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Customers appreciated the firm support of the mattress, suggesting it's ideal for people who sleep on their back or are looking for a orthopaedic feel from their sleep.

Several customers who suffer from back and hip issues mentioned that this mattress significantly reduced their discomfort and pain.

The Maidstone offers good value for the price paid.

Several reviewers reported that their quality of sleep improved with this mattress.

All popular UK sizes stocked with fairly reasonable delivery times that require only minor planning ahead.

While some people appreciated the firmness, others found it uncomfortable with some customers describing the mattress as hard and board like in its support.

A few customers reported that the mattress makes a creaking noise when they move. This is rare but can occur with any spring support system over time.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress

Introducing the Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress by Dream Team - a mattress expertly crafted to provide an ideal mix of comfort, support, and affordability. Envision settling into a snug and supportive mattress that embraces you as you slip into slumber. With the Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress, this dream can become a reality. Numerous satisfied customers have given this mattress high marks, enjoying improved sleep and enhanced overall wellness. Let's delve into the aspects customers appreciated and those they found less appealing about this mattress.

Customer Pros

One of the top highlights of the Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress is its firmness level. Numerous customers have reported that the mattress delivers just the right amount of support without being excessively hard or uncomfortable. As a result, it has become a preferred choice for individuals with back problems, arthritis, or other conditions that necessitate a supportive sleep surface. Customers have also observed significant improvements in their sleep patterns and experienced reduced back pain and stiffness after resting on this mattress.

Customers have also praised the value for money provided by the mattress. They found it to be of exceptional quality and comfort, making it an excellent investment at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they appreciated the outstanding customer service and well-informed staff during both the in-store and delivery experiences.

Many customers have noted that the mattress accommodates various sleeping styles, making it ideal for individuals with distinct preferences. They discovered that the mattress is supportive without being overly firm, which has led to improved sleep quality. Numerous customers have purchased the mattress for guest rooms or their children's bedrooms, with equally positive outcomes.

Customer Cons

While most reviews are positive, there are a few aspects that some customers found less satisfying. Some customers felt the mattress was too firm for their taste, causing discomfort during sleep. Others wished the mattress maintained its firmness throughout the night.

A handful of customers reported feeling the springs within the mattress, reducing their comfort levels. They recommended using a mattress topper to alleviate this issue. Lastly, some customers believed it was too soon to give a comprehensive review of the mattress after only a few weeks of usage.

In summary, the Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress has gained popularity among customers seeking a supportive, comfortable, and reasonably-priced mattress. Although there have been a few minor concerns, the overall satisfaction with the mattress has been predominantly positive. If you're looking for a mattress that delivers both comfort and support at a fair price, the Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress is worth considering.

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    Turnable mattresses are ones which have the soft comfort layer fillings on both the top and bottom of the mattress. This means that you can turn the mattress to help prolong the lifespan of the mattress while also helping with even settlement over time. We generally prefer turnable double sided mattresses over single sided mattresses because they typically last longer and so represent a different value for money.

    Deep layers of luxurious fillings

    Mattresses are built to provide a healthy, comfortable and supportive night's sleep. Mattresses should be chosen based on your body size, weight and sleeping position. Once you know which type of mattress is the best for you the next step is choosing a mattress with a deep layer of luxurious mattress fillings, just like this one!

    Soft-touch damask cover

    Crafted from soft-touch damask, the mattress cover promotes a luxurious sleeping experience by providing a smooth and gentle surface your body can melt into. Yet, despite its plush feel, its hardy fabric construction ensures lasting durability, offering an ideal balance between comfort and longevity.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for exceptional support

    A firm mattress can help promote better circulation and easier breathing. So, if you're a back sleeper, a firm comfort grade mattress can enhance your sleep quality by offering the right balance of support and comfort.

    Individually wrapped springs move with your body

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Expertly made in the UK for Dream Team

    Unique to the retailer Dreams, this mattress is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, where skilled artisans and manufacturers bring their expertise to create exceptional sleep products. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

    Traditional tufts secure supportive layers

    Fully antibacterial finish for lasting freshness

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

4 - We purchased this along with a new bed a few weeks ago. Our old mattress and bed were larger and we could not turn the mattress. This mattress is very comfortable, gives very good support and is easy to turn through whichever axis. Only downside is that with bed we brought from Dreams there is a gap between bed head and mattress and our pillows slip through. We have purchased a booster pillow to plug the gap.. hopefully.

