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1044 pocket springs can provide a high level of support, helping to distribute weight evenly across the mattress and reduce pressure points.

Firm Comfort Grade is generally good for back sleepers who require substantial support, and may also be suitable for some side sleepers.

Memory Foam provides great comfort by moulding to the body's contours, helping to relieve pressure.

Single-sided mattresses can't be flipped, which might limit their lifespan compared to double-sided alternatives.

Firm support layer will likely not suit side sleepers nor those with a slimmer body type.

Limited guarantee period of only 1 year.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress

Discover a realm of unparalleled comfort and luxury with the Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress. This product has received rave reviews for its unbeatable value and exceptional quality, striking the ideal balance between support and plushness. Let's dive into the aspects customers adored and the minor drawbacks they encountered with this highly sought-after bed.

Numerous customers praised the incredible comfort and support provided by this bed, with many stating that their back issues subsided within weeks of using it. The fusion of memory foam and springs delivers the optimal blend of firmness and softness, making it a perfect choice for side sleepers. Countless customers experienced their best sleep in years and enthusiastically recommended the product to others.

Customers commended the product's quality and the exemplary customer service they received. They found the base layer to be well-crafted, durable, and lightweight, making it a breeze to handle and use with their bed frames. Many customers felt the marginally higher price was justified given the mattress's comfort and quality, particularly thanks to that premium pocket spring base layer.

Additionally, customers appreciated the knowledgeable and attentive staff at the store, who offered sound advice and assisted them in selecting the best mattress based on their needs. The delivery service was prompt and efficient, with amiable staff ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

Nevertheless, there were a couple of minor concerns raised by customers with one customer mentioning that they had paid a higher price for the product, only to find it on sale for £100 less a week later (although this is generally how sales work). Another customer observed that the mattress appeared slightly shorter than their bed frame, although this did not significantly affect their overall satisfaction.

In summary, the Dream Team Swaffham Combination has been a customer favourite, offering a restful and supportive sleep experience. Its superb quality, exceptional customer service, and the ideal balance of firmness and softness make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a new mattress.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Introducing Platinum 3D™, for the feel of a million tiny springs

    Platinum 3D™ instills the sensation of countless minuscule springs, providing an exceptionally decadent level of comfort and support. Such a feature contributes to enhanced sleep quality, with the potential to alleviate pressure points and evenly distribute your body weight for a seamless slumber.

    Expertly made in the UK for the Dream Team range

    Created by the renowned retailer Dreams, this collection represents the culmination of expertise and craftsmanship. Each product within the Dream Team range is expertly made to ensure the highest standards of quality, providing you with a sleep experience that is truly second to none. 

    SmartSilver™ technology maintains freshness

    SmartSilver™ technology incorporates silver-based nanoparticles into the fabric or material. Silver has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and when used in this form, it helps to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for superior support

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Soft touch knitted cover

    A soft touch knitted cover is both durable and also breathable. When paired with other breathable materials in the comfort layer you will end up with a fantastic all-season mattress that will last.

    Individually wrapped springs react to your body

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Expertly made in the UK for Dream Team

    Unique to the retailer Dreams, this mattress is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, where skilled artisans and manufacturers bring their expertise to create exceptional sleep products. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.


    Unlike double-sided mattresses that require flipping, a single-sided mattress only needs to be rotated periodically, making maintenance easier.

    Deep layer of pressure-relieving memory foam

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Amazing mattress! Never slept any better! It's so comfortable throughout the night. We used the instore electronic bed to detect the type of mattress we need, turned out myself and my partner both needed the same type and it's made our sleep so much better! For the price, you can't really go wrong.

5 - I went for the same mattress I purchased a while back but they've stopped making them but the Johnstone kingsize was an alternative to my old one and I can honestly say it is more comfier than the old one, now I don't want to get out of bed lol there are more springs in the new mattress I LOVE IT.

5 - Bought this in store to be delivered to our new home. Delivery drivers kept us in touch on the day and were right on time for us to move in. We are both side sleepers and were advised to go with the medium sofa by the rep in the shop and it has been perfect so far. Very pleased with the purchase!

