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Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    A side opening ottoman

    Offers space saving storage

    With a cloth ottoman base

    Uses sprung slats

    It’s available in grey (fabric), silver (fabric) or black (faux leather)

    With an internal storage depth of 20cm

    Matches our Wilson bedside chest in silver or grey and our Lucia storage chest in silver

    With a fabric ottoman base

    Sprung slats for added support and comfort

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: Do these beds open upwards at all or only slide outwards? I want mine positioned next to a wall but there is another wall fairly close the other side of the bed too as have a small room. I would have no space either side to slide open at all.

Answer: , The Wilson is a side-opening ottoman - this can be fixed to open from either side. Unfortunately it cannot be changed to open from the front. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How much space is needed at the side of the bed for it to open? How close can the bedside tables be? 

Answer: , The frame that lifts fits within the base. The depth of mattress used will determine how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Length does this make the bed frame about 12 inches longer than the mattress? (king size).

Answer: , The measurement here is referencing the scrolls on each end of the bed. The actual mattress area is 81inches. The frame is 91 inches in total. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: where would my closest store be that i could find this bed to view around chard area?

Answer: Hello , This bed is within majority of all our store's however to be safe you can use our store locator to contact the store closest to you. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Could I have dimensions of the mattress suitable for this frame please? In centimetres preferably. I am thinking of ordering either small double or double frame.

Answer: Hi , A double mattress sized 190 x 135 would fit the double Wilson and a small double mattress sized 190 x 120 will fit the small double Wilson. Kind regards Dreams

Question: What level do the slats sit in relation to the side boards - are they flush? We have a 160cm width mattress (European King) & in our current UK king frame the mattress can overhang by 5cm each side and it isn't a problem. Is that the case for this frame?

Answer: , The slats sit relatively flush to the side boards, however we cannot guarantee that your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is it possible to buy replacement sprung slats?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is possible. Please ring customer services on the number at the top of our website and somebody can sort this out for you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi do you have a Manual of assembly I’m moving home and had paid to have this assembled and lost the instructions 

Answer: , The assembly instructions can be downloaded in the overview of the product page. There are separate instructions for a double and a king. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hello. I have a mattress with the following dimensions: 135cm x 190cm x 25cm. Which frame would this fit?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions you have specified are for a Double size mattress and this will be suitable for any of our Double size frames. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Hi what is the dimensions for the matress for a small double or do i just pick any small double matress i dont want any gaps thanks

Answer: , All of our Small Double mattresses are the same size: 120cm Width and 190cm Length However, we do allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Anyone had problems fitting the bed slats to the gas lift? The holes that the bolts enter(bed slats) don’t add up with the holes on the gas lift ?

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi. I am interested in this Ottoman for my new home. I currently have a god quality mattress, that is quite heavy. My concern is that a heavy mattress would stop the storage lifting mechanism from working. Is there a suggested weight limit to mattress?

Answer: Good Evening, This ottoman has been designed to work effectively with a wide range of different mattresses and hence your mattress will be compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Morning, I had this bed del in Oct & assembled by the Dreams team. This morning it's got stuck in the upright position & I'm unable to move it back down & I've hurt my back in the process. Pls advise what to do, my local store is shut until the weekend !

Answer: , We really are sorry to hear this. Please get in contact with our customer service team as they will be best placed to resolve this for you. Thanks, Matt

Question: How far does the bed open?

Answer: , The height of opening depends on the size of the bed, please see the heights below: Small double - 87cm Double - 94cm King - 102cm Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi - which mattress should I use with this please?

Answer: Hello , Any mattress that you feel is suited to you will be fine for the bed frame. A pocket spring mattress would be an ideal choice. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi I have actually just purchased this bed as a double but I have just been thinking can you access stuff easily that is stored at the back?? Looking at photo it looks a bit restrictive? 

Answer: , When conducting our product testing on this bed, we found if you bend down on hands and knees, you can reach the back of the storage. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Do you guys do assembling on payment basis too

Answer: Hello , The assembly option will be presented through checkout for £49. This will be carried out when we deliver the bed frame to you. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Hi , can you put the handle to lift up the bed on any side?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the assembly instructions will show you how to install the bed frame with the handle on either the left or the right side. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is it possible to specify a delivery date as far away as Feb 2021?

