round.

5 - Bought this for my 16 year old daughter and delighted with our experience of dealing with Dreams. Kept fully up to date with delivery and when product arrived impressed with quality of materials. Both myself and my daughter put the bed frame together, which was very straight forward with clear instructions provided.

4 - Bought a single and double. No middle bar for a double bed though, the frame is quite heavy and seems strong, but not rigid (doesn’t automatically stay square). Some parts of the frame have notches in them, some filled in if on a flat, just missing if on edge. All in all a happy with purchase, great value for price.

5 - I bought the single bed for my son who was moving out of a toddler bed. The assembly instructions were very easy to follow and allan keys included so no tools required. Bed feels very solid and likely to last a long time. Delivery team were very courteous too, delivering the bed and mattress to room of our choice.

5 - This frame ticked every box. Excellent value, very solid, modern great looking design. This is better than many beds we saw on our search for the perfect one, that were more than twice the price. So good that we almost bought another one for the spare room but eventually decided that variety is the spice of life.

5 - I bought this bed for mother 2 weeks ago, and was very pleased with it. The only recommendation I would make is to let clients know that the conditions of the old bed disposal needs to be more specific. My mum who is 94 loves it. The schamphered edges on the head and base board are excellent design and detail.

5 - The bed came well packaged delivered by friendly delivery men. Assembling was straightforward and comparatively easy. The bed is made of robust materials and fixtures. Everything slotted in place and the bed is strong and sturdy (which I was mainly looking for) with pleasant astetics. Would definitely recommend.

3 - Overall a very good looking bed and seems very sturdy after a month of use. A very nice height and the storage is amazing! A thing to mention however Is the poor delivery condition it arrived in as the parts didn’t seem to be properly fit and has caused them to hit off one another resulting in a few minor marks.

5 - Ordered this as I usually have divans, thought I would try something different. The frame came well boxed and it took my son in law no time in putting it up for me ( I am elderly ) the slats are on a sheet type of thing so easy to lay. All in all I am extremely happy with it and it looks lovely in my bedroom.

5 - Only thing we didn't realise when we purchased it, was that it was coming from abroad (only found out due to delivery delays). We'd have preferred to have bought a British product, our fault, we should have asked. Teenage son loves it - which is bad for me as it's even harder to get him up in the morning now.

5 - My youngest lad finally left and as they do, took his bed with him. With family visits imminent, we called into our local Dreams and found a great quality replacement at a very reasonable price. In fact a much nicer bed than the (Swedish) one he took and really easy to put together on my own. Very happy indeed

5 - I love the understated scandi style. This is a fine piece of furniture, especially for this price! The curved box joints on the headboard and footboard, which are solid wood are real, the finish all round is lovely with tactile wood grain not fake and the whole thing is solid and smells nicely of real wood!

5 - Bought this wooden bed frame from Dreams 1 month ago for my guests. So far, it is fantastic product, nice good looking colour also looks very solid & strong. Ample space at the bottom of the Bed as well which can be a tidy storage space if you need storage. Overall, highly satisfied with the product so far.

5 - I bought this before Christmas. It seems to be well built thus far, easy to put together and I like the look of it. Particularly the fact there is plenty of space underneath for hidden things. Delivery was timely, I was told the hours they would arrive and the delivery drivers were prompt and friendly.

5 - Lovely bed well made and exactly as we ordered. My son has settled into this bed well and we are very pleased. Only downside is we had to wait 4 months to get it after ordering however this is due to global supply issues and not Dreams which is why I have kept the 5 star rating Would order again!

4 - The bed itself it great and looks like the pictures. However what it does not specify is if you go for the sprung slats, it comes in a separate metal frame that can be seen through the gaps in the front - was not an ascetic we were looking for. It was easy to setup however, with easy to follow instructions

5 - It is very easy to put together yourself and provides a very sturdy bed frame. We are very please with our purchase and would recommend the bed frame. It did not take myself and my partner long to put the frame together which was a bonus. We chose it because it also matches our existing bedroom furniture.

5 - I purchased this bed for our master bedroom. It was incredibly easy to assemble. I also purchased the upgraded slat system with sprung slats and additional metal poles to support the middle of the bed. Have been using the bed for several weeks now and am very pleased. Would highly recommend this bed.

