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Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress

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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

Ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers thanks to its medium tension that satisfies most.

The mattress is described as comfortable by numerous customers.

Customers appreciated the mattress's softness, yet sturdy structure.

Several customers mentioned improved sleep quality after using the mattress.

The delivery process was quick and efficient.

In store buyers appreciated the store's sleep match tool for guiding them towards the right mattress.

Some customers noted the good value for money and affordability.

Positive impact on back and shoulder pain was also mentioned by customers.

Unsuitable for back pain as the medium tension does not have the resistive support necessary for this.

Single sided does not offer the best durability, however, the quality materials in the support layer should last for a decent amount of time without issue.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress

Welcome to my newest blog post! Today, we're going to explore the cozy and restful world of the Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress. As a sleep expert who recently transitioned into blogging, I've thoroughly analysed a multitude of customer reviews to offer you a complete understanding of this mattress's features and user experiences. So, sit back and let me assist you in determining if this is the perfect mattress for you.

Mattress Construction:

The Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress is a hybrid model that blends memory foam and pocket springs. This distinctive combination strives to offer the best of both worlds: support and comfort. The memory foam layer adapts to the body, providing pressure relief and a plush sleeping surface, while the pocket springs ensure support and prevent sagging.

Positive Customer Experiences:

The Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress has garnered rave reviews for its comfort, with numerous users reporting enhanced sleep quality and even relief from pain. Users appreciate the ideal balance of support and comfort this mattress delivers. The mattress is said to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making bed-making a cinch. Moreover, many customers commend the reasonable price, especially when purchased during a sale.

Customers have also emphasised the outstanding customer service they received, both in-store and throughout the delivery process. The well-informed staff and their sleep machine, designed to ascertain the optimal mattress firmness for each individual, have been lauded for making the shopping experience pleasurable and personalised.

Various reviews mention that the mattress is ideal for individuals with back issues, as it supplies sufficient support and alleviates pain. Users who have hosted guests on the mattress have also noted positive feedback from their visitors, suggesting that the mattress is comfortable for a diverse range of people.

Negative Customer Experiences:

Although the majority of users were happy with their purchase, a few negative reviews were also present. One customer felt that the mattress's quality was lower than anticipated and experienced discomfort while attempting to find a cozy sleeping position. Another user encountered challenges in scheduling delivery at a suitable time and had a less-than-ideal experience with the company.


The Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress seems to be a remarkable investment for those in search of a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Most users have experienced improved sleep quality and pain relief, and the mattress is praised for its affordability and exceptional customer service. However, like any product, it may not be suitable for everyone, so it's crucial to take individual preferences and needs into account before committing to a purchase.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Pressure-relieving memory foam

    Memory foam is the next generation in mattress technology. It is made of visco-elastic foam that responds to your body weight and shape in order to provide the right level of comfort and support. Memory foam is durable in all sorts of climates, it is breathable, and it will never go flat.

    Expertly made in the UK for the Dream Team range

    Created by the renowned retailer Dreams, this collection represents the culmination of expertise and craftsmanship. Each product within the Dream Team range is expertly made to ensure the highest standards of quality, providing you with a sleep experience that is truly second to none. 

    Lasting freshness with SmartSilver™ technology

    SmartSilver™ technology incorporates silver-based nanoparticles into the fabric or material. Silver has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and when used in this form, it helps to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Medium comfort grade for adaptive support

    The medium level of firmness strikes a perfect balance, providing enough support to promote proper spinal alignment for back sleepers, while also offering contouring comfort that alleviates pressure points for side sleepers. 

    Individually wrapped springs react to your body

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Expertly made in the UK for Dream Team

    Unique to the retailer Dreams, this mattress is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, where skilled artisans and manufacturers bring their expertise to create exceptional sleep products. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    Fully recyclable I-Fibre® polyester fillings

    Soft touch knitted finish

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

4 - Overall its a lovely mattress. Its good quality for the price, especially if you get it on sale. As far as cons go it's worth mentioning I didn't realise its a one sided mattress before buying, however this hasn't proven to be too much of an issue. It also had a little chemically/smokey scent to it on the first few days but after airing it out that went away. Other than that its soft, bouncy and sturdy. Perfect!

