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Despite its affordable price, the Dream Team Banbury Pocket Sprung Mattress boasts of a 1015 pocket sprung base layer, luxurious fillings, and anti-roll together technology. All these features are commonly found in more expensive models, making it great value for money.

The mattress's design offers high levels of comfort and firmness. It is particularly suited for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs or those with neck and back pain.

The mattress has a high satisfaction rate, with customers appreciating its comfort, support, and overall value for money. The Dreams 100 Night Guarantee, allowing returns if not satisfied, was also highly appreciated.

While the firmness of the mattress was a selling point for many, it did not suit everyone's comfort preferences, particularly side sleepers who might prefer a softer mattress.

A few customers experienced an adjustment period before they could fully enjoy the mattress's comfort and support.

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Our Thoughts On The Dream Team Banbury Pocket Sprung Mattress

As a chronic back pain sufferer, I've been on a seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect mattress. After weeks of research and deliberation, I finally decided to give the Dream Team Banbury Pocket Spring Mattress a try. And I'm here to share my personal experience with this remarkable mattress. Ready? Let's dive right in.

From the moment my new mattress arrived, I noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality. The firm support provided by the 1015 pocket springs cradled my body in all the right places, alleviating pressure points and helping to reduce my back pain. As a lightweight person, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mattress retained its firmness even with my minimal body weight.

In addition to its remarkable support, the Banbury Pocket Spring Mattress also boasts a luxurious feel. The deep layers of plush fillings and soft damask cover provide a cozy, inviting sleep surface that I look forward to sinking into every night.

One of my favourite aspects of this mattress is its antibacterial finish. As someone who values a clean sleep environment, I appreciate the peace of mind this added feature brings. Plus, the traditional tufting not only adds an elegant touch but also enhances the overall support and durability of the mattress.

In just a few weeks, I've noticed a considerable reduction in my back pain, mainly due to being a back sleeper who needs that extra resistance and support. The firm yet comfortable support of the Banbury Pocket Spring Mattress has truly been a game-changer for me. Whether it's for your own bedroom or a guest room, I highly recommend giving this mattress a try.

In conclusion, the Dream Team Banbury Pocket Spring Mattress has exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, support, and overall sleep quality. With its combination of individually wrapped pocket springs, plush fillings, and antibacterial finish, this mattress is an excellent investment for anyone seeking a better night's sleep.

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Reasons To Buy

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    Turnable mattresses are ones which have the soft comfort layer fillings on both the top and bottom of the mattress. This means that you can turn the mattress to help prolong the lifespan of the mattress while also helping with even settlement over time. We generally prefer turnable double sided mattresses over single sided mattresses because they typically last longer and so represent a different value for money.

    Traditionally tufted to improve support

    The tufting technique, involving the process of tightly securing the layers of the mattress together with tufting buttons, enhances the overall structural integrity and longevity of the mattress. This ensures that you experience superior support and resilience, night after night, for a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience you can rely on.

    Soft-touch damask cover

    Crafted from soft-touch damask, the mattress cover promotes a luxurious sleeping experience by providing a smooth and gentle surface your body can melt into. Yet, despite its plush feel, its hardy fabric construction ensures lasting durability, offering an ideal balance between comfort and longevity.

    Expertly made in the UK for the Dream Team range

    Created by the renowned retailer Dreams, this collection represents the culmination of expertise and craftsmanship. Each product within the Dream Team range is expertly made to ensure the highest standards of quality, providing you with a sleep experience that is truly second to none. 

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for superior support

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Individually wrapped springs react to your body

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress adapts to your individual shape, providing targeted support where you need it most and minimising motion transfer for an undisturbed night's sleep.

    Expertly made in the UK for Dream Team

    Unique to the retailer Dreams, this mattress is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, where skilled artisans and manufacturers bring their expertise to create exceptional sleep products. 