5 - A really comfy firm mattress. I prefer it to one with memory foam on top as it feels sturdier around the edges. I went into the store in Sheffield to try them out and I would definitely recommend this to get the right firmness. The sales advisor was friendly and knowledgeable. The delivery guys were great, really prompt and gave very helpful info on how to maintain the mattress. Overall good value and quality mattress.

4 - I bought this mattress few weeks ago as I am moving to a new place. I want a good product that will give me value for money and at the same time.. QUALITY product for my new home. Of course, when it comes to mattress and bed. Dreams comes up top to my mind. Now I am sleeping tightly and comfortably every night or anytime i want to have a rest. Very comfortable and pleasant to your back. Highly recommended!

3 - We got this mattress as our old one was giving me lots of lower back pain. My partner is primarily a back or front sleeper and is having no difficulties with the mattress and quite likes it. I am a back / side sleeper and find that when I am on my side, even with a memory foam mattress topper, it digs in to my hips and I am getting bad hip pain. Overall well made and right for some, just not right for me.

5 - We bought this mattress to go with out brand new Dreams bed frame and are so glad we did! We previously had a different make of mattress and now we would never have anything other than this - I’ve been recommending everyone invest in one of these amazing mattresses! The pocket springs give it a real luxury feel, and the level of comfort is so so high! A real must and can’t believe I haven’t got one sooner !

5 - Replacing son's teenage mattress I checked my usual go to dept store supplier only to find 6 weeks delivery time. I was delighted to find Dreams could deliver this one straight away. Instructions for option to recycle to recycle were easy to find and clear. Bag for recycling mattress duly arrived before delivery. Delivery men were friendly, cheerful and helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

5 - I purchased this mattress a month or so ago and when it arrived I was pleased to find that it had a decent amount of depth. A good quality feel to it and importantly, it offers the SUPPORT that I wished for. The only problem I found; Is that although the mattress can help reduce lower back pain, this unsusual product is also capable of increasing the frequency of lie-ins and 'duvet- days' by up to 300%!

5 - This mattress is really nice and firm and i have had no issues with it sinking so far. The cost of the mattress was brilliant as it was on sale but after sleeping on it i can say it is worth the full price. I suffer from a bad back and i have been having the best nights sleep in years thanks to this mattress. It is so comfy my children keep trying to sneak in it. Very happy and would definitely recommend.

5 - Moved into a new flat 2 weeks ago and so glad that we decided to buy a new mattress from Dreams. It was fairly expensive but well worth it as my boyfriend has struggled for years to find a mattress that suits him. Definitely would recommend going into one of their stores and trying out, that’s how we found our perfect fit. It’s fairly firm but not too firm, I can still sleep on my side very comfortably.

4 - This mattress matches the characteristics claimed for it: firm, comfortable and ensuring as good a sleep as the user's body can sustain. Not only would I recommend it, I would also recommend the team at Dreams, Ashton-u-Lyne, for their courtesy and efficiency. I might add that I bought the Hudson pocket sprung mattress at a very good sale price, though it would have been well worth the full retail cost.

5 - Oh my goodness, the difference in night sleep I have on this mattress is huge! Before I struggled to have a good night sleep on my old mattress, but now now you can't tell the difference between me and a log! It's very supportive, comfortable and generally feels of good quality. and seems like it is built to last. The only downside is the naming convention, it should be the 'Hudson Pocket Sprung Cloud'

4 - Since buying my new mattress I have slept comfortably at night. It is not so soft that when you're near the edge you feel there is no support and you might end up on the floor but solid enough to feel safe and secure. I have no regrets at buying this mattress and would return to that shop next time I am needing a new one. Being able to try and test it out in the shop is definitely to be recommended.

4 - Bought this mattress whilst it was in the after Christmas sale... the mattress we had was only 2 years old but had a thick memory foam topper and was making me really overheat and wasn’t great for my posture. This new mattress was delivered within a matter of days and is so much more comfy, I do use a mattress topper for a little extra comfort but you still feel the support. Really happy with it.

