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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

Pocket springs outperform their poorer counterparts every time.

100 night guarantee means you can try it and replace if you do not love it.

Memory foam layer with pocket springs is a great combination which is not often found at this price point.

All UK sizes with fairly reasonable delivery timings.

SmartSilver™ technology is unique to the brand and keeps everything hygienic, ideal when you consider the lifespan of a mattress.

Medium comfort will suit both side and back sleepers alike giving better mass suitability.

Single-sided mattresses like this, although easier to maintain, this can mean the mattress may not last as long as double-sided ones.

Unsuitable for those who need additional orthopaedic support not found in the medium tension.

Some reports of poor edge support, not too much of an issue for most.

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Our Thoughts On The Dream Team Tadley Combination Mattress

I couldn't wait to analyse the customer reviews for the Dream Team Tadley Combination Mattress. This mattress has been garnering a lot of attention, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. With its perfect blend of comfort and support, it's no wonder that customers are raving about this mattress. Read on to discover what makes this mattress so special and why it might just be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

What Customers Liked

The overwhelming response from customers is that the Dream Team Tadley Combination Mattress is exceptionally comfortable. Many customers mentioned how this mattress has improved their sleep, with some even saying they no longer want to get out of bed in the morning. Side sleepers in particular found relief from shoulder pain and discomfort, thanks to the mattress's supportive nature.

Customers also appreciated the mattress's excellent value for money. Many mentioned that they were able to purchase the mattress at a discounted price, which added to their satisfaction. The mattress's mix of soft and firm support makes it suitable for various preferences, and it has even been praised by a physiotherapist for being a great all-rounder for different types of back pain.

In addition to the mattress itself, customers were pleased with the customer service they received, both in-store and during the delivery process. They reported that sales advisors were helpful and attentive, and the delivery team was efficient and respectful of their homes.

What Customers Didn't Like

There were very few negative comments about the Dream Team Tadley Combination Mattress. Some customers felt that the mattress was softer than they expected but didn't seem to have any major issues with it. One customer mentioned that they wouldn't have purchased the mattress at its full price, but they were happy with it at the discounted rate they paid.

In conclusion, the Tadley Combination Mattress has been met with resounding approval from customers who have praised its comfort, support, and excellent value for money. The few criticisms about the mattress are relatively minor and don't seem to detract from the overall satisfaction of the customers. If you're in the market for a new mattress, the Tadley Combination Mattress might just be the perfect choice for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Expertly made in the UK for the Dream Team range

    Created by the renowned retailer Dreams, this collection represents the culmination of expertise and craftsmanship. Each product within the Dream Team range is expertly made to ensure the highest standards of quality, providing you with a sleep experience that is truly second to none. 

    SmartSilver™ technology for freshness

    SmartSilver™ technology incorporates silver-based nanoparticles into the fabric or material. Silver has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and when used in this form, it helps to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

    Medium comfort grade for all-round support

    Designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences, the medium tension provides a versatile level of firmness that suits the needs of many individuals. We typically recommend this firmness for those who sleep on both their back and side and are of average weight.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Individually wrapped springs move with your body

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Expertly made in the UK for Dream Team

    Unique to the retailer Dreams, this mattress is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, where skilled artisans and manufacturers bring their expertise to create exceptional sleep products. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    Soft touch knitted finish

    Rich layer of pressure-relieving memory foam

    Brand new I-Fibre® polyester fillings

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Tadley Combination Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

4 - Following years of worsening back pain we decided to change our mattress to see if it would help. While it had little bearing on the back pain, we are nonetheless very satisfied by how nice the mattress is to sleep on; so much so that we have noticed ourselves lying in bed much longer than usual in the mornings as we just don't want to leave. Big quality of life improvement and one of the best mattresses we've slept on.

4 - I've had this mattress for three weeks and am happy that I bought it. I aired it for a couple of days before use, as it had some initial chemical smells, but they quickly disappeared and smells fine now. It's supportive and comfy, although possibly a little firmer than I would have expected from the description. I'm happy with it, but if you like a mattress on the softer end of medium then it may not be ideal for you.

