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Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress

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Pros and Cons

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  • Users found the Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep experience, contributing to alleviated backaches.
  • The mattress fits well on adjustable bed bases, enhancing sleeping comfort with its flexibility.
  • With its high quality materials, customers appreciate its firmness that is just right, neither too firm nor too soft.
  • Its easy to turn feature supported by handles on the side received high praises among users.
  • The mattress is often described as great value for money, delivering a quality sleep experience at an affordable price.
  • Edge support might not be adequate for those who seat at the edges frequently, as some customers found it too soft causing difficulties when getting up.
  • Some individuals found the initial smell of the mattress lingered longer than expected, which may not sit well with those sensitive to odours.
  • The product may not be the best for those with serious back problems, as a few customers mentioned they would prefer something with greater support.
  • The button tufting, while it adds to the durability of the mattress, was felt as uncomfortable by some people, particularly those sensitive to uneven sleeping surfaces.
  • Scenarios of the mattress slipping on adjustable bed frames was reported, suggesting it may not be ideal for those who require a firm position for their rest.

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Our Thoughts On The Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress


The Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress is a product designed for those who desire personalized comfort without compromising on support or luxury. It presents an impeccable mix of comfort and support owing to its careful layering of opulent materials and intelligent spring system design.

Who is this product for?

With its medium firmness rating, this mattress is ideal for people who sleep on their side or back. They will find the perfect balance of resilience and softness, making their sleep experience rejuvenating every night. This mattress is also quite versatile in accommodating different body weights. Average-weight people are likely to find the utmost comfort and firmness levels befitting their sleep posture and personal preferences.

What do we use this product for?

The Sleepeezee 1000 pocket mattress commingles comfort, style, and function, making it apt for enhancing your sleeping experience. It guarantees an unhindered night's sleep, thanks to the independent movement of its 1000 pocket springs which obviate any motion transfer. Moreover, the layered wool ensures the maintenance of an optimum temperature, keeping you snug in winters and cool in summers. All these features combine to make this product indispensable for a soothing and sound sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

Given the feedback from customers, it's evident that they mostly appreciate the product's supportive and comfortable nature, the relief it gave to their back pain, as well as the value for money it provided. However, there are concerns over edge support that could feel softer to some, making it a bit difficult to get out of bed. Another minor qualm aired by users is about the buttons embedded in the mattress that could occasionally be discomforting. Besides these points, users appear generally satisfied and have expressed high levels of comfort and relief, especially from backaches.

Features you should know about

The Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress possesses several notable features. The luxury of natural wool layering offers comfort and aids in body temperature regulation. The assembly of 1000 individual pocket springs provides unrivaled support, absorbing motion and rendering soothing pressure relief. The soft-touch fabric finish and the hand-tufting add an elegant touch to the mattress while securing the fillings in place. The mattress also requires only rotation every three months for maintenance, making it very user-friendly. Moreover, a 5-year guarantee ensures reliability and value for money for customers.

Our Review

With a balanced perspective, we regard the Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress as a commendable product. The blend of comfort and support is praiseworthy, with the natural wool fillings and independent pocket springs working together to create an optimum sleep environment. Some users may find the edge support a tad soft and the embedded buttons a minor irritant, but overall, these don't detract significantly from the multitude of positives. Taking into consideration the genuine customer reviews, we conclude that this mattress is certainly worth consideration for those prioritizing comfort, support, and value for money.

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Reasons To Buy

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    Includes a free 60-Night Sleep Trial: swap for any other Sleepeezee mattress if you don't love it!

    This specific provision allows you the safety of a trial period, permitting you to exchange the mattress if it doesn't fulfil your sleeping requirements during the initial 60 nights. In turn, this can eliminate the uncertainty that often comes with this type of purchase, ensuring you end up with a mattress totally adapted to your needs.

    Mattress depth: 21cm

    21cm is a great middle-ground for a mattress. Thick enough to house good quality materials and components while being thin enough to fit normal sheets ensuring you do not need to upgrade your bedding unnecessarily.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Free Next Day Delivery with a complimentary Premium Delivery Upgrade to the room of your choice!

    Complete with turning handles

    Single-sided for your convenience

    1000 individual pocket springs for responsive support

    Luxurious layers of natural wool

    Hand-tufted for enhanced support and longevity

    Perfectly balanced medium support

    5 Year Guarantee Weights: Adjustable Small Single: 17.5kg, Adjustable Single: 21.01kg

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