Answer: , Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to book a delivery in for next year, our delivery calendar is only open till the end of the year. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What is the gap distance of openings betwen each slats? Is it possible to change the top to platform or add a platform on top of the slats with you?

Answer: Hi , 90mm between slats, unfortunately its not possible to change to a platform top however our Francis or Hopkin bed frames do have a platform top. Thank you.

Question: Hi, I would like to view this bed prior to buying. Is this available to view in Newry and if not could you tell me the nearest store in Northern Ireland to Newry it is available to view in? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The N.I stores operate under a franchise, I would advise to contact the Belfast office to confirm that on 028 9050 8300. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can you adjust the mattress height? Worried about feet hitting the end board

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed frame is fixed in place and you are unable to adjust the height of the ottoman where the mattress rests. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can the Wilson Ottoman bed frame be left or right opening?

Answer: , Yes, this is the case. Our instructions will explain the adjustments needed depending on which side you would like to open. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it possible to replace the entire metal lifting frame as we have one that has been damaged

Answer: , Please get in touch with our customer service team as they are best placed to answer you queries further in this scenario. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: hello. what is the delivery time for oders placed now? thanks

Answer: , You should be able to select this at checkout, if not, please contact customer service who will best placed to advise further. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Hi is this bed quiet low

Answer: , The base of this bed frame is 30cm from the floor. The height will then differ depending on what depth mattress is placed on top. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can this king size bed for a tall 190cm person without the feet hanging over the edge? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. All our King Size beds are designed to be used with a standard King size Mattress which measures 200cm in length so this should be sufficient.

Question: Hi maybe a stupid question but is mattress included??

Answer: Hello, The mattress will be sold separately however if you after a set that is inclusive, this will be within our divan bed range. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Are the slats screwed down?

Answer: Hello , This frame will have sprung slats and it will have placeholders for which the wooden struts are slotted into. Many thanks for the question.

Question: We have tight stairs and won't be able to fit the slat base up in one go. Will it split in 2? Looking at the fitting instructions it might be possible

Answer: Hello , The slat base is folded in half when being delivered flat-packed. You should be able to get this up your staircase. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Does the base have wooden slats or is it made of metal? Thank you

Answer: Hello , The slats will be wooden however the frame work is made from metal with a supporting central bar for added support. Many thanks for the question.

Question: If I put the hinge side of the bed against the wall, will it open properly or do I need a gap?

Answer: Hi , When the ottoman is lifted it will not over hang the side rail and therefore you should not need to leave a gap. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hi! Are the measurements printed correctly? only 4ft is 122cm and the width of your 4ft double is 131cm, thanks.

Answer: Hi , Yes the measurements are printed correctly. The difference in the 4ft and 4ft 6 double is the width of the bed. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Is there a required gap that the bed must be away from the wall for lifting the bed to get to the storage? also is there a specific matress for these kimd of beds?

Answer: Hello , No gap is needed and no specific mattresses are required at all, so you can choose one that suits you best. Thank you for your question,

Question: What are the internal clear dimensions of the storage area in the bed? We need to work out whether we can store a spare single mattress in it which is 200mm high.

Answer: Hi , The dimensions hold 646 litres, and would accommodate fitting a small mattress inside. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Would a 190cm x 123cm x25cm mattress fit? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes a mattress with the dimensions you have provided would be suitable for the Wilson Ottoman in Small Double (4FT) size option.

Question: What side does storage open looking at it face on from the bottom of bed

Answer: , The ottoman can be assembled to open on your desired side - it is not fixed to only open on one particular side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can the bed be placed against a wall on the non-opening side, or does it need space to overhang when you open it?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, when the ottoman is lifted it will not overhang the side rail and therefore there is no need to leave a gap. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you choose which side the ottoman opens? We want to put it against a wall so it would need to be able to open on the left side of the bed but the picture on the website shows it opening on the right.

Answer: , You can change the position of the fittings to make sure the ottoman opens from which ever side suits your needs. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a manufactures guarantee?

Answer: Hi , Yes the manufacture's guarantee is 1 year. However we also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can you choose which side it lifts open from? or is it just from the left as pictured?

Answer: , The bed can be lifted from either side. Details of how to assemble it either way are within the instructions. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The storage area, i read it is fabric base? Does it sit on the floor and can take any weight? E.g books or is the thing we store have to be light? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, this a fabric base. It sits on the floor so there is no weight limit to what you store within the ottoman. Kind regards Dreams

Question: One if the wooden slats has cracked is it possible to get a replacement one? 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. If you contact our customer service team they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the lifting struts be fitted to either side?