5 - I have been sleeping on this mattress for 2 months and I LOVE it. Hard to decide weather or not to buy a mattress based of a review as mattresses fit everyone differently. I did try it out in store prior to buying but you still don't get a real feel for it until you sleep on it for consecutive nights. I think its' a medium - firmish feel, but still soft enough to be very comfortable and firm enough to give support.

5 - We bought this mattress and divan to replace our old bed. Not that it wasn’t comfortable but it had started to dip where we lay. This time we decided to go for a flip and turn mattress so we prevent it happening again so soon. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a new bed. I can’t believe the difference this new bed has made. Really comfortable and we both sleep so much better.

5 - This mattress was perfectly matched in store by the most helpful , courteous and patient salesperson to give me the correct support for my posture (neck and shoulder issues). A great mattress, great customer service which includes a smooth and safe delivery during COVID19 restrictions by a great company. It’s a second Dreams bed for me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I highly recommend this company.

5 - I am so glad I came to Dreams and found this wonderful Campbell pocket sprung mattress. At such a great price of £450 (it was on offer at 50% off) the quality of the mattress is very good and actually exceeded my expectations. It's also really nicely designed and I love how it's not too deep and yet incredibly comfortable and well supported. I haven't had a night's sleep like I did on this mattress in years.

5 - Was looking for a new mattress to replace mine after starting to wake up with back and neck ache. Went to dreams and tried a few in-store including the Campbell mattress which I instantly liked I then also had a go on the sleepmatch system which matched me to the Campbell. I went home to have a think about it and I bought it while it was on half price sale and 2 weeks after delivery no more back ache so far

5 - Have had this mattress for a couple of months now. Initially I was concerned that it would be too soft as I'd been using an orthopedic one and this felt so much softer I thought I'd made a big mistake. Not so - I love this mattress, it's brilliant! Seems to give support where it's needed, no backache in the morning, yet you feel as if you're lying in a fluffy cloud. Best thing about 2020 if you ask me!!

5 - Bought this a few weeks ago. First nights sleep was nothing like I’ve ever had, it was like sleeping on a cloud! One thing i like the most is the quality if the material as this shows how well the mattress has been produced. I kind of wish i knew the amount of pocket springs it had because it only mentioned the quantity for the king size. But amazing mattress overall! Seems like it has 3000 pocket springs!

5 - My wife an I purchased this mattress half price in the January sales. We didn’t have the biggest budget, but we used the Dreams sleep scanner to assess what we wanted and it identified that we needed one softer than we thought. A store assistant showed us various options based on our results and budget and ended up with this mattress. 6wks later and it’s never been so hard to get out of bed in the morning!

5 - It has helped with my lower back pain, Im not waking up aching and groggy like with my old memory foam mattress. It is comfortable although it is a little bit on the firm side but I would recommend if you are a heavier weight, It distibutes your weight very well, so there is no sinking into the mattress and no springs poking in to you. Overall a nice fresh looking and comfortable mattress, no complaints.

5 - It seems quiet and robust and my daughter says it's perfect for her. For me, I'd prefer it a little more on the 'soft-medium' side, whereas I'd say it sits at medium. It is still only a month old, so it may loosen up a little as she weighs nothing. The manufacturing smell took longer to go than they said, even though we aired it out for 5 or so hours with the window open, but it is slowly disappearing.

5 - A Medium soft sprung mattress with memory foam top. I had only had a sprung mattress in the past but this is definitely a good choice for me. I was particularly impressed by the choices offered by Dreams and the chance to try out a range of mattresses, feeling very much like Goldilocks! It compares very well indeed to other brand mattresses at mush higher prices. Glad I made this choice, it is excellent!

5 - I wasn’t intending on buying this mattress - but thankfully I went to the store to try out the mattresses and we had the best customer service ever! Tried four different mattresses but this was the best by far - you literally just sink into the mattress and it moulds to you. I won’t lie it has taken me a good week to get used to the mattress but now it’s absolutely amazing and extremely comfortable.

5 - My partner and I got this for our new house, we were a little hesitant given the sizeable discount but looking at the reviews we were convinced, and both of us are very glad we were. The mattress is so comfy with the mix of springs and memory foam it does wonders for my back. I sleep on my back and my partner sleeps on her side and both of us sleep brilliantly on the mattress. Would definitely recommend

5 - This mattress is the best I have ever slept on. I have had issues with my back (slipped discs) and I have always woken up in comfort. It is firm enough to provide good support but is very cosy and squishy without being too soft. We have purchased 2 of these now and will continue to only buy this mattress for our other rooms! Dreams provided excellent service with prompt delivery and good communication.