    Comes with our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

    If for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, you have the assurance of the guarantee to fall back on. It's a risk-free commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

    Fully antibacterial finish

    Deep layers of comforting fillings

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Banbury Pocket Sprung Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Great product and super service. The staff knew their product range and found the perfect mattress fir us at an affordable budget. Our mattress turned up on the agreed date without any hold-ups or delays. Delighted that we found that particular mattress type that provides a very comfortable night’s sleep. We will be back to Dreams again when we need to replace our other mattresses.

5 - As for me, I have no trouble sleeping. My wife, on the other hand, used to feel as if she was falling off the bed. Not any more. The Maitland mattress is firm and supportive. It is a double sided mattress, so it can be turned over regularly, which means that it always gives maximum comfort. As expected, it is of the highest quality. I can strongly recommend this mattress.

5 - We had had our mattress for 12 years and noticed it was starting to show its age. With all this covid stuff I didnt want to be going to shops and trying stuff, so I did all my research online. The Dreams website tells you everything you need to know, complete with reviews from customers. Took a gamble and we're delighted to say its fabulous. They took the old one away too!

5 - Lovely and comfy and at the perfect price point. Absolutely a steal when it was on sale. Each spring responds will to rolling around and you can't even feel the springs. No sinking yet following mattress care instructions. Light and airy as well which helps with a cool sleep. This is the best firm mattress I could have gotten and I must thank the staff for helping me find it.

5 - Excellent value mattress … So very comfortable I now need to buy a louder alarm clock for my son ! Great service from Dreams, making purchase process a pleasure. Quicker than expected delivery… Very happy with old mattress removal/ disposal service. New mattress carried to desired room, fitted, packaging removed by very tidy professional and courteous delivery team. Thankyou.

5 - We are very pleased with our new mattress. It is excellent quality and very comfortable. We were kept fully informed of the delivery process and it all went extremely smoothly. We paid a reasonable fee to have our old mattress taken away. We live in an old cottage with an awkward staircase but the delivery team took it all in their stride with a friendly, cheerful manner.

5 - Looked at a few places and mattresses before i decided on this one . Found the lady in store was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Once I'd decided it took a couple of minutes and all was sorted . Good communication from dreams delivery team and then the lads carried the mattress to the bedroom no problem...many thanks to all . Brought from waterfront. Brierley hill branch

5 - I was in temporary accommodation sleeping on a soft, wallowy lumpy mattress which started to cause back and neck problems which I don't normally have. Now I have this firm double-sided comfortable sprung mattress my back and neck are back to normal again and I feel as though my body is being well supported resulting in deep, comfortable, sound sleep again. What a relief!

4 - We have been sleeping on our new mattress for over a month now. It is much cooler than memory foam mattress we previously had and it can be turned so keeps it in shape better. Our old mattress ended up with delves where we slept because it couldn’t be turned. We are optimistic this one will prove better in the long run. Already my back feels better after a nights sleep.

5 - Bought the mattress because my old one was giving me backache. I waited 10 days for delivery but I was ok about that. I had updates of when it was going to be delivered constantly over a period of 2 days. Product arrived and the delivery men was really good. Within 48 hours of sleeping on the mattress my backache had gone. Very good firm mattress and so worth the money

5 - I bought this bed after reading the good reviews on dreams website and I couldn't be happier. The bed looks great and was easy to put together. Only took my husband 45 minutes to put together by himself. This has definitely added the finishing touch to my newly decorated bedroom and best of all I'm getting a great nights sleep. Would definitely recommend this product.

5 - Slept so well, it’s firm yet comfy. Picked this mattress with the help of Sue at Blackpool branch. It was rated firm but felt very similar to our medium firm gel mattress in our own bedroom. Yet to have guests because of Covid but sure they will love it. Bought from Dreams as the ability to test the mattress at home and swap if don’t sleep well is a fantastic idea.

