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Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress

The Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress is designed to accommodate the constantly changing needs of growing teens. With ample understanding of the fact that the body undergoes significant physical growth, primarily during the years of adolescence, Bensons for Beds have designed this mattress that adapts to the growing needs of young bodies. The Flip mattress offers two levels of firmness in one, and can be flipped according to the teen's weight, height, and sleeping requirements, thereby, ensuring optimal support and comfort.

Who is this product for?

This mattress is ideally designed for growing bodies, specifically pre-teen to adults. Understanding that during the age range of 11 to 19, a teen experiences significant increase in height and almost doubles in weight, Slumberland has crafted this mattress to cater to their evolving comfort and support needs. This mattress would also make a useful choice for adults seeking a comfortable, versatile, and durable mattress with both soft/medium and medium/firm support options.

What do we use this product for?

Apart from the obvious benefit of providing a relaxing sleep environment, the Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress offers customisable comfort and support options. This adaptability in design ensures that teenage sleep, a crucial period of physical growth and mental development, is independent of any discomfort caused due to incorrect posture or inadequate mattress support. The mattress also features a comfort edge system for added durability, high resilience foam for responsive performance, and Pro-Bio treated fabric to help prevent allergens, ensuring a restful and healthy sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Many customers appreciated the dual firmness design of the mattress, as it provided versatility and value for money.

  • Reviewers noted an improvement in sleep quality and felt that it offered excellent support and comfort for both children and adults.

  • Some users praised the temperature regulation characteristics of the mattress, which helped them wake up refreshed and energised.

  • A few customers, however, felt that even the firm side was too soft for adult usage.

  • Several users expressed dissatisfaction with the delivery experience and mentioned that the mattress was too heavy to flip and turn as recommended.

Features you should know about

The Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress notably comes with an innovative variable geometry spring system designed for growing needs. The mattress offers different levels of firmness i.e., soft/medium and medium/firm for different weight and age groups. The Comfort Edge™ system ensures edge support for added durability. The mattress is treated with Temperature+ fabric treatment that aids in body temperature regulation, thereby enhancing sleep comfort. Moreover, it features eco-conscious design elements with recycled fibres and plastic, making it a great environmentally-friendly choice.

Our Review

As a mattress reviewer, analysing the Slumberland Flip 2 in 1 Mattress is indeed fascinating due to its unique dual-firmness feature catering specifically to growing adolescents. This mattress not only addresses the change in physical attributes of the user with age but also considers factors such as durability, edge support, temperature regulation, and most importantly, environmental sustainability. Despite a few downsides like being heavy to flip and some users finding it too soft, the overall feedback from users demonstrates its success in offering comfort and improved sleep quality. Thus, it receives a high recommendation for its innovative design, adaptability, and its commitment to sustainability.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Firmer side – enhanced support medium/firm, typically from 15yrs/55kg upwards into adulthood

    A medium tension mattress provides a balanced level of firmness, offering a combination of support and comfort. It is ideal for those who prefer a slightly softer feel with enough support to maintain proper spinal alignment. Side sleepers in particular benefit from this.On the other hand, a firm tension mattress provides a higher level of support and a more robust feel. It is perfect for individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface or those who require extra support for their back or joints. Back sleepers benefit from this.

    Pro-bio treated fabric – a natural treatment in the fabric, to help prevent allergens

    Having a Pro-bio treated fabric incorporated into your bedding can be advantageous in maintaining a healthy sleeping environment. This is because this natural treatment assists in mitigating allergerens, ensuring a cleaner, fresher sleep surface, greatly benefiting those with allergen sensitivities or concerns about cleanliness.

    Softer side – for body cushioning soft/medium support, typically pre-teens up to around 15yrs/55kg

    Soft-medium tension mattress is specifically designed to cater to the needs of side sleepers and individuals without back issues. It offers a balance between plush comfort and gentle support, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a softer sleeping surface. Ideally suited to those with average or lower BMI.

    Quality assured - British Standard Kitemark™ accredited, and made in the UK

    By achieving the British Standard Kitemark™ certification, the manufacturer demonstrates their commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and safety standards. This certification ensures that their mattresses meets or exceeds the essential criteria for performance, durability, and safety.

    Comfort Edge™ - reinforced edge support, for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    The reinforced edge support allows for increased stability when sitting or sleeping near the edge of the mattress. This means you can utilise the entire surface of the bed without feeling like you might roll or sink off the edge.

    High resilience foam – for responsive performance and durability, ideal for teens. The open cell structure helps keep them cooler too

    The open cell design allows for improved airflow and breath-ability throughout the mattress, helping to dissipate excess heat and regulate temperature for a cool and refreshing sleep environment.

    New life foundation layer – additional, durable support on the firmer side, with 91% recycled fibres, creating future-friendly products by reducing waste

    Mattress depth – 28cm

    Free full 8-year guarantee – for peace of mind

    Temperature+ treated fabric – helps regulate body temperature and rehydrate the skin whilst you sleep

    Truecomfort layer – for cushioning, breathable comfort, composed of 75% recycled PET plastic – that’s over 100 plastic bottles per double Flip mattress!

    Adaptable sleep support – specifically designed for growing bodies, pre-teen to adult

    Variable geometry spring – these innovative springs provide different comfort and support on each side of the mattress, ideal for growth development

    Flip to suit your comfort and support – simply flip the mattress to the ideal side for the teen’s individual, weight, height, and sleep requirements

    Outstanding value – literally two mattresses in one

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