5 - I’m so happy I decided to choose this mattress. After recommendations from staff I decided to take the sleep test which provided me with the sort of mattress I needed (funnily enough the recommendation from the sleep test matched the mattress I had already chosen!). It’s so comfortable, yet breathable. The springs provide sturdiness whilst the added memory foam layer helps to give the most perfect nights sleep!!

5 - I have been suffering with a spinal injury for 18 years, decided due to the pain to invest in good mattress. It has definitely decreased my pain . I'm so happy I had a tear to the eye . Really is a lovely mattress , I would not have anything less now. I now wake up with less pain and can sleep much better. You sink into it , yet it has support. Overall very comfortable and the best decision I could of made .

5 - I bought this about a month ago, I’d had my previous mattress for almost 10 years at this point and it had seen much better days. The staff in store were fantastic, the delivery men were great, the process of choosing which mattress was easy and the mattress is perfectly fitted to my needs. Very comfortable, even from the first night. I sleep much better now and have less aches and pains. Well worth the money.

5 - I always had thought purchasing a mattress would be simple but it was actually such a difficult decision to make but with the support of the Dreams Leicster store team helped me purchase one of the best mattress i’ve ever owned, The mattress is of great quality and even better I purchased it when it was on half price! and ensures you have a really good night sleep on I would definitely recommend this mattress.

5 - I went to Dreams as I was getting confused with so much choice on line. I had an idea what would suit me and was pleased that the sleep machine confirmed my thoughts. The sales assistant was super knowledgeable and friendly. I tried 3 mattresses at different price points and found what I needed immediately. The order and delivery were simplicity itself. I love my new mattress and would highly recommend Dreams.

5 - Needed a new mattress after 14 years of my old one. Wanted to try some in store. Chose this one. When it arrived the first night I found it uncomfortable slightly too hard but as the day passed and Ive got used to it, its just perfect not to firm but not to soft. Having a memory foam top layer is lovely. Really comfortable mattress at a good price Just need to turn it in January due to just me sleeping on it.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago, and since then I am not only sleeping better but also feeling better! The mattress gives me the right support while still being so soft that I feel like I am on cloud 9 during my sleep. Would highly recommend it! The fact that I chose my mattress with sleepmatch makes me even more comfortable that it is the right mattress for me! Thanks to everyone from the Dreams team!

5 - Purchased this about a month ago and what a beautiful sleeping accessory: out like a light every night. This mattress is super comfortable- I suspect this is the mattress they have in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and that is why Grandpa Joe does not get out of bed until half way through the story. I also cannot get out of bed without the promise of abating chocolate- this mattress is that comfortable.

5 - We didnt realise we needed a new mattress until we bought one!! Our old mattress seemed fine but we decided to but a new one only because we'd had our old one for over 7 years and thought it was time, the old one, we thought, was fine, until the new one came! WOW what a difference, so much firmer, much more comfortable. Ordering was easy and it arrived on the day it was meant to. Great service all round.

5 - Decided to spend a little bit more on a mattress and bought the Dreams Annison, well worth the extra money. Previously tended to buy cheaper mattresses that arrived rolled up but this was delivered reassuringly flat and bagged. It has just the right level of medium firmness and very even distribution right up to the edges. Very pleased with the purchase and feel sure it will give many years of service.

5 - This is the third mattress I’ve bought from Dreams. I’ve made my way up from a double, king and now finally a super king (hence the number of mattresses!). Description was spot on and it’s the perfect mattress for me who is a front sleeper. I’m also only 5’1 and my partner is 6’2 but I don’t feel any movement when he turns in the night etc. I look forward to going to bed now! Service was also fantastic.

5 - after looking around for a mattress to go with your new base we took the Dreams teams advice and had a lie on the bed in store that sorts out the mattress to suit us both .When the results of the test came through we tried the mattresses advised for us and decided in selecting the Annison Sprung Mattress which as turned out to be a great choice nice and cosy and no problems getting a good nights sleep

5 - I'm really pleased to say that this mattress is better than I could hope. I tried it in the shop and liked the gentle support. After a few weeks of sleeping on my new bed I'm thrilled. It is just what I wanted. It has support and the memory foam layer is an upgrade on what I had before. It took me a few day to get used to the new feel but now I am looking forward every night to my new mattress.

