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Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Cube & Desk

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Our Thoughts On The Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Cube & Desk

The Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Cube & Desk is a multi-functional and space-saving piece of bedroom furniture that's designed for kids aged 6 and up. Built with durable solid pine wood and painted in either a tasteful grey or a clean white finish, this bed serves not only as a comfortable place for your little one to sleep but also as a conducive study and storage area. In this review, we're going to delve into the specifications, features, and customer reviews of this product and rate it based on my own assessment and expertise.

Who is this product for?

The Anderson Mid Sleeper is undoubtedly a perfect fit for families who are keen on maximizing their kids’ bedroom space. With its built-in desk and storage, it eliminates the need for additional furniture. This bed is also suitable for children aged six and above who are seeking for a bed that offers a space to rest, study, and store their stuff. It’s also an excellent choice for any parent who wants to invest in a bed that ensures durability and value for money.

What do we use this product for?

Aside from serving as a sleeping area, the Anderson Mid Sleeper offers additional functionality that goes beyond the usual role of a bed. The built-in pull-out desk serves as a dedicated workspace for your child - ideal for homework, hobbies, or play. The storage cube area features generous space perfect for keeping toys, books, and games organised. Overall, the Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed is a multifunctional bedroom fixture that is both practical and stylish.

What customers liked and disliked

Many customers praised the quality, sturdiness, and design of the Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed. They loved the ample storage space, desk area, and the neat bonus of a "secret den", as one reviewer described it. Customers also appreciated the good communication and assembly service provided by the delivery team. On the other hand, any dislikes or negatives comments were not overtly present in the reviews that were provided, hinting at overall positive feedback for the product.

Features you should know about

  • This bed is made from solid pine wood, painted in either a grey or white finish, which adds to its durability and stylish appearance.

  • The Anderson Mid Sleeper features space-saving built-in desk and storage, enhancing functionality without compromising on style.

  • Its capacity to hold up to 100kg (including mattress weight) makes it suitable for kids, teenagers, and even adults.

  • The bed comes with a 1-year guarantee, providing customers with added peace of mind for their purchase.

Our Review

In my professional opinion, I must say that the Anderson Mid Sleeper is a remarkable piece of furniture. Its practicality, versatility and solid construction, coupled with the raving reviews from customers, make it a strong contender in its category. The dual aesthetical choices of white or muted grey provide a sophisticated feel, and the added storage and workspace create an environment fostering both efficiency and creativity. My guess is, any kid would be thrilled to have this bed. It's a cleverly designed, practical and stylish solution for any child’s bedroom needs.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Comes with space saving built-in desk and storage

    Benefiting from a built-in desk and storage, this bed frame additionally contributes to optimising room space. Possessing such features fosters a clean and organised environment, making it an advantageous choice for compact rooms.

    The upright ladder can be built securely on the left or right

    Offering flexible set-up options, this particular feature facilitates personalized arrangement within your space. An added advantage is its enhanced safety assurance, which can be attributed to its robust and secure construction.

    It's made from solid pine wood

    Pine wood is known for its durability and strength, making it suitable for furniture construction. Solid wood construction suggests that the day bed is built to withstand regular use and is less prone to damage or wear and tear.

    Maximum mattress depth: 15cm

    Keeping the mattress within the specified depth range ensures the safety and stability of the bed. It prevents the mattress from being too thick, which could potentially affect the structural integrity of the bed frame.

    Compatible with UK standard single mattresses

    UK standard single mattresses typically have specific dimensions that are widely recognised and available in the market. This ensures that customers can readily purchase mattresses without concerns about compatibility.

    Weight limit: 100kg (including mattress weight)

    The frame has a weight limit of 100kg, which includes the weight of the mattress. This weight limit ensures the safe and stable use of the bed, providing peace of mind for both children and adults alike. 

    Durable wooden solid slat base maximises mattress life

    The bed features a base made of durable wood, which suggests longevity and sturdiness. This can be reassuring to potential buyers as it implies that the bed is built to last.

    Recommended age: 6+

    This age recommendation ensures that the bunk bed is suitable for kids who have developed the necessary coordination and maturity to safely navigate and use the bed. 

    Painted in either a grey or white finish

    Customers can coordinate their bed frame's colour with other furniture pieces or decor elements in the room for a cohesive and harmonious overall design.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Cube & Desk

Question: Where can you buy replacement wheels?

Answer: , Please contact our customer service team and they will be able to look into this for you. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Can you change the position of the step and desk?