5 - I bought this mattress for my daughter about a month ago. The service we received from Michelle I store was friendly, professional and she was really informative without being at all pushy. My daughter has had trouble sleeping but since buying this mattress she has slept exceptionally well. She plays a lot of sport so having good support was important to us and this mattress has certainly provided it.

5 - We hve had this two weeks and we think it is lovely and very comfortable. It's great when one of us turns over, the other one doesn't get jiggled about. No "twanging" sounds that you get with older sprung mattresses. VERY good price. We are adjusting to how warm this mattress is. The only slight issue is whether it might be too warm in summer - we don't know yet but we are very happy with it.

5 - We've had our two new Campbell mattresses for a month now and they are unbelievably comportable, never expected this from a modern mattress; good support, warm without overheating, and not too heavy so easy to rotate as advised. Perfect mattress. Dreams delivery team delivered our 2 Campbell Mattresses and checked them for perfect fit before packing and taking away the old matresses. Perfect service.

5 - Only on Day 18, so am still getting used to my new mattress. So far, I am very impressed. Previously I had purchased a memory foam mattress from a well known Company, unfortunately this did not suit me at all and left me with quite severe back pain. My back is starting to feel much better, due to a more comfortable and restful sleep. Thanks to Dreams for their help and support with this purchase.

5 - We had already bought one bed from Dreams but needed one for our redecorated spare room, also our room if one person is staying up later than the other. The offer was great in terms of price and also a lovely and comfortable mattress. Bought in lockdown but delivered at a time that suited having put it back three times. Stacey (Gavin’s wife) helped us to choose with her guidance on the sleep tester.

5 - We bought the matress on the advice of the computer. It measured are weight and sleeping positions and this was the most reasonably priced mattress recommended. It is incredibly comfortable and it was very reasonably priced for the quality. I would definitely recommend Dreams and their clever computer to pick the perfect mattress for you. The staff were incredibly helpful. A Dream of an experience!

3 - Tried in store and was perfect. When delivered there was fault on one side of the bed, the springs made a noise when you got off the bed. Mattress was exchanged quickly without a problem but there was the same fault with the replacement mattress too. Being exchanged for a different make altogether. It's a shame as one side of the bed was perfect and comfortable but that's not really acceptable.

5 - I travel a lot with work and out of all the mattresses in all the lovely hotels I have stayed, nothing compares to my Campbell mattress at home. I have felt nothing like it and nothing else helps me to sleep so deeply. It is on the firm side of medium and you feel so supported without sinking. I sometimes get back aches after sleeping but since getting the Campbell I have felt as fit as a fiddle.

5 - I purchased my mattress 2 weeks ago. The quality of the mattress is perfect. All my family have mentioned how comfortable the mattress is and about the excellent sleep they have had on the mattress. From purchase, to delivery and then through to finally using this product has been a pleasure. I will be purchasing more new mattresses for all my house and recommending to all my family and friends.

5 - I bought this mattress last month to go on top of an ottoman bed frame. I was stuck between two mattresses but the other one was a lot thicker so would have been too heavy for the bed frame. I was worried that getting a thinner one would mean it was less comfortable. But there was nothing to worry about! This one is still quite thick and springy and sooo soft! Best nights sleep I’ve had in ages!

5 - I have had this mattress for the last couple of weeks. I have to say it is terrific! My biggest regret is not having done this several years ago! I now get to sleep very easily but also wake up feeling fully rested. Back problems/niggles I've had for some time have disappeared. I'd forgotten how a good night's sleep can be. 10/10 for comfort! I would not hesitate to recommend this be tried out.

5 - We expected to pay much more for a good quality comfortable mattress, but were surprised at the time of purchase how comfortable this mattress was for the price, it was bought for the spare/guest bed but during building work we have been sleeping on it for the last 2 weeks. Absolutely no complaints good build quality comfortable and overall very impressed "excellent quality and value for money"

5 - A superbly comfortable and relaxing nights sleep with this Tadley Combination mattress. At least that's what our guests said and on their recommendation I've told my husband where getting one too. I bought this mattress from Dreams in Knaresborough, it was delivered on time and that was that. Very pleased with my purchase, will be buying another one in the near future, five stars all round.

