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Pros and Cons

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The mattress has been praised for its high quality despite being reasonably priced. It's seen as offering good value, with some buyers comparing it to more expensive alternatives.

Many customers have highlighted the comfort of the mattress, noting improved sleep patterns. It's described as neither too hard nor too soft, making it a good choice for a range of sleepers.

The mattress is perceived to be durable, with customers noting its heft and solid construction.

Customers appreciate the support offered by the mattress, especially in terms of back support. It's seen as a good choice for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

A number of reviewers find the mattress too firm, causing discomfort or even pain. This highlights the subjectivity of comfort, and the mattress may not be suitable for those who prefer a softer bed.

Some reviewers noted that the buttons on the mattress could be felt while moving around in bed, causing discomfort.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dreams Workshop Dingwall Traditional Spring Mattress

As a mattress reviewer, I've had the opportunity to try out a variety of mattresses, and I must say, the Dreams Workshop Dingwall Traditional Spring Mattress stands out as an exceptional product. With its 288 traditional springs and firm comfort grade, it provides maximum support for a restful night's sleep. Made in the UK and double-sided, this mattress comes with a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee and a 1-year guarantee, ensuring you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

One of the more notable features of the Dingwall mattress is in it's support layer which features a traditional open spring construction, offering a perfect balance of support and comfort at a cheaper price point than pocket springs. The deep layers of fillings and quality soft-touch damask cover further enhance the overall sleeping experience, providing an inviting and luxurious feel.

Customers have consistently praised not only the mattress itself but also the excellent customer service and delivery provided by Dreams. The mattress arrives on time and in thick polythene, ensuring it's protected and ready for use.

Many users, including those who have switched from memory foam mattresses, have found the Dingwall mattress to be a game-changer. It provides a comfortable and supportive sleep experience, particularly for heavier individuals. The mattress is described as being "satisfyingly hefty," giving the impression of quality and durability.

The Dingwall mattress has received numerous glowing reviews, with many customers noting improved sleep quality and increased energy levels upon waking. Users have also reported relief from back pain and joint aches, thanks to the mattress's firm and supportive design.

In addition to its comfort and support, the Dingwall mattress is praised for its affordability. Many customers have compared the mattress to more expensive options, noting that it provides excellent value for money. It has been recommended for use in guest bedrooms or as a main bedroom mattress, suiting a variety of sleeping positions and preferences, although personally we see this product as being ideally suited to back and stomach sleepers due its firm tension and additional resistance.

In conclusion, the Dreams Workshop Dingwall Traditional Spring Mattress is an exceptional choice for those seeking a comfortable, supportive, and affordable sleep solution. With its traditional spring construction, firm comfort grade, and high-quality materials, it's a mattress that will provide countless nights of restful sleep. Coupled with Dreams' exceptional customer service and delivery, this mattress is a truly outstanding investment in your well-being.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Traditional open spring mattress

    Traditional open spring mattresses have all the qualities necessary in order to provide a decent sleep experience. This support layer will typically be accompanied by a comfort layer above it that will offer the softness, while the springs offer body contouring support to help support your back and neck while you sleep. There are better support layers out there, typically in the form of pocket springs, however, the price point of traditional open spring mattresses relative to the quality of sleep you get makes them an ideal choice in the mid-tier arena.


    Turnable mattresses are ones which have the soft comfort layer fillings on both the top and bottom of the mattress. This means that you can turn the mattress to help prolong the lifespan of the mattress while also helping with even settlement over time. We generally prefer turnable double sided mattresses over single sided mattresses because they typically last longer and so represent a different value for money.

    Quality soft-touch damask cover

    Damask covers are a fantastic option on many reasonably priced and mid to high quality mattresses as the material is soft to the touch while still being fairly hard wearing and rugged, something that is quite important given the average mattress life cycle of 8 years.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for maximum support

    A firm mattress can help promote better circulation and easier breathing. So, if you're a back sleeper, a firm comfort grade mattress can enhance your sleep quality by offering the right balance of support and comfort.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

    Deep layers of fillings

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Workshop Dingwall Traditional Spring Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Bought this mattress for my 19 year old son...he says it is fab! When delivered I was impressed with th luxurious appearance of the mattress as it was nice and thick. When my son lay on it he went 'aahh' ! The next morning he said he had a great sleep and it was really comfy.