Answer: , These do not attach to the frame itself, so this can indeed be swapped into the middle. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: My room is 199cm length. Will the assembly team be able to build the bed into this tight space? Thankyou

Answer: , Unfortunately this would not provide enough space for the assembly team to build the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: I have 2 questions and all the answers so far conflict.   Please confirm: 1. Can you swap the desk & ladder so the desk is at the right hand end and the ladder at the left? 2. Can the chest of drawers also go at either end once you have swapped these?

Answer: Hi , Sorry for the confusion, the ladder and drawers can be swapped to your desired side. Thank you for your question.

Question: Do the cubes have to be connected to the bed?  I don't want them under the bed but would use them else where in room.

Answer: Hello , The cubes can be removed and used elsewhere if needed too. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Is the 3' or the 3' euro mattress the right dimension for the Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with desk? Can you specify what should be the dimensions of the mattress?

Answer: Hi , The suitable mattress for the Tinsley should be 90 x 190cm with a maximum depth of 15cm Kind regards Dreams

Question: May I only buy the bed frame?

Answer: , Unfortunatley this bed is not available without the additional desk or storage options. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Is the panels blue and pink or in white available?

Answer: , Unfortunately the panels are only available as the reversible blue and pink colours. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the bed come with a guarantee? And if so, how many years is this?

Answer: Hello , This comes with a 1 years manufacturers guarantee. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Does the desk go completely under the bed, or does it stick out?

Answer: , The desk will fit entirely under the bed frame, so will be completely tucked away. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Please advise what depth the mattress should be - you only advised the width and length. Thank you.

Answer: Hello, Sorry about that, we recommend a mattress no deeper than 15cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can the drawer unit go on the other end of bed ie right hand end as you look at the bed? And therefore can the desk go on the left hand side? 

Answer: , Yes the desk and drawer unit are on wheels therefore can be positioned where desired. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Can the drawers go front facing rather than at the end of the bed? 

Answer: , The drawers can be built separately and don't have to placed at the end of the bed Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi can you buy it so that the ladders are on the left hand side and the desk on the right instead

Answer: Hi , I can confirm that the ladder can be swapped to be on the left or the right. Many thanks for your question,

Question: What are the dimensions of the chest of drawers please?

Answer: Hi The Chest of Drawers dimensions are: H73cm x W99cm. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: What are the dimensions on the cubes in the cube unit? Do they fit storage boxes?

Answer: , Please see below cube dimensions; 80cm (Length) 43cm (Depth) 71cm (Height) Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi Whats the interior cube dimensions of both the cubes for the desk and the cube shelving please? Trying to find out what baskets would fit. Thanks

Answer: , Please see below cube dimensions; 80cm (Length) 43cm (Depth) 71cm (Height) Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can i use this bed as a floor bed at the beginning and later build as a mid sleeper?

Answer: , Unfortunately due to the way the bed in constructed, this would not be possible. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: What is the depth of the bed where the mattress goes. I've seen one which is 23cm in depth, would this fit? 

Answer: Hello , This bed will take a mattress of around 15cm depth. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can the panels be just white instead if blue or pink?.I would like my son couldnyounit once my daughter has overgrown it. Thanks

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately these panels came as they are in the colours provided. Thank you for your question.

Question: How wide is the bed with the desk fully open please

Answer: Hello , The desk pulled out will be another metre long. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can the ladder go on the other end of the bed?

Answer: , The upright ladder can be built securely on the left or right of the bed. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Hello - please can you let me know the dimensions of the desk when it is pulled out.  Many Thanks.

Answer: Hello , The desk pulled out will be another metre long. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: What are the dimensions for the deep cube unit and chest of drawers please? Wondering if these could be swapped as we will be unable to access bed from either end - thinking cubes could be truned around for under bed cubby holes. Many thanks

Answer: Hi , If you want to put them up, the cube sizes are 33cm H by 30cm W. Yes it can be swapped. Thank you.

Question: I know the items are free standing and can be moved about but can you please confirm that the drawer unit can be swapped with the cube storage unit and will fit under the bed alongside the desk?

Answer: , The drawers and the cube storage can be swapped over and will fit in place. Many thanks Dreams

Question: If I order today, will I get for Christmas Thanks

Answer: Hi , Sorry, unfortunately it is too late for pre-Christmas delivery. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Can the desk and drawers be removed to create a play space underneath? 

Answer: Hi , Yes the desk and drawers are free standing so can be moved around. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the maximum depth (thickness) of a mattress that can be safely used with this bunk please?

Answer: Hello , We recommend a mattress no deeper than 15cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hi. One of the 'sliders' (for want of a better word) for the desk has split due to some climbing on the desk that added more weight than the desk was meant to carry. Is there anyone I can contact to get a replacement part, please?