4 - Really pleased with the product. In all honesty I wanted the Sleepeze mattress for the same price from a smaller bed retailer called 'Bed Warehouse'. However, the delivery waiting time was 6 weeks and our old matress was in a state and my wife is pregant. Have to say despite being a Dreams own brand matress it is almost as good as the Sleepeze mattress (same price). Very impressed with it!

4 - Have had this for a few weeks, first night was in pain as I wasn’t used to sleeping on a soft-medium mattress. After the first night everything has been perfect, very comfortable. The only con about this mattress is that the sides aren’t as sturdy so don’t sleep too close to the edge and the memory foam makes it a little warm, so I’m not looking forward to summer. But other than that, perfect!

5 - Bought this a few weeks ago as I wanted a comfortable mattress so to relieve the pain in my back and get a better sleep I wasn’t disappointed with the comfort and dealer sleep I get The best features for me are the foam layer and the hand grips on the mattress to help turn it around as my old one didn’t have either of those It has a very elegant look to it and I wish I had bought it sooner

5 - Great mattress. This is very comfy. I was hesitant to replace my last Dreams mattress having had it for 13 years but I took a punt during lockdown having had issues with sleeping. This mattress had excellent reviews and at the price, I decided to take the risk which was well worth it. It is also so much lighter than my old mattress so turning and bed making is not the chore it used to be.

5 - I lovw the feeling of a soft mattress, but would always end up with back pain if choosing a mattrss too soft. This mattress is perfect, a little firmer than what I'm used to and I'm never going back! Such a comfy bed and its completely removed my back and shoulder pain. I've had the best nights sleep of my life since buying it, i very very highly recommend! FYI I'm a side and back sleeper

5 - Bought this about a month ago and got it in the sale, based on the sale price it was really good value for money. We'd had a memory foam mattress prior and this mattress is so much more comfy. Staff in store were great. Delivery not as great as the delivery men broke the light fitting taking it upstairs. Customer care gave us a good will gesture however we had to 're phone to chase this.

5 - I bought this in the new year and was a bit worried about getting the right one for me as I have fibromyalgia and CFS. After following the recommendations, I'm relieved to say that I have made the right choice. It's very supportive, the chronic back pain at 4am has gone and I look forward to snuggling down. Just need to fix the sleep disturbances now lol but thats not a mattress problem!

5 - Very happy with my purchase. I bought this mattress a month ago for such a reasonable price, it's the perfect combination of springs and memory foam. It feels more cushioned than a pocket sprung only mattress but you don't sink in too much still has a good bounce, I loved it as soon as I tried it in store. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a combination reasonably priced mattress.

4 - The service we received in store, wasn't brilliant until we said yes to purchasing the bed and mattress! Once we said yes, they were all over us! The bed is lovely and my daughter is very happy with it. She says it is very comfortable. Delivery guys were great and polite. We received much better customer service from a different Dreams store in Plymouth during our previous purchase.

5 - I brought this a few weeks ago and honestly it is great. I have scoliosis so I often find it hard to sleep due to pain and lack of comfort but this mattress is so comfortable and enables me to sleep better than I have been able to sleep in a long time. I am no longer as tired as I used to be. And I am sleeping mostly through the night. Love it. Would definitely recommend this mattress.

5 - We bought this on sale for a our first home along with a bedframe. We'd been sleeping on an airbed whilst waiting for our bed to arrive and was the best night sleep we had for a long time. Firm but the memory foam topper makes it extra comfy. Can already tell it will be hard to get out of bed in the Winter. We got in the sale so was under £400 - greay value too! Highly recommend!

5 - My first thought in the Dreams shop, whilst lying on the test bed having a '3D' scan was this is a sales gimmick. But I tell you what...I now have the perfect mattress. Neck and shoulders have never felt better. I used to have a lot of aches and pains in that area. I now have to put my alarm on the other side of the room - otherwise I wouldn't get out of bed. Best night sleeps ever!!!

