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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

Will most suit back sleepers and those with a higher BMI than average. Lighter sleepers should consider a lower firmness tension.

Numerous customers appreciated the value for money that the mattress offers. They found the quality of the mattress to be high for the price point, especially those who purchased it on sale.

A few customers found the mattress to be comfortable and supportive, particularly praising its firmness and how well it helped with their sleep. It is often mentioned that it provides a perfect night's sleep.

Several people mentioned the mattress being a good fit for their children, with kids finding it comfortable.

Some customers appreciated the lightweight nature of the mattress, making tasks like changing the bedding and rotating as necessary easier.

The comfort layer is not as deep as higher priced models meaning that you might feel springs through the comfort layer if you are heavier than average.

While some customers appreciated the firmness, others found the mattress too firm to the point of being uncomfortable showing that tension is subjective.

Price History

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress

There's nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a comfortable, high-quality mattress after a long day, and the Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress offers just that at an unbeatable price. We've spent the day looking at the personal experiences that many have experienced with this amazing mattress, highlighting how it has transformed their nights into blissful, rejuvenating sleep.

From the moment people first laid down on the mattress, they were struck by its incredible comfort. It provides the perfect balance between softness and firmness, making it an ideal choice for all types of sleepers. The mattress is truly a game changer, with countless individuals emphasising their adoration for it.

The Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress has impressed a wide range of people, including children and teenagers, who have given it high ratings. Parents even report difficulty convincing their teenagers to get out of bed more easily!

Furthermore, the mattress is exceptionally well-made, providing a luxurious feel at a fraction of the cost of other high-end options. Many users have praised the delivery process, citing excellent communication and prompt service.

Not only does this mattress offer a sublime sleeping experience, but it is also lightweight, making it easy for users to change sheets and bedding. For many, it has been the best purchase of the year.

Numerous users wholeheartedly recommend the Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress to anyone in search of a top-notch sleeping solution. They laud the first-rate customer service, outstanding quality, and unbeatable price.

Many users have reported never having had a better night's sleep than with this mattress. No more tossing and turning, no more aching backs - just pure, restful slumber. Friends and family who have tried it also rave about the comfort and support it provides.

The Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleeping experience without breaking the bank. Multiple users have recommended it to others, and they eagerly anticipate the continued blissful nights of sleep it provides.

In conclusion, the Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress offers an unrivalled combination of comfort, quality, and affordability. A multitude of satisfied users couldn't be happier with their purchases, and they are confident that others will feel the same. Don't wait any longer - give yourself the gift of a perfect night's sleep with this amazing mattress!

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Traditional open spring mattress

    Traditional open spring mattresses have all the qualities necessary in order to provide a decent sleep experience. This support layer will typically be accompanied by a comfort layer above it that will offer the softness, while the springs offer body contouring support to help support your back and neck while you sleep. There are better support layers out there, typically in the form of pocket springs, however, the price point of traditional open spring mattresses relative to the quality of sleep you get makes them an ideal choice in the mid-tier arena.

    Quality soft-touch damask cover

    Damask covers are a fantastic option on many reasonably priced and mid to high quality mattresses as the material is soft to the touch while still being fairly hard wearing and rugged, something that is quite important given the average mattress life cycle of 8 years.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for superior support

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Workshop Follows Traditional Spring Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - We needed a compact high quality mattress for the crew quarters on our motor boat to replace the existing foam mattress. Speed of delivery was important as well as being able to match quality with limited depth. Found exactly what we wanted on line with speedy delivery. The crew member in question is really happy.

5 - Great value product, bought for spare room. Surprisingly comfortable for price paid, supportive but not too firm. Bought in sale so very pleased with our purchase. Kept updated throughout the delivery process and delivered on time and well packaged. Great delivery guys too, would not hesitate to recommend Dreams.

5 - Brought as my sons first full size single mattress. Wasn’t to worried as he wasn’t going to be very heavy only Leung 3. However we have since had lots of night spent on it as we try to get him to sleep and I can say it is so comfortable. Much much better then I thought it would be. Highly recommend for the price.

4 - A really quick and easy process. I had researched which mattress I wanted, hopped on the Dreams website, ordered my new mattress. It arrived within 3 days, the delivery people bought it up the stairs for me and I’ve slept like a baby ever since! A nice looking good quality, Uber springy and really comfy mattress.