5 - I have always had medium mattresses but after visiting the Dreams store and being recommended a Firm mattress i purchased this. i was sceptical because of the price, but honestly i have never slept so peacefully and my bad back hasn't hurt once since sleeping on this mattress

5 - Bought thus mattress for our guest bedroom which is usually occupied by one of the grandchildren. They had complained our old mattress was uncomfortable so we bought this one. So far no complaints and a good night's sleep has been had. Very pleased with the product so far

5 - The delivery drivers were very patient as I was not home yet. They waiting 20 minutes for me to arrive. Since I have had my mattress I've been sleeping much better, and I now know I will be visiting dreams again in the future when I need a new one or to refer someone else.

5 - Bought this with a bed which unfortunately got delivered without the castors !! Which was resolved after a few days . The mattress is firm but very comfortable and supportive considering we never got to trying before buying . Wish we got this mattress for our main bedroom!!

4 - Icannot believe the difference this has made to my sleep patterns my last mattress was so lumpy always waking up to early now I am apt to oversleep and am much more refreshed than before! Thank you. Will try to send a photo when I get the hang of the process to do this!

5 - This is such a comfortable mattress, we have both slept brilliantly since we got it. It is exactly as I'd hoped, firm and supportive which means I've had no aching back or joints in the morning. I can't remember how long it's been since I woke feeling this well-rested.

5 - Everything from start to finish with this company was just excellent. I was kept informed of delivery times, the delivery men were great, the mattress was excellent value and is so comfortable, I would recommend Dreams to anyone considering buying a new bed or mattress

5 - Wonderful mattress, best night sleep I've had in years since switching my old mattress to this fantastic value mattress by Dreams. Excellent quality, very comfortable, delivery was quick and the drivers were incredibly polite and nothing was too much trouble for them.

4 - I’ve had this mattress for 2 weeks now and I am very pleased with it I had a memory foam mattress prior to purchasing this, I’ve had the best sleep for years, no more memory foam for me will be sticking to spring mattresses from now on great value and very comfortable

5 - Could not be better, hugely impressed by both the mattress and the delivery/removal people. They could not have done any more. Courteous and understanding. I was discharged from hospital a few days earlier after hip surgery. Full marks for all concerned, Jem Palmer.

4 - Got this in the sale - good quality firm mattress with embossed material and strong coils - my back has been feeling much better since I replaced my old mattress. I might have been a little disappointed if I'd paid the full price - I was expecting it to be more firm.

3 - This was £159 in the sale and had good reviews. I wouldn't have purchased otherwise. The mattress is very firm. I had to buy a mattress topper from amazon (£40) which has helped as it was too firm other than that if you prefer a very firm mattress then id recommend.

5 - After looking at many different mattresses we decided to buy this one as a first mattress for my two year old for transition out of a cot. She seems to sleep well on it and is. Definitely comfortable to sit on. Purchased during Black Friday event so also a bargain.

4 - I’ve had this mattress since 25th January (do not long) but I’m quite pleased with it. I didn’t have much to spend on one, so this was the cheapest one in the store, but it’s actually nice. Nice and firm, but comfy enough. Just hope it lasts and doesn’t cave in!

5 - Purchased this along with a bed frame from Dreams and we are very impressed. Right level of firmness yet doesn’t compromise on comfort. If it’s your first time buying a mattress, I would definitely recommend this one. Delivery also exceeded our expectations

3 - The bed is well made and I was happy with the delivery and correspondence. However, although I like a firm bed, this mattress is just a little firm with little or no give. Still, that's the problem with booking blindly on line and trusting the public's views.