4 - If like me you have lordosis and sleep on your side, this mattress will be comfy and supportive both on your side and your back! The only reason I give it four rather than give stars is because the springs are noticeable beneath the top layer when you put a lot of weight on eg your hand or knee which I think means it will wear out faster than a more expensive mattress. But you get what you pay for!

5 - We brought this last month for our daughter and we are so happy that we did she sleeps so well now not a grumble about being uncomfortable anywhere in sight... Also it was worth the trip to the store rather than online buying. The gentleman who helped us couldn't have been more friendly and was super patient even with a shy 9 year old who didn't want to lie Down with anyone looking haha 5*service

5 - We bought this during lockdown for our new house & we based our decision from the reviews! Can honestly say we are delighted with it. We changed from a form mattress to a medium and the difference is unreal. It’s genuinely like sleeping on a cloud. Would recommend this mattress to anyone who would prefer something soft. You can’t feel any of the springs either and we both get a great night sleep.

5 - I was waking every morning with a sore neck and back a knee it was down to my mattress, it wasn’t that old but wasn’t great quality so I knew investing properly would be a good idea going forward I was really apprehensive about buying online without trying first but read the positive reviews and thought this many people can’t be wrong. I’m pleased to say the positive reviews were spot on

5 - Myself and my wife bought this mattress a month ago after having had an awful mattress for years! We decided to treat ourselves and we certainly did! This mattress is super comfortable and we have both been able to get such a better nights sleep! Also helps on our shift work when sleeping during the day! When I get out of bed my wife doesn’t stir as the mattress doesn’t move which is brilliant

5 - Decided it was time to replace my bumpy mattress... So glad I bought through Dreams website. It was so easy to find the right size and firmness, they had some great offers on and the option to recycle the old one won me over. Delivery crew were ridiculously quick to get it into the bedroom and to remove the old one. Lots of comfy sleeps ever since. Can't fault the service from start to end.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and it is perfect for me. Luckily I went in store before lockdown started and was told what type of mattress would be ideal for me. Having already been told this, it was very easy for me to order the specific mattress online. It arrived perfectly on time and I've had full nights' sleep ever since! Does what a mattress is supposed to do - can't fault it.

5 - Bought this 4 weeks ago, and it’s great. New mattress because my partner thrashes around a lot in his sleep - and I wanted something that would absorb the motion so I wouldn’t feel it as much. Was told that pocket sprung or memory foam would be best at this - and I can barely feel him move at all now. Also just a really comfy mattress, definitely on the softer side which is great for me.

5 - My husband suffers from scoliosis, and we’ve always had a firm orthopaedic mattress. However, for the last several months I have suffered a very painful hip at night, and we decided to get a medium mattress, to see if it helped. I was worried that my husband would not be comfortable, but, wow! He is happy and my hip pain has gone. (No more sleepless nights) Highly recommend this mattress.

5 - Superb mattress. Was on offer when we bought it (~£400), and was easily into the range of not being able to tell the difference between the top models, but at the price we bought it, it was an absolute steal. I think if we'd had the budget to stretch as far as its RRP (~£800) then we'd likely still have been happy to buy it at full price, but it definitely fits what we were looking for.

5 - I chose the Annison mattress because it was extremely comfortable to try in the showroom and great value for money. The construction appears good quality, with a comfort layer of memory foam. The delivery was timely and the mattress was taken to my room of choice. I have been sleeping on it for two weeks and I’m pleased that it continues to be comfortable, aiding a good night’s rest.

5 - I've owned this mattress now for 10 months so thought this would provide a fair review. It's so good, I'm getting the same mattress for my parents. My only complaint is I find it difficult to get myself out of bed in the morning - as it's comfortable beyond belief! I still fall asleep very quickly after getting into bed, it's the most restful mattress I've ever had. Worth every penny.