5 - Slight bulging in the middle of the mattress which I imagine can be problematic for couples but as someone who sleeps alone it's a great product! Feels on the firmer side of a medium but that's not a problem for me. Can barely feel any movement from the mattress when sleeping on it. Great product

4 - He can move and roll but now its only the snoring that wakes me. Great mattress, immediate comfort, no tossing and turning. A bit smaller than old mattress so not sure on sizing as both doubles, but that's the only issue. Ill never underestimate the importance and value of correct mattress again.

5 - Absolutely brilliant mattress. It support my body weight incredibly well. Im waking up without back ache now and sleeping better, best perchase of 2023. I found trying out different mattresses in the store really helpful. The staff were really helpful and knowledgeable, making my decision easy.

5 - Purchased in June 2021 online tested first instore. Very comfortable "firm Mattress as on Label" although Website description showed Medium. For anyone between 80-100 kg this should be very comfortable. I am a 70kg side sleeper and had no problems with any roll or sinking feeling. Very impressed

5 - Fantastic customer service! Hadn't a clue what mattress was suitable for me but after having mattress support test it answered that. My new mattress is divine as wake up with no pressure aches on my hips which my old mattress did...Very happy with choice & service both instore & delivery team!!

5 - We brought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it is perfect to sleep on. I was recommended to go for a firm mattress and my husband a medium. This is the perfect comprise. I was also advised to change my pillow to complement the mattress, which I did. Very comfortable sleep and no more back ache.

5 - Comfortable high quality mattress, bought as I needed a lighter one than my previous to make the bed more easily. Fits nicely in the frame, sturdy but soft and not overly heavy so just what I was looking for. Well constructed and supportive for a side sleeper. Worth the slightly higher price.

5 - We went to the store and Carlos received us, he completely changed our mind about how we should buy a mattress, he offered us his support during all the journey and finally we chose this one. One of the best investments, the mattress is excellent and has offered to us a good rest every night.

5 - Recently bought this mattress finding it very comfortable does not aggravate my arthritis just love snuggling under my duvet onto it. I find I dont want to get up on a morning now because I don't wake up in as much pain in my back as I did with my previous mattress definitely recommended it.

4 - Assistant was more than helpful in store, when trying and testing matresses, showed us all available within our price range, which made the purchase all the more easier. Tried various matresses and kept coming back to the Johnstone, as it was the most comfortable, to both my wife and myself.

5 - I bought this bed a month ago and I can honestly say, it is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. I have lower back problems and often wake up with a very sore back but I have found that this bed fully supports by back and hips, I now sleep through the night. Would highly recommend.

5 - Best mattress I have ever found. Just the right amount of cushioning and support. Can only describe it as a "marshmallow" type of support - not too solid but not too soft either. Not overly heavy and has handles. It's also a sensible thickness so my sheets still fit it. Very happy indeed.

5 - Bought this mattress to go on my daughter’s new bed. Verging only adulthood we felt it was time to invest in a good bed so we took her to try the sleep match machine. This was one of three mattresses recommended by the sales assistant and she loves it. She even started going to bed early!

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress for a side sleeper. Spent years waking up stiff neck and back, but after a couple of weeks on this mattress that is no more. The memory foam topper provides support where its needed and is very comfortable. All round great mattress and great value for money.

5 - We completed the sleep analysis in store and the assistant took us to the recommended mattresses but also shown us their own version of a more expensive brand. We went with that one. We have had it two weeks now and its the best sleep we have had in years so comfortable and no back ache!

5 - We went into the store and tried the mattress check machine to figure out the best mattress for our body types. We tried a couple within our price range and settled on the one we liked when we got home! Very quick and painless experience! Overall really happy with the trip to the store!

5 - My daughter purchased the mattress as a special present on my 75th birthday ...I can honestly say I have never slept so well ! I never realised the difference a quality mattress would make as only ever been able to afford the cheapest. Will happily recommend you guys to my friends!

5 - Very comfortable mattress. In store service was very helpful and felt safe with covid protocols put in place. Didn't know what we needed at all and sales woman was very informative. Delivery men kept us up to date with delivery times and were very helpful on delivery. Would use again.