4 - I bought this product around a month ago and it has really helped me in getting a decent nights sleep. The combination of both memory foam and springs helps to relieve pressure on my shoulders and hips but doesn’t give you the sinking feeling I have experienced with other 100% memory foam mattresses. I would definitely recommend this product for people who tend to sleep on their side!

5 - A very comfortable mattress with the benefit of having both springs and memory foam. We have an older version in our own bed so Dreams was the first port of call for something for our child's first proper mattress, knowing it will last a good length of time and be comfortable for them as well as us if one of us ends up in there as well! We got it on offer really decently priced, too.

5 - We visited a Dreams store and was greeted by friendly staff who advised us to try the machine that worked out the best mattress for you. We ordered one and received it 6 days later. The mattress is so comfortable, we even recommended it to my mother in law who has ordered one too. We get a much better night's sleep on this mattress and we need all we can get with having a newborn!

5 - Bought this mattress after buying one online that was so terrible I had to return...decided to investigate a reputable company...found Dreams and this mattress at a real price. You could see the quality on arrival ..combined with a great sleep absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed and wanted. I will definately buy from Dreams again and would highly recommend to everyone.

5 - Decided to downsize from a queen to a single to give me more space in my studio apartment. Wasn't sure on this mattress when I got in a single as was very comfy in a double, however I am now loving it, getting the right pillow was incredibly beneficial though but as a side sleeper, it's great, can even lie on my back and feel comfortable. Definitely the right decision for me.

4 - I brought it about 3 weeks ago. At first, I thought it was a bit too firm. I had tested the same model out in store and the one at the store felt much softer but I think its because you need time to adjust to it. Overall, very good mattress. Way better than my last one. Very comfortable to sleep in. I bought it in sale and have to say it's so far the best mattress I've ever had.

5 - The mattress was ordered before the lock down and was delivered in a very efficient way 2 weeks ago. I am very impressed with the comfort and has improved my nights sleeping quality. I would highly recommend this mattress for a well priced , excellent quality mattress for anyone who is thinking about a mattress purchase. I would suggest look no further than this mattress !!

5 - Haven’t slept this good in a while! We’d been putting off getting a new mattress for such a long time. I wouldn’t say our backs are completely mended yet, but we both can tell the difference already. I believe it was value for money as our budget was not particularly high. The service was amazing and they knew exactly what we needed and were able to stay within our budget too.

5 - We bought the Campbell pocket sprung mattress with our bed frame after trying it out in store. It offers the right amount of support whilst giving a feeling of luxury and weightlessness. It's extremely comfortable for sleeping and sitting up reading. It's also a very tempting bouncy castle for my daughter. Very well priced. A great product for the money. Highly recommended.

5 - We visited a Dreams store and was given first class treatment by the staff. We didn't know what bed would suit our needs so we taken to the special test area which helped immensely. The Campbell mattress we settled for is super comfy and the delivery was without fault. What's more, we got this bed at an amazing price during the summer sale. Thank you for everything Dreams!

5 - Bought this for our spare/guest room and absolutely thrilled with the quality. On entering the shop the assistance was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. To add to the excellent customer service I received, I also got an amazing deal price wise. Dreams has now become our first choice in the future when looking to replace a mattress or full bed - thank you!

5 - We bought a bed frame, mattress and protector cover. All delivered exactly on time, but the best part was that the two fitters made a superb job of constructing the bed. We are really glad we paid the extra for putting it together. They were most pleasant and wore full protective gear. They were brill. Highly recommend any other buyer to pay the extra bit for this service.

5 - Bought this at the start of the new year after moving into a new house. I never realised how badly I’d been sleeping until properly sleeping on this mattress - it made me feel as though I never wanted to get off it. I am now having the best nights sleep I’ve ever had and can’t imagine not sleeping on this now. Would strongly recommend - it is the perfect blend to suit all!

5 - Amazingly comfortable new mattress to replace a dreadful old one that was full of lumpy springs - such a nice firmness and so luxurious to lie back on after a long day, and then wake up without any new aches!! Staff were so helpful finding the right sort of mattress for me and what I liked, and as an extra bonus it was on sale so we got incredibly good value, thank you!

5 - Moved into my 1st home a month and a half ago and have yet to buy furniture, including a bed! I bought this mattress which is currently just on the floor and it is so comfy I'm not even missing having a bed. I no longer wake up with aches in my back or legs due to being unsupported, like I did with my old mattress, nor does it creak each time I roll over. Would recommend!

