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Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Today we are excited to present the Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame by Dreams, a fashionable and practical addition to any sleeping space. This guide will equip you with all the essential details about this remarkable bed frame.

The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame delivers a space-efficient solution for individuals requiring additional storage. Its side-opening ottoman design offers ample internal storage with a 20cm depth, making it ideal for maintaining an organized room. The bed frame also comes with sprung slats for enhanced support and comfort, ensuring a peaceful slumber.

Who will it suit?

This bed frame is perfect for those seeking a cozy and stylish storage option. It's an excellent choice for people with limited bedroom space or anyone searching for a contemporary and functional bed frame.

What did customers like?

Buyers were impressed with the modern design of the Wilson bed frame. The premium fabric upholstery, along with the scroll-designed headboard and footboard, lends it a sophisticated and chic appearance. The bed frame's easy assembly was another plus, as numerous customers commended the concise instructions and uncomplicated process.

The side-opening ottoman design was well-received, with users finding it practical and user-friendly. The storage capacity was also highly valued, as customers were able to neatly and conveniently store various items.

The sprung slats were recognized as a vital feature, contributing extra support and comfort while also extending the mattress's lifespan. The bed frame's robust construction and overall quality also earned high marks.

What did customers not like?

Some buyers initially found the gas lift mechanism to be rigid. However, it appeared to become more flexible with use, eventually easing operation over time. A handful of customers noted that the assembly process could be somewhat lengthy, but most managed it successfully with the guidance of the included instructions.

Final thoughts?

To conclude, Dreams' Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a top-notch option for individuals seeking an elegant, comfortable, and practical storage solution. With its refined design, superior fabric, and generous storage capacity, this bed frame offers outstanding value for your investment. Customers have lauded its durability, simple assembly, and overall quality, making it a sought-after selection for any bedroom.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Uses sprung slats

    The design of sprung slats promotes better airflow around the mattress. This increased ventilation helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment.

    Sprung slats for added support and comfort

    Sprung slats can prolong the life of your mattress by distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points. This helps prevent sagging and can maintain the integrity of the mattress for a longer period.

    It’s available in a range of colours and fabrics

    It’s available in grey (fabric), silver (fabric) or black (faux leather)

    With an internal storage depth of 20cm

    Matches our Wilson bedside chest in silver or grey and our Lucia storage chest in silver

    With a fabric ottoman base

    A side opening ottoman

    Offers space saving storage

    With a cloth ottoman base

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: Hello Someone previously asked which side the ottoman opens up and they got an answer saying left hand side.. I got told off a man who works in one of the stores that it depends on the way you build it, so either side? Is this correct? Thanks

Answer: Hello, Apologies for this, yes the gentleman in the store is correct, this bed can be opened either side it all depends on how it is assembled. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hi Is there  weight limit for this bed?

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Looking for Quin size

Answer: , I am afraid that this bed frame is only available up to King Size. We do offer a selection of other frames up to Super King, including some ottoman beds. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have a room that is 240cm wide, will this bed fit In? Many thanks 

Answer: Hello , The bed will fit within the room for both sizes. Please make sure to measure around furniture when looking at the dimensions on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

Question: What are the dimensions of just the base of the bed? (I assume the dimensions already listed are from the outside edges at the top). Thanks. 

Answer: , The dimensions for all sizes are as below: Small Double - 201.5cm (L) x 130cm (W) Double - 201.5cm (L) x 1245cm (W) King - 209.5cm (L) x 160.5cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this have boards in the base to keep things off the ground or is it just a bit of cloth separating them from the floor? 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. The base of the ottoman (where you put items you wish to store) is made of fabric and not solid wood. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it difficult to assemble by myself?

Answer: , We would advise that 2 people assemble this bed. You could add the assembly option, which would allow our team to assemble it for you on arrival. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Can get in instalment ?

Answer: , We offer finance on orders for the value of £500 and above. You can find more information on this here: Many thanks JSDreams

Question: I've read a few comments that state this bed is lower than it looks - can you give me the height from the ground to the base of the mattress?

Answer: Hello , The height up to the side rail measures at 26cm, the full height will be dependent on the depth of the mattress you choose. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Does this bed come with a mattress or do you have buy it as extra..

Answer: Hello , The Wilson Bed Frame does not come with a mattress. Choose from our wide range of mattresses here: Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: URGENT! In trying to make up the Ottoman Wilson (sister staying 4 October), the frame rose up (mattress on it) and I can't lower it. Please tell me what to do. Assembly instructions do not help. I have no manual. Thanks

Answer: , We're sorry to hear about this. Please get in touch with our customer service team as they are best place to support you in getting this sorted. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: what size are the slats?

Answer: , The slats will be different dimensions depending on the size of bed that you require. If you can confirm the size I can advise of the slat dimensions. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the measurements of the bottom of the bed length wise, leg to leg, do the measurements of 221cm include the arches in the head board and the bottom of the bed

Answer: , The measurement is 222cm from the head end to the foot end, including the scroll edges. The measurement not including the scroll edges is 213cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can you purchase replacement slats in the double size? Some of mine have snapped 

Answer: , We would recommend calling our customer service team on 0800 652 6750 or chatting to a member of our web chat team - both will be able to help here. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi what length is this bed end to end , basically how much room does it need

Answer: Hi The length of this bed frame is as follows, small double and double is 221cm (87in) and the king is 231cm (91in). Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Is it the ottoman lift heavy? 

Answer: , This ottoman is lifted using gas pistons so it shouldn't be too heavy to left. Though this does also depend on variables, such as mattress weight. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: We just bought the bed but the gas lift won't work when attached the bed won't go down how do we fix this?

Answer: , Please get in contact with our customer service team as they are best placed to put you in contact with a team to advise further on this one! Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is this bed (Wilson Silver Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame) available in the 4ft double? The dropdown box to select size doesn't show it as an option but it is an option in teh dimension section.

Answer: Hi , The Wilson bed frame is available in a 4ft double, however only in the grey colour option. The silver is a standard double and king size only. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can this bed lift from the bottom instead of the side ?

Answer: , This bed is a side opening ottoman, however you can assemble the bed so the ottoman opens from the left or the right depending on your preference. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Once assembled is it possible to change side which opens if need to change in future? 

Answer: , After the bed is assembled, if you need to change the ottoman in the future you would need to dismantle the ottoman and reassemble the other side. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Am I able to purchase the foot of the bed separately?

Answer: , If you require replacement parts you would need to contact our customer service team with your original order details to discuss this further. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: I have an extra deep mattress and although a double, is big all the way round. Will this be a suitable bed

Answer: , This would be down to your personal preference of what the height would be overall. This frame doesn't have a tolerance for mattress height. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi, I have a mattress which is 160cm wide by 200cm long, would this fit the king size bed? 

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not - you would need a 150cm x 200cm mattress for a king size bed frame otherwise the mattress would hang over the ottoman base. Thanks for your question.

Question: Is there a locking mechanism when the bed is being moved, as it keeps on lifting up when moving it ?

Answer: , I am afraid there is no locking mechanism for this. The pistons along with the weight of a mattress should hold the base down when being moved. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, do the sprung slats support the middle of the bed or will the mattress sag?