4 - We have had our mattress for about a month and we are treating it very carefully, turning it regularly as we were advised. It has bee very comfortable and a great improvement on our old one.The staff at the store in Bexhill have us very good advice and delivery was very efficient too.

5 - We had a complete memory foam mattress before this and were both getting back pains, I think it was just too soft. This is nice and firm yet still very comfortable, supports in all the right places and pain has gone! Well recommended for side sleepers like ourselves, worth the money.

5 - Ordered this during December arrived in December no negotiation on the delivery date!! Perfect gift for my daughter... can’t get a better start to the 2020 with very good night sleep. She has been complaining for something with the old mattress.. absolutely pleased with the stuff..

5 - Our second mattress with Dreams King size, Highly recommend it. I had got back pain muscle trap or nervous trap, anyway big pain. The previous was 5 years old could not help, so bought new one around month ago. Could not have better. was taken few sleep time my back now super.

5 - Very excited to receive my new mattress. After many months of waking up feeling as though I’d not had a good night’s sleep and a sore back I realised my mattress had to be changed. Absolutely delighted, very comfortable, exactly as I’d hoped. So comfortable, love getting into bed.

5 - Brought as we needed a new mattress to help my wife's back pain and after using the shop aid machine this was one of them that was recommended. Very comfortable but a little firmer than expected. Well made and is supportive to her needs. No movement on sides if the other moves

5 - Brilliant mattress it's very comfortable. It has helped ease some of my back pain, not all. It helps take the pressure off my hips cradles me in all the right places. The only negative is that I paid £649 it's wasn't in the winter sale. Yet the price dropped by £100 a week later.

5 - Having tried out a variety of mattresses in store, I settled in this one for it’s combination of firm spring base with a memory foam top layer. Bliss! I have been suffering from a bad back and thus mattress is really helping. I sleep in my side and this mattress is just perfect.

5 - Very happy so far! Not had an uncomfortable night so far and woken without aches and pains... a relief! Had bought one of those that you can keep on a sleep trial... in agony the first night and told to give it a few weeks to get used to it... no need with the Dreams purchase!

5 - We purchased this mattress as a replacement for a memory foam mattress beginning with the letter 'E'. The 'E' mattress turned out to be really uncomfortable and difficult to move around on. The Johnstone mattress is much more comfortable and wish we'd purchased one originally

5 - We loved completing the in store mattress checker to make sure we bought the correct mattress. We have slept so much better and had a massive reduction in back pain since our new mattress arrived. Its like sleeping on a cloud and suits us both our postures and sleeping habits.

5 - We chose this product based on the advice from the sales representative. The recommendation was made after professional inquiry from the sales rep followed by sample testing by ourselves. The sales representative made a perfect choice which completely matched our expectations.

5 - Since we bought this mattress we haven't had a bad nights sleep. We wake up refreshed every morning with no aching backs and the foam topper means no sore pressure points. When one of us gets up or rolls over in bed the mattress stays firm with out disturbing the other person.

5 - We’ve had this Johnstone Mattress for 3 weeks now , we are more than happy with comfort , advertised as (firm)at Dreams , but we found it just right for us ( pensioners!) . I would put it between medium & firm ? Thank you Dreams for 3 weeks of beautiful sleep ongoing *****

5 - We decided on a new mattress due to both of us having back problems, what a difference it has made, we went for a medium sprung as we were told it would be better for us and being pocket sprung it does cut down disturbing each other, (didn't believe this but it does work).

5 - Into my third week with this mattress and I love it. Firm pocket sprung with a super comfy memory foam top. I sleep on my side and this mattress is just right, no more pins and needles in my arms and no more aches and pains when I get up. I am delighted with my purchase.

5 - We purchased this mattress after doing the sleep match, we tried nearly all the mattresses in the shop, but always retreated back to this one, I’ve always like a soft mattress but this being firm is so comfortable, really pleased with our purchase and love going to bed

5 - This mattress has made a huge difference to my son’s sleeping patterns. It was great value for the price we paid and it is so comfortable to sleep on. My son is far less restless during the night and for the first time in years he sleeps all night and for much longer.