5 - Before buying this Mattress I did some research on what one to buy. I opted for this medium to firm option as I am a front sleeper. My previous Mattress was a lot softer. As a consequence my neck pain has improved. I adapted to this Mattress straight away but it may take some people a bit longer. As it takes a week or so to soften up on top. Would highly recommend!

5 - A very nice mattress which oozes quality, far better than the foam one we had before. Something I never knew about sprung mattresses is that as they hold their shape in use, our fitted sheet stays in place. On a foam mattress which distorts when you lay on it, the sheet was always rucked up around the edges every morning and needed sorting out for the next night.

5 - Purchased for guest room,extremely comfortable and great quality just what I was looking for ,handles for ease of moveability are so useful . Very pleased with my purchased . Arrived on the date given by two very friendly guys who observed social distancing offered to put it In my room of choice , but due to Covid I chose to have it left in hallway for us to move

5 - I bought this for the spare single bedroom for my elderly father to sleep on. He’s very impressed with the comfort and firmness of this mattress. I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of this mattress, the weight indicated that it wasn’t a flimsily manufactured item. It fitted the bed frame I’d already had, perfectly! overall, a thoroughly good purchase!

5 - My daughter had a serious accident which resulted in a broken spine. After having metal rods and screws inserted into her back I brought her to your showroom to find the best mattress for her. Your salesman helped her from her wheelchair to the special bed which measures what the body needs. It recommended this mattress and my daughter has been delighted with it

5 - Such a comfortable mattresses, no rolling off the edge or sinking in the middle. Was a compromise for my fiancé and I (I like a softer mattress and he likes a firm) so a good middle ground after we'd tried it in the shop. So comfortable I keep falling asleep when I'm lying on my bed mid afternoon! Will become our guest mattress once we move into our own house.

5 - With hindsight we should not have bought our previous mattress on line. For twò years we regretted not testing before buying, especially from the large range of quality mattresses our local Dreams Store displayed when we visited.We already had a dreams bed for our new home and we chose a great mattress from dreams which we both approved of to match it.Perfect.

5 - Good firm mattress. Works both sides - flip over and turn around once a month. The additional purchase of a topper makes for a softer firmness. If you need to have a firm surface to sleep on then this mattress is a good one. Highly recommended. The last one I had from Dreams lasted me for a good fifteen years before it started to wear out. Happy customer :-)

5 - Purchased this mattress after considerable deliberation, reading reviews/rating of a number of other mattress in the price range. Extremely happy with service including delivery (Delivery crew, extremely helpful + good communication throughout). My only criticism (my error) I should have purchased the mattress via 'Forces/Defence Discount' for extra saving.

5 - The Maitland mattress we bought was the best price we had seen around and the whole process was so easy, great advice and service in the store, delivery on time and very helpful, even took away our old mattress. Very polite and friendly delivery team, now we sleep really well on a firm and supportive Maitland mattress. Great value for money and top service.

5 - The purchase we made has been an excellent addition to our lives and everything, from going into the shop , selecting what we wanted and having the delivery with the guys assembling the frame, has been a very good experience. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly which made the whole experience worthwhile and very good value for money.

5 - I bought this for my 16yr old son who said he didn’t need a new mattress . (ha what does he know ) Now he is very happy that I ignored him and got it. Great service delivery man brought it straight to his room no hassle. The mattress is lovely very comfy and my son has slept like a log , the only Problem now is he won’t get out off bed. One happy customer

5 - I had been sleeping badly on a different brand of mattress for some time now and decided enough was enough. I bought this Dreams mattress after sleeping on one at a friends house. What a difference! I now get a good nights sleep, no more waking up several times a night and being tired for me, and better still my back pain has decreased. Thank you Dreams.

4 - We bought this mattress recently and are very happy with its high quality manufacture and comfortability. The free delivery service was excellent, with the driver communicating very well to ensure we didn't miss the delivery. For a mattress at the lower end of the price range it still provides excellent support and feels robust enough to last many years.

