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Our Thoughts On The Hyde & Sleep Pillow

When it comes to optimizing sleep, your mattress may take the spotlight, but another make-or-break element is often overlooked - your pillow. The Hyde & Sleep Pillow promises to transform the way we slumber by merging comfort and innovation in one product. Each pillow is made with a unique dual-sided design incorporating cooling memory foam on one side and a soft 'down-feel' on the other side. Intriguing, right? Let's delve deeper into what this pillow has to offer.

Who is this product for?

The beauty of the Hyde & Sleep Pillow lies in its versatility. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you can rely on this pillow to provide the right level of support and comfort. With its medium comfort grade, it strikes an excellent balance between firmness and softness. Its advanced temperature-regulating fabrics also make it ideal for anyone who may experience night sweats or find themselves tossing and turning through the night searching for the cool side of the pillow.

What do we use this product for?

This pillow's primary function is to promote a good night's sleep. The memory foam side offers pressure relief to support your head and neck, critical for preventing discomfort and aches. Meanwhile, the soft 'duck down' side provides a plush surface that cradles the contours of your head for ultimate comfort. Additionally, the Hyde & Sleep Pillow plays a crucial role in helping maintain proper spine alignment, which is key to reducing potential sleep-disruptive ailments like snoring and irregular sleep patterns.

What customers liked and disliked

Feedback from customers who have used this pillow is glowing. Users have reported improved sleep quality, alluding to the perfect balance between the pillow's softness and firmness. The cooling cover has also received praise for functionality, providing comfort during night-time temperature fluctuations. However, consumers have noted that the pillow feels slightly firm in the initial use, a trait typically seen in high-density memory foam products, which usually softens with regular use. A minor drawback some customers pointed out is the trim around the edge of the pillow, which can be felt through the pillowcase.

Features you should know about

  • The pillow has dual sides: one with cooling memory foam for pressure relief and the other with ultra-fine synthetic fibres for a softer 'duck down' feel.
  • The pillow is faced with Outlast fabric that reacts to your skin's temperature, cooling when hot and warming when cold.
  • It offers a medium comfort grade, perfect for all types of sleepers.
  • It is designed to provide neck support and improved spine alignment.
  • The pillow is made in the UK and comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Our Review

After considering the key features, customer reviews, and overall design of the Hyde & Sleep Pillow, it's clear that this product offers extensive benefits. Primarily, the dual-side design that caters to varying comfort needs and the NASA-developed temperature-regulating fabric make it a standout choice. If you're searching for a pillow that prioritizes both innovation and practicality, the Hyde & Sleep Pillow is worth a try. However, bear in mind the initial firmness and the noticeable edging, which might require some getting used to. In conclusion, the benefits far outweigh the minor drawbacks, making the Hyde & Sleep Pillow a commendable contender in the realm of sleeping aids.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Has a medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are regarded as the goldilocks of tensions. This is due to their one-size-fits-all approach to comfort which will generally see most people who are underweight through to overweight still being able to find a degree of comfort with such a purchase. Medium tension is great for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers with the only real caveat being that those with backpain or a larger BMI than average may want to consider a slightly firmer product.

    Has a soft or medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Faced with Outlast fabric to regulate your body temperature

    It is dual sided with cooling memory foam

    Offers a soft 'down-feel'

    Perfect for whatever type of sleeper you are

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Customer Reviews For The Hyde & Sleep Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - This is a nice addition to our 4yr olds bed set. She finds it very comfortable and it has now replaced the older traditional pillow that she had. Very happy with it!

5 - I brought this along with a new mattress and well as a sufferer of serious neck pain I got to say it dose help me sleep Definitely worth the money and lovely quality

5 - Love this pillow l, since I've started using it i have not needed a 2nd pillow. I have also slept a lot better as the cooling of the pillow stops me from overheating

5 - An excellent pillow. Warm on one side, cool on the other. Extremely comfortable, good quality and something I would highly recommend for a comfortable night's sleep.

5 - I bought this a month ago and feel so happy I did. Dreams matched the pillows to what me and my partner prefer and now we have the best nights sleep. 100% recommend.

5 - We bought this for the dual temperature fabric. One has a warm side, the other with fabric that feels cool to the touch. It really works and is very comfortable too.

5 - great pillow... really full and comforting whilst not being too warm to sleep on. First time i've ever spent on more than a basic pillow but it was really worth it

5 - I bought this pillow at the beginning of this month because my other pillow was vey uncomfortable. After buying this pillow I’ve always had an amazing night sleep.

5 - So comfortable and the flip side ‘cold-side’ is fantastic during the warm nights. Very thick so I now only need this one pillow when I have previously used two.

5 - Very comfortable to sleeps it’s been an inspiration using the individual scanning system in stores. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Well done.

5 - I have looked around for many years buying what I thought was good pillows to be disappointed till I found the dreams hot and cold memory foam wow its amazing.

4 - It’s supported my neck very nicely since I started using it and only reason it’s not 5* is because I haven’t had it long enough to confirm that it’s that good!

3 - Fantastic pillow to start with but tbh has not held its shape very well, it is already fairly flat which is disappointing after only a couple of months of use.