5 - This is a very comfortable, traditional Sprung Mattress. It's for a small single bed (2'6")'s not easy to find a deep, sprung mattress in this size. The Morris is perfect: much more comfortable than the Memory Foam mattress it has replaced. Full marks!

5 - Fantastic quality mattress with good support for my back and was delighted by the price i paid for it. I would recommend it to all my friends and family who are looking to buy a new product by visiting dreams shop our the website. Great service throughout!

5 - I am very pleased with my purchase of the Morris Traditional Spring Mattress, it is very comfy, I have never slept so well and more importantly I wake up feeling refreshed with no aches or pains , would highly recommend this mattress, well worth the money

5 - Bought a few weeks ago, had a little issue with our original mattress choice in that it was going to take weeks longer to deliver, so the lovely customer service team upgraded us to this one and sent swiftly. It's very comfy and we're very happy. Thanks!

5 - This bed is perfect for me, I’m glad I chose this one when I looked round the shop, I liked everything I saw about it. It’s truly comfortable and my back pain has improved which I’m sure that will continue as this mattress is well made to specifications!

5 - Super comfy and firm. Perfect for me as I suffer from a rare autoimmune disease. Which affects my muscles and joints. This mattress offers great support and is still comfy. It’s made all the difference to me in enabling more than a hours sleep at a time.

5 - Great mattress - as we tested in the shop. Great service, with excellent recommendations and advice in store. Delivery was quick and it took them only a few minutes to bring hhe mattress upstairs. I'll go to Dreams for any mattress we need in the future.

5 - I brought this mattress a couple of months ago and I am extremely happy with it. A excellent firm mattress with good support if this is what you require. Thank goodness I ordered it as it just showed me how bad my old mattress was it’s so comfortable.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago. I've had the best nights sleep on this than i have had for the previous two years I've lived in my flat. Absolutely brilliant. The staff and customer service in Waterlooville were brilliant, caring and very helpful.

5 - I bought this a few weeks ago and I can say that it has been amazing to sleep on. I haven't been getting my usual back pains and having springs poke. This mattress is firmer than my previous, which is the best choice I made. This mattress is the best.

5 - I bought this bed as i suffer with a bad back and in the heat its worse. I must admit i wasnt expecting much as i got this on sale. But this has made a massive difference to my back and now my bed is taken over by my little people as they love it too.

5 - Great price for what it is. Description on website was accurate, and other positive reviews helped me choose. The delivery was quick, the drivers were polite, arrived when they said and did a great job. Thank you Dreams! Great product, great service.

5 - The mattress I ordered was delivered on the day they said and it arrived early, I couldn’t ask for a better service from dreams. The mattress itself is so comfortable and affordable, the product is top quality and well worth the price I paid for it.

5 - We moved into an unfurnished flat so wanted a reasonably priced mattress to get us started. Fortunately, Dreams were having a sale so we got this at a really good price. It's really comfortable and the service was excellent, would highly recommend.

4 - A very good quality mattress for the price. Doesn’t have handles to mobilise it though I think that is because of manual handling regulations these days. This was for my 12 year daughter who says it’s very comfortable and who is very happy with it.

5 - Both me and my girlfriend are big fans of a traditional firm mattress and this ticks all the boxes! Got it for an amazing price as well and feels like an item at least twice it's price. V happy! Recommended for firm mattress fans and side sleepers

5 - I brought this about 3 weeks ago and it's given me the best night sleep in ages! It is very firm and supportive and I feel likey quality of sleep has vastly improved. No more waking up during the night. It's been a lifesaver. Great value for money

5 - Very comfortable mattress, actually exceeded my expectations because of the good price! This is a firmer mattress with a soft quilted top. Robust mattress, excellent quality. Purchased two and we are all sleeping very comfortably. Highly recommend

5 - Really good service from Dreams, quick delivery and mattress put in specified room. Lovely delivery men who put on shoe covers so that my carpet would not get dirty. Great quality mattress, a bit on the form side but very comfortable. Very happy.