4 - Simple and sturdy. It looked exactly like the pictures and looks nice in the room. Knocked off 1 star because the bed is so easy to assemble but that isn’t explained on the description, so we ended up paying £50 for assembly which would have taken us 5 minutes. Apart from that though it is a great frame.

5 - Slim line modern looking bed. Sturdy with low profile footsead, which creates a feeling of space in the bedroom. Quality wood. Overall very pleased with the product and Dreams were excellent in the sales, customer service and delivery aspects. Great price too, which beat competitors for style and price.

5 - Great bed , solid and a great price. We saw a similar bed elsewhere in another major store but they couldn't deliver for a month and half . Dreams were helpful and couldn't do enough . Had the bed and delivered within a week . The bed is solid , easy to put together , and looks great . Very very happy

5 - Lovely solid feel to the bed. Went together easily. I chose sprung slats for the first time and find them very comfortable. Any movement is restricted to the side of the bed that you are lying on. Great choice of bed and verry pleased that i chose the sprung slats. Would definitely recommend this bed

4 - We bought this about a month ago and it fitted together easily, we are a bit worried about how long it will last as little support across the slats, other beds we have had like this have had a support from the headboard to the tailboard in the middle but this just has an additional leg in the middle.

5 - Purchased for new property. Chose the spring slat option and it was ideal it came folded in half, helped make the building process easier. Otherwise it was just attaching 4 lengths of pre assembled wood together. Recommends to people, managed by myself but a second set of hands would have helped.

5 - Great find for my daughter who is back and forth to Uni and has so much ‘stuff’ and claims she doesn’t have enough room to put it all away. Not used yet as I am decorating and she isn’t home but it looks great, no huge headboard to dominate the room, lifts up easily and plenty of storage underneath.

4 - I needed a no frills double bed at short notice and this fits the purchase. The instructions are not that clear but luckily this bed easily assembled without referring to the instructions. It appears robust especially with the sprung slats. I've only used it for 3 weeks to date, so time will tell.

5 - I bought the bed frame a couple of weeks ago and it has proved to be a really great purchase. The curved edges and workmanship on these joints bring a modern scandi look to the frame. We are pleased we paid the extra money for the sprung slatted base too. Quality and style for an excellent price.

5 - I bought this bed for my 8 year old son and I’m very happy with my purchase. The bed looks fantastic and seems to be solidly constructed. It was very easy to put together and I expect it to last a good few years. it was well packaged and the delivery service was excellent. I thoroughly recommend!

5 - This is a fantastic bed. It’s very sturdy, much more than I had expected. It looks clean and modern and has the perfect amount of space underneath for storage boxes. We upgraded from a small double to a king with sprung slats. The sprung slats offer great comfort and are really nice for sleeping.

4 - Good sturdy frame at a cheap price- the white one looks clean and modern in teenagers bedroom. Easy and quick to put together. Delivery was on time with good communication from the drivers. There was a problem with the headboard but it was quickly sorted with a replacement provided in a few days.

5 - I bought this bed a month ago and I've been very satisfied with the quality. The bed had already been attached therefore it wasn't very hard for me to build it. All I had to do was screw the bed together. The bed overall is very sturdy and a comfortable size as well. I high recommended this bed.

5 - Very sturdy bed frame that looks great in the room. The low profile means the bed doesn’t overwhelm the space visually in our smaller room while still looking like a substantial bed. Assembly was easy and keys were provided to tighten the bolts. I bought the white version and the finish is nice.

4 - I bought this a month ago (bed frame only) and I'm really pleased with it. It looks smart and fits perfectly into my tiny bedroom. I paid for Dreams to assemble the bed, so can't tell you how easy it is, but the guy that came to do the assemble was super-quick so can definitely recommend them!

5 - We are very pleased with this bed. It is very sturdy and the wood is a lovely quality. Please be aware that the dimensions are not correct on the website. There is a 36cm space underneath the main bed. The height of the main bed is 46cm. You could fit a mattress up to 22cm onto the guest bed.

5 - Really good quality bed-frame. No squeaking at all like my old metal frame. Was straight forward enough to put together, but the central supporting leg was awkward to screw in, I wasn't strong enough myself but apart from that I managed to put it together alone. Would recommend, looks lovely.

5 - Really nice bed indeed - helps with a good night's sleep! It is well designed for both comfort and ease of construction. We went for version in white which blends in effortlessly with the rest of the room it is in with just enough room beneath to store items as well. We are pleased with it.