5 - Nice Mattress ,firm but soft, no noise when you turn over unlike our previous one, no longer wake up with backache , handles make it easy to turn the mattress , left the foam on the corners and the sheet fits lovely and tight this idea was a great suggestion from the delivery man. Overall 100% satisfied with my purchase just wish I had bought it sooner.

5 - Very impressed with the quality of the bed and mattress- such good value for money! Was also incredibly impressed with the delivery drivers, I’d accidentally ordered the wrong size mattress and before unloading it, they brought it to my attention, made a quick call to customer service for me & new mattress arrived in 3 days. End to end a great service!

5 - Good quality, very comfortable mattress. It says firm and I was worried a bit as I always had medium firm but after checking in the shop and now, after 2 weeks of sleeping on it, I can say it is perfect, not too firm even for my "sensitive" hips. Bought when on sale so amazing value for money too. And very pleased with the whole delivery service also.

5 - Since I have this mattress my night times are a blessing as it’s been years I haven’t slept with comfort due to back and neck problems and having Rheumatoid Arthritis its been a long time I had slept with this much comfort. I wanted a hard mattress but with good comfort and have found this. So happy to have made the right decision. Highly recommended.

4 - Ive been experiencing lower back problems for a few weeks and decided to get a new matress eveb though my current one was less than 3 years old. Moment i laid my body on the maoitland matress, OMG! It was the best night sleep i ever had in a few weeks, my back was back to normal within 36 hours. Felt a different person and i was ready to face the day

5 - i wasn't sure when i first sat on it seemed a bit too soft ..but once id led down it was obvious it was a lot more firm than it had first appeared ... which is what i was looking for ..ive had it at home for a week now ..and its been great ..not too soft when going to bed and not too firm in the morning .. its the best mattress I've ever bought

5 - Excellent, years of aches, back pain gone, Great support. We knew what we wanted after reading independent reviews and looked for this product in the Huddersfield store. Amazing service from the store staff and delivery service. I had thought that quality of products and service was a thing of the past. But thank you dreams for showing that its not.

5 - A good matress giving the comfort that we were looking for at a decent price. Purchase was a simple process as the assistant knew her stuff and was very helpful in completing the sale. Delivery was as discussed at point of sale and was delivered earlier than the time frame given due to cancellations. Very pleased with the whole process and matress.

5 - I originally bought a double for my teenage Son as he was having trouble sleeping. And I was so impressed that I bought a single for my youngest Son a week later. Both mattresses are clearly high quality, firm and both my boys saw an immediate improvement in their sleeping patterns, behavior and attention span at School. Mattresses made in heaven!

5 - Bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and when it arrived I realised it wasn't the product I really wanted. I went ahead and put it on the bed nd gave it a go. What a great mistake!!! Our backache has now gone and we are getting good quality sleep and wouldn't swap the mattress even though it wasn't really what I originally wanted. Excellent.

5 - Since the mattress was delivered I have been sleeping well, something that I haven’t done for years. I feel refreshed waking up with no aches and pains, I had a new hip three yrs ago owing to a fall this caused me discomfort when sleeping on my side, however with this mattress I have no problem. I highly recommend Maitland mattress. Thank you

5 - I needed a new Firm Pocket Sprung Mattress for back health reasons and at my local Dreams centre I was directed to see how the Maitland might be. As soon as I tested the comfort and firmness of the Maitland I knew this was the mattress I would be buying. So thanks to Dreams. You have provided me with perfect rest and sleep in a new Dreamland.

4 - It sags a little towards the edge but overall an excellent mattress for the price. Really comfortable and would recommend. Shame you can’t get it without the flag on the side, stitched into the handles as well so it can’t be removed. The staff in the store were also really lovely and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

5 - It was a very pleasant shopping experience at Dreams. The sales person gave us all the information to make it easy to choose the correct mattress for us. We have been very pleased with the result. The mattress is excellent quality and at a very good acceptable price. I will certainly shop there again when we require anything more. Thank you.