5 - We had it for few weeks now. Delivered swiftly with very good communication. Mattress is firm and that's what we wanted after few years on memory foam. It is a relief to my back. Bought it on offer and it seems mega cheap but quality is perfect.

5 - Went into one of the stores to use their machine to tell me what mattress was best after trying out 3 I went with this one, it has helped my back problems and also stopped my partner snoring in certain positions so I definitely can’t complain!

4 - Bought this mattress about a month ago now and my overall nights sleep and back pain has improved dramatically! The mattress provides great support while also being really comfortable. Great value for money would recommend to others on a budget.

5 - Purchased this mattress for moving into our new home and were so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mattress. Slept all through the night since receiving this mattress. Dreams are a great supplier and offered great customer service.

4 - Have been using this mattress for over a month now, it’s very comfy. Because of the tufted cover it felt a little bumpy to me but I put a mattress topper on top and that has completely fixed this issue for me. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

5 - I had been using a mattress inherited from a bunk bed for the past 15 years and had no idea what I’ve been missing. My first sleep on this mattress was the most comfortable I’ve ever had. It’s so hard to get out of bed now. Highly recommended!

5 - I really needed to buy a new bed. A place to rest my weary head So I bought one from the best it seems The dingwall bed straight from dreams

5 - I bought this for my daughter's new bed and we are thrilled with it. It's so comfortable and the price paid was an absolute steal! Delivered bang on time and they even took the packaging away. Well impressed and would definitely recommend!!!

5 - This is the second Morris mattress to have bought. Bought first one for my son then realised how good it was and how bad our current one was. Very comfortable and just right! Good price for a very good mattress .Certainly sleep has improved.

5 - The new Dreams mattress we purchased is so comfy you don't want to get out of bed in the morning! The two lads who delivered it to our home and even took it upstairs to the bedroom were very charming and friendly, a credit to their employer.

5 - I recently bought the mattress for the spare room but Thought I should give a try out. I found the mattress to be really comfortable and I had a fantastic sleep Zzzzz I am now looking to purchasing one for our bed as it requires replacement

3 - I bought this mattress about a month ago for our spare bedroom, the price was very competitive. We purchased online so didn't try the bed first (since it was for a spare room), but I would say the mattress is firmer than I would usually buy.

5 - I bought the Morris k in king-size..I've suffered for years with backache..I would wake up stuff and sore..not anymore .it's like sleeping on a cloud..I get up much easier and with a LOT less pain..I feel well rested..would highly recommend

5 - Great mattress. We bought this for a spare bedroom but it is very comfortable given the cost (when compared to our very expensive hybrid memory foam mattress from a well known internet brand you do begin to wonder about the cost-to-benefit)

5 - Although I was a little skeptical about the quality because of such a reasonable price but I am glad to say that it turned out to be more comfier than I had expected. I was a little scared at first but i’m very satisfied with the purchase.

5 - The quality of the mattress covering was attractive in the showroom, and now installed happily at home.For the internal springs, I needed a firm bed and this has not disappointed in any shape or form. Wonderful for folk with dodgy backs !

5 - We had to emergency buy a mattress and this is perfect. The mattress itself is exactly what we needed, and the dreams purchasing and delivery process was so easy! Two men came and fitted it for us so it was all stress free. Thanks dreams!

5 - Such a comfortable bed with huge storage. Customer team was so friends and also the delivery team which they assembled my bed. I seen so many feedback which says don’t buy online but actually the service I was given was absolutely great .

5 - Bought this after reading great reviews and thought it deserved another one. Lovely mattress, very comfortable but firm too. Bought at half price so extremely good value for money, very happy with the purchase and with Dreams service too!

5 - Bought this mattress along with a new bed due to my old one causing me and my boyfriend back problems! From day one of having this mattress I’ve slept so much better and not woken up with a bad back definitely worth the money and so comfy

5 - I bought a small single a month ago for my daughter's room, as I was struggling to find a good mattress of this size for her small room. It is the perfect size and very comfortable unlike othersof this size. Very happy with the purchase.