5 - What a wonder. Loving this mattress. So soft and comfortable. Wanted for a long time to change my mattress but just could not decide on which one. After all a mattress purchase should last you 8 years. Also needed a fair priced mattress. Not everyone can afford expensive. The Annison fits the requirements perfectly. The pocket springs even out well and the memory foam top is ideal.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago and have always had back problems- if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting a massive change but overnight I feel like my back has massively improved and I’ve never slept so well! It’s just right in between firm and soft, I prefer a softer mattress while my boyfriend prefers a firmer one and we are both so happy with the Annison! Couldn’t recommend more!

5 - The mattress is all that was promised. I have put off buying a new mattress during lockdown as I wanted face to face advice . I was not disappointed my rest has been perfect and an aching back has disappeared. The store assistant was knowledgeable, professional and extremely help full without being pushy. Well done dreams team at Ravenside Retail park, Kingsbury road ,Birmingham

5 - I have been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks and I can honestly say it’s the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. Medium soft but also very supportive. We went into a dreams store and tried out their “matress matching service” and I would highly recommend doing so. Without this and help from the salesperson I feel like I would have purchased a mattress that wasn’t right for me.

5 - My girlfriend’s complaints that we needed a new mattress had been falling on deaf ears. Till it dawned on me that I slept better on my camp bed when I went fishing. I thought perhaps she might have a point and ordered a new mattress from dreams. It is better than my old mattress and I sleep better than on my camp bed. Bonus the girlfriend has stopped nagging for a new mattress.

5 - I bought this mattress from the Gloucester shop. The lady who served us was simply perfect. We chose this mattress as the magic bed recommended. The lady helped our decision with her fantastic knowledge of the differences between the various mattresses available to us. I cannot speak highly enough of this last but don't remember her name. She is a credit to the Dreams company.

5 - This matteress is perfect. I tried a few in store and this was one of the first I tried. It felt the best and for the price it was great. It then arrived and at first, i thought it was too hard but after a night sleep its so good compared to my old cheap matteress. Dont even wake up once during the night and my back feels great. A very good quality matteress, cant fault it.

5 - I am so happy with this mattress that I bought a few weeks ago. I didnt realise just how bad my old mattress was affecting my sleep and was moaning constantly about being up 4 or 5 times a night. I am now sleeping through the night for the first time in years! Its amazing. The team did a great job from the experience in store, to the delivery. Definate 5 stars!

5 - we looked at and tried lots of mattresses Nd of im honest settled on this because it was on offer. But its really comfortable, I slept on a sping only mattresses the other day and completely noticed the difference, I also think I'm having less back pain. My boyfriend is a light sleeper and fidgets in bed but I haven't noticed because we went for supper King, so gladwe did

5 - I am very pleased with Anisson Pocket Sprung Mattress, it’s very comfortable. I had a Bad back pain. With two kids and domestic duties was difficult for me to be on top of everything. Since I have changed the mattress, that was a month ago, my pain gradually decreased, it’s still there, but not so severe and I believe that after while will disappear completely. Thank you

5 - I brought this mattress a few weeks ago and since then my sleep has improved so much! The first few nights I did feel it was a little hard but that soon changed and the top layer of memory foam softened and felt so luxurious to sleep on. The handles on side of mattress make it easy to rotate the mattress. Im very happy with the service and delivery from dreams. Thank you

5 - This mattress is a God send! So supportive and provides the best sleep! If you like a medium, then this is the one for you and the price isn't so bad either! I tried a few in the shop and it was a difficult choice but after having committed to the Annison, I don't regret my choice! Ita also quite a heavy duty durable mattress too so it adds a bit of height to the frame.

5 - We bought this 3 weeks ago and LOVE it. This is the first mattress we’ve ever bought so where really cautious about getting the right mattress for my back problems and not spending to much. After 3 weeks of using the mattress I could ask for a better one. It is firm enough to keep my back in a comfortable position while being soft enough to want to stay there all day.