5 - The mattress is firm as described. I weigh 15st and my wife 10st. Even so it’s perfect for me and not overly firm for her. However it’s not what you would call luxurious. We stayed with it for a few nights and we were not overly happy. One Panda gel memory foam topper purchased. It was instantly perfect. Now it’s supportive yet luxurious. But for a budget half price mattress it’s what we expected.

5 - Having limited funds but in need of a good nights sleep I found this bargain. At a discounted £199 it wasn't cheap as chips but it's worth every penny. I always thought I preferred a medium mattress but after lying on the Dream's mattress tester gizmo in store I discovered it's a firm one I should be buying and how they were right. I don't sleep for many hours but with this mattress, it's a dream!

5 - The Hudson Pocket sprung mattress is a traditional sprung mattress which is a fine alternative to memory foam. The mattress is very supportive and provides a very comfortable nights sleep. Due to the absence of memory foam the mattress breathes and is cool and airing. Having had a memory foam mattress for the past 10 years it is a pleasure to have a comfortable nights sleep again. Five stars from

5 - I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago. It was a sister-mattress of the one matched for me and was on sale! Finally I have a comfortable quality bed of the exact right firmness. It's great. Supports the body, isn't bouncy, you don't roll on your partner when any of you moves during the night and doesn't have the thick layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam is much overrated and to warm to sleep on.

5 - I very much appreciate my new mattress. I never nap, but I find myself sneaking off for a little snooze. It's nice and firm and very comfortable. Since I've had the new mattress my back pain has eased off and I getting a full night's sleep. Setting snooze on my alarm more than ever. Even my cat sleep's in longer. Very happy customer and I'm glad I made the decision to buy with my new bed base :)

5 - I bought this a and it has arrived a month ago. Even tho it says this mattress is mainly for people who sleep on their back, me as a person who sleeping on her side i have never and I mean NEVER slept better. I feel like Im being lifted on a cloud. It really is dreamy! And the value? Its a true bargain! For a super king size I felt it was so well priced it was basically free! Highly recommended

5 - Bought this mattress around 3 weeks ago in the sale and wow! If you’re after a firm mattress it’s brilliant. Me and my partner are on the bigger side so wanted something that offered more support which it definitely does. Takes a bit of getting use to the first couple nights but we’ve slept like babies since getting this mattress. It also doesn’t move or jiggle if me or my partner moves in bed.

5 - I can’t lie, I’ve always tried to steer clear of the Big companies like Dreams as I always thought they are just about the sale and not the care but this is our third purchase from them and great advice given, attentive, good delivery service. We haven’t had to use after care yet and hopefully won’t have to. We didn’t feel like they were just after our money and no pressure selling. Very good

5 - The Hudson pocket spring mattress is superbly made and I give it a huge thumbs up.Waking without pain is such a plus.Easy to turn over with well thought out handles on each side.When it was delivered it looked so good it was a shame to put sheets on it.If your not convinced pop into store and try for yourselves.Any questions ask the attentive and knowledgeable staff.5 Stars.Thank you Dreams.

5 - I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. The value for money has been surprisingly great. It's firm, which is new for me, but really comfortable and you don't roll into the middle of the bed. 1st decent sleep in years. This purchase was so worth it. I spent over 4 times more on my last mattress because I thought the price reflected comfort, but it certainly did not.

5 - I have only had this mattress for a couple of weeks hence only 4 stars in places and not 5. Very pretty design, looks fresh. Love the fact I can flip it and not just rotate and has the handles to help with that. Nice depth and fit really good. Massive difference in size and weight of husband and myself but the mattress accommodates that for really comfy sleep..Star buy and so worth the money.

5 - I've had it for almost a month now, so far I'm really happy and all my naps and slumbers were 10/10. Like most of people I suffer from a back pain, so often I would wake up with significant pain. Well, it hasn't disappeared completely but got much, much better since I've got this mattress. Overall it is quite firm, but not hard which for me is exactly how I like it. Definitely recommended.

5 - A very different style of matters than I am used to, however It is very supportive, comfortable and feels good quality. Both my partner and I like a variation of either soft or firm and this a a really good in between. We would both highly recommend for the comfort and value for money. We also like that it is reversible so hopefully it will last that little bit longer than a normal mattress.