5 - Hi Tech helped me select the best sleep system for me. Along with the attentive and professional service. Along with my new bed. The pillow I purchased is a godsend! It stays cool to the touch all the time! I HAVE NEVER slept so well in my life. Thank you so much.

4 - This is a brilliant mattress! I really like the combination of springs and foam - together they seem to give good support and softness. The one thing I would recommend is that dreams produce another mattress that bridges the gap between the Johnston and the Campbell.

5 - I find the mattress comfortable and sleep has probably improved somewhat as I feel more rested on waking. My wife though it was firmer than she expected and it took a little getting used to for her - although this was her choice of the ones we tried in the store.

5 - Wanted a firm (not too firm) spring based mattress in king size. Tried it in the store after the dreams machine recommended it for my sleeping position (facing up) - really liked it and thought it was a good price. I've really enjoyed the first couple weeks' sleep

5 - The matress is just right for me - medium firm but not too firm with the pillowtop. After years with a soft matress finally a good night sleep again. As an older person the matress gives me support when I sit up and push myself up to standing. No more sinking in!

5 - I've had the mattress a couple of weeks now, and I still haven't had a bad nights sleep. It is extremely comfortable and supportive of your back, and so much so that getting up in the morning is 10x harder. I would recommend if looking for a medium/firm mattress.

5 - Just the right level of firmness for me. Used the dreams mattress fitting machine of which, this one one of the ones chosen. It's perfect and I wouldn't have considered it otherwise. No sagging or rolling together in it and my back pain has decreased loads. A+!

5 - Got this mattress in September, and it's been amazing. The service at the store was amazing, and the people who delivered were really nice too. The mattress itself is genuinely really comfortable. It is perfect. I don't wake up with any pains. I love it!

5 - It's a good comfy Mattress, no complaints on the sleeping front. The only downside, and this is so minor it's almost not worth mentioning, is that it's quite a thick mattress and putting on a fitted sheet can be a bit of a hassle. Other than that, very happy.

5 - I bought this mattress for my son who has been having some back and shoulder problems. He already had a strong metal frame but this mattress has been great as it is firm but supportive along with comfortable. Just what the doctor ordered. Highly recommended.

5 - Bought this mattress as it was one of the highest rated on the site, and I can tell why. It is fantastically comfortable and really great value for money. Much more comfortable than some of the other big boys that are 2 or 3 times the price. 100% satisfied

5 - I knew within two minutes of lying on the showroom bed that this was the bed for me………and, YES, I love itI No more words except I am thrilled with my choice……perfect depth, perfect weight, perfect support all equals a perfect night’s sleep. Happy me!

5 - Ultra comfortable mattress. Your sales team guided me to it after stating my requirements and their expertise was confirmed by your computerized bed- tester. Nothing was too much trouble and guided me through the complex spring design of your mattresses.

5 - This is the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. Staff in store were so helpful with helping me pick the right mattress. So comfortable. Good for sleeping on both my back and side. Firm but not too hard. I can just sink in an never want to get out.

5 - Delivery guys were bang on time, no messing about getting new mattress in and out with the old one. They were very pleasant too. The mattress is great, really comfy and has helped get rid of my lower back pain that i started getting with my old mattress

5 - This mattress was delivered as promise for my grandson who loves it, his old one was overdue for a replacement so this one is amazing. Our experience in the past was always good so going back wasn’t an issue, well done Dreams hit the top reviews again.

4 - Very comfortable bed. Easy to turn on own. Just a little warm so those who like a cool matress you should avoid. Feel refreshed in the morning. Recommended. Clearer care instructions and more caring delivery team would have been better. But all good.

5 - Bought this few weeks ago and despite reading alot on the different kinds of mattresses, was still concerned about buying a mattress online but thankfully there was no need for concern as the mattress is obviously well made and I sleep well each night

5 - Bought the mattress a few weeks ago and it’s very comfortable, was a great price and the delivery was great too! They allowed me to change delivery address due to the current COVID-19 situation, and they did full contactless delivery which was great.

