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Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage

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Pros and Cons

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  • Prized for its great design, this bunk bed offers a balance between practical usability and aesthetics.
  • Assembly instructions are clear which makes building the bed quite straightforward, despite being time-consuming.
  • It's a hit with kids who find the prospect of alternating the top bunk exciting.
  • Equipped with lots of storage space in both wardrobe and drawers, ideal for a child's bedroom.
  • Excellent construct quality commended by customers for its strength and durability.
  • Drawers offer significant storage, however, the runners may require a sturdy upgrade for more durability.
  • One of its many highlights is its flush positioning to the floor, an attribute parents particularly find interesting!
  • Its solid structure and high-quality material make it worth the investment, providing value over the long term.
  • The assembly service, if opted for, is thoroughly professional and efficient, leaving customers satisfied.
  • Carefully designed with safety in mind, easy for a 7-year-old to navigate up and down.
  • The bed isn't just functional but also beautiful, adding charm to any children's bedroom.
  • Despite its robust and solid frame, it doesn't overwhelm a kid's room due to its efficient design.
  • The extra storage provided has successfully replaced standalone storage units in many homes, making this bed a practical choice.
  • The bed is not too towering, making it non-intimidating even for toddlers transitioning from a regular bed.
  • Has been an amazing addition to many households, solving both sleep and storage issues in kid's rooms.
  • Perfect for homes trying to maximise space utility without compromising on style.
  • Garners universal approval from kids, with many pleased to call it their bed.

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Our Thoughts On The Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage

The Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage is an all-in-one solution, designed to maximise on space, comfort and practicality. Incorporating a blend of a chic two-tone finish in white and natural wood effect, it brings a fresh, contemporary look to any child's bedroom. This bunk bed is not merely a place for sleep but offers a wealth of storage features including two underbed drawers and a mini-wardrobe.

Who is this product for?

The Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage is ideal for children aged 6 and above, as indicated by the manufacturer. It is perfect for those with a weight limit within the 100kg margin, mattress weight counted. Parents aiming to keep their children's bedrooms tidy, organised and clutter-free would benefit from this all-encompassing sleep and storage solution. It's also a great choice for those with narrow rooms or limited space.

What do we use this product for?

This innovative bunk bed serves multiple purposes. It provides a comfortable sleeping solution with a durable platform top base that prolongs the lifespan of the mattress. Furthermore, its dual underbed storage drawers and an end-storage area that can act as a mini-wardrobe allow for efficient utilisation of space. This built-in storage provides an excellent solution for stashing away clothes, toys and other bits and bobs.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Many customers praised the bed for its sturdy construction, quality, and innovative storage solutions.

  • The professional assembly service received a lot of acclaim; customers found it worth the additional cost.

  • Users were particularly impressed with the convenience the bed brought to shared rooms.

  • However, some customers noted that the bed may be considered a tad pricey, even though many acknowledged that it provided good value with its solid construction and longevity.

Features you should know about

The bunk bed boasts an array of desirable features such as:

  • A stylish two-tone look that adds a fresh aesthetic to the room.

  • Compatibility with UK standard single mattresses.

  • Durable platform top base to enhance mattress longevity.

  • An upright ladder that can be securely positioned either on the left or right side.

  • Two storage drawers and a minibar serving as an ideal storage space.

  • A reassuring 1-year guarantee.

Our Review

In our professional opinion, the Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage represents a fantastic investment in both longevity and practicality. Its various storage solutions offer an efficient means of keeping a child's space organised and clutter-free, a feature that most parents would appreciate. Furthermore, the solid construction ensures durability, providing a bed that kids can grow with, while the two-tone design adds a fresh and modern aesthetic. Though seemingly pricier upfront, its quality craftsmanship, durableness, and multi-functionality grants it a high-value rating, making it a worthy investment. The professional assembly service is a handy add-on that justifies the cost by saving time and hassle. Overall, we would highly recommend the Wren Kids Bunk Bed with Storage for any child's bedroom.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    The upright ladder can be built securely on the left or right

    Offering flexible set-up options, this particular feature facilitates personalized arrangement within your space. An added advantage is its enhanced safety assurance, which can be attributed to its robust and secure construction.

    Compatible with UK standard single mattresses

    UK standard single mattresses typically have specific dimensions that are widely recognised and available in the market. This ensures that customers can readily purchase mattresses without concerns about compatibility.

    Weight limit: 100kg (including mattress weight)

    The frame has a weight limit of 100kg, which includes the weight of the mattress. This weight limit ensures the safe and stable use of the bed, providing peace of mind for both children and adults alike. 

    Recommended age: 6+

    This age recommendation ensures that the bunk bed is suitable for kids who have developed the necessary coordination and maturity to safely navigate and use the bed. 

    Maximum mattress depth for the top bunk: 15cm

    Durable platform top base maximises mattress life

    Fresh two-tone look in white and natural wood effect finish

    All-in-one sleep and storage solution

    2 built-in space saving underbed storage drawers and mini-wardrobe

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