5 - I bought this mattress for my 19 year old daughters bed and she can't believe how comfortable it is compared to the previous mattress. It's firm enough without being too hard and, although she's only had it for two weeks, lookls like it's very well made and should last for a long, long time. My only problem is that I think that I should buy one for my own bed too now

5 - So happy with my new bed I was worried in case it was going to be not the right one as I have had back surgery we kept our old bed for a while just incase and I needed not have worried at all from the very first night I knew I was not going to have any issues with my new bed. So glad I took the plunge and bought it. And my old one went to the tip the very next day.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago after using the in store sleep machine that recommends the best type of mattress for you based on the way you lay down. I was surprised to find I was recommended medium to soft. I took the recommendation and advice of the salesman and bought this mattress. I've so far had great sleeps on it. It's comfy and soft yet supportive.

5 - I bought this mattress about a month ago from my local Dreams store and I am really glad I used the Sleep Match and it was one of the options that came up when I put in my mattress selection criteria. I haven't had any more back problems and have definitely had slept much better since I got it ! Thanks you Dreams! The store staff and delivery team were also great!

5 - I haven't slept well for years but can now see light at the end of the tunnel, the mattress has made that much difference! The whole dreams process has been fantastic from the amazing in store machine and lovely helpful lad at the Salisbury store to the great guys who delivered when they said they would and carried it up awkward cottage stairs. Highly recommend!

5 - This mattress is very comfortable and from day 1 I slept like a baby on it. It could have been a bit firmer but that’s just personal taste. Fast delivery and you can choose the date, which is great as you don’t have to plan your whole life around receiving a mattress. I think it is value for money. Will see how it holds in the passage of time but so far so good!

5 - super comfortable and affordable mattress. I was in desperate need for a softer mattress that could support my lower back and neck after having my rock solid mattress. I had the best night sleep in months when it arrived. It had the perect balance between soft memory foam and spinginess, so you can turn in bed with ease but still have the bed mould around you.

4 - I can happily recommend this mattress as it is really comfy and, unlike the last mattress I had, let's me sink into it with both of these qualities improving both my sleep quality and the time it takes to help me fall asleep. I'm really glad this is the one I choose for how it's improved my sleep and I actually look forward to going to sleep now thanks to it.

5 - We bought this mattress to go with the Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame and it’s perfect together. Not too soft or hard, we have had the best nights sleeps since buying it. If you have been thinking of getting a new bed do it, I would highly recommend getting it from dreams. They were helpful, knowledgeable and we were able to try out the mattress and it’s perfect

5 - We bought this mattress last month and it’s the best thing we’ve done. My partner moves a lot in his sleep but on this mattress it doesn’t wake me up at all. It’s soft but firm so it is perfect for me being a side sleep and my partner sleeps on his back and says he gets the best nights sleep. Absolutely love this mattress, so glad we purchased from Dreams!

5 - Iv had this mattress around a month and from the first night I loved it! I was amazed when I had no back pain at all through the night and in the morning. It's so comfortable and iv been sleeping a lot better. Iv always loved bed time but now I love it even more! The only bad thing about the mattress is that it makes it harder to get out of bed on a morning.

5 - We purchased this mattress about a month ago now to go in our spare room for visitors. We arranged the bed delivery for a specific date and had no issues with this. They even called 30 mins before delivery to let us know they were on their way. We are very pleased with this purchase, the bed is very comfortable and great value for money. Would recommend!

5 - I brought this bed about 2 months ago it looks good and Is really comfy. The delivery drivers were very professional and the bed was delivered really quickly after ordering it. Also went to the store and used there test bed to see which mattresses would be the most suited for me. Shop assistant was really helpful too. My bed is a William bed grey colour.

5 - Really comfy. Due to covid was unable to go to store to try our mattresses but web chat were really helpful making recommendations when I advised what I was looking for. I advised I wanted combi mattress, not too hard, not too soft and they directed me here and could not be happier. Mattress was also on offer at the time so paid less than I expected to

5 - This mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on, it is a medium so gives you plenty of support whilst sleeping yet is soft and cosy. Previously I owned a memory foam mattress which at times made me sweat especially during the summer but this one along with the springs and memory foam beats it with comfort and cooling fabrics. Would highly recommend.

5 - This is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Most comfortable night sleep you could dream of (see what I did there?) After visiting all the mattress stores in my area, it’s amazing how this mattress stood out so much. I knew immediately it was the one for me! Dreams also have so many great offers on so there will be something for every budget!

