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TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

The cool, form-crafted layers of the TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress appears to draw an appealing picture. It claims to offer a unique balance between comfort and support, boasting NASA-developed technology and DuraBase™ foam. But the question abounds; does it live up to all its hype? Let's unravel the details to understand its features, benefits, and how previous customers view this mattress.

Who is this product for?

TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress is designed to accommodate those who yearn for a mattress that offers medium comfort while regulating temperature. The unique CoolTouch™ technology has been specifically designed to offer a cooler sleeping environment. For individuals suffering from joint pain or those after a firm yet contouring support, it might prove to be an interesting contender.

What do we use this product for?

With its 25cm depth, medium comfort grade, and NASA technology incorporation, this product provides a sleeping platform that proposes to distribute pressure evenly, ensuring comfortable, sound sleep. Moreover, it also claims to be easy to maintain with its removable and washable cover.

What customers liked and disliked

Based on the testimonials from buyers:

  • Many customers commented on how the mattress improved their sleep quality, adding that it's comfortable and kept its shape well.
  • They also commended it for molding to their body and providing enough support to eliminate joint pain.
  • Some customers, however, expressed disappointment regarding the loss of firmness over time.
  • The sinking feeling was a concern, with some stating that they felt trapped in one position during the night.
  • A few customers also raised issues about the customer service from Dreams, saying it was unsatisfactory.

Features you should know about

The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress, with its 25cm depth, offers a balance between plush and firm feel. The DuraBase™ technology foam ensures the durability and longevity of the mattress structure, offering a reliable foundation. CoolTouch™ technology, absorbed in this mattress line, ensures cool and comfortable sleep by managing excess heat. The removable and washable cover underscores the practical and straightforward maintenance, ensuring a hygienic sleep surface. It's also covered with a 10-year guarantee, testifying to its quality and durability.

Our Review

In my view, TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress makes a compelling case for comfort and temperature regulated sleep. With its NASA-developed technology and unique CoolTouch™ feature, it seems to have carved a niche in the marketplace. However, the variability in responses from its users, particularly the sinking sensation and the questions over durability, may cause possible sleepers to pause.

Your individual sleeping needs and preferences often dictate the best mattress for you. Thus, it may be worthwhile considering an in-store trial or taking advantage of the 100-Night Comfort Guarantee to ensure the suitability of the TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress for you. The overall quality and innovative technology make it worth considering, but it's important to weigh these against any potential drawbacks.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

    It has a medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are regarded as the goldilocks of tensions. This is due to their one-size-fits-all approach to comfort which will generally see most people who are underweight through to overweight still being able to find a degree of comfort with such a purchase. Medium tension is great for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers with the only real caveat being that those with backpain or a larger BMI than average may want to consider a slightly firmer product.

    Rest easy with a 10-year guarantee

    10 years of guarantee is the highest we typically see within the industry and a testament to the sheer quality on offer. It speaks volumes that the manufacturer and retailer are willing to offer this length of guarantee and should inspire consumer confidence toward purchase. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Designed to manage excess heat through the night

    Excessive heat can be caused by certain materials combined with a general lack of breathability. Through the use of appropriate materials and science, heat can be mitigated making for a fantastic all-season mattress that won't get hot, but also won't get too cool either.

    With a 25cm depth

    25cm is a great middle-ground for a mattress. Thick enough to house good quality materials and components while being thin enough to fit normal sheets ensuring you do not need to upgrade your bedding unnecessarily.

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - A superb memory foam mattress. It provides a combination of quality memory foam and stability. Made all the better with the Dreams removable cover.

5 - I bought this to protect the Tempur mattress as I want to keep it protected and clean. I would highly recommend it to anyone who buys the mattress.

5 - Best nights sleep I have ever had takes away all the pains I would like to exchange for the softer version as I personally think the medium is hard

5 - Very good! Best sleep ive had in a long time , no more waking up feeling like i havent slept. You get what you pay for , the quality is incredible

5 - I didn’t want to spend this much on a mattress but I am so glad we did. From the very first morning my back pain was gone. Cannot recommend enough

5 - We've had the mattress a couple weeks now. Noticed a dramatic change in sleep. Sleeping much better and quickly. More relaxed and cooler too.

5 - Tried Emma mattress before the Tempur Cool Touch Elite. Not a patch on the Tempur mattress, so comfortable and has improved my back pain a lot.