5 - Excellent mattress, very comfortable and just what I was looking for. Delivery was on time and very organised, I received a phone call about half an hour before they were due to arrive and they even carried it up stairs into my bedroom. Overall very happy with my purchase and the service delivered alongside it.

5 - I bought this mattress just over a month ago, along with a new bed frame. The delivery was very quick, only 3 weeks which isn’t long at all as I was also looking at some with a 12 week delivery timeframe. The mattress itself is very comfortable and bouncy. Not too soft and not too firm which is what I like.

5 - Good value single mattress a little firm but my Daughter soon got used to it. The two delivery guys were fantastic as my Wife couldn’t stop singing their praises taking away the old mattress and carrying the new one upstairs all while wearing overshoes and face masks. In her words they were a credit to Dreams.

5 - I was in need of a new mattress, and chose dreams due to the excellent choice that they had to offer. As i was working away at the time, i was able to chose a delivery time slot that was convenient, and the delivery was spot on, with my old matress being disposed of, and expert knowlege given about my new one.

5 - I was lucky enough to pick this mattress up when it was on offer so definitely got a bargain! The mattress is nice and firm which I like; you don’t sink down into it. I’m so far finding it really comfortable. As advised, since you can’t flip this mattress over, I turn it weekly to keep it in good condition.

5 - I bought this after a month of sleeping in an airmatress and wow! What great night sleeps I've been having. Mattress is really firm which is perfect for me and hasn't been overheating me in these hot summer nights. Also the delivery guys where lovely and gave me all the info I needed for the matress care :)

5 - Bought this mattress for my children and they haven't slept so soundly for years. No more 05:30 wake up calls and they now sleep in until 08:30 (if I let them).... 3 hrs extra a day sleep...mega ecstacy bliss. My children also like it, so no higher a compliment can be given. Bought 2 on sale for £99 each.

5 - I brought this on special for just over £100 what a steal of a deal! Mattress is super comfy more on the firm side but sturdy can tell it will last long! Great delivery service during COVID and the guys were super polite while abiding social distancing. Currently using as my main mattress and have no regrets.

5 - Great value for money. Got the mattress for £140 in the sale and had fairly low expectations but it is very comfy! Perfect firmness for my partner and I. Would definitely recommend if you’re after a decent mattress for a good price. Delivery was on time and efficient. Communication from Dreams was great too.

5 - We bought this mattress for a high-level bunk bed which is only used occasionally. The previous mattress was thin and the springs were pushing through - not comfortable. This new mattress is great - three people have slept on it in the past three weeks, and all have said how comfortable it is. Thanks Dreams.

5 - I have a muscle condition called Fibromyalgia it causes pain all over my body so it's Important I have a comfortable mattress and a good night's sleep this mattress has helped with this beautifully and can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new mattress if it's good for me it's good for everyone

5 - Bought this for a spare room mattress due to it being on sale and a low price, but is actually as good as my main mattress for half the price. It's lightweight but strong and comfortable. Slight limitation in that it is one-sided, if you like to turn your mattress, but otherwise a great budget mattress.

4 - My mum got this for me as a gift for Christmas as our mattress wasn’t very good and I am pregnant with my second child, so needed something more comfortable to sleep on. So far this mattress has helped with back ache for me and my husband. It’s very firm and doesn’t press in etc like some mattresses do.

5 - We were originally buying this as an interim mattress with a bed frame until we had saved enough to invest in a really expensive alternative. It's safe to say we have saved ourselves thousands by doing this as this mattress is the comfiest thing we've ever slept on so will not be buying a replacement!!

5 - I am delighted with my new mattress. It envelops me and supports my whole body. It needs to be rotated every week for the first few months but this is very simply achieved. If you need a firm mattress this might not work for you but I couldn’t be more pleased and consider it excellent value for money.

5 - Comfortable mattress, for the price this is really nice, (bought in sale so even better value). We use this in our guest room. Delivery was fast and received a phone call from the driver when he was 10 mins away. Delivery to door due to lockdown but everything was contactless and safe - very happy.

5 - Mattress was purchased for spare room. But i have to say this mattress is unbelievably comfortable, especially for the price as you'd expect less comfort. I suffer chronic back pain issues and have spent well over £1k for my own mattress but i get far superior sleep on this and wake up with less pain.

5 - We bough this a month ago as our daughter was getting a mid-sleeper bed. This mattress is easy to maneuver and it's fairly light weight. She says it's the most comfortable mattress ever and has slept much better since we have had it. It provides a good level of support and perfect for what we needed.