Answer: , If you contact our Customer Service team they can look into this for you. Many thanks Dreams

Question: can you tell me the price for assembly of the tinsley mid sleeper

Answer: Hello, The assembly cost will be £38. This will be available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can the tent be purchased separately so we can buy the full desk/drawer combination and the tent?

Answer: Hi , No this is not possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your question.

Question: In the photo the desk is at the end of the unit, can it go in the middle where the storage cube is shown? 

Answer: Hi , All of the units are free standing so you can place them as you wish. Thank you for your question.

Question: What tools are required??

Answer: , The tools required to assemble will be provided in the Fixing kit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: how much does this bed weigh?

Answer: Hello , The complete bed weighs approximately 123kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can I have two sets of drawers rather than drawers and pull out desk?

Answer: , Unfortunatley this bed is not customisable and is only available as advertised. Many thanks

Question: Many contradictory answers here to the same Q - please could you confirm once and for all: can you swap the drawers (from the head of the bed) with the cube (next to the desk) and all is still flush (no gaps)? I.e. The drawers and cube units are equal?

Answer: , Yes, the drawers and cube can be swapped. Apologies for the confusion. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi what is the floor to slats measurement please... Many thanks

Answer: Hello , The distance is approximately 72.5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: What is underbed height?

Answer: Hello Anna, The clearance under the bed is 72.5 cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can the ladder go at the other end?

Answer: Hello , Yes the ladder can go at either end. Many thanks or your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Can you have the pink and white one with the ladders on the right hand side?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, the ladder can be built on either the right or left hand side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What kind of wood is it made from? Thanks 

Answer: , This frame is made from a mix of white painted solid wood and mdf. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What type of wood is the bed made out of?

Answer: , This frame is made from a mix of white painted solid wood and mdf. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can the ladder and desk swap ends?

Answer: Hello , Yes the ladder and desk can be swapped. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: what is the desk size please.

Answer: , The width of the desk is 66cm and the length of the desk is 80cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: can you put the drawers where the cube storage is ???

Answer: Hi , The drawers are free standing. We hope this helps you & thank you for your question.

Question: where can you purchase the desk seat that is shown in the photo? Does it come with the bed, or do you buy it separately? if separately, can you point where?

Answer: , Unfortunatley this product is not longer available to purchase. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: What type of wood is this made from? 

Answer: , The bed frame is made from solid pine, and the furniture is MDF. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is the cube unit & the chest of drawers the same measurements so I could swap their position? I know they are freestanding units but I need to know if the drawers can be placed where the cube is & (and have enough space to open the drawers)?

Answer: , Yes, the cube unit and chest of drawers are interchangeable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I think your answer to my prior Q may be incorrect. See photos from some reviewers who have swapped the drawers and cubes? Can you check with the stores to be certain? I can’t visit at the moment due to coronavirus travel restrictions. Thanks 

Answer: , Apologies for the confusion, these two elements can be swapped. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi Can you choose to not install the desk to begin with and then add it at a later date? Thanks

Answer: Hi , The desk is free standing so you can add this when you wish. Thank you for your question.

Question: What age does this go up to? Could an adult sleep in it?

Answer: , We do not advise a maximum age limit for our kids bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The downloadable instructions say the ladder and desk can be placed either side, are these wrong as I have purchased this bed recently on the basis that the instructions are correct?

Answer: Hello , The instructions will be correct and this can be done. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What are the dimensions of the useable gap/space left if you don’t get the version with the drawer unit included please?

Answer: , Between the two legs at the end of the bed, it is an 80cm gap. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Can you buy an extra cube storage unit and would it fit in the gap/space left by not having the drawer unit? Looking for extra storage but we don’t have the space to open the drawers sadly. Thank you.

Answer: , Unfortunately you cannot by the cube storage unit separately. Thanks, Dreams

Question: What is the maximum age for this bed? 

Answer: Hello , We do not have a specific age limit for this product. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can you swap the storage cube and the desk so that the desk is in the middle and the storage cube at the end? 

Answer: , Yes these can be easily swapped over as they are on wheels. Thanks, Dreams

Question: You say all units are free standing does this mean they can go in location ie draws in the middle and the desk at the end?. Does the desk attach with runners to the bed to pull out on ?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you can move these about and put them in an order that suits you. Thank you.

Question: Is this the size of a single bed or smaller?  My daughter is nearly 6 but would like it to last a few years 

Answer: , This mid-sleeper accommodates a standard single mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: can you have the Orientation the other way round so draws and ladder on on the right, desk on the left?