5 - This is the best mattress I have ever had. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hips and couldn’t get a good nights sleep because of the pain. I often slept in my reclining chair. Having had this mattress for a while now I can honestly say it has transformed my life. I thought it would be too firm but it supports my hips and back and I can even sleep on my side again. Absolutely love it!

5 - This is the second mattress I've bought from Dreams (the first was a Maitland) and I'm so happy with it. It's not too firm and easy to turn! I also want to praise the delivery guys - they were very friendly, very efficient and wonderful representatives for "Dreams" . The whole process from ordering to delivery was totally positive and I will not hesitate to use this company in the future.

5 - 6 months ago bought a mattress from a rival company. It was so poor that this product has replaced it. Very pleased with Dreams for service, delivery and price. This mattress is in a different class to the old one and at last sleep is assured and comfortable. Should never have made the mistake of going to a rival company first. You cannot beat Dreams and their products. Highly recommended.

5 - I bought this mattress about three weeks ago. I wish I had bought it about 10 years ago as the previous mattress was well overdue a replacement. I was anxious about buying a new mattress but I'm delighted with this purchase. The firm pocket springs and depth to the mattress enables me to wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed - so far the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.

5 - The Hudson is a comfortable matress that is quite supportive and reasonably firm. I wouldn't say that it is as firm as I would like. It's probably a 4.5 to be closer as it is a nice matress for the price but not as firm throughout the night as I would like. Can't complain about the quality at all. If you are after a really nice matress that is not too firm, then this is an excellent buy.

5 - Very helpful in-house staff assisted me in finding the right mattress for me. I like a medium-firm mattress and this one is perfect for me. It has pocket springs which I like, and it has none of the memory foam that I'm not fond of. I've slept comfortably on it ever since it arrived. I tend to have back problems if I don't sleep well, and this mattress has been a blessing in that regard.

4 - My wife and I have been using this mattress for over 2 weeks, and already can feel the benefit. This relatively firm mattress is used on a wooden bedframe with a firm base with wooden slats. I laid hardboard panels on the wooden slats, to ensure an even bottom surface for the mattress pocket springs. The mattress comfort is excellent - even though my wife and I are a bit overweight.

5 - I bought this mattress for my new bed in my new home and I’m so glad I did as it’s incredibly comfortable. It’s quite firm so if you like a more soft or yielding mattress then this probably isn’t for you but if, like me, you have lower back issues then I’d recommend it. Very easy to move with the handles. Also got a bargain as it was on sale in January so very pleased with my purchase!

5 - Bought this mattress nearly a month ago and wish I'd changed my mattress sooner. Had a memory foam mattress which had become very uncomfortable and it didnt breath making for a bad nights sleep due to getting too hot. New mattress offers great, firm support and a lot cooler overnight, much better already sleep. Has really shown how poor the old mattress was both in quality and comfort.

5 - I brought this mattress as our old one was about 6 years old & my husband ( who is a big chap ) was complaining of back ache , since we have had the new mattress I have had great nights sleep & a happy husband , The delivery was on time & the courtesy call to advise us of the mattress's pending arrival was spot on , & the mattress itself is absolute superb quality , 100% recommended .

4 - We've had it for about a month and I can say it's the best decision we ever made, my girl told me get one with coils not springs like my last one and because it was Olympic approved we thought it would be the better option, turns out we were right. It got to us so fast and delivery guy was so nice, only probably I'd say about it, is battling for room with a sleeping woman, good luck.

5 - Very happy and satisfied with this mattress. Have been sleeping so well since I received it. It is firm, which I thought I would struggle with, but I have had no problems and find I wake with up now without any niggles due to the great support provided by the firm mattress. I previously struggled to fall asleep and now practically pass out! I would highly recommend this mattress.

5 - I bought this for my mother, as she had been complaining that her mattress was uncomfortable. We went to the Dreams store and a helpful member of staff did the computer analysis to tell mum what would be most comfortable for her. The mattress took 3 weeks to arrive, but my mother loves it. She says she's never had such a good night's sleep. So glad we got a mattress from Dreams

5 - Purchased this mattress as both my other half and I have been suffering from lower back pain. Before we had it delivered I was slightly concerned about the firmness of this new mattress as we had a really soft one prior to this. How wrong I was. I have not slept this good for ages. Also, big shout out to the delivery guys, they were extremely professional. Thanks Dreams Team.