Answer: , You can fit the lifting struts so the ottoman base can be lifted from either the left or the right hand side. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hello Does this item come with a manufacturers warranty/guarantee?

Answer: Hello , The product comes with a 1 year's warranty as standard and a 8 years optional bed service cover plan. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Is there a maximum weight for the mattress for the king size frame?

Answer: , There is no maximum mattress weight for this bed frame - any mattress from our range will be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can I order a fabric swatch? Bought this bed in silver and now want to find some matching curtains. 

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who should be able to provide you with this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: my son has this bed  and the metal frame has bent on one side can you buy replacement metal frames please

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our Customer Service team and they will be able to advise on this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: So when my bed comes when i order it can i ask the people who are building the bed to not put on the feet and to just have the bed flat like in store? is that possibly.

Answer: , We wouldn't recommend using this bedframe without the feet as these form part of it's core construction Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have put my bed together and it's ok but as soon as I attached the gas pistons the mattress wouldn't go down and they don't seem to budge at all? I tried lifting it more to then lower it but this didn't work either?

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site and someone will be willing to help you. Thank you.

Question: does the bed frame comes i leather.i need it in kings size leather black .

Answer: Hello, I am afraid not. For this specification, you will be best looking at our manhattan bedframe with storage. Many thanks for your question.

Question: What's the weight limit on this?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our beds. Please be assured that our beds hold a substantial weight. Thank you for your question.

Question: Are the slats on the bed covered or can you see them when you lift the bed.

Answer: , The slats will be visible when you lift up the ottoman, as the mattress rests directly on the slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What guarantee does the bed come with?

Answer: Hi, This comes with 1 year as standard. You can also purchase our bed cover which gives you an 8 year cover at an additional cost. Thank you.

Question: Will a EU king size matteres fit on this frame

Answer: , The dimensions of your mattress for a king size frame should be 150 x 200cm. This is a UK standard king. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi I wanted to find out I just got bed from from dream but I had work going on carpet wasn't in so can I still get my bed fixed bed is still in pakgeing

Answer: , Unfortunately if we have already delivered I am afraid we would not be able to come back out to assemble. Many thanks Dreams

Question: How high does this open please? Is it the maximum in the photo?

Answer: , The Wilson can lift higher than indicated in the photo. It lifts approximately 1 metre from the floor. Kind Regards Dreams

Question: Hi, We have recently bought this bed frame in small double. The first few weeks were fine but now every time we make the slightest movement in bed, the frame creaks etc and keeps us awake. Is this common? Is there anything we can do to fix this?  Thanks

Answer: , Please contact our Customer Service team who will be able to talk you through some potential solutions. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: are you doing assembly in NI and ROI again

Answer: , Our franchise team only deliver to Northern Ireland, they will be able to complete an assembly service. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What side does the bed open from?

Answer: , You can assemble the bed so the ottoman opens from the left or the right depending on your preference. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Where is the Wilson ottoman bed frames country of origin and manufacture

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. China is the country of origin for this bed frame. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Does the bed frame have any give in it? I have a space that is 129 cm wide. Was wondering if the Base was cushioned at all so maybe we could squeeze it in the space?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid the bed frame will not be able to squeeze in as it is made with a solid framework. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Do u have any ottoman beds that fit a euro double size mattress 200x140 ?

Answer: Hi , No, unfortunately this is not something we offer. We hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience. Thank you for your question.

Question: When you lift the bed up how high does it go?

Answer: Hello, This lifts as high as the headboard to allow you to get in and use the full capacity of its storage. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Can this bed be opened from both sides or does it only open on the one side?

Answer: Hello , This opens from one side however you can choose the way it opens when being constructed. Many thanks for the question.

Question: The picture shows the bed opening from the left can you request opening either side? Many Thanks

Answer: , You can assemble the bed so it opens on either the left or the right depending on your preference. Many thanks Dreams

Question: The dimensions of the bed say king size bed frame is 231cm x 161cm . The diagram suggests it is outside edge to outside edge? Can you confirm how it is measured? As a king sized mattress on your website it listed as 200cm x 150cm which would leave a gap?

