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Hyde & Sleep Aurora® Foam Dual Sided Pillow

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Our Thoughts On The Hyde & Sleep Aurora® Foam Dual Sided Pillow

When talking about excellent sleep experience, selecting the right mattress is only half the battle. You also need a high-quality pillow that complements your mattress to achieve an elevated level of slumber. Today, we'll be discussing Hyde & Sleep Aurora® Foam Dual Sided Pillow, a product designed to provide incredible comfort, variety, and overall a premium sleeping experience to its users.

Who is this product for?

This unique pillow is crafted thoughtfully for people who appreciate versatility and prioritize comfort over everything else. Its dual-sided feature caters to every need - whether you prefer a cooler, accommodating foam side or a luxuriant, ultra-soft microfibre finish, this pillow has you covered. Given its medium comfort grade, it suits well for side and back sleepers.

What do we use this product for?

The Hyde & Sleep Aurora® Foam Dual Sided Pillow is designed to offer extraordinary support, aligning your neck and spine as you rest. The dual-sided feature allows you to flip sides depending on your preference at any given point. On one side, you experience the cooling comfort of Aurora® Foam encased with Outlast® fabric that regulates temperature control, on the other, a down-like synthetic fibre top provides a soft, luxurious feel.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Many customers applauded its quality, luxurious feel and the added cooling feature. They've noted that it provides excellent comfort, moulds well to pressure, and returns to its original form after use. A few users even disclosed that neck ache issues were resolved once they started using this pillow.

  • However, another group of customers is disappointed about the longevity of the pillow. The primary complaints revolve around the pillow losing its shape, support, and cooling sensation within a few weeks, especially given the high purchase price.

Features you should know about

This Aurora® Foam Dual-Sided pillow is stuffed with interesting features. It’s equipped with open cell technology within the foam that allows the pillow to breathe better than traditional memory foam. The game-changing feature here is the Outlast® fabric - a technology developed by NASA, which ensures the pillow's temperature is consistently regulated. The product is made in the UK, implying that it adheres to high-quality standards. Lastly, the purchase of this pillow includes a comforting 1-year guarantee.

Our Review

From my personal perspective based on the data available, the Hyde & Sleep Aurora® Foam Dual Sided Pillow appears to be a product that delivers a high level of comfort and versatility. The thoughtfulness behind the design regarding temperature regulation and the dual-sided feature is apparent, making it an attractive choice for most sleepers. However, as the customer feedback suggests, its lifespan may fall short for some people. Therefore, potential buyers should consider the longevity reports before making a purchase decision.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Dual sided to keep you cool or cosy from night to night

    Choose from breathable, responsive Aurora® Foam to keep you comfortable...

    ...Or luxuriously soft ultra-fine microfibre for a down-like feel

    Perfect for side and back sleepers

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