Answer: , Yes, the ladder and desk can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How far does the desk/table stick out when pushed in is it flush or does it stick out? If it sticks out how far is this?

Answer: , The desk sits flush with the frame when it is pushed in. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi, what size matress does this bed take? Normal single or small single? Thank you 

Answer: , This bed is suitable for a standard 3'0 single mattress. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Can I to order just desk

Answer: , Unfortunately the desk is not available to purchase separately. Many thanks

Question: Hi the width is showing 190cm but what is the width with the desk pushed in as I'm guessing it's 190cm with the desk pulled out

Answer: , When the desk isn't extended, the bed is 106cm's wide. Many thanks Dreams

Question: what is the width of the bed when the desk is not extended out?

Answer: , When the desk isn't extended, the bed is 106cm's wide. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Could the shelves on the end of the desk unit be assembled the other way so that they are accessed from under the assembled desk rather than from the outside of the desk?

Answer: Hi , The chest is free standing so you can place it where you wish. Thank you.

Question: hi we already have the bed but would like to add the chest of draws is it possible to buy these separatley

Answer: , Unfortunatley they are not available to purchase separately. Many thanks

Question: Can the drawers position be changed to the front between desk and steps ? 

Answer: , The drawers and storage can indeed be swapped over. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Hi, what is the width of the bed without the desk pulled out please? The dimensions given only refer to the maximum when the desk is extended. Thanks 

Answer: , The bed is 106cm wide without the desk pulled out. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the cubes be swapped around with the drawers?

Answer: , The cubes and the drawers can be swapped over. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Can you have it with two x cube storage instead of the desk?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not, this only comes as seen. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What is the height of the tinsley mid sleeper?

Answer: , The height of the Tinsley Midsleeper is 109cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi there,  Please can you let me know if the ladder and desk can be swapped around?  Many thanks

Answer: , The ladder and the desk can be swapped around. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What is the full width of the bed at the desk end when the desk is fully extended out. The only width measurement you have is at the other end of the bed and this looks like it includes the depth of the ladder

Answer: , The full width when the desk is fully extended is 192cm. Many thanks

Question: What is the depth of the cubes? TIA

Answer: , The internal depth of the cubes are 41.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hello, Do you know when your stores will be open? Will this bed be on display in Potters bar, Finchley or Colindale stores? Thanks

Answer: , All our stores will be open from 15th June. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, is it possible to ship to Italy (Como)? Thank you, Barbara

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not ship overseas. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: What size are each the cubes please? 

Answer: Hi , The cube sizes are 33cm H by 30cm W. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can the amount that the desk pulls out be adjusted? So if we wanted, the desk could be pulled out only for ~30cm?

Answer: Hi , You can just pull out the required length if you wish. Thank you.

Question: Can the drawers and the box shelves be swapped around? Thanks

Answer: , The desk and the cube can be swapped over. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the ladder go either side? Previous answers from manny 9 said only can be placed on side seen in photo but earlier he said instructions correct and can be placed either side. Please provide definitive answer. Thank you 

Answer: Hi , Yes this ladder can go either side. Thank you for your question.

Question: HI what is the width of the desk when it pulled out Thanks

Answer: Hi , This will be another metre wider. Many thanks for your question,

Question: Is dimension D including the ladder or width or just the bed width

Answer: , This dimension includes the ladder. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: What is the depth of the frame around the mattress in order to hang a little shelf? Is it more than 2.5 cm?

Answer: Hello , The depth of the frame is 33cm. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can you tell me the dimensions of the cube storage please? Thank you. 

Answer: Hello , This will be H 33cm x W 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What is the height of the desk when pulled out.

Answer: Hello , The height of this will be 72cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi, it says this bed is solid wood, which would suggest it isn’t made from chipboard/particleboard or MDF. Can you confirm this please?

Answer: Hi , This frame is a mixture of both MDF and painted wood. Thank you.

Question: Hello. How havy is the product?

Answer: , The complete product weight is 123Kg. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Can the drawers be put at the front of this bed and cubes at the side?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this can be done. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does it come with the cube seat?

Answer: This frame does not come with the seat included. Thanks,

Question: Good Morning, I have seen in other peoples pictures that they have swapped the cubes and the drawers around so that the cubes are at the end of the bed and the drawers are next to the desk. Please could you confirm this is definitely possible. Thank yo

Answer: , The cubes and the drawers can be swapped over. Thanks

Question: Please can you tell me how wide the desk is? I know how much it sticks out sideways, but I need to know how wide it is (ie in the direction from the head to foot of the bed).