5 - Bought this a couple of months ago for my 3 year old who was going from a toddler bed to a 'big girl' single bed. Dreams were quick to deliver and the mattress is absolutely fab, especially for the money. My daughter loves going to bed now and it's even been comfy enough for me to lay on too haha.

4 - Kept well informed on delivery day letting me know exactly when it would be arriving.Two guys that delivered were very friendly and helpful.Mattress is a welcome relief from our old one, the wife is very happy with it.The only reason i gave 4 stars is it is just a little softer than i was hoping.

5 - Fantastic service from the team, I couldn’t have asked for more. I wasn’t pressured into something that I didn’t need, just gave a clear indication of my requirement and within15 minutes I was sorted - absolutely brilliant service I would hug recommend a visit for all of you bedding needs Nige

5 - I purchased 2 of these a month ago. I was lucky that they were on offer for nearly half price but they are of such a good quality. Really recommend this mattress even at the current price. Dreams also kept us updated regularly about when it would be arriving so made it all easy to plan around.

4 - Been using this for a couple weeks. I tjought i made the biggest mistake of my lifentge gery 1st day i slept on it, woke up with pain all over me, however after giving it another try after afew days i realised it was actually good. Been sleeping consecutively for 2weeks, and no complaints now.

4 - We were in need of a new mattress and I spotted this one. Delivery was early, the delivery men were outstanding and the mattress wow. We had the first good nights sleep for a long time. It has helped with both if our backs and provides a lot of support. Would recommend the mattress & Dreams .

5 - Purchased this for our little boy as his previous one was ancient and you could feel the springs it was really uncomfortable...this new mattress is great! Lovely and comfy, great design, looks like it will last a good 5 years plus! And it was delivered spot on time no issues thanks Dreams!!!

5 - Chose this mattress due to the great reviews and couldn’t be happier with it !Medium to firm comfort and have had the best nights sleep! Delivery was detailed keeping me informed from ordering and driver couldn’t have been more helpful.. Delighted with the service received and my purchase!

5 - Amazing mattress, bedtime used to be a chore, but now my daughter can't wait to get to bed because in her words, her mattress is "sooooo comfy". Highly recommended this product for a quality night sleep, not just for the person using the mattress, but for everyone else in the household too!

5 - Wanted sn appropriate mattress for guest bed. Look on line ikea bensons etc. Looked af prices and reviews and this mattress came up tops and with free drlivery it won hands down. My wife was delighted with product, price and ptomot delivery...would definitely reccomend mattress and Dresms!

5 - I ordered this mattress without trying as its for my spare bedroom. It was for an very good price so I just took a gamble and went for it. It’s very springy and comfortable. It is on the firmer side so suits people who like a firmer bed. Pretty comfortable and would certainly recommend

5 - We purchased this mattress with a double bed frame. It’s firm and comfortable. Purchased in the sale. Only issue is a sizeable gap of about 2 inches between side of mattress and frame, but had this issue with our previous frame and mattress. Not sure if it would fit better on a divan base?

5 - I purchased 2 single beds and it gave me the option of adding mattresses for £90 I did need a one but for the price I didn't expect it to be great when in fact it's a nice depth, very comfy and you can't feel the springs. Extremely pleased with it and would highly recommend purchasing.

5 - This is a very good quality mattress. It is such a bargain. I’ve never had such a good mattress. I’m sleeping comfortably with no problem and this soothing mattres makes my life so much easier. I would really recommend to anyone who want to find a good quality mattress for a cheap price.

5 - I purchased this for use in a guest bedroom on my old double bed after purchasing a new bed and mattress for my use However I’ve slept on it for three nights while decorating main bedroom and I can say in all truth I’m very very impressed on quality comfort and price top marks from me !

5 - Brought this for my teenage son (16) i didnt even think he would notice but he did...straight away. "Mum this is amazing, i feel like its hugging me, its so comfortable and soft but supporting ny weight. Best nights sleep in years" Very happy with it and would definitely buy it again.

5 - We purchased this for my son's bed, he struggles with getting too hot at night and would regularly wake up sweating and uncomfortable on previous foam mattresses. He's has this one for a good few weeks now and has slept soundly even through some hot nights. We highly recommend it.

4 - Good mattress, especially at this price. It needs a mattress topper, but even adding that in, you're getting a good mattress at a great price. There's a bit of movement transference, but adding a topper significantly reduces that. It weighs almost nothing, so flipping/rotating is easy.