5 - I purchased this about 3/4 weeks ago and it's made such a difference. I have to see a osteopath on a weekly due to my body being a crumbling temple. I wasn't expecting this to make much of a difference but after the first night I woke up in less pain than usual, I wasn't tossing and turning all night and woke up feeling totally refreshed. It's been that way ever since.

5 - I never believed the hype of TV adverts when they said how much a new mattress could improve your sleep and wellbeing until I replaced mine. Before getting my Dreams Team Campbell Combination Mattress, when I woke up I got up, now I’m reluctant to leave my comfy bed. I also seem to fall asleep quicker and appear to have more restful sleep than before. Thank you Dreams

5 - Has a good feel of quality about it. It's not too firm or soft, struck that happy medium between the two. I've been finding it quite comfortable and good for sleeping on. I wouldn't say it was so good that it's worth the retail price, wait until a sale is on to knock a chunk off the price like I did, got this at almost half price, it's great value at or near that range.

5 - It took quite a long time to narrow down the mattress I wanted, but I'm very happy with the one I went with. The medium-firmness of the Campbell Combination is perfect for me, a side sleeper, and has helped with the sore shoulders I was getting from my previous, softer, mattress that didn't have enough support. I would definitely recommend this to other side sleepers.

5 - I bought this mattress about two weeks ago, to replace one of those online-only fully memory foam ones. So far, it has been very good – the combination of springs and the memory foam top is a lot more comfortable than my old mattress. Other than that... it's a mattress. You put it on your bed and sleep on it. There's really only so much one can say about such a thing.

5 - I bought this about a month ago and never looked back, Took care of my aches and pains I used to get from my old mattress never wake up with a bad back really nice thick plump comfy mattress with a Soft coating of memory foam! Personally I think you Cannot go wrong with this bed has everything you need and is perfect for a good nights sleep and all for a decent price.

5 - We bought this about a month ago for our teenage son and he says that it is the most comfortable mattress he has ever slept on. The technology helped in choosing but we picked this one from the choices available. It wasn't the cheapest or most expensive but we didn't need to pay more as it has proved to be a very comfortable mattress andreally pleased with the buy.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago and I'm so happy because the pocket Springs contour to the shape of my body and the memory foam gives me that extra layer to sink into it's just the right comfort and the amount of pocket Springs which is 800 is just enough for my body weight I just love to go to bed now realising that it's a new mattress after replacing it 10 years

5 - This mattress was bought for our guest bedroom. Due to the current covid restrictions we are unable to have anyone visit to stay overnight. However, on trying out the mattress in the showroom I am confident that it will be extremely comfortable and it was definitely affordable as a second purchase from Dreams on the day. Excellent service and advice on our purchase.

5 - I purchased this mattress a couple of weeks ago and so happy I did, our previous mattress was on its last legs and didn't realise just how bad it was until this one arrived. It is very comfortable and we have slept great since receiving. Dreams were also fantastic and provided great communication about delivery times and dates. Would definitely recommend to anyone

5 - I love my new mattress, it suits my body/bones/physique to the T It is quite firm but is what I wanted. It looks nice too, not that anyone wiill see it except me when I change the sheets, but feather design and comfortble nights. what is there not to love -- Thanks Deams - I purchased my previous mattress from your company too and have never been dissapointed.

5 - Spent a long time choosing a mattress and so happy with this, especially for the price. The team at Dreams were great, from in store to delivery. Fully advised of delivery which arrived on time and with a very helpful and cheerful team. Mattress is cool and so comfortable, I am sleeping so much better and no aches and pains when I get up in the morning! - Thankyou!!

5 - I had this delivered just over a week ago alongside the bed I ordered from dreams too. It’s extremely comfy and has made a huge difference to my sleep, I get a full 8 hours or so now rather than waking up uncomfortable. I like that the feature of this mattress has a layer of memory foam over the sprung part of the mattress, it definitely adds to the comfort factor.

5 - I needed a mattress to stay at my niece s new house and being a bit fussy wanted to choose my own.I thought it would take us the best part of the morning but we were fortunate to be shown the Campbell Pocket sprung mattress first ,straight away it felt great and after a few nights on was certain it was the perfect match just great on my old bones and well made to.