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 67cm. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hello, what is the length of the desk when pulled out? thanks

Answer: , The length of the desk is 80cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is this suitable for 13+ years

Answer: , Yes, this bed will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Where is the bed made in?

Answer: , This bed is made in Estonia. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Hi what is the width without the ladder ie is 105cm including the ladder width? Please can you specify width at the end without the ladder? Thanks Rachel

Answer: Hi , This measurement would be approx. 90cm. Thank you.

Question: Are the drawers for sale separately ??  If so how much ? 

Answer: Hello, No they are not I'm afraid. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi Can you tell me what the width of the bed is including the stairs width? The book and website dont appear to include this to my knowledge. Thanks!

Answer: , This dimension is 106cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How long is this bed? The dimensions shown here state 198cm however the brochure I picked up in store yesterday states 208cm. Which is correct? Also does the width include the ladder or is that extra cm?

Answer: Hi , 198cm is the correct length. Thank you.

Question: Hi. Can you put the drawers where the storage cube is and the storage cube at the end of the bed?

Answer: Hi , Drawers are free standing. Thank you.

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Customer Reviews For The Anderson Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Cube & Desk

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Great bed, fits well in a small bedroom and my daughter loves it. She is 11, it is a full size bed so suitable for older kids. The delivery team were great and gave us some tips on the best way to build the bed. It took a while but was not too complicated to do.

5 - Naught this for my eldest son after he out grew his toddler bed. Straight forward to build yourself and only needed help from the Mrs when you stand the frame up, other than that it can be built on your own. The boy loves it, especially his “den” underneath.

5 - Great little bed with lots of space. My daughter loves it. The inbuilt desk means that you can tuck away for more floor space when needed as well. Would be perfect coming with some ready to fit boxes for the shelves but you can buy them separately that fit.

5 - I wanted to get a bed which was good value, but sturdy and built to last. We got it in the winter sale so the price was reduced, but the quality of the product is very good. It was very easy to build and our son is very much enjoying his new big boy's bed!

5 - Bought this for my10 year old son. Was delivered punctually and assembled perfectly. Bed feels sturdy and good quality. Spacious drawers and very practical to store and display bits and bobs. And best of all my son is over the moon and now loves bedtime!

5 - We went into store to buy a bed for us and ended up buying a bed for our son instead. The quality was excellent and a really good price. (We also got 20%off for buying a mattress too) my son loves it and he can go under it too and makes it his little den.

5 - Superb cabin bed for toddler - our soon to be 4 year old son loves his new bed! We’ve turned the space behind the desk into a reading nook with lights, cushions and a blanket which he adores hiding in! A family friend has already ordered one for her son

5 - Great and fun bed, my daughter loves it and is so excited to use it. It is also really well made and extremely useful with a lot of storage space. It's just the right size to fit in the space of her old single bed and more comfortable. Excellent value.

5 - Son really happy with his new bed. Lots of hidey holes. Deep drawers for clothes. Nice shade of grey. Instructions relatively easy to follow. Purchased with mattress so got welcome discount on the bed. It's good quality and, hopefully, built to last

5 - I absolutely love this bed. It’s such good quality and it has so much storage.y whole family love it and my nephews have even been pestering their parents for one. I will definitely be purchasing another one once my daughter is old enough for one.

5 - I brought two of these for my teenage boys about 2 months ago and they absolutely love them. Delivery was prompt and a very polite man came and put them together and removed all the packaging. 100% recommend this product for people of any age

5 - Purchased for a 5 year old boy. He has the small box room so this was a perfect addition. Quality at home build service which I was delighted with as my DIY skills are non existent! No product complaints. Delivered quicker than anticipated too.

5 - This is the second mid sleeper I have purchased and am delighted. My children love the 'Den' underneath and it's perfect for them as they continue to grow. There is so much additional storage for all an 11 and 10 year old need. Perfect product

5 - We bought this a month ago and my son loves it. The quality is good and being able put the drawers and shelves where we want it great as we had limited space. It did take us twice as long to put up as it says it should, but once up it was great.

4 - I brought this bed for my son. Lovely bed, comfy mattress. Only downside is the pink panelling on the other side of the blue. You can see this under the bed and my son (and us) not happy with it. We are going to put a poster over it or paint it!

4 - Bought a month ago for my 4 year old son. Built on my own, would have been useful if parts were lavelled/numbered to help when following instructions, but built it in a few hours ok. Great compact bed with storage units to have in box bedroom.