Answer: Hello , The sprung slats are on either end with a metal support bar placed centrally within the frame. The mattress will not sag for this reason. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Has anyone felt the side that opens you are lower than the other side & it creaks when you move only received this bed today (6/4/21) 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this, if you have any concerns with the assembly of the bed please contact our customer service team for further assistance. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Do these beds open upwards at all or only slide outwards? I want mine positioned next to a wall but there is another wall fairly close the other side of the bed too as have a small room. I would have no space either side to slide open at all.

Answer: , The Wilson is a side-opening ottoman - this can be fixed to open from either side. Unfortunately it cannot be changed to open from the front. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How much space is needed at the side of the bed for it to open? How close can the bedside tables be? 

Answer: , The frame that lifts fits within the base. The depth of mattress used will determine how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: hello i was wondering where the bedding is from please :) do you sell it in store ?? thankyou 

Answer: Hello , If you visit this link, you should be able to view our bedding. We have online only ranges. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Can the bed open from right to left is it just the way in the picture

Answer: Hello , The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Can you tell me how big the bed is length ways as it says 222cm but it curves round either end I need to know how long it is with the curves please as I'm not sure it will fit in the space I have.

Answer: Hello , The 222cm in length will be for the small double and double Wilson bedframe including the curved head and foot end. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Length does this make the bed frame about 12 inches longer than the mattress? (king size).

Answer: , The measurement here is referencing the scrolls on each end of the bed. The actual mattress area is 81inches. The frame is 91 inches in total. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: where would my closest store be that i could find this bed to view around chard area?

Answer: Hello , This bed is within majority of all our store's however to be safe you can use our store locator to contact the store closest to you. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does the storage open from just one side or both?

Answer: Hello , The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Could I have dimensions of the mattress suitable for this frame please? In centimetres preferably. I am thinking of ordering either small double or double frame.

Answer: Hi , A double mattress sized 190 x 135 would fit the double Wilson and a small double mattress sized 190 x 120 will fit the small double Wilson. Kind regards Dreams

Question: What level do the slats sit in relation to the side boards - are they flush? We have a 160cm width mattress (European King) & in our current UK king frame the mattress can overhang by 5cm each side and it isn't a problem. Is that the case for this frame?

Answer: , The slats sit relatively flush to the side boards, however we cannot guarantee that your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is it possible to buy replacement sprung slats?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is possible. Please ring customer services on the number at the top of our website and somebody can sort this out for you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi do you have a Manual of assembly I’m moving home and had paid to have this assembled and lost the instructions 

Answer: , The assembly instructions can be downloaded in the overview of the product page. There are separate instructions for a double and a king. Kind regards Dreams

Question: i am missing the velcro cloth base for underneath the ottoman, where can i get a double one from please..?

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this, please contact our customer service team with you order details and they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Morning, I had this bed del in Oct & assembled by the Dreams team. This morning it's got stuck in the upright position & I'm unable to move it back down & I've hurt my back in the process. Pls advise what to do, my local store is shut until the weekend !

Answer: , We really are sorry to hear this. Please get in contact with our customer service team as they will be best placed to resolve this for you. Thanks, Matt

Question: Hello. I have a mattress with the following dimensions: 135cm x 190cm x 25cm. Which frame would this fit?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions you have specified are for a Double size mattress and this will be suitable for any of our Double size frames. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Hi what is the dimensions for the matress for a small double or do i just pick any small double matress i dont want any gaps thanks

Answer: , All of our Small Double mattresses are the same size: 120cm Width and 190cm Length However, we do allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Anyone had problems fitting the bed slats to the gas lift? The holes that the bolts enter(bed slats) don’t add up with the holes on the gas lift ?

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi. I am interested in this Ottoman for my new home. I currently have a god quality mattress, that is quite heavy. My concern is that a heavy mattress would stop the storage lifting mechanism from working. Is there a suggested weight limit to mattress?

Answer: Good Evening, This ottoman has been designed to work effectively with a wide range of different mattresses and hence your mattress will be compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How far does the bed open?

Answer: , The height of opening depends on the size of the bed, please see the heights below: Small double - 87cm Double - 94cm King - 102cm Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi - which mattress should I use with this please?

Answer: Hello , Any mattress that you feel is suited to you will be fine for the bed frame. A pocket spring mattress would be an ideal choice. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi the bottom of our bed frame has collapsed how can we get this replaced? 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team with your order details so they can look into this further for you. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: What are the internal base measurements for the bed ie:mattress - can this fit a Euro double reflex foam mattress at 140x200 or just a UK double 135x190 Thanks 

Answer: Hello, The bed is designed to fit standard British sized mattresses and would not be suitable for European sized mattresses. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Hi I have actually just purchased this bed as a double but I have just been thinking can you access stuff easily that is stored at the back?? Looking at photo it looks a bit restrictive? 

Answer: , When conducting our product testing on this bed, we found if you bend down on hands and knees, you can reach the back of the storage. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Do you guys do assembling on payment basis too

Answer: Hello , The assembly option will be presented through checkout for £49. This will be carried out when we deliver the bed frame to you. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi, which side does the bed ottoman open is it from the left or right side?

Answer: Hello Hayley, Apologies for the previous answer, when you assemble this bed you can chose which side of the bed you would like this to open on. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can it open from both sides ? 

Answer: Hello , No it cannot open from both sides but you can choose which side you would like it to open during assembly. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: Hi , can you put the handle to lift up the bed on any side?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the assembly instructions will show you how to install the bed frame with the handle on either the left or the right side. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is it possible to specify a delivery date as far away as Feb 2021?

Answer: , Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to book a delivery in for next year, our delivery calendar is only open till the end of the year. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi. Could I have th measurements of the bed inside the frame ?

Answer: Hello , This would be the same dimensions as the mattress- 135cm x 190cm for a double and 150cm x 200cm for a king. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Question: What stops the mattress sliding off when the bed is lifted?

Answer: , There are mattress retaining bars on the side of the bed frame that stop the mattress from sliding when the ottoman is lifted. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Can the Wilson Ottoman bed frame be left or right opening?

Answer: , Yes, this is the case. Our instructions will explain the adjustments needed depending on which side you would like to open. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: What is the gap distance of openings betwen each slats? Is it possible to change the top to platform or add a platform on top of the slats with you?

Answer: Hi , 90mm between slats, unfortunately its not possible to change to a platform top however our Francis or Hopkin bed frames do have a platform top. Thank you.

Question: Hi, I would like to view this bed prior to buying. Is this available to view in Newry and if not could you tell me the nearest store in Northern Ireland to Newry it is available to view in? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The N.I stores operate under a franchise, I would advise to contact the Belfast office to confirm that on 028 9050 8300. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can you adjust the mattress height? Worried about feet hitting the end board

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed frame is fixed in place and you are unable to adjust the height of the ottoman where the mattress rests. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi is this bed quiet low

Answer: , The base of this bed frame is 30cm from the floor. The height will then differ depending on what depth mattress is placed on top. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can this king size bed for a tall 190cm person without the feet hanging over the edge? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. All our King Size beds are designed to be used with a standard King size Mattress which measures 200cm in length so this should be sufficient.