Answer: Hi, This would be the outside measurement. The mattress would measure smaller because it sits on the inside of the frame. Thank you.

Question: Does the bed only open on one side? 

Answer: , The ottoman will only open on one side, but you can select the side of your choice when building Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does the Wilson upholstered ottoman frame come with matress

Answer: , The Wilson bed frame does not come with a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have brought this bed because my metal bed frame squeaks so much it wakes me up. Is this bed likely to squeak? 

Answer: , The Wilson Bed Frame is a sturdy frame that when assembled correctly is very unlikely to squeak. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hello Is the material the same as the “Lucia upholstered bed in silver”?  They look pretty similar but a slight colour difference in photos 

Answer: Hi Yes, the material is the same, the only difference is the colour dye. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: What size mattress fits in a king size frame?

Answer: , This King Bed Frame will accommodate a King Mattress that measures 150cm (width) x 200 (length). Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is it possible to buy a replacement foot end for the Wilson Grey Fabric bed as my cat has scratched it a lot. It seems to have attracted him from day one, he has never done this before.

Answer: Hello , You should call customer services on 03442920000 as they can help replace this for you. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Please could I have the exact depth for the bed in inches/cm. I've seen 3 answers saying 8,8.5,9 inches and I've bought storage boxes that are 9inches tall. My bed is meant to arrive this Thursday! Thanks for the help

Answer: Hello , This will be 29cm deep. This will be from the floor to the top of the side rail. Many thanks for the question.

Question: Are spare slats available? Several slats have broken since purchase.

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site and someone will be happy to help you. Thank you.

Question: Please could you advise if in the storage area the base is boarded? 

Answer: , The storage area of this bed has a fabric base that is attached to the frame with velcro tape. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The top of the head end and the foot end both curve outwards. What is the maximum length dimension of the bed from the top end of the curved head to the top end of the curved foot from where they curve out for the 4'6 double & the king?

Answer: , The Double bed including scrolled ends comes in at a length of 223cm. The King is 231cm long. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Good evening Does the small double frame have 4 springs to lift the top part?

Answer: , This bed frame comes with 2 x gas lift mechanisms to aid in the elevation of the ottoman base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: what is the upper headboard curve to bottom curve outer length. Your only show 221cm for base dimension on the drawing. Cheers Frank

Answer: , This is the outer curve dimensions. 221cm is the total length. I hope this helps. Kidn Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi can you get replacement plastic slat holders for this bed - mine have disintegrated and the slats are popping out. 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. If you contact our customer service team they can assist with this. Many thanks Dreams

Question: I’ve just purchased the Wilson bed wondered if the side you open it from is optional

Answer: , Yes, the side you open the ottoman from is optional and is decided at the point of assembly. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed come in small double size in the silver colour?

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, this only comes in the small double for the grey wilson ottoman bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Question: How much do you charge for assembly of beds

Answer: , Our assembly charges for this bed frame are: Single - £30, Double, King, Super King - £50 Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What side does the bed open on?

Answer: Hi , You can decide upon assembly as to which side you would like this to open on. Thank you for your question.

Question: How long does it take to build?

Answer: , This bed frame should take around 1 hour to build if two people are building the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: If the Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame with a mattress was placed alongside a wall would it still open correctly or would the wall prevent it from opening?

Answer: , The ottoman would still open providing the non-opneing side is placed against the wall. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Do you charge to take away your existing mattress

Answer: , Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation we do not currently offer this service. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hello. Is the assembly & delivery included in the price you display?I am looking to purchase 2 ottoman beds . (small doubles) I am moveing into a 2 bed flat soon.

Answer: Hello , The price is for the bed alone, assembly is charged at £49 per ottoman bed. Many thanks for your question.

Question: DOes this bed come with a mattress 

Answer: Hi , No, this is a bed frame only and a mattress will need to be purchased separately. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is the mattress included in this offer, or is it necessary to purchase a mattress separately ?

Answer: , The mattress is not included in this offer and will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hello does Wilson Silver Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame have a base floor for the storage to sit on or does storage just sit on the floor

Answer: Hi , This has a durable fabric base, your belongings will not be directly on the floor. Thank you for your question.

Question: I bought an ottoman bed frame from dreams a few years ago I’m sure it’s this model, unfortunately some of the slats have broken is it possible to get replacement slats as I really don’t want to have to replace the entire bed! 