5 - Finally I can stop trying new pillows! This is the only one I’ll need, it’s comfy, cosy and supportive without being too firm. It really is the perfect pillow

5 - Super soft and dreamy pillow! Two different feels by turning it - memory and feather soft feel. Very comfortable and felt the difference the very first night!

5 - We purchased this pillow along with a new memory foam mattress, great value and comfort from both products , the pillow has a cool side fabric, great idea

5 - As soon as my head hits these pillows I'm sound asleep. Soft enough for comfort but also offering great neck support. So good I want to stay in bed all day!

5 - I'm so happy with my pillow. I breast feed my baby lying on my side and I feel supported and very comfortable with the volume and spongy texture. Thank you

5 - Moulds to your head and gives a great support while you sleep. Love that it has a cool side so you can flip over if like me you get too hot in bed. Love it

5 - I bought this last month. Pillows are really comfortable to sleep on, the cool side is a godsend on warmer nights. The pillows don’t lose shape or go flat.

5 - Super comfortable, I've gone down from using two pillows to just this one. The cooling effect on one side has been brilliant during the warm summer nights.

4 - Fantastic pillow which has help me and my partner's back and neck! You do have to give them a bit of a 'poof' regularly as there is a fair bit of movement.

4 - Great bed really comfy . Guys who fitted it told us they would send extra bolts for the headboard in the post , still not recieved , nearly a month on !’

5 - I bought this pillow when went in for a new mattress. This is the best pillow I've ever had and I have had a few. Great nice sleep .wake fully refreshed

4 - Great features, feather feel one side memory foam support the other. Cool stylish covering. Only 4 stars as there is a slight odour which passed quickly.

5 - Got this pillow 2 weeks ago and it's perfect. It's on the softer side, great to prevent migraines caused by stiff neck and bad sleep. Very happy with it!

5 - The pillows actually feel quite chilled when you touch them, so good for when you need a cool down! Very comfy, love them. have used for a few weeks now.

5 - Great quality, so comfortable. It a heavy pillow and holds the shape of your head. A great purchase. You would probably win a pillow fight with it also.

4 - I've been using my pillow for a month and it provides excellent support. Not yet tested the "cool side" but looking forward to thew summer so I can!

5 - I brought two of these a month ago and I am So pleased with them. They are so comfy and have a lovely cool side. A great nights sleep every night!!

4 - I bought this recently and my sleep is much improved - no neck/shoulder pain. Goes well with our memory foam mattress. Would definitely recommend it

5 - Bought 2 of these for our young kids (4 and 5) who both really like them. The pillows keep their shape but are still soft and supportive. Good buy!

5 - I have this pillow for two weeks and it’s probably the most comfortable I have experienced, I am looking forward to the cool feature in the summer

5 - This is the most comfortable pillow iI have ever used. I now get a lovely deep sleep and wake with no neck or shoulder pains. Worrh every penny.

5 - I was given 2 as part of an offer when I bought my mattress. Very comfy pillows & good value for money in opinion. I would happily pay for more.

5 - Ordered this pillow when on sale, so glad I did as it is great. Much better sleep and neck issues seem a lot better. Very happy with my purchase

5 - So comfortable, sick of buying pillows that lose plumpness after a short time. This was really worth the bit of extra cost for a quality product

4 - This pillow feels weird, I really wasn't sure I was going to like it, but, I can safely say it has surprised me and I sleep really well with it.

5 - Tried this pillow when we vertex shopping for a matter was snd so glad the assistant suggested we purchase. Sleeping soundly thanks to Dreams.

5 - Great soft pillow, really struggle to find good ones these days. Only down side is that I can’t really feel the cold side once the cover is on

5 - So these pillows were probably the most money I have spent on pillows by they are amazing...keep me cool and comfortable throughout the night.

5 - I purchased this along with my new bed its giving me a great nights sleep. I'm going to replace my families pillows with Hyde & Sleep pillows

5 - Bought these pillows in January and they are the best thing ever. Cool on one side and support in the right places mean a great night sleep.

5 - Bought two pillows to complement new ordered mattress sooooo comfortable will be back for another mattress soon great service great products

5 - Bought this over a month ago now and can honestly say I've slept amazing since. It's so comfortable and supportive, drift off within minutes

5 - Very soft but supporting pillow. I sleep on my back and side and it props my head up nicely when needed and squishes down when I want it to

5 - Moulds to your head shape and when you turn over recalibrates itself to the new shape. love it very comfortable and best nights sleep ever.

5 - I wouldn’t normally spend money on a pillow but since trying it in store it was a no brainer! It’s literally so comfortable and supportive.

4 - Pillow is as described, good for sleeping on both back and side. Loses firmness with use but is still comfortable and provides good support

5 - Daughter is very happy with her pillow. Says its really comfortable and can tell the difference between the two sides. Excellent purchase

5 - Expensive but so worth it! Good bye head and neck ache, hot flushes more bearable, no one else is allowed to touch it I live it so much

5 - I got this pillow becasue i i get veryvwarm on a night this help greatly the cooling effect is amazing and work will be getting a second

5 - Recommended by the assistant and it was a great purchase, have slept brilliantly. Not too firm, not too soft, perfect for side sleeping.