5 - I bought this to replace the much more expensive Simba mattress I had and it helped my alignment and back problems that were caused by the simba which was way too squishy when though it's advertised as firm. This mattress was amazing for the price and even though it's firm it's still very comfortable and has given me many good night sleeps.

4 - I bought this for our new flat. It came within a reasonable time frame. The mattress is a good firm mattress. The only negative is it has curves due to its design therefore some of the curves create dips overtime but not too deep. Nothing concerning just to be aware of. My partner and I both sleep well on this mattress and it suits us well.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for our guest bedroom I sleep in there when my husbands snoring gets too much I had such a good nights sleep on this mattress it inspired me to write a poem I ate some cheese one night in bed I dreamed it travelled to my head I woke up, eyes full of tears And hot cheese dripping from my ears!

5 - Brought this for my son and to be honest its middle of the range price got 70% off so very good deal. He is very happy and is good for his back very firm. The delivery drivers were quick efficient and very polite they told us the instructions when to turn etc I would definitely recommend Dreams for the service quick delivery and price A*

4 - I hated this mattress at first, felt like sleeping on a floor. I prefer something soft but my partner like something firm, so i thought medium firm would be ok. It was awful, but after a while (three weeks) I've started to like it. My partner loves it and sleeps very well on it. I'm hoping to enjoy it as much as he does but we shall see.

5 - I was dubious about buying a mattress without first being able to try it out in the shop but I need not have worried. We were looking for a firm but comfortable matress to provide us with a good night's sleep, waking up free of any achec and pains and that is just what we got with the Maitland. Good price too as it was on special offer!

4 - I bought this straight forward mattress when it was on offer as I didn't required anything fancy for my child's bed. My child is very comfortable on this mattress. Initially I found it too firm for me but after a couple of weeks either it got a bit softer or I got used to it. I would now consider getting the same mattress for my bed.

5 - We had to replace our mattress on our spare bed. We looked around to try and find the same mattress for a competitive price. Dreams came up trumps, paid for and delivered on the day and time that they said. Delivery men did everything bar put it on the bed. I shore they would have done that if asked. Great service from everyone

5 - I bought this a few weeks ago as part of upgrading our guest bedroom. Of course I had to give it a try and so I spent 3 nights in it which proved to be very peaceful nights. I had no problems like you sometimes do when sleeping in different beds and if our main bed wasn't such a comfortable one I would be tempted to swap them over.

5 - The Mattress quality is as described, i was looking for a mattress which helps me with my back problem and this does exactly that as it help to keep back straight as it doesn’t goes down as the spring are well put together. Overall it’s a great mattress for a great price and quality and given a great service given on delivery day.

5 - I bought this for my grown up daughter who was not sleeping well on her (not so) old mattress. I wanted to make sure that she continued to come round to stay with us whilst working locally! The improvement with her sleeping has been outstanding. The service we received when buying the mattress was outstanding and so is the product.

5 - First time customer, and everything from the online purchasing, scheduling and delivery experience was seamless. The Dreams team helped make everything feel easy and smooth, as I was in a different country through the whole process! So happy I purchased two mattresses for my new home, great prices for quality.. Call me a convert!

5 - The service I received from Dreams in Horsham was the best customer service I’ve received in a long time. Firstly, I was offered a cup of tea(!); secondly the staff were knowledgable and helpful, rather than pushy. The bed itself is exactly fit for purpose. Very comfy and a fair price. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you!

4 - The team were great and my experience was great, but I'm not sure the mattress is for me. It's a lot softer than my old one, but I believe it was the firmest in the shop. I will likely visit the store again within my 100 days and see if I would like to change it for another. The customer service was fantastic all the way through.