5 - Bought this beginning of feb and had it delivered within 7 weeks. My daughter was absolutely thrilled with it! Loves the little hideaway she can play in and loves the table she can do her homework at in peace and quiet away from her brothers!

5 - I bought this for my son’s 5th Birthday as he needed a ‘big boys bed’. Very straight forward to assemble. Great finish & quality. He can easily climb up & down the ladder safely. Fabulous under bed den space. Perfect for a small room.

5 - My kids adore it ,they been sleeping under it,next to it,its great fun,even i slept under it The guys who put it all did a fabulous job,were done in no time ,definitely recommend this its hard to find a good bed & fun at the same time

5 - Very happy with the bed. It’s good quality, feels durable and the desk and drawers can be opened with ease. Service was excellent, bed delivered at a time convenient to us and assembled in one hour and forty five minutes as promised.

5 - Our 4 year old son loves this bed; great for sleeping, creating and hide and seek We paid for them to build it and it’s really sturdy though a couple of the plastic bits that hide the screws are missing but it doesn’t impact the bed.

5 - Great, sturdy bed. Went together really simply. Delivery brilliant (for both the mattress which was delivered by Dreams and the bed, delivered by third party). Have absolutely no quibbles and have an absolutely delighted little boy!

5 - Second one of these we have bought, very impressed by the value. Kids love them! Couple of little small points with minor dinks out the wood work here and there but nothing to be overly worried about. Overall well made and sturdy.

3 - Just had this 1 week. Delivery took longer than expected. My son loves it sleeps well good quality and secure. Took more than a day to build need more than one person to build. Overpriced but keeps my son happy. Plenty of storage.

5 - Bought this last month, very easy to assemble and my daughter loves it! With the chest of drawers, cube and desk theres plenty storage space that frees up space in the bedroom and also leaves a space in behind for a wee hideaway!

5 - Had delivery about 2 weeks ago., and it took about 2hours to put together as per instructions., my daughter loves it - she loves the desk that can just be pulled out so she can do her home-work., brilliant bed for a small rooms.

5 - Our 4 year old boy loves it. He has no problem climbing up and down the ladder and enjoys hiding behind the cupboards! Good storage, reasonably easy to put together, but took a bit longer than anticipated! Sleeps well in it too.

5 - I bought this mid sleeper for my 7 year old daughter. She loves everything about it. The quality is outstanding it's going to last for years. We paid Dreams to build to build it for us. Excellent quick service.Thank you Dreams.

5 - Bought two of these for both my kids my children absolutely love these they also look the part really good quality,one thing I would say took my husband about four days in total to complete in-between doing his normal job,lol.

5 - My 6 year old loves this. It great as it's not too high and he love the box shelves. We didn't use the desk as opted to have more space for him to play. It can always be added in when he's older. Easy to follow instructions.

5 - I brought this item & also paid for assembly. The assembly was super fast & great service, ny little girl loves the bed & once the desk is pulled out she has a den underneath, more than happy! Very solid & sturdy too

5 - Bed is excellent with ideal storage for my daughter's bedroom. The room is very tidy and looks bigger. Bed was easy to assemble and very comfy. Delivery was very quick. No problems at all. Very pleased with the bed.

5 - I brought this for my 6 year old kid and he just loved it. It is perfect for a small room. Great bed with excellent storage space with a desk. Very well made and very sturdy. Very good value and highly recommended.

5 - Lovely bed, very strong and sturdy. Excellent value for money. The man who assembled it for me was very nice indeed, friendly and polite, left no mess behind. All in all, a first class service from start to finish!

5 - Brilliant, great quality and fantastic service from start to finish. Bought for my son who is 6, he loves the fact there is a 'den' too! Versatile and extremely handy for extra storage, would definitely recommend!

5 - Bought for my daughter, very easy to assemble, although did take us more than the advised 1 hour! Seems to be a good sturdy bed. I bought with the recommended mattress which means it is safer for my little girl.

4 - I bought this in November got delieved Dec.. was a wait for the bed but was happy when it was built up as it's a good strong bed and jus what my son waited as we had looked around for a while for a good decent bed

5 - Perfect for my little ones small box room. It has so much storage and a variety of ways to put it together to make use of the room as possible. Very well made and the instructions were very clear to understand.

4 - I bought the middlesleeper three months ago and found the instructions easy to follow. I think the midsleeper could be a little shorter with the ladder my son found the bed difficult to go up and down the ladder.

4 - We bought this product for our daughter and we so glad we did! It was so easy to assemble and our daughter loves it! The pull out desk is a great feature and all the various storage bits are great for toys etc.