5 - Absolutely perfect. I have back issues that keeps me up at night but for to this mattress. I’ve never slept better. It really moulds you my body. It’s, simultaneously soft but therm. Very glad I bought it. Also the gentlemen that delivered my mattress were very nice. Top class service

4 - Having spent hundreds on a mattress a few years ago which didn't last. I chose a more reasonably priced one this time. I'm a big bloke so need a mattress to be as firm as possible without spending the earth for it. So I'm happy with my purchase, hope it lasts better than the last one.

5 - We are satisfied with the mattresses. We bought two singles and put them side by side on top of our original king mattress which we found a bit soft for us. Now the bed is harder than before which suits our needs perfectly. The price is reasonable and we are happy about the quality.

5 - I can't fault this mattress at this price. It's comfortable and supportive, and I get a good night's sleep. It feels nicely firm without being too hard, but if you prefer a soft mattress, it might be worth looking for a different model. Delivery was on time and as promised - thanks.

5 - Very pleased with this mattress, Great if you’re looking for good quality but not too expensive. My son says it’s very comfortable. Ordering was quick and easy, delivery team were very helpful, arrived exactly when they said they would. Highly recommend this mattress from Dreams.

5 - I bought a new bed when I bought my house a few years ago but the mattress was really lumpy and uncomfortable (so much so I'd end up sleeping in the spare room) finally got around to replacing it and it's the best decision I made. Been having lovely, comfortable nights sleep since.

5 - I got this for my 8 year old son as he was complaining his mattress is very soft (he had foam one) and his back was hurting. He said this one is comfortable and he even sleeps longer. delivery was straight forward and in time slot arranged and the guys took all the packaging away.

5 - We needed a specific size and the staff at our local dreams store where exceptional in their knowledge of what was available - and we managed to place an order within a short period - we consequently received our bed as promised and are delighted with the quality regards S Smith

5 - I Love my Dreams Workshop Harris Traditional Spring Mattress it great just what i need to help get rid of my back pain i give it a 10/10 the best matters i have had so far i will be back when I need a new one to Dreams all the time and told all my friends and family to go there to

5 - We’ve had this mattress for a month now but couldn’t be happier with it. Very comfortable not too hard or soft. Great value for money. Delivery was on time & the gents who brought both mattresses up were very friendly. Overall fantastic service & no regrets buying through Dreams.

5 - Originally not a lot of thought even went into buying these mattresses as it was an urgent last minute buy but I am so pleased that I did! I’ve had back issues for the last 2 years and since receiving these mattresses, I’ve had the best nights sleep I can remember having in ages.

5 - This is a good quality, reasonably priced mattress that was comfortable from day one. They were well packaged to protect them and our daughter was very happy with the new mattress. No other mattress was comparable and dreams delivery was very professional at this difficult time.

5 - bought 2 of these along with divan bases for our spare room. Grandsons came and were impressed with our "new beds" quoting them as giving them a really good nights sleep. We accepted them for occasional use as per quality but we are very please with the look and comfort so far

5 - Really comfortable and affordable mattress. Firm and supportive, but not too much... and you don't feel too much movement when each other move on each side of the mattress when sleeping. Very quick and trouble-free delivery too! Thank you Dreams, much appreciated! :-D

5 - I bought this mattress just less than 3 weeks ago. With suffering a bad back (curvature of the spine) and having memory foam before hand. I can now say this is a god send.. At a decent price as well I can say this is the best mattress I've ever had. Nice and firm but bouncy!!!

5 - I thought for such a good buy the mattress would be average. It’s actually really comfortable. I have arthritis and have struggled for years trying to find a mattress I don’t find uncomfortable. I have succeeded with this one and have had my first full night’s sleep in years!

5 - Bought this in the sale for new bed in spare bedroom, so bought for a good price. Haven’t used it yet as the bed hasn’t been delivered yet. Seems firm enough. Arrived quickly. Excellent communication with the delivery team. The young man was lovely and took it upstairs for me

5 - The mattress is perfect for my son, its firm from the springs but comfortable to lay on, also like to mention the delivery was quick and was kept updated, the bloke that delivered it gave great advice when first opening the mattress too. Highly recommend ordering from dreams

5 - Mattress firm, very comfortable. Ar first I received a faulty mattress and when I called the customer service about the issue. The lady was very polite and gentle and book a new slot for an exchange very quickly. I'm satisfied for both services of delivery and customer care.