5 - I bought this 2 weeks ago after struggling with backache. Dreams were great with the machine that analyses your sleeping position and posture. Matched me to this style of mattress and it was spot on. Best mattress and sleep I've had. Backache is now gone and i will be continuing to have this memory foam and spring combo moving forward. Would definitely recommend.

5 - We bought this mattress for our double bed to replace an old mattress. We should have replaced it years ago, but it was comfortable so didn't want to risk getting a new one that was less comfortable. Well, we should have bought this years ago. It's medium firm and allows air circulation, so it isn't too hot, and is so comfortable. We look forward to going to bed!

5 - What a complete change to my sleep patterns. Not been easy during the Pandemic, plus me getting older along with my previous mattress (HARD). This medium mattress seams to wrap around my body especially my limbs. So aches and morning pains now seem to be a thing of the past. Money well spent. Plus the customer service a delivery logistics staff were outstanding.

5 - We purchased the predecessor to this mattress as a double for a guest room in 2016. Every one that has slept on it raves about how comfortable it is and compare it to some fairly expensive alternatives. So much so, when we needed to replace our king size we purchased the current model. We are delighted with our purchases. Must add customer service was exemplary.

5 - The combination of memory foam and pocket sprung in a mattress is the joining of two elements which creates incredible comfort and has delivered an excellent night sleep. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend a dreams mattress to all. I would highly recommend going in-store to try the mattresses as the staff in were truly patient and wonderful.

5 - Such a comfortable mattress and the best nights sleep we've had for years! It was so easy to order on the website and delivery time was great! The 2 men that delivered it were fantastic, they called me before they arrived, arrived on time, got the old mattress out and in the van and the new one upstairs and on the bed in super quick time. Highly Recommend!

5 - Not had a bad nights sleep yet! Delivery was quick & efficient with two very friendly people. It was helpful to know exactly when the mattress was going to arrive via the convenient phone call from the drivers. Mattress is comfy & big enough for the two of us (plus dog). Our sales assistant was extremely helpful in choosing the best mattress for our needs!

3 - I bought the mattress expecting it to be perfect as I am a side sleeper. Currently, it’s fairly comfortable although there are nights when I still cannot get to sleep. Granted this could be because of the heat, but sometimes I find the mattress a bit too soft. Hoping once I purchase some new pillows and duvet, then hopefully everything will be better.

5 - Bought the mattress around 2 weeks ago, when it arrived it felt soft and was initially concerned it wouldn't provide enough support. However, since the first night I have slept on it, I have awoken to no aches or pains. The mattress provides enough support even with two bodies but is soft to the touch. Highly recommended mattress, a bargain in the sale.

5 - This was bought for a spare bedroom at my daughters but she has been sleeping on it whilst having work done in her own room. She like me sleeps on a Tempur memory foam mattress so for her to say it’s very comfortable is high praise. I chose it as it has some memory foam on the top. I will be sleeping on it over Christmas so am expecting to be very cosy.

5 - For the price paid, the Mattress is pretty good quality and comfy. Delivery was easily organised and the drivers arrived exactly when they said they would. The Dreams Representative in the Worthing Store was helpful, and recognised my when I returned the following day to go ahead with the purchase. All in all, my Dreams experience was straight forward.

5 - As is still new (not even a month old) is very comfortable to sleep on I do also like the the feel of the material but we do use protector and bed sheet to make sure it stay like this as long as possible but from my experience the mattress change after few years the the real feedback should be requested after a year at least not striate after purchase

5 - I struggled to find a mattress that was just right after purchasing 2 different mattresses from other companies, that upon sleeping on, were either too hard or too soft. I spoke to the Dreams Team and told them my requirements and this was the mattress they recommended. Since the moment it was delivered, my sleep has been a dream - no pun intended :)

5 - Medium firm with a memory foam layer on top. Very nice level of support for me, not too firm that it’s uncomfortable and the memory foam layer fits to my shape without me sinking in (as was the case for my previous “landlord mattress”). Best to try a mattress in person, a lot of time is spent laying on a mattress, so best to find what works for you.