4 - If your used to a flat mattress like I was the bumpy surface of this may seem strange at first, but its not uncomfortable. And it's sorta flattened out after 2 weeks. It sank a little after a week so I turned it, and then again the next week and it seems to have sprung back so no problems on early ware. Also delivery was handled well, no nonsense about "we don't do stairs".

5 - I bought the Hudson Pocket sprung mattress for my mom who is moving to the UK from South Africa,she was obviously unable to try it but we did a virtual diagnostic test and turned out she was a Medium ,I then went with this option,it was also on a great offer so very affordable for the quality of the mattress. She is now in the UK and it's absolutely PERFECT!!!she loves it

5 - I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago for myself and my partner to share and we have never had a better sleep! It has exactly the right amount of firmness to give you optimum back support and a great nights sleep. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone experiencing back problems as it sorted my pain right out - I never want to leave my bed in the morning anymore!

5 - Everybody deserves a good night's sleep... everybody yearns to wake rested and refreshed... so why put your trust in a cheap and flimsy mattress? Stop denying yourself a basic human right... the chance to dream... in comfort... in your own bed.. Buy better... buy firmer... Gift yourself a good night's sleep Sleep... perchance to dream... and don't scrimp on the pillows

5 - As a landlord I probably purchase more mattresses than the average person and this Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress is my most recent mattress purchase. Having laid on it in Dreams showroom I am confident it will be appreciated by my Tenants. Further, as it was an end of line the purchase price was approximately 25% of the recommended retail price which was an amazing saving.

5 - Been using this mattress for a month., bought in the sale for half-price. Excellent value for money. The first 3-4 days, I felt the mattress was really hard compared to my previous old "firm" mattress but I soon adjusted. I sleep really well. Not to hot as no foam but really comfortable. Light enough for me to be able to turn it over with no help. Really happy with it.

4 - I bought this c 1 month ago one mattress for each of my daughters. I elected the firm mattress to provide a little extra support as one daughter has periodically referenced a sore back. Both have talked about the superior look and feel from day 1. I also liked that the mattress can be both rotated and turned this providing an opportunity to improve the sleep experience

5 - I was looking for a new mattress and anticipating paying four figures for a good quality one as i suffer with a bad back. I read the reviews of the Hudson Pocket Sprung and thought i would try it - and i was very pleasantly surprised. It is so comfortable and provides excellent support for my back, all of such a reasonable price. i would definitely recommend this product!

5 - I bought this mattress, as my daughter has had major surgery and I wanted her to be comfy as she could be once home to heal. So I bought it whilst we were in hospital and I was worried it wouldn’t be comfy. Well it is just brilliant, she said it’s the best nights sleep she has had in for a long time, she’s 15. We also bought the new Lucia bed frame from Dreams as well.

5 - Brought this mattress to replace our leesa matress in which I purchased last year. We found that the hudson matress is way far better for us as its really comfortable and we are getting better sleep. I wish we had purchased this before the leesa mattress as this was a complete waste of money. If you wan a good mattress at a good price then get yourself a hudson matress.

5 - Positive experience from start to finish. Ordered in store, delivery date agreed, clear information given. Able to try out mattress. Received delivery window and call and text on day. Delivered to room location. As it was for a guest room, I have only tried out mattress for a few hours but it seems comfortable and good quality. Would definitely order from Dreams again.

5 - It’s a very comfortable mattress, as someone who wanted a firmer mattress but without feeling like I am sleeping on the floor it delivers. The delivery team were fantastic and helped us get it up to our flat and on the desired day. We also tested the mattress in store but ordered online which made the process easy and quick, overall a great mattress and great service.

4 - Bought as a guest double bed. Light and easy to assemble. Easy to convert into a double bed. One downside is that height adjustment is by very small feet which dig into the carpet making it impossible to move the bed by sliding it. As a guest bed I want to be able to easily move it around the room. Larger feet or a different means of height adjustment is needed.

5 - I would highly recommend this product if you like a firm mattress! I chose this Mattress as I have back problems so firm was a must and this ticked all the boxes! The best night sleep I’ve had in years and continue to have a great night sleep! It’s brilliant and the 1000 pocket sprung is brilliant and was recommended by which magazine! The price is attractive also!