4 - I have used this bed for three weeks. It was fairly easy to assemble. It came with all the parts and took 35 minutes to assemble. It looks very good as it has a simple timeless design. I would have preferred a stronger support for the horizontal slats in the middle, but it does seem sturdy.

5 - We now have a double and a single in our children’s bedrooms and they are great, especially as no nasty corners for knee banging on the way past! Good quality, stylish design, and easy to put together, these will last for years while the toys and books around them will change and mature!

4 - The bed is very comfortable and looks great in our room. It was delivered quickly and was easy to assemble. The only reason i haven't given it 5 stars is that one of the slats split after 2 days but it was replaced (and accompanied by a spare) within 2 days of us contacting Dreams about it

3 - Comfortable with the sprung slat base option. Easy to assemble. I bought the white version and it is simply sprayed with white paint and there are some runs in the paint work. It would benefit from plastic foot/leg protectors to minimise the imprint on the carpet and make moving it easier.

5 - I bought this bedframe last year and it was so good that I bought a second one when I moved house. Very sturdy bed frame and looks very nice in the bedrooms. It is really good value for money and the construction is simple (the Dreams fitters were excellent at putting it together for me).

5 - I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago and has so far it has been good. The wood is beautiful and it feels sturdy. My only negative is that the slats are different to those in the instructions however we were able to work it out. Now just waiting for the matching bedside units to arrive.

4 - The team at Dreams customer service were fantastic and went above and beyond to help with a hiccup in delivery (expected delivery date arranged at date when warehouse closed due to furlough) they got it back on track and delivered the next day keeping me informed throughout the process.

4 - The frame looks great made up and is not too chunky, so doesn’t take up much more space than the mattress itself, unlike other double beds. Some of the construction screws are a bit skinny and did not grip fully into the pre-drilled holes so we may replace them with heavier duty ones.

4 - The head board is damaged and I had to send two emails before getting a response. I have been told that you will replace the headboard but it's out of stock and can't tell me when. I feel a little bit let down as bed was Brough in good faith. Not only that you took the payment twice .

5 - The bed was delivered on time by very helpful delivery gentlemen. It was in very good condition even though the packaging showed signs of wear and repair. The instructions that came with the package whilst basic were easy to follow. All parts fitted together in a strong configuration

5 - Just what I wanted, classic and simple bed frame that feels very sturdy and looks clean and stylish in my room. Was also extremely easy and quick to out together Great delivery options and really helpful delivery guys getting it up to my flat for me. Great value for money all round.

4 - I like the round corner design because you don't have to worry your child will bump into the sharp corners. The price is very affordable. It can be assembled easily with two adults. The foot panel is high enough to keep the mattress but is low enough to allow you getting off the bed.

4 - Had this bed for just over three weeks now. A really nice and simple bed for the price and goes lovely with my other furniture. Only issue is that the frame is a little on the squeaky side and does creak when getting in and out of bed but aside from that it seems sturdy enough so far

4 - I bought this about a month ago now and im very pleased with my purchase. Only downfall with it was there are a few areas with damaged paintwork but nothing to worry about for me, can barely see it. Also chose the assembly option and they did it in less than 20 mins. Would recommend

4 - I am very happy with my purchase! It is a sturdy frame and I was easy to assemble with 2 people. Not giving 5 stars as there was one part of the assembly process that was very difficult (the leg for the middle of the bed was very tricky to screw in even with a power screw driver).

5 - Brought this bed and so far so good as im a stocky bloke only thing im worried about is that there is only 1 little bit of wood in middle of strutts to hold me and my wife past beds ive had has had bit wood up the middle for strengh but dreams seem to make good beds so we shall see

5 - I bought one of these beds a year ago for my parents guest room and recently purchased another for my second bedroom. Simply because it so well priced and looks great with any bedroom design. Well made and simple to put together. So there you go, a perfect double for a great price.

5 - Lovely bed, it fits our new bedroom so well. It was a real struggle finding a simple but aesthetically pleasing wood frame bed, but the Woodstock bed frame has exceeded expectations by looking good and being affordable. Very sturdy but not at all blocky. Would definitely recommend!