5 - Bought this mattress as I was getting a lot of interrupted sleep and waking up next morning with stiffness in my back and hips .... but not anymore as I’m having the best sleep ever .... and next morning not having not 1 twinge .... so I’ve made a perfect buy of the year ... really comfortable ... and sleep worthy .... top marks

5 - We were relieved to find a mattress which suits us both very well - being a couple of 6"4 and 5"3 we were struggling to find something we could agree on... this mattress is perfect! With the pocket springs we don't find ourselves sinking towards the middle at all. Great night's sleep and doesn't break the bank. Thanks, Dreams!

4 - I was looking to replace my Hudson mattress (which I loved). Opted for this one as it was on offer and of the same spec. Happy with my purchase, a good, firm supportive mattress. Knocked one star off as you can hear the springs ‘crunch’ a little when sitting up in bed and it’s a bit annoying. Bought with a Sealy divan base.

5 - Reasonable price discount when I purchased it, only waited around 3 days for delivery and the feel and quality of my new mattress is really really nice. Really really happy with my new mattress and I expected a few issues with the springs and feel after a good few nights and really happy that it’s kept it’s shape and feel.

5 - Amayzing so comfy I never felt so good in morning sinc I got this matres I fel so fresh and rested every morning. Thank you Dreams this is the best thing I ever bought for my self. Very very satisfied. I will recommend to everyone. I will rated 10 stars but here are only 5 stars that's not enough for me how happy I am.

4 - This mattress was our first choice but, now I’m thinking that perhaps that was a rash decision. When my wife and I tried it out in store it appeared to offer the support and comfort we were looking for but, and although I’m finding it a little uncomfortable my wife thinks it’s gorgeous and is getting a good nights sleep.

5 - I had been sleeping badly on a Casper mattress for some time now and decided enough was enough. I bought this mattress after sleeping on one at a friends house. What a difference! I now get a good nights sleep, no more waking up several times a night and being tired, and better still no more back pain. Thank you Dreams.

5 - The comfort, support, and overall sleep quality provided by this remarkable mattress have surpassed all my expectations. It provides the perfect balance of softness and support. The customer service provided by the company is exceptional. From the moment I made my purchase, their team was attentive, and eager to assist.

5 - The first few mornings I would wake up with this mattress, I’d have back aches; in a good way. This mattress has shown me how terrible my previous mattress was and what it had done to the alignment of my back. 2 weeks in and it’s re-adjusted me into a comfortable posture and really does provide a quality nights sleep!

5 - It's been over 2wks and it's been 2wks of waking up pain free!!!! I have chronic back pain and take high doses of meds but have been a to cut back due to how firm the mattress is and how its giving that support. I'm very light so dont make any dent in it at all, I'm not sure how it would stay firm for someone bigger.

5 - Excellent mattress which was delivered promptly. The delivery crew called ahead to let me know they were close and they carried it up the stairs for me. The mattress itself is firm, supportive and extremely comfortable. It’s perfect if you’ve got a wriggly partner as you don’t feel them moving. 10/10 would recommend

5 - We ordered the Maitland superking on the phone from the Horsham branch. The salesperson was superb and her phone manner was excellent. The mattress arrived on time and within 30 minutes of the promised time. The product is very good and getting out of bed in the morning is harder to the lovely bed. Highly recommend.

5 - I brought this for my Son, he suffers with his back and his previous mattress was only a few years old and was starting to sag a bit, he said that this matresses is really comfy now, took a couple of days to get used to it as he was not used to the firmnes but wakes up without ang back pain. Well worth the money .

5 - We got the matteress in June, during the Covid lockdown, and the delivery was safe and socially distanced and taken to the room required. I must admit it took me about a week to get used to the firmness of the matteress, but now I sleep really well on it and its very comfortable, and I would recommend this item.