5 - My daughter loves this bed. Looks great in her room, lots of added storage and a great little den underneath. Really pleased with this purchase. It’s a sturdy piece of furniture and the mattress is comfortable.

5 - Very sturdy so far. We paid extra to have it assembled which was definitely worth it. The full set creates a cool hide-out spot for little ones, our daughter loves it. Or an additional storage space underneath.

5 - This unit is very sturdy and smart looking. We bought it for our granddaughter, who is 17yrs old, which is why we went for a quality product. She is very pleased with it and now has extra space in her bedroom.

5 - Great product very strong and sturdy and well made easy to put together I did it on my own so the recommended 2 people will put it together real easy would definitely recommend this bed my little boy loves it

4 - Bought this for my Son. He seems really happy with it. I like that it's solid wood. Only niggle is the metal fixtures for the storage which were clearly cheap and 2 of them broke while we were building it.

5 - Brought this midsleeper for my daughters tiny bedroom. My husband built the bed which came with very clear instructions. The quality and design of the bed is fantastic and we have one very happy little girl.

5 - I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who has the smallest room and this fits really well. She's settled in very well and likes the space underneath as a secret den. The bed is very sturdy and well made.

5 - What a great bed, really impressed. Loads of storage just what we needed. Would highly recommend. The bedroom isn't very big and this just fit great giving the extra storage we needed and my boy loves it.

5 - I bought this a month ago for an 8 year old. My child loves it! Not to high, the desk has come in very handy, plenty of storage & space underneath for a ‘den!’ Very happy customer & equally happy child.

5 - Purchased this bed for my six year old. Good delivery and fairly straight forward to put together. My daughter loves it and it looks great in her newly decorated bedroom and stores all her stuff nicely.

5 - My nephew delighted with his new bed. It’s sturdy (his Dad tried it out) and looks great. Was told it would take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery but was delivered within 4 weeks. Very impressed with service.

5 - We are very happy with the bed. it is very well made the drawers are deep and strong. Plenty of storage options And most importantly our daughter loves it Would definitely recommend to anyone.

5 - Great all around bed, easy to build, my daughter was over the moon. She loved the space underneath to make a camp. I put fairyvlights under there for her to great a fairy village. Would recommend

5 - Excellent bed for my little girls bedroom, she’s over the moon with it. The delivery was really quick & the guy assembled it and removed all the packaging. Excellent service from start to finish.

5 - Everything has been great, from ordering, date to deliver and build, the guy who built it was lovely and of course the actual bed is great and my 7 year old loves it!!! I’m a happy customer :-)

5 - The bed was east to put together but the cube was a nightmare instructions are not clear and the runs for the desk are tricky. But once put together it’s a great bed for a small bedroom perfect

4 - We bought this bed in December for our 6 year old. It's sturdy, offers loads of flexible storage and even provides a secret hiding place! He loves it as do his friends who visit. Amazing value!

5 - I bought this for my 7 year old and she absolutely loves it....she has the desk for being grown up and she has made a den underneath for her pals! Very sturdy and looks smart and tidy too.....

5 - Definitely takes more than the stated time to construct unless you’ve done it before maybe. But don’t let that put you off. Full instructions provided. Looks smart and daughter loves her den!

5 - Bought this recently, really easy to put together and looks great once finished. Really nice finish all of the components and helps us make maximum use of space with the built in storage.

5 - We bought this for my daughter's room as she has the box room and storage is an issue. This has solved all those problems. My daughter loves her new bed and now has a secret den as well.

5 - Great quality, easy to put together, mostly can be done by 1 person with just a second pair of hands needed for a few minutes to put together the bed frame. My daughter loves her new bed

5 - We bought this bed, it's brilliant paid for it to be built and it was completed in no time. They guys were great and friendly. The build of this bed is amazing quality highly recommended

5 - Good quality bed which my son absolutely loves. Loads of storage with the drawers and cube and also in the end of the desk. He also loves playing and hiding in his den underneath the bed

5 - We brought an ex display bed service from the store in Chelmsford was superb from start to finish a lovely bed at a bargain price have used dreams a lot and would highly recommend them

4 - We brought a set each for my son and daughter, they are fantastic bed sets with easy to follow instructions. The sets fit very well together and the guide timings were pretty accurate.

5 - 12 year old loves it. She is an avid reader and writer and loves all the space for books and the desk. As she has a small room this is a great bed for maximising the space in her room

5 - I bought this for my grandson as his bedroom is very small and he needed a desk to do his schoolwork. I was also really pleased that he can fit his keyboard on the desk He loves it

5 - Takes a very long time to our together but is nice and solid with a good quality appearance when done. I do wonder how long the pullout desk setup will last, but it's held up so far.