Question: Is it possible to replace the entire metal lifting frame as we have one that has been damaged

Answer: , Please get in touch with our customer service team as they are best placed to answer you queries further in this scenario. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: hello. what is the delivery time for oders placed now? thanks

Answer: , You should be able to select this at checkout, if not, please contact customer service who will best placed to advise further. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: The gas springs in the bed do not retract so the bed does not come down. Do I need new gas springs? 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this, please contact our customer service team with your order details so they can look in to this for you. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: I know the length of the bed is 222cm,what about only length for mattress?

Answer: Hello , The small double and double are 190cm in length. King and super king are 198cm in length for the mattress measurements. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Are you able to purchase a replacement cloth base? As the one I had was misplaced by removal company when we moved

Answer: , Please contact our customer service team with your original order details and they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Hi maybe a stupid question but is mattress included??

Answer: Hello, The mattress will be sold separately however if you after a set that is inclusive, this will be within our divan bed range. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Are the slats screwed down?

Answer: Hello , This frame will have sprung slats and it will have placeholders for which the wooden struts are slotted into. Many thanks for the question.

Question: We have tight stairs and won't be able to fit the slat base up in one go. Will it split in 2? Looking at the fitting instructions it might be possible

Answer: Hello , The slat base is folded in half when being delivered flat-packed. You should be able to get this up your staircase. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does the base have wooden slats or is it made of metal? Thank you

Answer: Hello , The slats will be wooden however the frame work is made from metal with a supporting central bar for added support. Many thanks for the question.

Question: I need to replace two of the slats because they snapped, what is the length and width of them for the double (4'6)??

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. If you contact our customer service team you will be able to purchase replacement slats. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: What are the measurements of the mattresses that will fit this bed? And does the foot board and head board come with it?

Answer: Hello, This bed will fit standard UK size mattresses. The head-end and foot-end will both come with the bed. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: If I put the hinge side of the bed against the wall, will it open properly or do I need a gap?

Answer: Hi , When the ottoman is lifted it will not over hang the side rail and therefore you should not need to leave a gap. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi! Are the measurements printed correctly? only 4ft is 122cm and the width of your 4ft double is 131cm, thanks.

Answer: Hi , Yes the measurements are printed correctly. The difference in the 4ft and 4ft 6 double is the width of the bed. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can someone please help I need to know the dimensions of each slat. As been asked to replace some but don’t have the bed with me.

Answer: , The dimensions of the slats vary depending on the size of the bed, please can you advise us the size of your bed. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: What would the length and width of the mattress for the double have to be

Answer: Hello , The length and width of the mattress for the double would be as follows: 135cm x 190cm I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Question: Is there a required gap that the bed must be away from the wall for lifting the bed to get to the storage? also is there a specific matress for these kimd of beds?

Answer: Hello , No gap is needed and no specific mattresses are required at all, so you can choose one that suits you best. Thank you for your question,

Question: What are the internal clear dimensions of the storage area in the bed? We need to work out whether we can store a spare single mattress in it which is 200mm high.

Answer: Hi , The dimensions hold 646 litres, and would accommodate fitting a small mattress inside. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Would a 190cm x 123cm x25cm mattress fit? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes a mattress with the dimensions you have provided would be suitable for the Wilson Ottoman in Small Double (4FT) size option.

Question: What side does storage open looking at it face on from the bottom of bed

Answer: , The ottoman can be assembled to open on your desired side - it is not fixed to only open on one particular side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi  Can we fit a standard British mattress 135x190 into a small double frame..

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not, a small double bed frame will only fit a mattress that is 120 x 190. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Question: Can the bed be placed against a wall on the non-opening side, or does it need space to overhang when you open it?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, when the ottoman is lifted it will not overhang the side rail and therefore there is no need to leave a gap. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you choose which side the ottoman opens? We want to put it against a wall so it would need to be able to open on the left side of the bed but the picture on the website shows it opening on the right.

Answer: , You can change the position of the fittings to make sure the ottoman opens from which ever side suits your needs. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a manufactures guarantee?

Answer: Hi , Yes the manufacture's guarantee is 1 year. However we also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can the gas lift go on either side of the bed as I want to put the bed up against a wall?

Answer: , You can fit the lifting struts so the ottoman base can be lifted from either the left or the right hand side. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Can you choose which side it lifts open from? or is it just from the left as pictured?

Answer: , The bed can be lifted from either side. Details of how to assemble it either way are within the instructions. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The storage area, i read it is fabric base? Does it sit on the floor and can take any weight? E.g books or is the thing we store have to be light? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, this a fabric base. It sits on the floor so there is no weight limit to what you store within the ottoman. Kind regards Dreams

Question: One if the wooden slats has cracked is it possible to get a replacement one? 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. If you contact our customer service team they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the lifting struts be fitted to either side?

Answer: , You can fit the lifting struts so the ottoman base can be lifted from either the left or the right hand side. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hello Does this item come with a manufacturers warranty/guarantee?

Answer: Hello , The product comes with a 1 year's warranty as standard and a 8 years optional bed service cover plan. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Is there a maximum weight for the mattress for the king size frame?

Answer: , There is no maximum mattress weight for this bed frame - any mattress from our range will be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can I order a fabric swatch? Bought this bed in silver and now want to find some matching curtains. 

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who should be able to provide you with this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: my son has this bed  and the metal frame has bent on one side can you buy replacement metal frames please

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our Customer Service team and they will be able to advise on this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: So when my bed comes when i order it can i ask the people who are building the bed to not put on the feet and to just have the bed flat like in store? is that possibly.

Answer: , We wouldn't recommend using this bedframe without the feet as these form part of it's core construction Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have put my bed together and it's ok but as soon as I attached the gas pistons the mattress wouldn't go down and they don't seem to budge at all? I tried lifting it more to then lower it but this didn't work either?

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site and someone will be willing to help you. Thank you.

Question: does the bed frame comes i leather.i need it in kings size leather black .

Answer: Hello, I am afraid not. For this specification, you will be best looking at our manhattan bedframe with storage. Many thanks for your question.

Question: Hello. Can you please confirm the storage dimensions.  I'd like to buy some plastic tubs to store inside it. Thanks Alison

Answer: Hi , I can confirm the storage depth of the Wilson Ottoman Bed Frame is 8.5 inches. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Question: What's the weight limit on this?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our beds. Please be assured that our beds hold a substantial weight. Thank you for your question.

Question: Are the slats on the bed covered or can you see them when you lift the bed.

Answer: , The slats will be visible when you lift up the ottoman, as the mattress rests directly on the slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

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Customer Reviews For The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

4 - Nice bed, went for the lighter silver colour as it looks a bit brighter in the bedroom. I prefer wooden beds to minimise the amount of dust that is created and held by bedframes. But this ottoman fabric is slightly corse like linen which doesn't seem to attract dust so far. The storage space under the bed is really nice, also makes use of the dead space. The assembly instructions were very clear all but one section where it wasn't entirely clear about the metal support bracket on the bottom of the bed.