Answer: , Please contact our customer service team on 0800 652 6750 who will be able to help Kind regards, Dreams

Question: In regards of having it upholstered in silver... is this a silver grey? As the close up of the material looks more of a beige colour. Only asking as the Lucia bedframe in silver looks like its beige fully assembled but the wilson silver looks more grey.

Answer: , The silver is a silver-grey colour. The Wilson and the Lucia have the same fabric. Kind regards Dreams

Question: With this bed ca. you remove the headboard?

Answer: , You cannot remove the headboard as it is a vital component of the bed frame. . Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: If the bed frame was to become dirty how would I clean it?

Answer: , We only recommend using lukewarm water to clean any of our upholstered bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you change the orientation of how the ottoman bed opens or does it only open from left to right? 

Answer: , You can choose to assemble the hinge on the left or right side of the bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Question: When the ottoman goes up does the mattress slide off?  Thank you

Answer: Hi , The ottoman has a side retaining bar to ensure the mattress remains in place. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Is there something in place to secure the mattress in place so it does not slide sideways when the ottoman is lifted up?

Answer: , This ottoman has a side retaining bar to ensure the mattress remains in place. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does the dimension (length) account for the scrolls on either end of the bed or is this measurement along the floor?

Answer: , The dimensions quoted are for the overall dimensions including the scrolls. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does this bed have the wooden slats?

Answer: Hello , Yes, the bed will come flat-packed with sprung wooden slats. Many thanks for the question.

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Customer Reviews For The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

5 - Excellent bed frame. Easy to build yourself, with great instructions. The bed frame is sturdy and spacious underneath. You can choose which side the mattress lifts from, making it easier to work into any bedroom. Highly recommended!

5 - We bought this bed on Boxing Day 2019. We were so surprised to get delivery of the bed so quickly on the 4th January 2020! The bed was so easy to assemble and the results are wonderful!! Beautiful fabric and such an elegant shape!!

5 - This bed has so much storage and is a great addition to my teenager sons bedroom. He is over the moon with it. It looks stylish and was easy to assemble. The service in store was fab and delivery smooth. Would highly recommend.

5 - I love this bed, great in every way. It is a substitute to my my main bed however, brilliant. Plus when my mum stays overs this is perfect for seeing her grandchild. Expertly put together and very efficient with smiles. well done.

5 - Good looking small double, solid frame and great storage. Storage is the full size of the bed frame and to open and close the bed takes some effort which is good for us as the small kids have no chance of opening it, so very safe.

5 - I love the bed frame. It was easy to assemble and looks amazing. Very sturdy and compliments the bedroom. I would give this more than 5 stars. The price was extremely reasonable and there is plenty of space underneath for storage

5 - We bought this two weeks ago. It was pretty easy to put together - took us maybe 90mins altogether but instructions were great. It gives us so much extra storage space and looks very classy in the bedroom, very glad we bought it!

5 - I bought this bed for my teenager, we are always looking for a way to get more storage so this bed was ideal, we have had this bed a month now and every thing going well, it looks great and the storage under neath is all full up.

5 - Great and easy service. Really informative staff on what's available. Bed is really comfy and the storage underneath is such a bonus. A little heavy to lift perhaps for smaller people but simple and easy to use.looka great too!

5 - Good quality bed, this is the second one we have purchased as we have moved from a small double to a king size. The ottoman feature is very smooth and easy to use. The colour is true to the online pictures. Easy to assemble.

5 - Lovely bed and excellent quality. The fabric is tough but soft. The mechanism is great when u get used to it and there is so much storage its brilliant. Looks modern and was easy enough to build. Would definitely recommend it.

5 - Love this bed! Perfect for my 5yo daughter's bedroom. Her room is very small and the bed slots perfectly at the end and the room still looks spacious. Great having the whole underneath of the bed as storage is a massive help.

5 - From start to finish our experience at dreams was exemplary. The sales staff very efficient and knowledgeable and the delivery team were polite and very helpful and even installed the bed AND took all the packaging away!!

5 - Stunning bed , for the price and excellent quality , well made product . Also had it fitted by Dream’s delivery team . They were so polite and extra careful in my new property. They were quick and tidied up after themselves

5 - We bought this a few weeks ago and I must say from start to finish it was great! Easy ordering service, delivery, build and sleeping on it! We built the bed ourselves and it was very easy, ottoman is great for storage too!