5 - Omg what can I say about this mattress? It’s everything in one, keeps me cool, I have less pain in my hips, it moulds to my body just amazing

5 - Amazing mattress the back pain we had had now eased it’s so comfortable and we get a good nights sleep on this mattress well worth the money

5 - It keeps you cool while you are sleeping. It adjusts to your body and offers support. It has eliminated back pain during sleep & after.

5 - Best Mattress I have ever had. I have a lot of back problems now and I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone with back issues

5 - Hard to get used to, but extremely comfortable, some of my issues with sleeping have changed, minimal back pain, sleeping a lot better

5 - Love this mattress, cant feel my partner moving so i get an undisturbed nights sleep, supports the whole body, quality materials used.

5 - It’s like falling into a marshmallow. It gives me a wonderful sleep. There’s a knack to get out of the bed as it moulds to your body.

5 - This is by far the best mattress I have ever owned. It supports my body in such a way I’m able to get the best nights sleep possible.

5 - Superb mattress, that is unbelievably comfy, but more importantly supports the entire body to prevent aches and pains in the morning.

5 - This mattress is so comfortable. My sleep has improved and my back ache has almost gone. I cant recommend this mattress enough.

5 - Fantastic sleep feel as if I’m hugged all night and then I get out of bed in the morning withought any back or side pains! Magic

5 - Having the best sleep ever as soon as head touches pillow, expensive but well worth it for comfort moulds to your body excellent

5 - The product is excellent functional and does exactly what it says makes for an excellent night sleep definitely recommend it

5 - It’s so comfortable you just mould right into it. Having the tempur pillows is an added bonus, it’s like sleeping on a cloud

5 - Replacement for our previous tempur mattress, would never have another mattress. Enough support without being hard or ridgid

5 - Lovely mattress, sleep better and very comfortable. Service we received in the shop was excellent and made our choice easy.

5 - Amazing nights sleep on this mattress. All aches and pains are now gone. No tossing and turning. Wake up feeling refreshed.

5 - Have back problems so finally invested in tempur mattress. Took a couple of weeks to get used to but is very comfortable.

5 - Had back pain while sleeping for years but the tempur is so comfortable have zero pain now. The Best sleep ive had in ages

5 - I no longer have back pain since buying this mattress and neither does my husband but it is very warm - overall a good buy

5 - Just the best nights sleep. Its bit weird to start with as it kind of hugs your body. Vut it changes as you move around.

5 - Great mattress, really comfortable youngest don't want to get out. Would recommend to anyone, love it. Colin wormleighton

5 - Going to bed is a luxurious pampering treat! The mattress hugs the body, supporting it exactly where and how it's needed!

5 - Absolutely perfect, restful nights sleep after years of backache. With tempur pillows we are both waking alert and happy.

5 - Takes a bit of getting used to but it instantly improved my quality of sleep. Very pleased, would definitely recommend.

5 - Since purchasing our Tempur cooltouch mattress we are finding that we are sleeping longer and more soundly than before.

5 - Best purchase ever considering you sleep on this every night! Any aches or pains will go away after a few nights sleep!

5 - You get what you pay for this is the best bed I have ever slept on I am so pleased with the quality worth every penny

5 - best mattress ever, so comfortable and moves with you as you move during the night so always get a good nights sleep

5 - Lovely restful night sleep. Comfortable, better than memory foam also have the tempur pillows which aid a good sleep

5 - We think our mattress is fantastic, it is so comfy that we find it even harder to get out of bed in the morning now.

5 - I already have a temper mattress which is excellent, I needed another one for my spare room and could not be happier

5 - Wonderfully soft and contouring Very cool slow to warm. I never overheat. Has helped my eczema loads. Very pleased

5 - Best mattress! First delivery date had to be changed due to delay but we got a refund. Mattress so comfy and solid!

5 - Have never slept so well. Nothing hurts when i wake up!!!! Wish the cool-touch was slightly more effective though

5 - Fabulous mattress, worth every penny! Got this recommended in the store with the Dreams machine. Highly recommend

5 - Perfectly comfortable, fairly priced for an object you spend 1/3 of your life on. Well built. Quality materials.

5 - A bit odd to start with but after a few days feels fantastic. Not sure i could go back to a normal matress now

5 - You sink into it and literally fall asleep within 5 minutes and we're finding we're sleeping in longer stints!

5 - This product is the BEST!!! Worth every penny. It keeps us sleeping like babies, giving support to our bodies.