5 - I bought my new bed frame a month ago and I absolutely love it! It is strong and sturdy without being too big or bulky. It was really easy and simple to assemble and was easily put up by one person. The colour of the bed frame is really nice. I would 100% recommend this bed frame.

5 - Had this a few weeks now to replace my old blocks, delivery service was great from Dreams, easy set up by myself, no power equipment needed, really solid frame, it doesn't creak or feel unstable and seems like it would be easy enough to pack down and move again should you need to.

5 - I have now bought two of these beds over the last six months. They are very solid and have a nice feature headboard and footboard I added sprung slats and find it very comfortable and extremely sturdy. The service from purchase to delivery was 5 Star Very good value for money

5 - I took a chance and bought the Woodstock bedframe online. The service from Dreams was first class from start to finish. The delivery was in the timeslot quoted. The bed itself is of a high quality, looks really good and was easy to put together. I am very pleased with my purchase.

5 - This Woodstock bed is a great deal, great quality and perfection in every inch. When decided to upgrade my bed was worried I’ll have to spend any least thousand £ but it came so affordable and great quality at the same time!Dreams keep doing what you’re doing as this is the best!

5 - Purchased this bed frame a few weeks ago but because of having the room redecorated it was not assembled until yesterday. I found the instructions easy to understand and I assembled it myself without any trouble. We are pleased with the purchase and enjoyed my first nights sleep.

5 - We bought this bed a month ago and we are very pleased with it. It looks good, with a plain, simple design that could fit almost any bedroom style. It's well-made in quality wood, sturdy, and looks like it'll last a long time. And at £199 it's fairly priced and good value too.

5 - I bought this bed as I needed to be able to clean underneath my bed and the divan was just too heavy and cumbersome to move. It`s lovely to look at, easy to clean, easy to move and clean underneath. The wood is solid and it`s well made. Nice looking and my bedroom looks fab !

5 - Excellent bed , the workmen built it so quickly and efficiently and even offfered to place my heavy mattress on top. I was waiting weeks for a John Lewis bed and cancelled and went with dreams and they were able to provide me the bed with a week of ordering . Thank you dreams !!

5 - Delighted with the quality of this beautiful smooth lined bed. Purchased the white version for our daughters room. She loves it. Easy to put together on my own in minutes following clear included guide. Slats and sides are pre holed and simply bolt rather than screw on. Perfect.

5 - This is the second Woodstock wooden bed I have purchased as I have been so pleased with the one I purchased 2 years ago. I purchased another for a guest room. The instructions are easy to follow therefore simple to construct. I would certainly buy again and recommend to others.

5 - Bought this for spare bedroom, chose the upgraded wood slat base. It hasn't been slept on but I can say I am a 70 year old lady and managed to assemble it myself, the manufacture is first class, the instructions very easy to follow and I am very pleased with the appearance.

4 - Delivery went smooth but the bed had some light defects. Chipped off wood but I couldn't be bothered to complain about it. Also the ash wood colour has a very warm (almost orange) undertone. I have owned the bed for 3 weeks now, so based on that, I would recommend the product.

5 - I bought this for my daughter post visit to local dreams store . she is now happy and enjoying the thoughtfully designed furniture every night . Under bed space which means storage room for girls, so that's an added bonus .Thanks "Dreams" for the comfy and stylish the bed is.

5 - I really wanted a bed frame which really felt natural, to accompany my boho themed bedroom. This solid wood frame has really brought the room together, it looks absolutely beautiful and I love the fresh wood smell that still eminates from it! I would recommend this bed frame.

4 - Excellent size fitted where it was going in a small bedroom.Matched with the furniture that was already in the room.Price was exactly what I was looking to pay and living up to the use that I have intended it for .Excellent addition to the bedroom just what I was looking for.

5 - We bought this bed for our spare room, we had experienced different bed frames in the past, most of which would feel rickety and/or squeak, this bed on the other hand looks and feels solid, and have had perfect feedback from those who have spent nights in it. A must buy!!

5 - As per the title, solid frame, looks good and is very easy to assemble. Only small caveat is it doesnt come with the required hex key needed to tighten the frame screws, not an issue for myself as i have the tools but for someone without hex keys, this could be a hinderance.

4 - Ordered 2 beds for my daughters. Much darker wood than the pics on the website or the one we saw in local store, so doesn't look as expected. That said, easy to put together, came well packaged and the communication regarding delivery from Dreams throughout was exceptional.

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