5 - This bed was incredibly easy to put together and looks very modern. It is sturdy and doesn’t creak. The ottoman part is spacious and the hydrology mechanism is quite difficult at first but gets easier the more you use it.

5 - I bought this bed because I needed lots of storage, it has a fantastic amount of storage - making a small bedroom so much less jam packed with big bulky furniture. It was easy to set up and a lovely colour! Very nice bed

5 - Lovely looking and very sturdy. Able to be assembled by 1 person. The hydrolics were stiff to the point we thought the bed would break with the amount of force needed to push it down but one done a few times it was fine

5 - Really nice looking, very chunky. Took two of us a few hours to put it together (some of the screws didn't really want to go in) but no real challenge. The lift mechanism is great and even lifts our heavy Otty mattress

5 - Lovely solid bed and easy to put together. Ample room for storage. Need a bit of muscle to pop it open and shut it down, but with a few goes it loosens up. Fabric feels thick and robust so hope it lasts a long time…

5 - Beautiful and very easy to use. Very hanfy to store stuff one does not want wondering around. Plus the overall costumer service from Michael in Colindale store to the team which came to assemble it was just great.

5 - Really pleased with my purchase its a lovely bed frame with great storage. I also bought a mattress and have had great sleeps since. Thanks Dreams & the delivery & installation guys who did a great & efficient job.

5 - Fantastic bed. Very good quality with very strong materials. Easy to assemble, however just to note the bed will not go up and down until the mattress is actually on the bed!! Took me a while to work that out haha

5 - I brought this item last month for my daughter she has a double bedroom but the storage is lacking this was great to enable a more clutter free room plenty of storage underneath a solid bed one very happy teenager

5 - The bed is amazing! Super comfy and makes no noise when moving round during the night. Lots of space underneath also. We paid for the Dreams team to make it, didn’t take too long and was very well put together.

5 - I looked at many beds but am so glad I chose this one. I love the feature of the side opening ottoman and it’s so easy to use. Great storage space underneath the bed which is what I needed. Would highly recommend

5 - The best bed I have slept on by far, comfortable, looks lovely, and a huge amount of storage that has fit in more than I expected, easy to lift and push back down and very strong. Would highly recommend this bed.

5 - I bought this bed from dreams in doncaster. I was met with fantastic customer service and a cup of tea so no complaints from me! The bed was easily delivered and assembled and I am very pleased with my purchase.

5 - I love this bed. The colour is great and it was quite simple to put together. I also love the option to choose which side you can lift it up. The quality of the bed is great and I have no issues with it at all!

5 - I am absolutely delighted with this bed, excellent space saving and very comfy. I paid for assembly, which I don’t usually do, the guys were super friendly and professional I will be using Dreams in the future

5 - Great bed easy to assemble very comfortable. Smart stylish design. I love this bed the storage is also fantastic. Best choice I've made got one all my rooms.grate for all the family for adults to children.

5 - Bought this bed for our newly decorated bedroom. We wanted under bed storage and this has been the perfect bed for that. Easy to put together if you follow the provided instructions. Would highly recommend.

5 - Love this bed, instructions for building the bed a little sketchy, especially the last section, but got there in the end. Can't fault the quality and really pleased with look. Does take 2 people to build.

5 - A sturdy bed frame, stylish and well made. Looks like it is made to last a while. Would highly recommend. The Dreams team were excellent too. Helpful, professional and friendly from purchase to delivery!

5 - This bed is super easy to assemble and looks amazing! It’s bigger than I expected due to the foot board and head board but still looks lovely in my bedroom. The extra storage under the bed is also amazing!

5 - I couldn't be any happier with the bed I have purchased. Working for the NHS during this pandemic, coming home to a comfortable bed after a stressful day, I couldn't ask for anymore. Thank you Dream Beds

5 - This is our 2nd purchase of this actual bed - the first one in darker grey was for our son 2 years ago excellent bed - that's why we have the 2nd one in silver grey for my daughters room would recommend

5 - This looks even better in reality (bought online). Turned up quickly and delivery people were friendly, helpful and prompt. The bed was easy to put together and it works very well. Very happy with this

5 - Great bed, looks fantastic, good quality, reasonable price. Fantastic service from Dreams, delivered with no problems, gentlemen were polite and very helpful. Very pleased customer, legitimate review.