5 - This mattress is supply and more comfy, I have had the best nights sleep since purchasing this brilliant value for money Mattress, for the master bedroom, worth every penny spent. Cannot recommend this mattress more highly, to my friends

5 - It is so comfortable, when we have our granddaughter for sleepovers now she loves it in that bed and no longer complains about that bed being “boney”. She now wants to have a sleepover with us every weekend which is perfect news for us.

5 - After having a memory foam mattress for years, I decided to go back to a spring mattress. This product is not only great value, it’s super comfortable as well. It’s not too firm but not too soft either. It’s just the right combination

4 - I am happy with my purchase, however I find the little stitched areas (for want of a better description) on the mattress uncomfortable. They are extremely hard and have a tendency to dig in my shoulder blades when sleeping on my back.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago, delivery was when it said it would be. Drivers also extremely courteous and helpful. The mattress itself is high quality and firm, but not too firm. For the price it was I’m really impressed.

5 - This mattress is like heaven, having a memory foam before hand gave me and my partner a bad back and bad nights sleep, however having this dreams mattress has made our lives a lot happier. WE CAN SLEEP! And an amazing sleep at that!

5 - I bought this a month ago. My guests have commented on how comfortable it was and that they had a good nights sleep. Even better was it was good value for money as I bought it in the sale. Another excellent product, Thankyou dreams.

5 - I brought this mattress a few weeks ago and it’s so comfy, it’s quite firm but still curves to your body nicely. Me and my partner are so glad we brought this one as we sleep so much better. It’s well made and lovely and thick too !

5 - Bought this a month ago couldn’t believe the great deal and price on it saved over £300 was delivered in a week and thought we would have to wait a lot longer with being so far up in Scotland. Product itself is great value for money

5 - Absolutely amazing mattress. I suffer from a bad back (prolapsed disc) and need a very firm mattress, got this in the sale and haven’t slept this well in years. And no pain when I wake up. Can’t recommend this more for the price.

5 - Decent replacement mattress for our six year old. Came with four free pillows. Excellent communication from Dreams regarding order, delivery date and time. Delivery team were on time and phoned ahead. Very polite and helpful.

5 - Really pleased with this new mattress. It is cheaper than a previous one I have had from dreams but it is just as comfortable. The delivery was smooth and it was placed in the room I needed despite a challenging spiral staircase!

5 - I bought this just before Christmas and due to lack of funds was forced to go for one of the cheaper mattresses. however, the quality is great, mattress is very firm and just how we like it. Delivery and removal I cannot fault.

5 - I had been having back aches and pains for a while, which pushed me into getting a new mattress. I'm so glad I did as I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. Service & delivery were efficient and friendly too.

4 - i bought this a few weeks ago and its really comfy! I've got really good nights' slepp on it, and my back feels better on this than my old matress which was too soft. This matress feels comfy but not super squishy, which i like.

4 - A lovely deep mattress only downside was that I bought online so didn't get chance to try before I bought and it felt a little firm when it arrived but my son seems happy with it and has definitely slept better since using it.

4 - Hard at first but after a few nights a good sleep. My partners back is a lot better now and it was a really good price. Pleased with my purchase. It’s not for those that love a soft bed, but for those needing something firmer

5 - Purchased this mid range mattress for our spare bedroom. It's very comfortable and a great price. As always the service from the delivery team was exceptional. Very polite and helpful. Would not hesitate to use Dreams again.

4 - The mattress is comfortable and highlighted the fact I should of replaced the other on earlier. It was easy to unwrap and the deliver/collection service was efficient with the wrap for the old mattress came in plenty of time

4 - We replaced an old mattress on my daughters bed with the Morris mattress which has been received well. We probably change our car more regularly than we change mattresses which is strange given the benefits of quality sleep.