5 - I had seen a mattress online and went into the store to try. Staff were so so helpful and helped with advice and multiple options. When I places the order online it came quickly and with ease. The delivery team gave me frequent updates and were very helpful upon arrival. The mattress is fantastic quality and so comfy. Very happy - thank you Dreams!

5 - I've had this mattress for two weeks and can honestly say I have never slept better. As a Medium mattress I did expect it to be a little firmer to be honest but it hasn't taken long to get used to it. I would definitely recommend this mattress, it feels like a little bit of luxury. I bought this in a less than half price sale so a bargain to boot!

5 - This is the best mattress I have ever slept on it's so comfy. I have suffered with a bad back for years and struggled to sleep. I have tried different types of mattresses and this is by far the best. I tried this in the shop and decided to give it a try. I.have slept on it for 2 weeks and had the bests nights sleep and my back has improved slightly

5 - I genuinely believe, pound for pound, this has to be the best mattress dreams sell. After having to buy a new mattress due to my partners bad back, we couldn’t be more pleased. The mattress feels too soft when sat down on it but as soon as you lie down, it because much more supported and is perfect for someone looking for a medium firmness mattress.

5 - This is the 2nd Annison mattress we have bought now, both have been for children coming out of a toddler bed and this has been perfect. This is very comfortable for a child, makes no noise while moving/turning on the mattress as some small toddler mattresses can. I can also lay comfortably on this with them and this will serve them for many years.

5 - The Annison was replacement for the old Starling mattress. And I can say that it is superb! It's firm, but yet soft to sleep on. A bit like sleeping on a cloud! It still gives you the right support for a good nights sleep. And the price was great at the time because it was discounted. Overall, great value for money, and a very good quality product.

5 - My youngest daughter has autism. We go through a number of mattresses because she finds them uncomfortable which is an extra expense that we cannot afford. HOWEVER, this is the first mattress that she has said is comfortable and she is actually sleeping better. We will keep coming back to this mattress when we have to replace it. VERY HAPPY FAMILY!

4 - I bought this mattress for my daughter she liked it comfortable ,good quality good price we are satisfied with this purchase just one issue with delivery time confusing from Dreams send me different slot time and delivery company was different slot time for delivery anyway I followed delivery driver time was okay and delivery was ok no any problem.

5 - Knowledgeable staff without feeling you were pushed into buy. Staff acknowledged us on arrival asked what we were looking for and pointed us in the right direction. The assistant advised us to use the mattresses as we would in our own home to test it out. This was after the test which highlights the way we sleep. Overall a good experience

5 - I have used this mattress for three weeks and i am finding it very comfortable. Like any new mattress it took a couple of weeks for my body to adjust but i am really pleased with it. It is well constructed and is medium feel as described.The delivery came on the correct day and Dreams kept me fully informed and the delivery men were very pleasant.

4 - I bought this mattress at roughly half price and have been using for about 6 weeks. Myself and the other half are very happy with the mattress, a great balance of support and comfort for 2 people who enjoy both ends of the spectrum. Seems very well made with no issues found yet. Great delivery, and wouldn't expect a better mattress for the price.

5 - We were able to purchase this mattress whilst it was on half price offer. The sales team were very helpful and professional and our telephone purchase was very quick and easy. We were able to secure delivery of the mattress and removal of our old one within less than a week. We are delighted with both the mattress and our customer experience.

5 - I brought this mattress a few weeks back and it is really good i have suffered from back pain for the last year when sleeping but since the purchase of this one all pain has gone and i can now sleep without problems! It is comfortable to sit on and watch tv in bed and also get amazing nights sleep! I would very much recommend this to everyone!

5 - Over the moon with my new Annison mattress. Year 2020 has been a whirlwind of new challenges and starting a new job as a keyworker and working 6nights per week this mattress has really helped me adjust to my new sleeping schedule. It's so comfortable and just the right mix of soft but firm. Goldilocks would be proud! Haha. Thanks Dreams Team

5 - Found a mattress online, was a good price. Exactly what I wanted too. Had a small hiccup when delivery men didn't know they had to take back my old mattress, but didn't even ask for proof and took it anyway, no questions asked. They were very informative, telling me exactly what to do, how to prepare the mattress and I couldn't be happier.