4 - Pleased with this pillow, love the two different sides to it and how comfy it is. Definitely had better nights sleep since having this!

5 - Great pillow for a good price, comfortable and light with the quality of a good pillow minus the heaviness of something like a tempur.

5 - I bought 2 of these pillows 3 weeks ago. They are very comfortable although take a little getting used to. Would definitely recommend.

5 - We have tried a lot of different pillows but this is by far the best. Holds its shape well compared to feather and down. Far comfier

5 - I bought two of these a month ago and do not know how I managed for so long without such comfortable pillows, highly recommended.

5 - I'm pleased with my new pillow, its comfortable whilst providing support for my neck and so much cooler than my old dense pillow.

5 - I bought this for my daughter as she likes a couple of pillows usually but this was so plush and soft she only needs this pillow.

5 - Bought this after realising we needed new pillows now our mattress was so much better. So comfortable - a great night’s sleep!!

5 - Love the cool gel technology on the pillow and that you can turn over for a normal warm pillow. Very comfortable and supportive.

5 - These were freebies that came with the mattress I ordered. They are really comfy. I like that they are double sided for seasons.

5 - i bought this over a month a go and so far no complaints. puff it up in the mornings and in the night get a good night of sleep

5 - I've been using my pillow for two weeks and I love it. It's so comfortable and I've had no issues swapping from my old pillow.

5 - I bought this pillow due to not getting a decent night's sleep. Since buying this i have had nothing but a great nights sleep.

5 - The most comfortable pillow I've used. Doesn't lose shape and allows for a great night sleep with no neck stiffness. Love it!

5 - This pillow is super comfortable. I’m a back sleeper and I don’t have any pain when I wake up anymore. I truly recommend it.

5 - These pillows are so good to lie on and with it having 2 different sides you can always change it whenever you feel like it

5 - Bought this pillow when we purchased our new bed. It is the best pillow I have ever bought. It is very, very comfortable.

5 - had this pillow now for two weeks took a couple of nights to get used to a new pillow and now I find it very comfortable

5 - I bought these a couple of weeks ago and are very comfortable I've had some really good nights sleep since using them.

5 - Very comfortable, the cooling pad is great. I'd personally like a slightly firmer pillow but that's personal preference

5 - Just used one of these pillows when trying to find a mattress in store and just loved it so much that I had to get one!

5 - I brought these pillows about a month ago along with a new mattress. Can’t believe how comfy they are!very good quality

3 - Bought this when i ordered my mattress but unfortunately I couldn't get on with it so I resorted back to my old pillow.

5 - Very comfy pillows, great support, does not lose it’s shape! Me and my partner are both really happy with the purchase

5 - Both those pillows are extremely comfortable and hold their shape well I would definitely recommend them in the future

5 - I used to chuck my pillows on the floor throughout the night, not anymore so comfortable I can use it all night long!

5 - Was delivered In nice sterile packaging. Good weight and density. Sleeps perfectly very comfortable. Would recommend.

5 - I bought this pillow 2 months ago and I love it, it’s very comfy and the cool side is a lovely feature when it’s hot.

5 - Very comfortable pillow, just the right softness for me to get a brilliant nights sleep. Also very cool to the touch.

4 - Had mine about 3 weeks very good it does what it says on the label soft one side firmer on the other very comfortable

5 - It’s an amazing comfortable pillow, the support on my neck is just perfect and helps to have a great night of sleep.

5 - Super pillow with just enough support and each side slightly different. I’ve tried all sorts and this beats the lot.

5 - Got this when on sale and I love it. Its very comfortable and cool on one side brilliant for a great night's sleep.

5 - Right level of firmness to support the neck. The cooler side does actually feel cooler. Looks and feels well made.

5 - My purchase has given me some of the best nights sleep for years. More importantly I am not suffering broken sleep

5 - Always used 2 pillows until started to use this and have found a much better sleeping position for neck and head.

5 - Very comfortable pillow and the hot and cold sides are a good feature! Overall a great product highly recommended

4 - We bought these pillows about a month ago and they have exceeded our expectations as far as comfort is concerned.

4 - I bought this a few weeks ago and my sleep has improved significantly since using it. I can’t recommend it enough

5 - Great pillows if you like firm support. Cooling effect too. Only downside is that they aren’t machine washable.

5 - I got this a little over 3 months ago. This pillow is so comfortable and really helps my neck and back problems

5 - Fantastic item. Helped my neck/ back pain. Love how you can flip it over if your hot for a cooler nights sleep.

5 - Bought this with new mattress as recommended by Dreams. Very comfortable and provides a great nights sleep.

5 - Bought these to go with my new bed, love them and they really do work. The cooling side is lovely and so comfy

5 - Bought for my 3yr old daughter recently. She sleeps soundly now she’s in her big girl bed & super comfy pillow

4 - Bought this not too long ago and I wouldnt go back - so comfy your head sinks right in and supports you well.

5 - These pillows are double sided with a cooling gel one side and memory foam the other, fantastically cooling

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