5 - Arrived safely in a protective bag, delivered flat to a room of my choice by two very nice delivery people. No noticable smell on opening the bag, but aired it out as instructed anyways. Mattress is nice and firm and very comfortable, a little less firm around the edges but as long as you're not sitting on them this is fine. I would happily buy this brand again.

5 - My mattress was too thin to fit properly into wooden my bed base, & was uncomfortable when getting in & out to the bed. Very pleased with my new Dreams mattress which is a perfect fit, much deeper than its predecessor, and extremely comfortable. Delivered as arranged and unpacked & put in stu & all packaging taken away. Thank you for my comfortable nights now.

5 - My wife and I had a detailed conversation with a member of staff who knew everything about the mattress before we purchased it, and so far it is extremely comfortable to sleep on, and well worth the money we spent on it, for service, good prices etc, I must recommend them. I have no attachment to Dreams whatsoever, my review is purely based on my experience.

5 - My two girls were sleeping on an old mattress and it was clear they couldn't sleep properly. I bought this as an intermediary mattress before buying a more expensive mattress, but the first night the girls got to use it and they fell asleep almost straightaway. After a couple of weeks the girls are still falling asleep within minutes of getting into bed.

5 - This mattress was delivered a couple of weeks ago and it has transformed our lives! It is the most comfortable mattress I've ever had, it's nice and firm and I don't move at all even when my partner does - there's no "roll together". I cannot rate this mattress highly enough, I've slept so well since I've had this mattress and it's superb value for money.

5 - Super comfy mattress! I would recommend this mattress to anybody who has been having trouble sleeping. It’s not to soft where you feel like you’re in the mattress but n out to hard where you feel like sleeping on a piece of cardboard, it is just right. So far every night I have been comfy and I haven’t been waking up with neck or back pain! Highly recommend

4 - This was my first ever mattress purchase. I went into store 1st and used the xbox connect 3D body mapping system and questionnaire to help me figure out what I like and require to narrow down my choices. Luckily there was a big sale on of 60% off. As, I wanted to pay using paypal I made the purchase online. Delivery was well informed and smooth. Very happy!

5 - My wife was complaining about back pain. We decided it could be our old mattress causing the problem. We searched the Dream website and took the plunge on what that was half price but had great reviews. What can I say. My wife's back is better and the mattress has arrived promptly. The delivery drivers were beyond helpful. Highly recommended.

5 - we bought this mattress 5 months ago to be delivered to our caravan in wales,then the lockdown came and we had to cancel the delivery until the site reopened in we have finally got our hands on it,its fantastic,soft to lie on yet firm,lovely colour,handy straps on side to turn easily,its that comfortable we do not want to get up in the morning

5 - Me and my husband were looking for a nice firm mattress to provide extra support as we were both starting to suffer with back pain. This mattress has been great. We noticed a difference on the first night. The delivery men were very helpful, polite and efficient. We found the pricing of this was very fair when searching the market for a replacement.

5 - Met Store Manager in Maidstone who gave an amazing recommendation on Mattresses. Was a strange demonstration but certainly unique. They had a scanner which records your body shape and posture and recommends mattresses based on your needs. Then the manager was able to show me the top ones suited to me and bought the first one I was shown! Great service.

3 - While comfy at first, the memory foam layer on top very quickly forms to shape leaving a very clear dent where ever weight was, if this is your sleeping body it's not too bad if you stay in the same area all night and don't move. if you have a big dog that sleeps on the end of your bed not so good. not the best but once you get used to it it's alright.

5 - It's extremely comfortable. We really can't tell the difference from our previous mattress which was nearly four times the price 10 years ago. Also the service from Dreams was excellent throughout - from the ordering process right through to delivery. Brilliant staff and great communication. In fact we were so impressed we went on to buy a second one!

5 - We bought this mattress a few weeks ago, and I was a little apprehensive as to just how hard I found it. However, after we gave it a try and my partner who usually doesn't sleep past 5:30 was still soundly asleep when I left for work at 8, we've decided to keep it! I'm usually a fan of medium/soft mattresses, but this one I will make and exception to!

5 - After much deliberation we decided this was the mattress for us. It was a very good price in the new year sale and when we tried it in the showroom it seemed just right. It is what I would call an old stile mattress with pocket springs and no topping built in so you are able to reverse it on a regular basis.It is nice and firm and gives good support.