5 - I bought this mattress while looking on my phone I'm really glad I did it is so comfortable I don't have so much pain when I get up have had better sleep it only needs turning round and not over which makes it easier to do

5 - Mattress is high quality. Extremely comfortable and supportive. Very pleased overall. Service was excellent, received bag for old mattress before delivery and mattress arrived within days. Would definitely recommend.

5 - I bought a 2 mattress from dream and one mattress from another supplier I have been happy with dream But that’s noisy finally I refunded it and I bought another one from dream. My son is very happy with dreams mattress.

5 - Great delivery service from friendly delivery men. Wore shoe covers to help keep my floors looking lovely which was great! Got this at a great price and have had great sleep since receiving it! Would definitely recommend!

4 - I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and have found it very comfortable. It is very firm, but it is still comfy and am hoping that it eases up after a little while. Decent value for money for a brand new mattress.

4 - Comfortable and pretty decent not very expensive mattress. After spending previously a fortune on orthopaedic one which at the end was the worst purchase ever this one is far more better for my liking and back condition.

5 - I'm satisfied and very pleased with my order and at last I'm sleeping comfortably. Also i had an excellent service from start to finish, friendly and during delivery - definitely recommend to others. Well done Dreams!

5 - Bought the mattress this month for my brother as a 65th birthday present and it is the best thing he has had in years. He called me to say it was brilliant and he had the best sleep, in years, these last couple of weeks.

5 - Literally my cup of tea. Thick and firm. My other half struggled with it initially but now we are having the best nights sleep. It really holds the head too. The offer on this bed was incredible. I’m very happy with it.

5 - I bought this a month ago for my daughter who has a prosthesis in her arm. We have to be really careful on mattress choice. She has slept so well and the support from the mattress is really good. Would highly recommend

5 - Excellent mattress, delivered on time, no issues at all. It is definitely a firm mattress, but that's what I wanted, and it's helped with my back pain compared to my previous mattress (which had a memory foam layer).

4 - This mattress is comfortable but the buttons feature dig into my ribs and other parts of my body so I had to buy a thick mattress protector, obviously at my own expense, to try to stop this happening but it still is!!

5 - I bought this mattress for my son as his old bed was starting to get to soft and he kept moaning about his sleeping. Since his first night we cant get him out of it. He loves sleeping in it. Great value and quality.

5 - I ordered this mattress online. I was emailed every step of the way. Called on the morning of delivery to let me know what time frame delivery would be. Fantastic logistics. Mattress arrived superb and comfortable.

5 - The Dreams website was easy to navigate & choose the type of mattress & at a great price. Really happy with it. Delivery was easy to arrange for a specific day, & the delivery guys were great too, friendly & helpful.

5 - We were fitted for this mattress by the dreams sleep machine. We were a little unsure about a firm mattress to start with but after a week on the mattress it is the best choice and has really help my back problems.

5 - so comfy considering i never buy a firm mattress the salesman was really helpful and told me want to go for delivery guys were very pleasant to took it up to the flat for me would always recommend dreams every time

5 - I bought this product with the bed about a month ago. I am enjoying the mattress. It is very firm and comfortable. I have not experience any sagging and pains I sometimes experienced waking up before has disappear.

4 - My daughter says the mattress is really comfy. It was an excellent price and the communication from dreams was outstanding. I knew when it would come and the delivery man was helpful and friendly. Excellent service

4 - Great value and a great night's sleep. My partner occasionally finds it a little too firm, but it's just right for me. Have had quite a few issues with my back in the past, but no issues so far on the new mattress!

4 - Super quick service and delivery. Friendly Delivery and ensured social distancing precautions. Great mattress, great value for money. Used in the spare room, very comfy. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

4 - Bought this as was due an upgrade, Bought a firm mattress but at first (2 nights probably) was rather uncomfortable as it was very firm, but after having it for around a month now it has settled and is very comfy

3 - Not firm? I thought this would be harder. I am switching from memory foam to spring mattress and it’s a big change. Mattress is a lot soft than previous but seeing how it goes before I decide if I need to exchange

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