3 - brought this for my 15 year old boy, not had it long 6 monthes mayb and can feel every spring. And as others have said ita a little squeaky when you move about but I wouldnt say anything major. For my youngster its fine, as he weighs next to nothing. An adult im not so sure

4 - Nice and sturdy, comfortable mattress. One negative was that after taking off the bedsheet, the padded layer seems to have slightly come up from the mattress as if it has a big pocket of air underneath, and the sewing/detailing and shape on top has flattened out strangely.

5 - Fantastic mattress ,bought this in the double size true as described lovely and firm n good value for money/quality if your looking for an inexpensive mattress, definitely be buying from dreams again in the near, future great customer communication throughout

5 - Previously had a mattress from ikea and I thought they do great budget mattresses but dreams mattress is much better choice. Price is better and quality is good. So, choose this and you won't regret. On top of that you will get greatest customer service. No doubt 5 star

5 - We bought this mattress and I gave it 5 stars for the following reasons. 1. The mattress was exceptionally good value. 2. The mattress quality has exceeded our expectations. 3. The mattress matched our needs exactly. 4. The service from buying to deliver was excellent.

5 - Purchased this mattress for our guest bed for the grandchildren and it’s ideal. Not too soft, quality mattress for the spare bedroom. From order to delivery, the process was seamless and very efficient. I would definitely order from Dreams again without hesitation.

4 - Seem reasonable enough quality for two small boys. Adults have also slept on them and not complained so assuming OK. Proof will be in longevity so I reserve the right to revisit this review if they collapse as spectacularly as the previous ones (different mattresses).

5 - We bought two of these when we moved house for our children. Great offer as bought when on sale. Delivered on time, and are exactly what we wanted for our kids. Comfortable and soft enough for them to drop off quickly. Overall very happy with the service from Dreams.

5 - Bought three single mattresses for rental accommodation - I have slept on one of the mattresses for a few weeks and they are excellent. Comfy, slightly firm but give really good support - I am very pleased with the products and would buy again. Excellent value too.

5 - Bought this mattress for my son as he was complaining about aches and pains in his legs. The mattress is nice and thick and cannot feel any springs like the old one. I would consider buying one for my king size bed it is that good. Delivery driver on time as agreed.

5 - I have now had my new mattress for a month and I can say that ever since I have had it I have experienced the best nights sleeps. The firmness is perfect and I no longer wake up with any back pain. First week of having this mattress I never wanted to leave my bed!

5 - We purchased this about a month ago, not looking to spend big so we went into store and the sales man really took the time to show us all the options and work out which bed would be best. Needless to say we've both been sleeping so much better! No more bad backs!

5 - I am very pleased with the mattress, it feels very comfortable and looks great. Such a bargain price too. I recommended it to a relative that has purchased one since and is also very happy with it. Most certainly will have great dreams sleeping on it. Thank you!

5 - I bought this mattress for my son. And has done nothing but tell me how great it is and how comfortable it is. I got this at half price so it is excellent value for money. I was able to organise delivery very easily and had no issues at all. Thank you very much.

5 - I bought two single mattresses for a day bed in the spare room. They are comfortable and look great. Delivery men were fantastic... put mattresses on and took all the packaging away. Nice and friendly too. Would definitely recommend and buy from Dreams again

5 - Simple, informed ordering process and a quality mattress delivered on time, at the stated, correct time. The whole experience was professional and customer oriented - we would definitely buy from Dreams again and would recommend them on our positive experience!

5 - I bought this for my daughter as she's now outgrown the bed wetting stage and I wanted a comfortable mattress for her. She loves it, tells me how comfortable it is and that she has had a good night's sleep. Affordable and comfortable, exactly what we wanted.

5 - I purchased this mattress as in need of a replacement and found this on the internet which was really good at half price and free delivery also was able to pick a day for delivery which suited me as work full time. No issues and the mattress is really comfy.

5 - Great quality matress, comfortable, firm and has great pressure to it. Got it for my little girls mid sleeper bed and it fit in perfectly and since having her new bed has not woke up once in the night so its safe to say shes getting a brilliant nights sleep.

5 - Excellent service when contacting the store to enquire about a mattress for a Childs bed. Ordered online after the advice and was delivered on the date stated. Mattress is comfy and excellent value for money. Would recommend Dreams for purchasing a Mattress.