5 - This is the best mattress i have ever owned , I need to have a firm mattress as i have long running back problems & this mattress fits the bill perfectly . The pocket springs support my not very slender ( fat bloke! ) proportions beautifully . I can't believe how well made it is at the price it retails for it's the best purchase i have ever made !!!

5 - Very good quality mattress, nice and firm, only pocket sprung with no memory form in sight, just what l wanted. Brought in the sale but there was a price drop before delivery so called up and was refunded the difference in no time so very pleased with the customer service. Delivery was seamless, informed of time and delivery men were very helpful.

4 - The delivery was on time, the delivery guys were very professional and well mannered. The mattress is nice and idea for my child. The only thing we have had a problem with is the size. (Not dreams fault) sheets are very difficult to get hold of being a small double. But it's a nice size for an adult or child. It very light to move around as well.

5 - Bought this a few weeks ago, perfect so glad we purchased this! Would recommend to anyone for a good nights sleep. The whole purchase was just easy, the chap in the store couldn't have been more helpful, arranged a delivery time that suited us. We were kept informed constantly about the delivery which was on time. Thank you and well done Dreams!

4 - I bought this less than a month ago, and i have been using it for about a week. Although firm, it's not a plank type firm, which is a good thing for me. Dimensions as advertised. Firmness helps with the back, but you can sleep on your side too without problem. The reason for not giving it 5 stars, is because it feels a bit too warm for my taste.

4 - I spotted this mattress online at a great reduced price and decided it was time to change my old one. Now that I have used it a while I realise that this mattress is very good quality as well as a great price. I bought a firm mattress as I needed one for back support. I’m getting used to this one now and am very happy with it. Thank you Dreams!

5 - Very happy with the Hudson, no longer waking up during the night or in the morning with lower back pain. The mattress is firm and hard to press with your hand but has enough give when you lay down to sleep. Over all very very happy in the short few weeks of having it goes well with the frame not too high or low it’s sorta Nicly happy customer

5 - We’ve had this mattress for almost a month and it’s amazing. I’m annoyed that we didn’t get a new mattress years ago, as my back ache has improved greatly. It is firm but perfect for us. Dreams were really helpful via email, chat and delivery, I have had no issues. We were recommended this mattress and I definitely recommend it to others.

5 - Very impressed with mattress, very comfortable and son had a great night’s sleep. The mattress was half price and came with four free pillows as an added bonus. Delivery was very quick and communication was first class, advised they would deliver within a time-scale and arrived right on time. The delivery drivers were a credit to the company.

5 - I purchased this mattress to go with my new bed. I went into the chingford branch of dreams. I wasn’t sure what mattress to buy but with the help of the sales assistant who was very patient and answered all my questions I decided on this one. I am very happy with my choice and don’t want to come out my bed in the mornings. Well done DREAMS

5 - I love my new mattress from dreams. The service in store was non pushy, very polite and knowledgeable and helped me to pick the perfect mattress for my budget and needs. I will only ever go to dreams to purchase any new mattresses as and when I need them. I left the store very impressed. They have the service and mattress quality just right

5 - Wasn't intending to spend as much as we did on a new mattress, but it is worth every penny! Very comfortable from the off, had it approx 2mth now and it seems to get better, I tend to sleep on my side and on my back & don't have any complaints, delivered fast, left it to breath for a few hours before the first of many blissful nights sleep.

5 - Bought this mattress from DREAMS a month ago.So pleased with both the mattress and the DREAMS experience during lockdown. Was kept informed all the way along. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.The mattress is just what I wanted. Would not hesitate to recommend both DREAMS and this mattress is you want a good sleep on a medium-firm mattress

5 - I bought this mattress on sale along with my new bed frame back in September. I tested this mattress briefly in store (with very good covid safety). Upon sleeping on it for a few days, I have found that it is extremely comfortable, very well made and helps me get a good nights sleep better than my previous mattress. Would highly recommend!

5 - Before buying this mattress I had a memory foam which was honestly rubbish in comparison. I had sciatica on and off for months on end till I bought this mattress. Delivery and recycling my old mattress was also quick and easy literally took 5 mins. I’d really recommend this mattress to anyone especially those that struggle with back pain.