5 - Lovely bed frame. Well made. All tools and fixings came with frame. Relatively easy to assemble. Bit awkward in places, particularly when using Allen keys! Instructions were clear and easy to follow.

5 - Ideally I wanted a King bed frame which has a lower profile, and option for linen storage. The WILSON OTTOMAN was exactly what we wanted. Having had it several weeks, our choice has been vindicated.

5 - Bought this along with a mattress and the bed frame is incredible. The storage is very spacious there is no more need for any drawers just the bed and wardrobe. Easy enough to lift and put down too!

5 - Perfect product. Ottoman provides great storage. Modern, stylish design. We had to change the delivery date several times due to house completion delays and Dreams were very accomodating about this.

5 - Really good bed. Lots of storage underneath and very comfortable. Would recommend. Only slight issue is if you’re very tall you may have to sleep slightly curled up but it hasn’t bothered me so far.

5 - I bought this bed about a month ago now and I’m still in love with it it’s such a nice design the mattress I bought from dreams too and it’s soo comfortable it’s a memory Pocket form one I believe.

5 - Was not keen on getting an ottoman but it’s what my son wanted. This bed was everything I thought it would be. It’s sturdy, well made, not low, great quality. Very impressed as always with Dreams!

5 - I wish I had bought this sooner, as having the Wilson Ottoman bed has transformed my flat! With a contemporary look, the storage space is great, in addition to being well made and value for money!

5 - Enabled a lot of blankets, duvets, and pillows to be lost from wardrobe freeing up space in small flat. Headboard also right height and not difficult to lift the mattress up and it stayed there.

5 - Good sturdy bed, easy to assemble with 2. Instructions were clear. Great storage space . Bought it for our teen daughter who is really pleased with it. Will most likely buy another for ourselves.

5 - We've have had the bed for around 3 weeks and it's been a delight. So much storage and relatively simple to set up. The team were great at helping us with the purchase and then with the delivery.

5 - Arrived when said it would was taken to room of choice and carefully placed by driver and drivers mate. Looks good was easy to assemble. I am extremely pleased with item would highly recommend.

5 - The assembly took the exact time provided in the instructions, all was clear and easy to put together. The bed lifts and closes smoothly and is light. The finish looks very smart and expensive

5 - Really happy with this bed and the service I received from Dreams. Would thoroughly recommend using the build service they offer as it took the hassle out of having to assemble the bed myself

5 - Solid, convenient and just perfect. Needed extra storage with the smart look bed frame and look no further. All finishes are great, I went for Charcoal and very easy to assemble and perfect.

5 - I bought this for my boys room and the bed is very comfortable and has also got a lot of storage underneath which we are pleased about I would recommend this bed for any Childs room is superb

5 - I bought this for the comfort and also for the storage and both aspects exceeded my expectations massively as it is very comfortable and has a surprising amount of room for storage underneath

5 - I bought this a few weeks ago for my teenage son who had managed to break his previous bed! He is very happy with it, so much so that i find it difficult to get him out of it in the morning!

5 - Easy to follow instructions, great hard wearing material. Fits in perfect with bedroom. Delivery was well organised and polite. Ordering in store was quick and easy with knowledgeable staff.

5 - Very comfy bed high quality great price The service received from Dreams was excellent from ordering to delivery & they put the bed up . They were Covid secure as per government guidelines

5 - Looks good and you can choose which side you want it to open. Delivery guys were great and I paid for the build which they did really quickly. All packaging removed so very happy with it.

5 - The bed is east to assemble, and well made. When constructed it’s very robust and sturdy. It looks extremely smart and has plenty of storage underneath. Exactly what we were looking for.

5 - Purchased the bed online and was delivered on time and well packed. Assembled in about 1hr myself and is very sturdy and very comfortable. Great bed at a great price thoroughly recommend

5 - Purchased this bed 4/5 years ago now. The bed is great easy to lift up to expose the storage area. Lots of space to store all sorts of things. Very strong and sturdy. Would buy again.

5 - Bought this bed three weeks ago. Surprised at how much space there is. Allows you to store everything but keep tidy. With the help of the pistons, makes lifting the mattress very easy.

5 - So amazed by this bed, I have been looking for ages for a bed with storage and I found this one and was happy to immediately buy it, easy to open storage and fits a decent amount in it

5 - I bought this bedframe a few weeks ago and am really happy with my choice. It was really easy to put together, albeit time consuming, but the finished product looks and works great!!!