4 - I had a fully memory foam mattress that I didn’t agree with so went into my local Dreams store and tried out this mattress and got a good feel for it. Since having it delivered and sleeping on it I can feel the difference compared to the fully memory foam mattress. I’m not waking up with the lower back pain I was before and can sleep for longer now.

5 - We bought this mattress two weeks ago and we have had a good night's ever since. My wife found our previous mattress too hard and was causing her back pain. Having laid on the test bed in the showroom we selected this mattress from a good range in the grade recommended from the test bed results and we now find that we both get a good night's sleep.

5 - I sleep with many different kinds of Mattress as I love travelling , I stayed in many 5 star hotel, this bed is the best one I have ever had ...I bought it for my son, bit I will buy now for me as well although I do not need to change my mattress, I will buy now. My son also very happy .. mattress is not firm or too soft, it is just right .thanks ,

5 - This is the second time I've purchased a Dream Team Campbell Combination mattress. Both my teenage kids love them and have a fantastic nights sleep. Even their friends who stay over always comment on how comfy their beds are. With a very prompt delivery at a competitive and affordable price, personally I would highly recommend this Dreams mattress.

4 - Bought this for my son, as he was complaining about the springs in his mattress. He has found it super comfy in the past week and is sleeping much better than before. The layer of memory foam combined with the conventional springs make it a great alterative to a full memory foam mattress. Excellent mattress, excellent service and at a good price.

5 - I brought this about 3 weeks ago as I was moving into my first house and wanted to go from a double to a king. It’s a brilliant mattress and perfect for me. I have trouble with my back and have struggled in the past to get a mattress that is comfy from the get go but I have found it in this! I would 100% recommend it and it was a decent price too!

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago as our current mattress was becoming less supportive than we needed. The Campbell mattress that we bought to replace it it extremely comfortable and very supportive. It has a soft memory foam top section which makes it feel very luxurious indeed. We bought the medium style of firmness which is perfect for us.

5 - We’ve had this mattress for 5 weeks now and I can honestly say it’s one of the most comfortable we’ve slept on. It’s classed as a medium sprung mattress but I would rate it as medium/firm which is to our preference. There are no squeaks or noise from the springs and the overall build quality suggests it will provide many years of peaceful slumber.

5 - After struggling for a good night's sleep persevering with an old mattress in my new home, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a nice new mattress. I haven't looked back since. Soft, but sprung is the perfect combination for me as it holds my posture in the correct position while allowing my shoulder to sink in slightly while I am on my side.

5 - We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, and we are highly delighted with it , just one thing that we were not aware of at the time was that the mattress has only got additional cushioning / padding on the top of it, so can only be turned around (top to tail) once a fortnight and not turned completely over, however still very happy with our purchase.

5 - I bought this item about three weeks ago and I swear it has magical healing properties* as I've had a dull pain between my shoulder blades for what felt like years and after the first night it was gone!! Whilst doing my morning stretches the pain was noticeably gone!! *Mattress probably isn't magical and is just a well suited mattress for me.

5 - Very happy with the quality and comfort of this mattress. Delivery arrived on the assigned date and very promptly at the specified time. Delivery operatives very polite and super efficient. I was very impressed by them. I booked collection of my old mattress which was sealed and taken away by the delivery operatives. Excellent service.

5 - I am so pleased with my new mattress. It is very comfortable and I have slept really well since I bought it. The price was good to start with but I was happy that it was in the sale, especially starting out in my first property. The sales assistants were so helpful and trying out my sleeping positions on the interactive 'bed' focused my choices.

5 - This mattress is fantastic and I have never slept better! In hindsight, I might have been better going for the slightly harder version (this was a 'medium') as my partner thinks it is a bit spongy. However we agree that it is really well made; you slightly sink into it but it still feels very supportive, with no bumps or ridges to dig into you.

5 - I had never realised that a mattress could be this comfortable! It feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud as my body just moulds to the memory foam layer on top. It’s so soft that I feel I am sinking into it but at the same time firm enough that my back feels supported. This mattress makes me excited to go to sleep and I would definitely recommend.

5 - I bought this bed for my youngest daughter, who is aged 15, a few weeks ago. It was the most comfortable bed she tried in the shop, and she still is really happy with it since it arrived. My daughter has been sleeping really well on it, due to the pocket springs/memory foam combination, so this is great for her well-being and all round health.

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