5 - Very happy with our bed but I am most impressed with the service I received. Receiving a 2hr window for our delivery was very convenient. Then on the day I was able to track the progress of my delivery team. Our bed arrived 15mins into our allocated time. The delivery man put on covers over his shoes to keep my floors clean-I was very impressed with this and it was much appreciated. We never took the build package as we had experience of building a similar bed before. Instructions were easy to follow.

5 - I bought this bed in December, and it was delivered in January. I was kept up to date in regards to my delivery and got a phone call the morning of delivery. I’ve recently moved into a new build and the address does not come up on most navigation systems but the delivery men were patient enough to follow my directions and call me if they ran into any trouble finding the property. My new bed goes amazing with the decor in my room and I have saved so much space by having the storage under my bed.

5 - I purchased this bed around a month ago and it’s brilliant! The bed itself is very stylish and modern. Fits in perfectly with my other furniture. I have the double which allows for lots of extra space underneath for storage. My last bed was very difficult to lift but the mechanism on this one is so smooth and easy, doesn’t take much effort to lift the bed up at all. I have no fear that it will break because of how sturdy the bed is even when the mattress is up on its side! Would highly recommend!

5 - My bed was delivered with utmost care. The delivery men were extremely efficient and friendly. They took full safety measures, foot covering(which I was very pleased about since I had just gotten newly fitted carpets),mask and gloves. They left the place near and tidy. Now coming to the bed, I got a double size bed This is a very sturdy ottoman bed, and it looks soo elegant. There is enough room for storage underneath. The fabric and colour is just great! I would definately recommend this bed...

5 - Decided to get this bed instead of a cheaper one from Argos/amazon/Groupon as reviews were always mixed with those ones. Really glad we chose this. The bed took 2 hours to assemble, clear instructions and the slats already in place. Feels well made and very sturdy. The bed’s just the right height... not too low and the storage space underneath is amazing! So practical. I was worried it would be hard to open and close but it isn’t at all. Delivery was spot on too. Would happily use Drerams again.

5 - We bought this frame with our mattress a month ago and have never been happier with how much storage it can hold. We have the Silver colour which is more like a light grey but looks amazing in our master bedroom. We had the dreams assembly service too, which was so quick and efficient and worth every penny. And so handy that we didn’t have to work it out for ourselves. The frame has nice detail quality and design. It’s the best purchase we’ve made in every way! You will not be disappointed.

5 - I bought this bed back in August as my bed frame was starting to become wobbly and would make noise when I was getting up in the night (I’m a shift worker). I would often knock my shins on the metal bed frame and because my mattress was old I decided to go for a totally new bed and mattress. I chose this bed frame/ottoman because of the additional space I would have under the bed and a solid head board. The cost of the frame was decent and was totally worth it. Best night sleep I’ve had in years.

4 - Not being very diy handy I was quite daunted by the prospect of building an ottoman bed. However, I unpacked the pieces and found the process very straightforward. I also found for the price the furniture to feel sturdy and of good quality. The only troublesome point was the initial pressing down of the slates base which was very stiff. I am quite physically fit and it took a lot of my strength to push it down the first couple of times. I would advise 2 people do this initially to avoid strain.

5 - I am so happy I found this bed! And the price was amazing! My dream bed, a sleigh type bed but with SOOOO much storage! My partner was able to put it together in 45minutes! The design is lovely, the material feels extremely worth every penny. I was worried using the ottoman would make the pillows fall off haha but they stay put! I have so much space under there for all the unnecessary clothes I own hehe! Incredibly easy to open and close even with my disability, the best bed I have ever owned!

3 - The bed is nice looking one and the ottoman feature works well; however the bed frame itself is quite low which didn't realise. The frame also looks slightly big for the standard double mattress i also purchased! The bottom of the bed is of low quality and is just a fabric sheet that is velcro'd to the frame, so effectively everything you put in the storage area is actually sat on the floor with this sheet underneath it. Would have been nice to have had a hard board covered sheet for the base.

5 - This is a great bed which was very easy to build using the clear and easy to follow instructions. Really pleased with the amount of storage it provides and the ease of us. Build quality is really good and is very solid. The service from Dreams was also very good from start to finish. The order process was easy and the communication was excellent. The guys who delivered the bed and mattress were also very helpful and also provided some tips for the build. Will recommend Dreams to anyone.

5 - I absolutely love my new bed. It is stylish, comfortable and has an excellent storage space underneath. This bed is brilliant if you want to store items underneath. You can choose which side to lift from and is very sturdy unlike other ottomans i have seen and previously bought. I promise you will not be disappointed with this product. I paid the assembly fee however also looked at instructions and did not look too complicated for self assembly. Very pleased cannot praise anymore than i have.

5 - After my previous bed frame broke, this was bought as a replacement. The delivery team assembled the frame and showed me how to safely lift the frame to access the storage space beneath. The storage space is great, enough to store my suitcase, extra duvet and covers with room to spare. The upholstery is high quality and the frame doesn't feel like it will break if you move too much. The only down side is that the feet do slide on my laminate floor, but this is not the fault of the bed frame.

4 - I bought this last month and it took 2 hours to build as my other half is a novice bed builder. The gas lift struts do not work, they don't allow the bed to go back down which is annoying. The bed is very comfy but very low! So if u have a bad back you will struggle. The bed does hold open without the struts, just to be clear. I'm glad I bought this as it's a lovely bed. We got the silver colour. The base is fabric but doesn't matter as our floor is clean Overall an excellent purchase

4 - Our bed arrived yesterday the day we had booked it to be delivered so was very happy. It took over 3 hours to build with a few little hiccups along the way. The main part we struggled with was the part that helps lift and close the frame. It wouldn't close to start with but managed to sort it out in the end. Yes it is very stiff to close but I'm sure will get better over time. We also bought a mattress from dreams to go with the bed and it's the best night's sleep I have had in a long time.

5 - This beds design is really good and is very well made. The space underneath is great and the feet made it easier to move then you think it should be. The one downside for me is the U shaped cross bar, you have to screw it into the base of the bed without any pre drilled holes which when you screw it in the wood naturally moves so the bar is not straight and after a while the screws start to pull out of the wood. Other than that assembly is clear and easy but was time consuming. Recommend.

4 - Had this bed a couple of weeks now and it's very comfortable and good looking bed. Although there is a lot of space underneath the bed in the ottoman storage, the only gripe I have is that the base of it is only a thin piece of material you velcro onto the base when building it. A previous ottoman bed I had was a few inches off the floor and had a ply wood bottom which I preferred. I keep catching my toes on the edge of the rough velcro but I have a solution.... Don't stand too close! :)

5 - This bed frame is exactly as described. We replaced our old metal frame for this Ottoman. It is so comfortable and supports our mattress beautifully. We couldn’t ask for anything more. The delivery was on time and the frame was constructed quickly and efficiently and all rubbish was taken away. There was one locking nut missing on delivery, but it was swiftly ordered by the delivery guys and it arrived very quickly. Easily fitted! Excellent service from start to finish. Thanks

5 - Bought for spare bedroom to provide extra storage and a centrepiece when we have guests over. Looks nice, has good storage underneath and comes with sprung slats as standard. we also bought the Lucia which is similar but bigger. No complaints with either. Ottoman storage has a lining in the bottom which I thought was a good feature, unlike some we looked at. Can’t fault the value for money, and service from Dreams. Communication was spot on, on time and well received. Would recommend!

