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Our Thoughts On The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress

The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress is a premium mattress product designed to offer excellent comfort and unrivaled sleep support. It exemplifies high-quality construction, thoughtful design and an array of features that address various sleep needs. This mattress is the epitome of exceptional living for discerning buyers who value quality rest.

Who is this product for?

This product is suitable for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable sleep solution that offers orthopedic support. It is ideal for those who want a balance between comfort and firmness in their mattress, from people sharing the bed, light to medium weight individuals, or those with specific needs such as back or joint pain. The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress, with a medium firmness rating, might be particularly beneficial due to its firm yet comfortable support structure.

What do we use this product for?

This product is used for providing a premium night’s sleep. With 1000 individual pocket springs, each reactive to the weight and movement of your body, this mattress offers personalized support. The inclusion of polyester fibres made from recycled materials enhances the mattress's durability while creating a plush, comfortable sleep surface. The Belgian damask cover is not only beautiful but also adds a touch of breathability and durability to the mattress. Users can rely on it to maintain its shape and deliver consistent sleep comfort over extended periods through regular turning.

What customers liked and disliked

Customers applauded the Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress for its impressive comfort and high level of support which contributed to better sleep quality. Users also commended the mattress's medium firmness, deeming it the right balance between a plush and firm feel. Some users, however, experienced initial firmness to be a bit on the higher side, but with time, the mattress gradually adapted to offer an improved sleep surface. Still, a few customers noted temporary indentation after several weeks of use, which could be due to natural settling of new mattresses.

Features you should know about

The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress boasts several beneficial features worth your attention. 1000 individual pocket springs for adaptive support, recycled polyester fibre layers for comfort and sustainability, and a hand-tufted finish for added durability are just a few. The mattress is also reversible, augmenting its lifespan and giving users the advantage of varied comfort levels. Furthermore, the Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress comes with a free 5-year guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

Our Review

The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress signifies the convergence of comfort, quality, and conscientious design. Its individual pocket springs, recycled filling layers, Belgian damask cover, and tufted finish contribute to superior sleep quality. While it might feel slightly firm initially, it soon adjusts to your body's contours and guarantees optimum support all night long. Although some users reported mild initial indentation, it's not uncommon for new mattresses and shouldn't be of concern. Given its remarkable features, sound construction, and the satisfaction expressed by numerous customers, we assess the Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress as a great sleep solution for those on a quest for a healthier, better lifestyle.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comfort rating – Medium (also available in Firm as the Marcello Ortho) (link)

    The medium level of firmness provides optimal support to promote proper spinal alignment, which is essential for back sleepers. It helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and minimising the risk of discomfort or pain.For side sleepers, the medium tension mattress offers a delicate balance between cushioning and support. It allows for proper contouring to the body's curves, particularly around the shoulders and hips, providing pressure relief and maintaining healthy alignment.

    Quality assured - made in the UK

    Being crafted in the UK infers not only a higher level of quality control but also adherence to stringent British manufacturing standards, guaranteeing you a durable product. Furthermore, the Ortho Backcare feature provides targeted support and pressure relief for your spine and back, resulting in a healthy, restful sleep.

    1000 individual pocket springs - provides premium comfort and support

    This innovative design ensures that the mattress provides targeted support to different areas, adapting to your unique shape, weight, and sleeping position. Enjoy a restful and undisturbed sleep as the individually wrapped springs work harmoniously to provide optimal comfort and pressure relief throughout the night.

    Free 5 year guarantee – for peace of mind

    The 5-year guarantee that comes with this product offers an extended period of reassurance for your purchase. This is a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in the product's durability and quality, ensuring you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. 

    Upholstered in a Belgian damask cover – gives you a soft, durable and breathable sleep surface

    The use of this high-quality material offers a soft and comfortable feel, enhancing the overall sleeping experience. Additionally, the damask fabric is known for its durability, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.

    Tufted mattress - for added firmness and durability

    Experience the perfect balance of firmness and durability with our tufted mattresses. The tufting technique we employ enhances the mattress's overall firmness, providing you with the support you need for a restful night's sleep. 

    Orthopaedic support – firm layers for the ultimate support level

    A firm comfort grade mattress is a great choice primarily for back sleepers. This is because a firmer surface provides adequate support to the spine, maintaining its natural alignment and reducing the risk of back pain.

    Filling layers made with recycled materials – adds luxurious comfort

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Customer Reviews For The Marcello Ortho Comfort Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Very comfortable for our guest room. Everyone loves it

5 - Really comfortable and relaxing using this mattress.


5 - Would definitely recommend. Such a good nights sleep

5 - Its fine for a mid priced mattress. Very pleased

5 - Brilliant sleep in this mattress and really pleased

5 - it's fine but it's a double mattress not king size

5 - Really supportive, helps support my spine and hips

5 - It's fine for a mid priced mattress. Very pleased

4 - our guests should have a good nights sleep

5 - Comfortable light weight and good value

5 - So far so good. Comfy & sleeping well.

5 - Extremely comfy, very happy with this

4 - Very comfortable and worth the money.

5 - Brilliant mattress, so comfortable

5 - Nice quality, great price

5 - Great for the Trundle bed

5 - Very comfortable product

5 - Love my new mattress.

5 - Good value for money

5 - Fantastic comfort,

4 - Bed is comfortable

4 - Comfortable enough

5 - Very comfortable

5 - Perfect mattress

5 - Excellent value

4 - Nice and comfy

5 - Good value

5 - All good!!

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