5 - Everything went like clockwork. Got text day in advance to give us timeslot. Dave was very friendly, even phone in advance to say they were on their way. Put the mattress in the room exactly where we wanted. Checked it was the correct mattress & size. Took all the wrapping away. Delighted with mattress & service

5 - I had the mattress delivered nice and early in the morning, and the delivery men brought it straight through to the bedroom, even offering to unpack it. That night and every night since I have managed a full night's sleep of 8 hours without waking up. The mattress is sturdy but comfortable would highly recommend

5 - I brought this a month ago as I had been suffering from bad lower backache and decided we needed an upgrade on our old mattress. Best purchase! My back is so much better & I'm getting a great nights sleep. Also I'm a petite 5ft1 & my husbands 6ft1 & theres no roll too in the middle, supports us both really well.

4 - It’s firm. Has definitely remedied my back pain. Totally gone. But I wonder if a mattress topper might help to give it that cosy/comfortable/relief feeling when you climb into bed at the end of a long day? Perhaps it needs further wearing in - we can tell it is softening slightly over the few weeks we’ve had it.

5 - Good shopping experience. Tried the mattress in a shop before ordering it online. Initial delivery slots would take 3 weeks but was later able to reschedule to only 1 week after placing the order. The delivery team was helpful in moving the mattress upstairs and into a specific room as well. Overall good value.

4 - I always prefer a firm mattress and when my Sealy Postropedic finally bit the dust after 11 yrs I went for the Maitland - firm mattress. We have an Eve memory topper that works nicely with the mattress. It’s very comfortable and I feel well supported. I sleep on my side and back and I have no complaints so far.

5 - I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress for a few weeks now and I’m so pleased with it, I didn’t realise how little support there was in my old mattress until I slept a few nights on my new one. It is making a difference to how many times I wake up during the night and I feel my back ache is not so bad recently.

5 - Mattress is good enough. I've chose a firm one, and I like it. I've recently moved, and about all the purchases I've been involved, the only delivery people that phone me in advance the day before and 30 minutes prior to the deliver has been Dreams. I appreciate that a lot, because, it made my life easier.

4 - Staff were friendly and helpful from the moment i walked in the shop to the delivery. After 6 months sleeping on a sofa, I'm thrilled to finally have a nice firm mattress to correct the damage of sleeping on an inadequate surface. I fall asleep very quickly every night and hate having to get up in the morning.

4 - The mattress arrived about two weeks ago, and I’ve enjoyed every nights sleep since then! At first it was a bit on the firm side, and it took a few nights of sleeping for me to settle in properly, but after that it’s been excellent. Massive upgrade from my old mattress, which I assure you had seen better days!

5 - This was delivered on the 4th of July by two delightful chaps who did everything quickly and efficiently. The bed and mattress are superb and gave me a really comfortable night's sleep. It has good support for the body and the springs are well covered. Love it, and a really good buy. Goodbye sleepless nights.

5 - We bough this mattress 3 weeks ago and can’t believe the difference it has made to our sleep. We used the mattress analyser in store to determine which mattress would be most suitable for my husband and I, we are not disappointed ! It is both supportive and comfortable no matter which position you sleep in.

5 - I bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago prior to moving from Somerset to Devon. It is really brilliant. The man in the store recommended it and I thought I needed firm but this was medium. I need not have worried he got it just right. I love it my back is much better and I sleep well. Thank you dreams

5 - Excellent service at purchase from Chloe who made it so easy with good advice. Product delivered on time following a phone call from the delivery team. Well pleased with my purchase (mattress). Will definitely use again as and when necessary. S Based on my experience here i can say shop here with confidence.

5 - Hello this mattress was bought for my teenage son and his review is that it’s a medium firm super comfy mattress. His back is no longer sore as it is very supportive and he’s had better sleep since he got it. As a parent I can definitely recommend it as if your teenager sleeps they are not so grumpy lol!!!

5 - Found this fab mattress in store and it was just what I was after. Nice and firm but still comfortable. Super chunky and at a great price. Staff in store went above and beyond to find what I needed and let me phone in store to order when I made my mind up. Great mattress and great staff, just what you need.