5 - Bought this for my daughter a month ago and we have been very pleased. The bed looks fabulous, and the storage is great. The ottoman was a bit tricky for my daughter to shut originally, but she is now able to open and shut it independently. Putting the bed together was fairly straightforward. Delivery was great and the delivery man was very polite and very helpful. We also bought an extremely comfortable mattress from dreams. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you

5 - The bed is amazing! Easy to assemble with clear instructions. The bed is of amazing quality and looks more expensive than it is. It provides a large amount of storage space underneath, which when living in a flat can be limited. I really ecstatic with this purchase! Fantastic service from dreams as well from the customer service agent on the telephone when I placed the order to the two lovely gentleman that delivered the bed to my home. Amazing job dreams. Keep up the great work!

4 - We received the bed yesterday and put it together immediately, it only took us about two hours to have it ready. It was so easy to out together, its the one thing we were scared about since we had never attempted anything of the sort. However it was great. The only negative i find is that the pistons are so hard it requires a lot of strength to being the frame of the bed back down once we open the ottoman. But I guess thiss will get softer and easier over time. Thank you dreams!!

4 - Bought this bed for my new flat. It arrived on time and the drivers were so friendly and helpful. Bringing the boxes into my room and advising me to watch the You Tube video ahead of building the bed. It did take us 3 hours to build and we struggled to get the gas mechanism to work initially but after a phone call to customer service, and some brute force we got the ottoman down and the bed working properly. I am happy with the finished build and it looks lovely in my new room.

5 - We bought this at the beginning of the year as we needed a solid, stable bed with loads of space underneath for storage and a solid design as our old bed was falling apart. The design is great, the hydrolics make it really easy to lift and its design is tasteful and still compact enough to fit into a relatively small room. Very happy we chose it, and dreams were incredibly helpful with delivery and installation, even taking the old bed and mattress away for little extra cost.

5 - Purchased in the sale and really pleased with it. I was impressed by how easy it was to change delivery date which I needed to do a couple of times online. Delivery drivers were friendly and helpful The bed is sturdy and easy to put together. It took 2 of us about an hour once everything was all out of the boxes. I really like the storage area and it doesn't bother me that it's just a fabric bottom. We were bit unsure on the colours but really pleased we went for it!

4 - I bought this bed in August, at short notice, to fit in a small holiday cottage. The sales person at the Elgin store was helpful and informative and organised delivery so quickly. The delivery men contacted me with a two hour slot to save me from waiting in and assembled the bed quickly and efficiently. The bed looks great in the room and is a warm tone of grey. The ottoman feature is huge and fitted two suitcases and a weeks worth of clothes for me and my two children.

5 - I bought this bed for my daughter and she us over the moon, so much so Its now even harder to get her out the bed in the mornings...She loves the colour and the fact that she can store all her odds and ends under the hindged mattress giving her more space in her bedroom...Its easy to lift the mattress with a material tab at the side of the bed and you can also choose whoch side you would like the mattress to be lifted from...All in all a great bed and mattress...thanks

5 - Solid and secure bed with tons of space underneath. Looks gorgeous. Very stylish and light colour which goes with everything. There is no solid base underneath though. The storage area just has a piece of fabric between the floor and your belongings. My husband and I have had a squeaky bed for a while now and having a pre teen in the house, this has killed our sex life as the noise was so off putting!! Now however, no squeaking and we are feeling very happy indeed!!!

5 - Great service and delivery. The delivery guys assembled the bed and I am very happy that we had paid the extra to have them do so. They called with an estimated time on the day of delivery and delivered the bed to our chosen room. They were very quick and thorough and showed us how to operate the ottoman bed and made sure that we were happy with the tension. The bed is beautifully made and is excellent quality. It’s hard to believe how lovely it is for the price.

5 - I bought the king size for a smallish one bed flat and the storage underneath has already proven to be so useful. It is purely free space and extremely easy to access (no need to even remove cushions etc). The upholstery of the bed is lovely and looks like it should be at least double the price - have had many compliments. So far very happy and it was put together with complete ease by the Dreams team (worth adding on for a very reasonable price). Would recommend!

5 - I bought this bedframe for my new apartment last month. The assembly process was fairly simple and I was able to complete it by myself, however, the hydraulic system used to raise the bed proved stiff and difficult to operate. The fabric covering the headboard and frame is fantastic and looks great. The sturdiness and quality of the materials are also impressive. Overall I would recommend this bedframe to anyone looking for something both stylish and practical.

5 - Bought this bed for my teenage daughter’s bedroom. It is really lovely. The pictures don’t show how nice it is. It is really sturdy and looks really modern. The storage underneath is excellent. We have managed to store so many things underneath and there’s still room for more. The assembly fee was well worth it. The 2 chaps had it all put together in no time at all and left no mess. Definitely recommend this bed. I’m going to purchase another for my spare room.

4 - I would say this is a great value ottoman bed frame which looks great and is straightforward enough to assemble. The only gripe is when self assembling there needs to be better guidance on how to get the gas springs working. After following the instructions and trying to close the springs wouldn't close properly even with the force of two people. I can't but feel there's a certain technique that isn't divulged unless you take the option of the assembly service.

4 - Good quality finish overall, I've had a similar Ottoman bed from Dreams for more than 10years and it's still in great condition, this is why I purchased another for my daughter. Very pleased with the results.....only complaint is that the mattress feels firm and it was described as medium, definitely NOT as comfy as my previous one, but guess this is what happens if you order online and don't go and test it out in the shop....lesson learnt for the future. Lol.

4 - I bmwent for an ottomon ved to create kore storage in my bedroom. It was fairly easy to put together taking around 1.5 hrs. Its good quality for the price and looks lovely. The only downside I found is with it being side opening when I lift the bed the mattress falls to the side and you have to pull it back up to put the bed back down. Fine for me but for someone who struggles with strength in their arms I feel would be a struggle to use the underbed storage.

5 - Have just had this bed frame delivered and the quality is fantastic. Well worth paying the extra to get it assembled to avoid the "creaking problems" stated in other reviews for this bed frame.There is no creaking noise! The delivery guys were excellent and provided a great service, very friendly and helpful, and showed us how to alter the mechanisms in the future. I would highly recommend this bed frame and DREAMS for an excellent service from start to end.

5 - This bed has so much storage underneath it’s fantastic. We built the bed ourselves and the instructions were easy to follow and didn’t take to long to put together. We were very impressed with how comfy the bed was. The only thing that we found is the bed is a bit longer than was on the website as the measurements didn’t seem to take into account the roll part of the headboard and footboard so we didn’t have as much room at the end of the bed as we thought.

5 - My partner and I took delivery of this a few weeks ago, and it came in 4 boxes. We opted to assemble it ourselves, and managed to do so in about an hour using power tools. So far the frame seems sturdy, and the lifting mechanism has a robust feel to it (doesn't feel like you're going to bend any of the metal components). There is a good amount of storage under the mattress, and the stabilising bar across the middle doesn't really detract from that space.