5 - The mattress is really comfortable and just what we needed for our aches and pains, I have suffered with my back for years and although it's not a miracle cure it does offer relief. We bought the mattress based on reviews and we are more than happy with it.

4 - Purchased two mattresses as a replacement for my teenage sons bed's after the previous mattresses couldn't cope with the wrestling on them that my kids do!! Very happy with the quality and price paid for the Harris Mattress and would definately recommend.

5 - I bought these mattresses for my grand children’s beds they have just been to stay this weekend and have found them extremely comfortable. My daughter is thinking of investing in some for their beds at home she was so impressed by how comfortable they are.

5 - I was looking for an inexpensive mattress that wouldn't be too uncomfortable and saw this one on the Dreams website, as it is from Dreams I didn't think twice. It is a quality mattress as you would expect and possibly the best value you can find out there.

3 - Not very comfortable... there doesn’t appear to be much padding on the top so can occasionally feel bumpy. I also find I move when my husband moves so my sleep is quite disturbed. Reasonably priced so would recommend use for spare bed rather than every day

5 - Not the cheapest but the best , bought them for my grandkids bunk beds . Now the youngest used to wake up threw the nite . But since I bought these super mattresses they’ve both slept right threw , so they say exactly what they say on the labelSILENTNIGHT

5 - We bought two mattresses for our guest room and whilst expecting a reasonable quality, for the price, we were surprised. The mattress has a good depth, fits the wooden bed frame well but are extremely comfortable and that's with an adult sleeping on them.

5 - We're really impressed with this mattress and will likely replace the rest of the kids beds. We have already bought two of these. Its not a premium mattress but the quality for the price is exceptional. Really comfortable and the kids are really pleased.

5 - I bought this mattress as it had great reviews and it was a reasonable price but since having it, I have found that most of the reviews were right and I have a great night's sleep every night because it is so comfortable. I really recommend this mattress

5 - I was very pleased with the way i was received in the store. The assistant Ryan was very pleasant and it was nice to be treated by him as if I was a special customer even though my purchase was not an expensive one. I even got a bottle of water for free.

4 - Great value mattress. Spongy and soft where you need it to be and firm enough to maintain its shape enough so it lasts a while. Surrounding edges could be a little firmer (if being nit picky) but not really anything to worry about. Definitely recommend.

5 - Guests have said the mattress is super comfortable and so a great buy at a great price . This is the first time a purchase has been made from Dreams but will certaily be back in the future. Everything from the initial order to delivery was super easy.

5 - So far so good, my son is very happy with his new mattress, and with him being 6’2” and just under 14 stone we needed a decent mattress. He says he’s sleeping so much better now. Ordering and delivery couldn’t have gone any better, thank you Dreams

5 - Bought recently for my teenage son. Bought unseen purely from details on your website, very happy with the level of comfort provided and finsh of the product. Delivered by two friendly and efficient delivery guys, who followed all Covid procedures.

4 - Not bad quality for the price can see where we have been lying on it after a couple of nights. However, it was originally bought for the guest room and not for regular use. So think that has a lot to do with it. But nevertheless perfectly comfortable

5 - I bought this mattress a couple of months ago, good depth and nicely made.. it says it’s medium to firm, but I’d say it was more on the firmer side,like an orthopaedic mattress. Still great value for the daughter loves it..would recommend.

5 - At first I was unsure about the comfort of the mattresses due to the price. However, after the first night I noticed a huge difference. The mattresses are are really comfy and allow you to relax easily. Great quality product with a fantastic price !

5 - Lad had the best sleep in a long time, said it was comfy and a good firmness. Not too hard, not too soft. Also with it being in the sale was a fantastic price. In fact this is the second one I bought. Bought one a few weeks earlier for my daughter.

5 - We were due a new mattress and decided to go for the Harris traditional spring mattress, partly because it was on offer, but cheap didn't mean poor quality, we've been sleeping on it for a few weeks and can safely say we made the right decision.

5 - We got this a few weeks ago for my 8 year old son who was long overdue a new mattress.For the price the quality is excellent.Very comfortable and my son is sleeping very well in his new bed! Service and delivery was excellent, made quick and easy.

5 - I bought this a couple of weeks ago, having the best night's sleep ever. It's really nice and firm. Ordering and delivery couldn't have been easier. I think this was a great purchase, really good price too. I wouldn't hesitate to use Dreams again.

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