5 - Tried lots of different types of mattress in store. I needed to replace my old double sprung one and was looking for much the same, but wanted a firm one. When I lay on this it proved to be the most supportive for me. Price was good value for money and it was delivered for free. I have no negatives at all.

4 - Excellent value mattress. I like a firm mattress, so this suits me perfectly. I am sleeping very well on this mattress, so really pleased with my purchase. My only minor issue is that the edges of the mattress are okay but not very well supported. But again, fine for the price. I would certainly buy again.

5 - The mattress is good quality and was delivered on time with the driver ringing ahead and following all the installation rules that had been given. They left the house as they found it taking all wrapping with them. I would recommend dreams again, and in fact have since bought a second mattress from them.

5 - We was so glad we went to dreams, there had a great selctions of bed bases & mattresses, the staff of the store was so helpful & not pushy in anyway & listered to our requests & needs, we picked ou perfect bed with ease & good value, would recommend Dreams to any one wanting to purchase a high-quality bed.

5 - Having previously purchased at storage bed, we noticed that the mattress was too soft. So we visited Dreams and found the Maitland which was the same mattress made for the Olympics. The mattress is extremely comfortable and is 9 inch deep, pocket sprung. Great quality and comfort for a really good price.

5 - I bought this 2 weeks ago and have started noticing the positive effects of having a new proper mattress. When I wake up I'm less stiff and doesn't take me as long to get going with my day (got a few health problems). The handles are pretty minimal thing but make it so much easier to maneuver the mattress.

5 - Rang dreams ,had a loveley lady who gave me loads of advice on the mattresses i was intrested in , she was very knowlagle about the products , delivery was on time with social distance been adhered to at all times , mattress is very comfy which i was recommended for , excellent service from start to finish

5 - We are extremely happy with our mattress.this is the second time we have purchased from dreams.. and we have not been disappointed! Customer service is super helpful no pressure to buy but still with lots of product knowledge. Long was our server on this occasion. We will be l returning customer for sure!

5 - This is a really comfortable bed. Also, great service from Dreams. I was let down last minute by Bensons for Beds on a Bed I had ordered months before and the sales person at Dreams was able to find me a bed that was delivered the following week just before Christmas so I had room for my mum to stay :)

5 - Bought it a month ago while it was on sale. Really firm and comfy, and the deliver guys were great in putting on PPE and taking it upstairs as I currently have a broken foot. The salesman in the shop was also really helpful in guiding us to this mattress. Highly recommended product with great service.

5 - Had this mattress for 2 weeks now. Got it for my teenage son who had an old open coil mattress for years and it was about time he had a new one. Got the Maitland mattress in a good Dreams promotion and he is very happy with it. You can really tell the difference with the pocket springs. Would recommend.

5 - I bought this about 3 weeks ago so it's still settling a little but overall it's a firm but comfy mattress. The delivery procedure was brilliant - my bedroom is on the 5th floor and the delivery guy took it right to the room without raising an eyebrow and was super helpful and friendly in all respects.

4 - My review is more about the fantastic service I had from Dreams. Really can't fault it. Unfortunately, the original mattress (which is great value) wasn't suitable, however there was no quibble whatsoever about changing it for a different one. I would definitely recommend Dreams & buy from them again.

5 - My mattress was delivered 3 weeks ago and it has completely changed my life! After years of sleeping on me worry foam mattresses my body was in agony on a daily basis! After just two nights on this mattress all my aches and pains are gone and I am sleeping better than ever! I give this mattress 5*!!!

5 - I purchased this three weeks ago, it was one of the recommended after using the Dreams, find my match. It is very firm and took some getting used to after having a memory foam, however it has certainly improved my back pain and sleep. It is beautifully made, lovely and deep and extremely comfortable.

5 - We bought our bed a few weeks ago. Absolutely over the moon with our new mattress, being new first time parents we thought we deserved a new comfy bed to get a good nights rest! And that we definitely have. Dreams were quick and reliable and the delivery team were amazing, massive thumbs up from us

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