5 - Bought this whilst on offer after seeing it online but then popping in to my local store to see it for myself. The fabric is great quality and it's a very sturdy bed. Comes with sprung slats for comfort. The two delivery guys put it together for me and also showed me what to do if I ever needed to dismantle it to move house or change which side the ottoman opens.. so straightforward !. Really pleased with the service and communication from Dreams so far

5 - I have had this bed for a week now and very happy with it. Good quality material used for headboard and sides. Vast amount of space underneath for storing lightweight items such as duvets, pillows linen etc. Glad I ordered king size and not Super king as this bed looks massive! Only small minor thing is that to push down the upper part of frame with the mattress you really need to use both hands and not just the tie handle. Otherwise a really superb bed!

4 - I bought this for my 11 year old daughter as her first "grown up" bed, mostly for the storage space. She loves it and there is plenty of storage. It was mostly easy to assemble, but the instructions should make it clear that you need to leave the gas struts to settle for hours with the mattress on before attempting to close the lid for the first time. Only other gripe is that the fabric base could be made from a tougher fabric. Otherwise, very satisfied.

5 - Bought this bed for my son. Great storage space underneath, keep room tidier!!! Good instructions and everything well made and solid. A real quality product. Just one point, they do mention that the mechanism is stiff to begin with until used a few times which is normal - we didn't want to push to hard fearing that we would break it and thought we'd done something wrong. We hadn't....just bear with it - difficult to close at first but eases up quickly.

5 - I bought this for my partner as I’m a Napier and don’t sleep but from having this bed with the mattress we both now sleep like babies and it’s so simple and easy for her to put stuff away underneath it’s not to hard for her to pull up to get clean bits out as she has an Arnold 1 chairs malformation and has a gliosis on the left side of her brain so everyday moving and picking up is a struggle but she is over the moon with this bed it’s really helped

5 - I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago after my 10 year old daughter requested a ‘grown up’ bed. I got her a small double as I was concerned her room wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate a standard double. The fact it is a side opening ottoman allows for maximum storage which is a Godsend. I paid for the build and was super impressed that it took all of 30 minutes and was money well spent! I would recommend this bed and give it top marks!

5 - I bought this bed a couple of months ago and am very pleased with it. It took a little while to put together, but is well worth it. It looks really nice and the upholstered parts are good quality. The base lifts up very easily, but needs a good shove to close it - not an issue for me. The storage is brilliant. I didn't bother with the material base and just put in long plastic storage boxes with lids - my bedroom has never looked so tidy!!

5 - I bought the bed just after Christmas, delivery time was amazing, within a week. Staff all so helpful from delivery to customer aftercare. Unfortunately we had a problem with the footboard, dreams with no quibble sent a replacement and the staff even did the switch, was fab! The storage under is amazing! In the store I thought the access would be an issue, but it is really not, can easily reach all areas. Lovely bed and looks fab in our room!!

4 - I bought this bed for my 11 year old son to replace his cabin bed. It was easy to put together and is generally well made. My only complaint would be over the base of the bed, which consists of a piece of material that is velcroed on. In my mind this could have been a more structural and better designed, as when you put things in the storage area they basically end up sitting on the floor making it hard to move the bed. But overall very happy.

5 - Good quality bed, well built, and nicely finished. I went for the king size, and I’ve managed to store plenty under the mattress. The only slight negative is the bed bottom is fabric which attaches to the frame base with Velcro. If you’re planning on storing much under the bed, this bottom won’t take much weight. I store my things directly on the floor, which I’m happy with, but if you want to keep things off the floor then you might struggle

5 - I bought this bed frame a short while ago! At first I was blown away at how easy it was to assemble by myself. After a few weeks of using I'm amazed at the quality of the frame, its solid with no squeaking or creaking when being used. The storage underneath is HUGE, more than enough space for myself when I'm hiding underneath from my 2.5 year old daughter when we play hide and seek. The bed looks amazing too! Absolutely love this bed frame!

5 - I purchased this bed a month a go & I haven’t been disappointed with my buy. The bed has an amazing option to store items below it. It has an easy to open pull up system, which enables you to full utilise this storage space, to hide away items you don’t use on a regular basis. The fabric on the bed is made of a hard wearing material & the colour was exact to the description on the website. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

5 - The bed is very easy to construct and looks really nice in the bedroom. It’s very easy to move around the room and it’s easy to put my luggage in the storage below. The storage is very large and doesn’t cause discomfort when sleeping. I keep lots of my stuff there and it’s very spacious. The staff was really nice and friendly when buying it in store he explained everything very well and I was pleased and had all my questions answered by him.

5 - I am overall very happy with the quality of this bed! Loads of storage underneath and feels quality made. Was very easy to put together and instructions were surprisingly detailed. Delivery was second to none! I was text so many times with a time and date. On the day the bed was delivered I also got a call from the driver and it was on time by the dot! Delivery men were also fantastic and extremely friendly.. If I could give 6 stars I would

5 - Delivery was on time and well organised. The bed frame itself was great quality for the price. I could not believe how easy it was to put together compared to other companies I have used. It’s very light weight so will slide about with little force on laminated floors in case you’re wondering, but doubt this would be an issue on carpets. Very happy with my purchase and will buy another one soon to replace another old bed. Thank you Dreams x

4 - Lovely bed, easy to assemble and all the screws etc were included. Instructions were easy to follow. It just took about two hours to assemble. Very good quality and very stylish. The only complaint is that the bed is difficult to close. My sister has the exact same one and hers is much easier and that’s why I chose it. Maybe the hydraulics need a bit of grease. However, the hydraulics are brilliant at lifting up the bed easily.

5 - I bought this bed about a month ago and it was very affordable. I was able to schedule a delivery date that would be suitable for me so I was home. The delivery men took the packages up the stairs for me and to the specified room. The bed itself took a while to put up but the overall finish was worth it! The bed has much more storage space than I anticipated and is the perfect colour! Overall, I am very happy with the product I purchased.

3 - Had the bed for a week now and it looks very nice , with the head and foot board it does make the bed very big though. So if you have a small space this is not the bed for you. The setup of the bed was quite simple so I was happy with that. The most disappointment I has was the base of the bed which is black material which you don't really see when purchasing online it is to be stuck with velcro. I would appreciate a slightly firmer base.

5 - Really nice looking bed, great quality with comfortable headboard and solid frame. Allow some space around you if manually putting it together yourself, but it is easily done with all the tools included to fit. Once the mattress is on, the frame is easier to push down but although it feels stiff at first, it just needs the mattress for extra weight and actually it is better to have a slow drop Happy with the purchase, great value

5 - THIS BED IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, IT'S SIMPLE TO PUT TOGETHER AND THE COLOURS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. IT HAS SO MUCH STORAGE UNDERNEATH IT I COULD ACTUALLY LIE UNDER IT AND STILL HAVE WRIGGLE ROOM (I won't though because it's unsafe). The only slight downside to it is that it may be difficult for people under 100 lbs to close it but this is easily sorted by doing some bounces. Overall, I T I S G O O D B U Y I T

5 - Purchased for a small room. We opted for the small double ottoman and it fits the room perfectly. Stylish and comfortable, the headboard is perfect for reading. The storage is good but the base of the bed is only a black sheet of fabric that is velcroed to the bed. We had expected something a little more substantial. The Dreams assembly was a great option and the chaps had the bed built in under half an hour. Overall a good purchase.