5 - The mattress is really comfy, purchased for my son and he has never slept better! Plenty of comfort for him and is supportive for me when laying on it (I suffer back issues). I would recommend this mattress for anyone looking for a good price medium firmness mattress. I had this item on half price sale and it is definitely worth the price!

5 - Comfortable and supportive. Can't believe I wanted to long to purchase a new mattress. Tried the Sleepmatch in store and glad I did. Found the right firmness, the right mattress build and I haven't slept this well in a long time. I was reluctant to splurge on a new mattress, but when its this comfy I don't understand why i waited so long.

5 - I have this lumbar scoliosis that somehow very choosy to kind of bed I lay because it hurts when I am not comfortable and gives me back pain but with this bed I purchased its not so soft but not to hard as well and it soothes my back that gives me a good sleep at night. So comfortable if I may say and most importantly no more back pain.

5 - I bought this mattress about a month ago as I was struggling with lower back pain and put it down to my old mattress. After laying on the sleep match which maps your body to help recommend the right mattress we tried several and went for the Annison which so far has been amazing and my backache has started to improve so I am very happy!

5 - I have always had beds from dreams and have always been happy. We made a mistake recently by trying an online alternative and regretted it. Sent it back and ordered the Annison from dreams and are not disappointed. The edges are a bit flimsy when you are sat on the edge of the bed but when laying on the mattress it is very comfortable.

3 - My old mattress was hard and my body always hurt when I woke up, so I decided to go for a new mattress. Since I've started sleeping on the annison pocket sprung mattress, I've had a handful of good sleeps, the rest of the nights have been pretty restless. Nowhere near as comfy as the one in store, and I just can't seem to adjust to it.

5 - This mattress is worth every penny - it feels like you're sleeping on a dense, thick cloud. I've been using it now for the past 3 weeks and it's the most comfortable sleep I've ever had. I bought the mattress after it was recommended to me by a work colleague who has a back and hip issue and this mattress has helped greatly with that.

5 - I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago as I was struggling to have a comfortable sleep. This mattress has really improved my quality of sleep. I also recommend buying instore, as you will be advise which mattress is best for you based on your sleeping patterns, positions etc. You can also try a few options to see which is best.

5 - Had this mattress a good month now and it’s brilliant. Got it for £279 in the dreams sale and was delivered within 2 weeks to my bedroom. They even tooth all packaging away with them and put it on my bed for me. The mattress itself is so comfortable I sleep a lot better now. Highly recommend the mattress and Dreams’ service overall.

4 - I bought this around a month ago and have been very happy so far. It’s obviously early days but the mattress is comfortable although I do wish it was a little firmer. However as someone with back problems this seems to be giving me good support. Ordering and delivery was easy and transparent. Very happy with the company’s service.

5 - Bought this for my teenage daughter just over a month ago and she loves it! I didn’t think it possible for a teenager to love her bed more, but she does!! It is so comfy and perfect for her. Delivery was excellent, painless process, polite and courteous delivery men. Purchased at a sale price - we are so happy with this item.

5 - Purchased for our 14 year old son who was complaining about a bad back. He now sleeps like a log. I had this mattress in mind as I arrived at our local store in Reigate due to the amount of good reviews. We are very pleased with it along with the service we received in store during these crazy times. Delivery was excellent too.

5 - I am amazed at the difference betwwen this new mattress and my old one: not only is it far more comfortable and supportive but it is cooler too. I have noticed that I am not waking up in the night any more and have no more back pain. What a relief - we should have changed sooner. Great value,great service and a great relief!

5 - Brought this recently and it’s so comfy. I sleep properly now throughout the night without waking up with pins and needles and aching back. It’s sorted all the of pains and stiffness I have had. Didn’t realise how much a decent mattress would help my day to day life! It’s equally springy but still has a memory foam feel to it.

5 - I previously bought a bed for one of my rooms and had the best night sleep, now moving rooms I have bought the same mattress. We was lucky enough to use the dream mattress finder and found that a medium mattress was best for us, with this information a dreams worker helped us to find the perfect match, perfect was what we got.