5 - The mattress is brilliant can’t believe never had one before. The brilliant staff at dreams sold it very well

5 - It’s as good as they say it is. I haven’t woke up at all with a sore back since purchasing this a 2wks ago.

5 - Comfortable and supportive mattress very good and makes you feel very calm and centered while lying on it

5 - Well good night sleep I thoroughly recommend this product it must be one of the best purchases were made

5 - Best night's sleep. I know it's not the cheapest of mattresses, but I believe you get what you pay for.

5 - Worth every penny and would recommend it to anyone. I sleep so much better without anymore joint pains

5 - Absolutely amazing. Perfectly supports your entire body. Best nights sleep I have had in a long time.

5 - Bought as I was having trouble with my lower back. This mattress has certainly helped ease some pain.

5 - Found it hard at first but after a couple of weeks it's settled and having the best sleep for years.

5 - Absolutely love this mattress! So incredibly comfortable - we are sleeping better than ever before.

5 - This mattress is absolutely amazing! Never had such good nights sleep. So pleased we went for this!

5 - Amazing product, comfy and a different sleeping experience, one I have got used to very quickly.

5 - Very comfortable mattress was very worried as changed from a waterbed after 40 years, so pleased

5 - Excellent mattress. For a full assessment we need to see how well it stands the passage of time.

5 - Recommended to us after using the brilliant Sleepmatch in store. expensive but very comfortable!

5 - Excellent product well worth the expense great night sleep pain free in morning cool comfortable

5 - Dreams matched us with the ideal bed. So glad we went to Dreams for our bed. Defo recommend.

5 - A great mattress that feels just right from the first night. It helps with lower back pain.

5 - This is the best mattress we have ever slept on, its comfortable and we sleep very well now.

5 - The mattress moulds to your shape & supports everything perfectly. Never slept this well.

5 - It is a very comfortable matress. I have always a Tempur one and you get used to very quick

5 - Very comfortable. Medium to firm feel but moulds nicely. Good night's sleep from first use.

5 - It took us about 5-7 days to get used to it but we are having a really good sleep on it now

5 - Great service from walking in to the store and the option available to us, to the delivery.

5 - Great mattress, very comfortable. All the aches and pains have gone. Really good value too

5 - Love this mattress. Very comfortable and have had the best nights sleep since it arrived.

5 - I go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I wake up refreshed and ready for life.

5 - Igot fedup with springs If your want a good bed go to dreams thay will look lafter you

5 - It supports my whole body, I have severe back problems and haven’t slept so week in years

5 - It takes a bit of getting used to but really comfortable and no back ache any more for me

5 - From the first day sleep quality started to improve we are getting a better nights sleep

5 - Bought this due to back problems and it seems to be doing the job provides great support

5 - Great mattress which moulds to your body. Can feel quite hot despite the cooling cover

5 - Best bed we have ever slept on wish we had purchased one years ago worth every penny

5 - Takes some getting used to. 3 weeks in and I wouldn't swap it for any other mattress.

5 - Love this mattress. Super comfy and supportive. Far superior to cheaper alternatives.

5 - The Tempur Cooltouch mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

5 - Fantastic service and totally happy with the purchase. Would recomend to everyone.

5 - Amazing matress. Extremely comfortable. Better than any matress i have ever tried.

5 - This mattress is really supportive and comfortable - I am very impressed with it.

5 - Moulds to your body and nice and deep mattress so easy to get in and out of bed.

5 - It’s a dream, words can’t express how my mattress feels. It’s worth every Penny.

5 - Very comfortable, not too warm and makes all other beds feel poor by comparison.

5 - Brilliant mattress well worth the money for the comfort and great night sleep.

5 - Excellent product and entire purchasing and delivery experience was 1st class.

5 - Was a bit sceptical paying so much for a mattress but it was worth every penny

5 - Finally a decent night's sleep. Why on earth didn't I pop into Dreams before.

5 - So incredibly comfortable, and no movement felt qhen the other half fidgets!

5 - This has made a huge difference to my pain levels when I wake in the morning

5 - Like sleeping on a cloud. We have slept so well since having this mattress.

5 - Best night's sleep you will have. I highly recommend This Tempur mattress.

5 - Amazing. Simply amazing. The best mattress I’ve ever slept on in my life.

5 - Amazing mattress. Stops all pains i got befote. Sleep fantastically now

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