5 - I have both ruhmatoid and osteoarthritis and after only using for the last three weeks I am getting the best nights sleep and rest ever for many a year, no more tossing and turning trying to find that sweet spot, as the full mattress is a sweet spot.

5 - In my time, I've bought some pricey mattresses but - and in all honesty - none of them compare with the Johnstone mattress. It provides just the right amount of support and comfort, guaranteeing a deep and content night's slumber. Thank you Dreams.

5 - Coming up to a month of use and the matress so far has been perfect. The thin layer of memory foam provides just a hint of softness which is supported by a much firmer pocket sprung matress providing the perfect level of support for my wife and I.

5 - We bought this mattress last year and decided to buy another. I had a bad back and since having this mattress we decided to buy another for the caravan. Although it’s a firm mattress it’s very soft to feel. I have not had any back problems since.

5 - Very comfortable - I have had no neck or back problems since we bought this. Previously I woke up with aches and pains and a new mattress seems to have done the trick. Was on offer and delivery was prompt taking away packaging and old mattress.

5 - I have always been a bit of a nighthawk until I got my new mattress, now I am in bed before 10:30 every night. It is so comfortable and I am sleeping much better too and not waking up with aches and pains all over like I did with my old mattress.

5 - The bed is great, after using the mattress machine in store I found a much comfort mattress than what I had before. I paid for set up of the bed as it was a ottoman bed and the guys who delivered and made the frame up were quick and professional.

5 - We did the Dreams test and this was one of 3 recommendations. I’ve been suffering from hip pain but this mattress seems to be firm enough to support me, without rolling towards the edge of the bed, but soft enough to be comfortable. Very pleased.

5 - I bought this around 4 weeks ago, and I haven’t slept any better than I have been having! This bed is so comfortable. I was having back pain with my old mattress but I haven’t had any issues since getting this one. I would definitely recommend!

5 - We had this mattress delivered about a month ago despite the lockdown . We were kept informed re delivery as plans had changed due to the situation. It is extremely comfortable and I’m so glad we paid abit extra for a better quality product .

5 - Great mattress- went in store, used the assessor machine to see what suits my sleep style and then tried a couple of mattresses with the recommendation and my budget. This has been great so far- really comfortable nights sleep, feels luxurious

5 - I have this mattress on our king size bed it was the best one we have ever brought so comfortable and the best night sleep I have had.... so brought another one for the spare bedroom ready for when family can finally come and stay! Very Happy!

5 - really comfortable and now having a good night's sleep. Feels very high up from the floor but that's only because our old mattress was so old it was almost flat. Thank you Dreams, for helping us to dream a little bit more - now we can sleep.

5 - I should be giving this mattress a 1 star. It is that comfortable my partner keeps sleeping in for work and has nearly lost his job. At least when we have no where to live, we can sleep for hours on our dreamy mattress or at least I will be.

5 - Firm comfortable mattress and a great night's sleep. We've never taken the chance on ordering without trying out in the shop before, but we are not disappointed at all. The description was accurate and the mattress is as it said it would be.

4 - After being measured for the appropriate mattress we chose this product. Very satisfied with this product once we became accustomed to it firm support. The range indicated by the staff knowledgeable staff proved to be the right selection.

5 - Bought to replace a different firm mattress, which was anything but, and had given my partner sleep-ness nights and a back back from use. After the first night we realised that this was the saviour. Great nights sleep and no aches and pains

5 - This matress i just right for what i was looking for, not too soft and not too firm it is perfect for me as i sleep on my side. The comfort helps me sleep longer without waking up and since ive had it I wake up with less aches over my body.

5 - Only a week or two into using the mattress, but so far so good. A little firmer than I’m used to, but it’s good for side sleeping, and the nights are going well. Delivery was quick and efficient, and rotating the bed isn’t too much hassle.

4 - Nicely laid out store where it was easy to ascertain what type of mattress was what and for how much without having to ask staff. Staff were helpful but not pushy. Mattress was great and good value for movey with reasonable delivery times

5 - I bought this mattress along with a divan bed and it has certainly been by best buy this last 12 months. has helped with back problems and sleepless nights. I would definitely recommend this mattress. Dreams team in Watford are the best.