5 - I bought a new house and decided to upgrade our bed. Because we spent a lot on a mattress we wanted to keep our cost low for the frame. I was worried after I had purchased it that the bed wouldn't go with our room or would be too low but wasnt I wrong !. This bed is made to a high quality and looks more expensive then it is. You also have the added benefit of under bed storage. I am over the moon with both my bed and mattress from dreams

3 - Bought this bed just under a year ago. It is gorgeous and was easy to fit together. However now having it a year, there’s already 3 broken slats!! Slats never seemed to feel very sterdy when we put the bed together but shocked that 3 have broken. Isn’t like we stand or jump around on the bed! One snapped just from sitting up 1 morning and we aren’t over weight or anything!! Apart from that the beds gorgeous with good space underneath.

5 - I am extremely happy with this product. I bought it as I live in a one bedroom flat with my toddler and desperately needed space for all of the clothes etc that comes with having a child! When I got the bed, the guys were extremely helpful and fitted the bed super quickly. I am amazed at how much space there is under the bed- I have basically managed to fit the whole of my flat in there! :-) Thank you Dreams for this amazing product.

5 - Bought small double in Nov for teenage daughter. Delivery & set up efficient & all packaging was taken away.Her bedroom is now the tidiest it's ever been -all bags, shoes, books & other paraphanalia teenagers gather safely out of sight - but knows where when she needs.Quite heavy to lift and opens to 45 degrees only, but that's ok as it regulates what goes in! Have reduced rating for this as some may want better access to storage.

4 - After a bit of a wait, these two lovely delivery drivers dropped my bed off today. A little fiddly on some of the bolts but overall easy to put together. I was a bit disappointed with the fabric base on the storage but that was my error not reading the details in more detail. Paired with the Hudson Pocket Spring Mattress(Which I’ll review in a few weeks) I am happy. Overall Overall lovely bed and I would definitely purchase again.

5 - Gorgeous ottoman bed, nice colour and fabric and the bed is very sturdy. The lift up function takes a bit of muscle as it’s quite heavy once you put your mattress on, however we are just keeping spare bedding in there so don’t have to keep going in and out of the storage everyday. We opted to pay for Dreams to build the bed, they did it very quickly. Great guys, fantastic job. Love love love my new bed, thanks Dreams.

5 - A good looking bed frame, really well made and comes with a choice of colours. The ottoman opens from the side by pulling a strap. You need a little strength for this and when closing you need to lean quite heavy onto the bed itself. The storage area houses enough room for bedding and blankets and personal items away from intrusive eyes. I have seen ottoman beds with larger storage areas but for the price, this is a good find.

4 - Bought this over a month ago and couldn't be happier! Got it in the sale and couldn't believe the price was so cheap for an ottoman. Didn't want to pay the extra fee for building it as thought it was a rip off, so we built it ourselves; instructions were easy to follow and made assembly easy. You can also choose which side it opens when you assemble it. Only downside is that the bed squeaks slightly on the side it doesn't open

5 - Great frame, the sizing runs just about true for mattresses, we found less than half a CM gap total for both sides which allows for mattress protectors etc. Having the head board attached is great and a raised section at the foot helps keep sheets tucked in on colder nights. Fair amount of storage space, enough height for suitcases. The hydraulics can be fit on either side dependent on what side you want to raise. Very happy.

4 - The material is great, thick and pull-resistant. The frame itself however can be quite creaky, and there is a substantial gap between the frame and the sides of the bed so I would suggest getting a slighlty larger mattress to fill that. Bought in lockdown, was really really not easy to assemble yourself, needed two people and took hours. Overall good for the price I paid (bought it on limited time offer) and would reccommend.

5 - This bed is not only incredibly stylish and comfortable but the storage space available underneath is fantastic, especially as my room is the biggest size! It is easy to lift up and down and to get to anything out from the under the bed and looks amazing too! The design of it with the fabric covered frame means it's so comfortable to lean against, making this bed perfect for sleeping in or sitting up and reading for example!

5 - Absolutely love this bed. I've never been keen on fabric beds but it actually looks really nice. The ottoman function is great, so easy to use and gives us so much extra storage without having to dig around and lose things under the bed. It's also very comfortable, although we did get a really decent mattress to go with it. The quality is great, and for the price, you really couldn't ask for more (we got it in the sale too).

5 - This bed is a great buy loads of space and of good quality. Looks very elegant and nice colour. Fabric looks hard wearing nice thick material. Friends and family have commented on how nice it looks. The bed was assembled and the team did a great job by taking all the stress of having to assemble myself they took the wrapping away leaving no mess. Great job guys. Will definitely be back to purchase another of these beds soon.

4 - I had been looking at this bed for a very long time waiting for it to go down in price which it never did! So I bought it at £398 and a few days later it went down to £349 so was cheesed! The bed was pretty simple to put up but took me ( a woman) and a little help from my son 5 hours to put up! In hindsight I would have just paid the £60 extra for the dream team to Put the bed together! As I was left with my back killing me!

4 - I really love the bed, feels sturdy, looks good and the headboard is comfortable. I think the hour build time is if you’re a professional! Probably took us about 2.5. I think the extra difficulty is because it is an ottoman and probably still fairly easy assembly as ottomans go. Fine if you only have to do it once but as a renter looking for something easy as I may have to rebuild, a bit more complex than I was looking for!

4 - Pros: 1. Looks just as advertised in the photos 2. Good padding with regards to the upholstery 3. Relatively easy to assemble Cons: 1. Comes with a piece to cover the bottom of the bed/storage area but is rather flimsy. 2. The initial pulling down of the bed mechanic can be pretty difficult and you may thing it's jammed - I had to pull it down with someone applying weight evenly to the mattress. Maybe I'm just weak.

4 - Very nice bed. Took about two hours for two people to build, only issue was one of the gas lifts was incredibly stiff to the point the under bed storage was not accessible. We contacted dreams regarding this and their response was very professional. They sent out a technician to inspect the issue and new gas lift mechanisms to resolve the issue. The bed is now fully operational and I would definitely recommend this product.

5 - Bought this bed for my 12 year for his first double bed. Really useful to have the extra storage underneath for bedding and seasonal clothes. He is sleeping like a dream and I wish I had bought him a better bed and mattress sooner. Got a great deal on this bed frame, feels like I got a real bargain. Highly recommend. Also recommend paying for the team to build it - worth every penny - they were fast, efficient and polite.

5 - Bed arrived well packaged - Instructions straight forward easy to follow - The Wilson Ottoman bedframe is solid and clearly well made, the action to lift the bed to access storage is light compared to other ottoman bed frames I have tried before deciding on the Wilson. Lots of storage attractive bed frame in my room, comfy when sitting up reading, great support and complements my new mattress very happy with my purchase.