4 - Needed a new matress and wanted something different to the one we had previously. The Hudson was advertised with the bed we bought so we went for it. Its softer than expected - advertised as firm. Its also not as deep as edpected so i am concerned about how long it will last. So far, we are getting good sleep but wouldn't say we love it.

4 - Its a great quality mattress. It has a medium firmness but is super comfy. A great night sleep will be had on this. The only thing to add is that with two of you on the mattress you can feel the other one move somewhat. We may be more susceptible to feeling this as our main bedroom mattress combats that but just something to be aware of.

5 - Was recommended this mattress as suitable for my new bed frame. I am not disappointed, a very comfortable sleep from the word go. Added bonus that I forgot to ask at purchase, it does not need turning over, just rotating regularly. Rotate as recommended, use a mattress protector, vacuum occasionally and this should have a long life.

5 - Bought this a month ago and I am soo happy that I went to dreams they helped me choose the right mattress .. I've had the best sleep on the mattress no back pain or anything. And the best customer service I have had from the sales team to the delivery drivers ... no complaints. Will be buying any future beds or mattresses from here .

5 - I was anxious about choosing my new mattress; would my choice give me much needed restful sleep? I shouldn't have worried! The Hudson Pocket Spring Mattress has been perfect, since day one...And the purchasing and delivery were both easy and efficient. I highly recommend 'Dreams' for the most heavenly nights of rest you could wish for!

5 - Purchased this mattress to go onto our guest bed. Wanted a good quality firm mattress to make family stays at our home comfortable. Excellent product. Good value for money as purchased during the Black Friday event. Supportive and comfortable. Two lots of family have already slept on it over the Christmas period and rate it highly.

4 - We tried mediums in the shop but sank into them too much. The firm had a bit of give, Perfect for us. The first few nights I thought we made the wrong choice because the mattress was TOO firm. Two weeks on and its solidness has subsided and it is SUPER comfortable now. We are really pleased with it. Feel great when I wake up now.

5 - Needed a new mattress pretty quick due to my husband being due out of hospital and having to stay downstairs. Found this one but wanted some advice. Used chat and seller was very helpful, rang to discuss. Purchase was made over the phone, very easy. Delivery was great too with detailed communication for delivery. Product is great too.

4 - We live on a boat and finding a mattress that isn't too expensive (the environment is too harsh to spend a lot of money) but is comfortable is tricky but so far we are very pleased with this mattress. It's only a small double and we aren't a small couple (!) but it is comfy. I sleep so much better than our previous memory form option.

4 - This is a lovely well made mattress which I bought for my guest bedroom. Quality well above it's price. However I did have to return it as it was a little too firm for my liking. Hence why I have marked 4 stars. It was described as Medium to Firm (in reviews) but I it was very hard. Exchanged under the Dreams promise and so happy now.

5 - I bought this product about a month ago and am delighted with the service and quality of the product. Delivery staff kept me updated with the delivery of the item and the 2 hour delivery window really helped. The quality of the product is fantastic and I would highly recommend it. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Dreams again. Thank you.

5 - I have had my new mattress for about a month, it has surpassed my expectations. My old mattress was thin and uncomfortable whereas my new Hudson mattress is deep and the pocket sprung does help the sleeping experience. I suffer from back pain and this has improved since my mattress purchase. I would recommend this for quality & value

5 - This was a great purchase and very good value for money. The whole customer experience was second to none with very good communication. The mattress itself is extremely comfy and has improved my back pain. We took a risk not being able to try the mattress out first due to the pandemic but very happy we took the risk. Would recommend.

5 - I bought this mattress for a friend after searching the internet for a good mattress and decided to choose this one in the end since it was on sale at the time. My friend said he is really pleased with it and also mentioned that it seems to be a sturdy mattress at an excellent price. Well done Dreams for having this mattress on sale!

5 - I went to see the sofa in store and the staff were amazing showing me different options and helping me understand different purchase options as I wasn’t in the property I was buying yet so needed a delayed delivery. The sofa was ready early which is great but they were still able to keep it until the later date i originally agreed.

5 - Well pleased excellent quality should have done it years ago, told family and friends not to think twice. Got so used to my old mattress which was so dead, dips springs no wonder my sleeps were rubbish, woke up with back ache practically daily. Took me a couple of days to get used to mattress but now no problems. Many thanks Paul.

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