5 - I was a bit concerned at the beginning when it arrived but after some weeks and using it on a bed (at the beginning bed did not arrive on time so it was weird) I have no doubts:it s like sleeping on a five star hotel mattress. I had it with a lower price thanks to sales and I am recommending it everybody! Best experience ever

5 - I bought this bed on a recommendation from a friend for my spare room. I’ve been sleeping on this mattress whilst I’ve been waiting for my other bed to arrive and it hasn’t disappointed! I love it! And I’m sure all my guests will do too. Can’t believe I have to give it up! Super comfy and I’ve had the best nights sleep on it.

5 - Brought this a couple of months ago. Previously had a full memory foam mattress which I found to soft and very warm to sleep on. This mattress has best of both, I would say it’s just soft enough but gives enough support. I have the best night’s sleep on this mattress. It’s also a great price. I would highly recommend.

5 - I’m not a strong sleeper and after the first night it was the best sleep I’ve had in years. I sleep on my my side and it was heaven (no springs digging into you!) my girlfriend is really picky when it comes to mattresses and she was out like a light and loved it as well. Definitely worth the money, can’t recommend it enough.

5 - When I sat on the bed my first thought was 'Aaah bugger its going to be too soft', but when I lay on it, it has the perfect balance of softness and firmness. Should be named the goldilocks bed because its just right. Delivery was perfect and just as described. Would recommend this one if you are needing a in-between mattress

5 - Never felt comfort like it. I had the intentions of. Ugh g the cheapest mattress as I was in a tight budget. I visited store and was educated about the importance of a good mattress- after all you spend half of you time in it! I was given a fantastic deal, and I’ll never look back. This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud!

5 - A very comfortable mattress. My daughter bought the same a few years ago, hers has always been good which is why I chose the same. I’d say it’s slightly firmer than hers though. I seem to be sleeping well on it which is good. Delivery service was excellent. I was kept informed and the delivery guys were polite and helpful.

5 - Was a little hesitant at first because I didn’t know how ‘firm’ the mattress was going to be but given the product and my take on it, I my pleased with my purchase. It seems their metrics for how soft/firm a mattress is, is that to what you’d expect. (Given your ordering online and wouldn’t be able to feel it for yourself)

5 - Bought as a replacement mattress for our grandson, who loves his new bed. It's only when trying the new mattress that we realised just how bad his old one was, or is it just that the new mattress is such good quality.. We now have trouble getting him out of bed - typical teenager - but the mattress is well worth the money.

5 - I brought myself a new Mattress about a month ago and so glad I did as my old mattress was beginning to make my back ache and affected my sleep. I have a degenative back problem and this new mattress has helped immensely. It is medium firm but super comfortable, it is like it was design especially for me, it's brilliant.

5 - Bought for our grand daughter aged 9 who loves it! Extremely comfortable and she sleeps really well on it (much to delight of Mum!). Purchasing was easy and staff in the store were extremely helpful. We have used Dreams before and have never been disappointed with the service or the quality of the products we have bought.

5 - I bought this as a guest room mattress for a reasonable price in the sale. We have been using it as we waited for our ‘master mattress’ to arrive and it’s got me doubting if we even needed to buy a different one as it’s perfect for our needs. Comfy, reasonably priced and the quality is good. Would recommend- legit review

5 - This is a very comfortable mattress and it was even better that I bought this in a sale. I would like to thank the store sales person, Will at Dreams Perth, for helping me choose a pocket sprung mattress. Likewise, the delivery driver Ian could not have been more helpful in delivering the mattress right into the bedroom.

5 - Bought this mattress last month. We were slightly worried because we couldn't try the mattress before delivery, due to current circumstances and the fact my partner prefers soft mattresses (I prefer firm). However, every night's sleep so far has been great with the mattress proving a perfect fit for me and my partner.

5 - I bought this mattress last month to replace a memory foam one. The change in comfort and quality of sleep is amazing! I didn't realise we needed something slightly firmer than our old memory foam, and now we don't wake up with aches and pains! We did get this on sale but even at regular price this is worth every penny.

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