5 - I bought this bed for my new house and I’m glad I did, it looks so good in the room and was quite easy to put together (two of my friends did it in less than an hour while I sat and watched!). It’s quite low to the floor but I don’t mind that. The ottoman was very difficult to shut at first but got easier after a few tries. The headboard looks great and I’d definitely recommend. It’s a bit pricey but that’s what you get.

4 - The bed looks good and the colour is great. The bed was very easy to put together, it took 2 people and approximately 2-3 hours (with a few breaks in between!). However, as the bed is is a sprung slat bed so it creaks a bit. The storage space is good however, as it doesn't have a solid base underneath it will cause dust to enter into the storage space, which is a shame, but overall a great bed that also looks stylish.

5 - Bought this about a month ago. It was quite easy to put together, but needed two strong men. It looks really lovely in my bedroom. There is plenty of storage space under the bed. My only negative comment is that being a double bed it is quite heavy to lift up and even harder to put back down. (Needed hubby to do this. However I am 70 years old and so it could just be me). Very pleased with the bed and would recommend.

3 - Sorry Dreams, but this must be the worst bed I have ever slept on, in fact I've had no sleep since it was delivered and put together on Friday 26th June, every little movement to moving an arm, leg or turning over, all as you hear is loud creaking from the bed frame, all the nuts bolts screws have all been checked and none of the are loose, so if you could give me some indication of what it is I would be most grateful.

5 - The ottoman bed gives my room a classy feel and it is higher combined with the mattress than I thought it was going to be, which is lovely. It is presently serving as a storage for some items in the room which has made my space clutter free. I love that the mattress stays in place once it is raised and it has a firm grip, therefore my fear of it coming down on its own is now out the window. Definitely a great deal!

5 - I bought this fabulous bed a month ago. Wow. Why did we not buy it sooner? The storage is incredible. Easy to lift and great smooth closing action. Everyone has commented on how stylish, discreet and modern the bed looks in our room. The buying procedure was smooth from start to finish. Highly professional delivery staff and sales staff in Dreams. Don’t waste your time shopping elsewhere. 5 star service and product.

5 - This is the second Wilson silver fabric ottoman bed frame we have purchased. It looks great in the bedrooms and the colour is fab and matches any decor. We made the bed up ourselves and took about an hour, the instructions were very professional and easy to follow. The delivery service was excellent and prompt. It has great storage capacity and is easy to open and close. It is very comfortable and a great height.

5 - The Wilson was bought to replace a rickity old 17 year metal frame. The Wilson is a bit fiddly to assembly, but instructions are clear and so it just needs some patience. (It will be hassle to take apart and put together again however, if/when I move home.) I read on some reviews that the bed creaks/makes noise when they move but I have absolutely no issues - it's very sturdy. I've had good nights sleep so far.

4 - This being an ottoman bed, I expected to pay more, however got a good deal for it. I did however get my friend to assemble it, as I struggled! However so did he, putting the bed together was a challenge. Had a few problems with opening the bed and closing it again. This is most likely because the lift mechanisms where new therefore a bit stiff, I'm sure over time they will loosen up. Despite this, I love the bed!

5 - First time buying my own bed and couldn’t be more pleased with this choice. The ottoman provides good storage and I don’t miss anything on comfort and aesthetics - basically all I was looking for. This was also probably one of the most affordable, if not the most, options I came across. I would definitely recommend this bed! Ps: the delivery and assembly also went well, the team was friendly and efficient.

5 - I bought this bed a month ago, the bed arrived with prompt delivery, the delivery lads lifted the bed to the room where I’d asked them too. The bed was put up very easily with no issues what so ever, the side lift feature is perfect, easily lifts and is easy to put down, great for them who are looking for a storage bed. The bed looks amazing and is very well built/ solid, I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

5 - I purchased this 3/4 bed frame for my daughter's bedroom. The bed is really good quality and elegant. Price was also excellent. Storage under the bed is really useful and although the bottom of the storage area is a colour co-ordinated sheet, it keeps all of the items clean and dust free. If you are looking for a good quality bed for your stroppy teenagers then look no further then the Wilson Ottoman Bed.

3 - Looks fab, good quality though unfortunately our gas struts for the ottoman bed were jammed, despite trying everything possible they would not move. Phoned Dreams who suggested that the struts can cease/become stiff after being boxed for several months & agreed to send us new ones, after we’d exhausted ways to get them to move/release. This was 2/3 weeks ago. We are still waiting. Bit disappointing hence 3*.

5 - Delivery was on time and efficient two gentlemen delivering were very polite and stuck to covid rules. Wilson bed was just what we wanted as we had one before. Took a couple of hours to build buy we did take our time to get it right. All instructions were easy to read so assembly was good. Very happy with the purchase. We purchased online after visiting the store as it was 100 pounds cheaper and no queues.b

5 - I bought this bed about a month ago for my new flat and it's great. It took about 40 minutes to assemble, the instructions where really clear and easy to understand and the bed is totally solid. It's comfy and the added storage space underneath is a great addition. The top was a wee bit stiff the first time I tried to lift it but after a few moves it loosens right off and it totally fine. Highly recommend!

5 - I was offered the assembly of this product but there was no need the wonderful delivery drivers took it into the bedroom and advised if I got stuck on the instructions there was a handy video on YouTube. It took less than hour with two of us to build this. The storage space is wonderful and keep the room tidier than ever. The grey colour goes perfectly with the theme through out my house. Thankyou dreams.

5 - My partner and I recently moved into our first home together however, our new home doesn’t offer much storage :( because of this we decided to opt for a ottoman bed and it did not disappoint :) we are so happy to have the extra storage space, you can fit so much underneath suitcases, boxes, and it’s easy to lift up and put down. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a clever storage solution!!!!

5 - Weve had this frame almost a month now, delivery was quick, came in 4 boxes. I opted to build myself, really is better with 2 people. Went together well, the instructions were easy to follow. Only downside was there was only 1 Allen key, loads of bolts to do up made it more time consuming than needed. The ottoman function works well, we were worried about opening with Duvet etc on it but it works fine.

5 - I could NOT be happier with my new bed! I have never picked up a screwdriver or a drill or put any furniture together on my own before and was worried about putting the bed together but it was really easy! The bed itself provides great and welll needed extra storage space. The bed looks much more expensive and higher quality than the picture shown on the website! All around very very happy with my bed!

5 - This is the second of these beds that we have bought, my Son took the original when he moved out and we bought the same one as a replacement. Nice quality finish, at a reasonable price, even bettwr if you can buy it it one of the sales! Side opening ottoman suits the loft conversion room that we have the bed. Easy to open. We assembled these beds oursleves, without trouble but best as a two man job.

5 - From the helpful lady in the Cambridge store, to the straightforward purchase online - in the sale too - to the professional and very courteous delivery team, and then to the product itself - we have been very impressed. The Wilson ottoman bed we bought is of a really good quality for the price, was easy to assemble and looks superb too. It has really set off our new bedroom. Thanks very much Dreams!!

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