5 - Comfortable mattress. Received good advice in store. Even lied down on a bed which feeds generates info to a computer and suggests several mattresses based on my body shape/size/weight and this helped me select the right mattress for me.

5 - Love this matteress. Very firm and the fact its half and half even better. Dont like my back arching when sleeping so went for the pocket spring and memory foam. Great buy. 2nd one on the trott and moved across our bed to the kids room

5 - Great quality and a really comfortable mattress. We were so pleased with this purchase, always unsure after a 10 min shop trial but we've had it now for 6 weeks and found the mattress to be excellent providing both support and comfort.

5 - We used the sleepmatch to help us decide on a mattress and I'm so pleased we did. It is so comfortable I have never slept better. I cant comment on long term quality yet as we have only had it a few weeks but so far so good. Thank you

5 - Performed the sleep match before lock down which lair me and my partner with this johnstone mattress and it has the Bethel best by as its extremely comfy and has stopped the back pain I used to get when waking up due to wrong mattress

5 - Fantastic nights sleeps, memory foam is amazingly soft and the firmness supports my back and spine. If you like a firmer mattress this is definitely worth every penny and is better than some of the more expensive mattresses I tested.

4 - Excellent mattress. Very comfortable and feels the same as it did in the showroom. Sales staff were very helpful and on installation the staff advised me to move it for the first 6 weeks or so to help it. Really worthwhile all round.

5 - Although we had a budget we are really glad we spent the extra on the Swaffham mattress as it was in our opinion the best for the price we paid. We have had the best nights sleep and dont even feel each other getting out of the bed.

5 - Really love this mattress not just for comfort but also for making the bed. my last mattress was so heavy and hard it took two of us to lift the mattress to put the sheet on, this mattress is so comfy you just sink into it I love it

3 - Not a bad mattress but if you have a slatted bed it is much much softer than it was in the dreams shop on a divan and as someone not keen on a soft mattress this was a bit of a disappointment as it felt so much different in the shop

5 - Amazing innonevword . Had a very good night sleep on it . It is really comfy , firm enough well supported . Would always Recommend Dreams for a mattress of your choice . Good service , Delivery on time and amazing customer support

5 - Ex-display model. Good value. Very clean. Very comfy. Not too squidgy and not too solid. Just right for me. I don't enjoy soft mattress. I prefer a bit of support. This provided me with exactly what I needed and at a decent price.

5 - I brought this matress 2 weeks ago and have it is the most comfortable I have ever slept on. I am 6ft 3in and 16.5 stone but the pocketed springs and memory foam layer still evenly support me and provide a fantastic night's sleep.

5 - I purchased this mattress about 3 weeks ago and ive had such a great sleep and no restless night. My pains in my back nd legs have started to subside and im truly happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone

4 - Super comfortable no aches and pains like precious mattress. The only down side for me personally is the mattress doesn’t hold well on the sides when sitting and you hit the bed frame. This could be the mattress isn’t super deep.

4 - I bought this mattress approximately 3 weeks ago, at first I was surprised at how much firmer it felt from the one in the store, but then I remembered the assistant did say that a new mattress would be. I am now sleeping better.

5 - I have had this about a month now and not had a bad night’s sleep since.Being disabled I needed something fairly firm but not hard,and not too soft I struggle to get up from it. With this mattress I think I got the perfect one.

5 - superb comfort from night one cannot feel my 14 stone husband move he is up and down all night have never noticed him move Thanks to the sleep match analysis we were perfectly matched with the mattress dare i say of our dreams

4 - Very good quality service and product!. However we have now arranged with cribbs causeway, Bristol branch, to exchange for a softer spring! .Although an extra cost( our choice), we are very happy with the store manager's help!

5 - Great value for the price. We tried 3 others at a far higher price and this was by far the comfiest. a month in were very happy with it. Was recommended by the dreams matress machine to perfect what we needed in a new matress

4 - I purchased this mattress after the excellent support of the staff based in the dreams showroom.They listened to what my requirements where and assisted me in being able to purchase the appropriate mattress to meet my needs.

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