5 - Superb, little one loves the bed. We opted for the bed, cube and desk which meant plenty of space for a little den underneath. Easy to put together and easy to follow instructions.

5 - Very happy with this bed, even though it says recommended for 6+ my boy is 4 and its fine and safe for him. Very study and the drawers are very big, lots of space for clothes etc

5 - This was purchased for my 7yr old son, he loves it, fantastically sturdy and great design. My 5yr old daughter now wants one with the pink inserts. They both love playing with it.

4 - Brought this bed for our 4 year old Granddaughter. Very pleased with it and so is she. Took 2 people around 3 hrs to put up Instructions were good and relatively easy to make.

4 - This was quick and relatively easy to put together. The ladder is strong and secure and my son loves having a desk. This is a sturdy bed and my 4 year old son is safe using it.

5 - The bed is fantastic! Has so many compartments whilst not taking up much room! My daughter especially loves that there is a 'Den' underneath the bed once the desk is pulled out!

5 - Excellent all-in-one (bed, drawers and a store away desk) piece for children. Very reasonable price, especially when you consider the bedding that comes as part of the package!

5 - Really solid bed. Our little one loves it. She loves the space under the bed and has made a den. The desk is great for when she has homework to do. It’s perfect for our space

5 - My 7 year old loves her new bed. Its a really sturdy bed and should last a long time due to the quality. Fab way of getting lots of storage without using up lots of space.

5 - Lovely bed and good quality. Customer service team eventually sorted out a problem about a certain hole not being drilled out for the desk runner, and sent a replacement.

4 - I bought for my son, his 1st big boy bed & he loves it. Great for storage & made of strong stuff. It did take a bit longer than expected to put together but well worth it.

5 - Fabulous raised bed, my daughter loves it and especially that she has a den underneath with the desk pulled out. Good quality and just what we wanted. Highly recommended.

5 - Great quality, straightforward instructions to put together, the drawers, cube storage and desk are interchangeable which is brilliant! very pleased and would recommend

5 - Son has had this bed for a month now, love it. Arrived within expected time and assembly instructions easy to follow. Well made and space saver with drawers underneath

5 - Bought and told circa 6 weeks for delivery - Was only 3 which was great had it assembled nd the guy did great job, very sturdy bed and looks great our child loves it.

5 - Bought this for my 6 years old who has a small bedroom, it fitted perfectly. It took a little while to put together but it looks fantastic and can tell it’s well made.

5 - It’s a great bed, really sturdy. My daughter loves it. Took a long time to put it together, as parts weren’t labelled with numbers. Other than that highly recommended.

5 - I bought this for the tiniest room in the house. Good price, fast delivery and the assembly guys were great, very helpful . Overall, very pleased with the purchase.

5 - Our 5 year old loves this bed - he loves the extra space he has underneath for more room to play. The drawers and cabinet that comes with the bed are very useful

5 - Bought this for my little boy as his bedroom was tiny and we had no room for storage. He loved it, and the extra storage is perfect for his clothes, bedding etc

5 - Excellent piece of furniture, very helpful. Lots of storage spaces, and our son loves playing underneath the bed too. Very flexible storage and great purchase.

3 - Great bed! My son loves it and sleep so much better in it. It has great storage space meaning he can have more room to play. Stronger bed and very well built.

5 - We wanted a bad and a desk for our son, that just started school. But this bed gave us that and more. As it have bookshelves. Toy storage and a set of draws.

5 - Son loves it, perfect for a small space. Solid and durable. Can't fault service from buying to putting together. Will definitely be buying from Dreams again.

5 - We bought this for our daughter and she loves it. Really practical but, she says it's so comfortable. We're struggling to get her out of bed in the morning!

5 - I bought this a couple of months ago for my 4 year old and he loves it. Lots of room for storage underneath the bed, easy to assemble and sturdy once up.


5 - Took one of us about 8 hours to build. Really good quality, sturdy bed. Haven't built the desk as my 4 year old loves the space underneath for her den.

5 - Very good quality bed. Well worth the money. Drawers and accessories also very good quality. My son loves the “secret den” behind the pull out desk.

4 - Not the easiest to put together. Expected better quality drawers for the price. Overall I am happy with the product but it has only been slept in once.

5 - My boy really loves his new bed, its great for small rooms. The instruction are not very clear and so I feel that maybe they should label the pieces.

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