5 - This bed was fairly simple to put together but definitely needs two people to assemble. The storage is brilliant and the bed is easy to lift up even with a heavy tempur mattress on it

5 - Bed is supplied as flatpack in three cartons, it was delivered on time on the agreed date. We didn't want it assembled on delivery (£65) as the room its going in is being decorated.

5 - I love this bed and the additional storage is perfect. The bed looks stylish and having the storage under means that things aren't on the floor, so easier to get to and keep clean.

5 - Bought this for my sons room. Very sturdy bed. Delivery & assembly first class. Delivery men were Professional, friendly and polite. Excellent service & would definitely recommend

5 - Good delivery on time and good communication... Not put the bed up yet still decorating but already got the same in other sons room and it's a very good solid bed, also looks good..

5 - Bought for my son he chose the bed in light grey looks great very pleased with it and so much storage room in the base for all his ski gear etc - now freed up room in the wardrobe.

5 - We were after a king size bed, that looked stylish and also had storage - this bed does all of those things. Great quality, really sturdy and a great price, would highly recommend.

5 - I brought this bed about a month ago and am so glad we did. It’s so incredibly comfortable, looks stunning and so practical with plenty of storage underneath. Absolutely love it

5 - This bed is just what I wanted. It is well made & has so much storage room underneath. The men that delivered & assembled it were very professional. I would highly recommend :)

5 - I bought this bed for our daughter. We bought the small double which has plenty of room but doesn’t take up too much room in her bedroom. Lifts easily and has loads of storage

5 - This is so practical and easy to use! Bed is gorgeous and for such a reasonable price. I was a first time bed buyer and didn’t know what to expect but I couldn’t ask for more.

5 - I purchased this before Christmas. Delivery was quick and assembly was straightforward. The bed is very comfortable and the storage is fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

5 - This frame is nice looking and very good quality. Easy to put together and a decent height with a good mattress so that you don't feel like your almost laying on the floor.

5 - We bought this for moving into our new house. The storage under neath has been great for keeping our bedroom clutter free. The bed itself is sturdy and was easy to assemble.

5 - This bed is amazing, its nice and solid so the slats wont brake. Its made of a metal base which is always great to have. The storage is a amazing for a small room like mine

5 - We kept our mattress as it was only a year old. But the difference the frame has made to the comfiness of the bed is amazing!! So happy and we are sleeping much better!

5 - This bed is really comfortable, and also incredibly practical with the Ottoman storage. It was easy to order online and delivered quickly. We’d definitely use Dreams again.

5 - I bought this bed frame a few weeks back. It fits in with the room really well, and offers so much storage! Ottoman beds are the way forward for sleek and stylish storage

5 - Bought this as my spare room is not the biggest and with the storage underneath helps so much and especially the way it opens from the side and not the bottom. Looks great

5 - Very sturdy frame. Lots of space underneath and good, powerful lifters to make it raise when needed. We got the king with a heavy memory foam mattress and it works great.

5 - I bought this double bed for my daughter, her bedroom is really small so struggling for space. This is perfect. Really easy to put up really impressed with this product.

5 - Very happy with this purchase, was easy to assemble. Looks very nice too. Excellent service both in store and during deliver. Highly recommend to purchase from Dreams!

5 - Very happy with my purchase - superb and comfortable bed and so much space for storage! The assembly team were fab too - were very polite, tidy and worked quickly.

5 - Amazing bed, I've been sleeping on it for weeks and its terrific, great for tapping my sister under it when she's annoying, would recommend to anyone, looks amazing.

5 - Smart looking bed. Lots of storage underneath. Not the easiest to put together but good delivery service as they brought the bed all the way up to our loft bedroom.

5 - We bought this a few weeks ago and are very pleased with the product. It looks lovely and the storage aspect is great. Lots of help given in the shop too in order.

5 - Really pleased with this bed. It was one of the cheaper ottoman beds on display in store but certainly isn’t cheap once in situ. Easy to use & couldn’t be happier!

5 - I brought this bed nearly a month ago it’s got really good under bed storage as the room is a small room and helps store things that are not needed to be in sight

5 - Bed is very good, very easy to put together with easy instructions. A very sturdy structure with plenty of under bed storage with easy access Highly recommended

5 - Bought 1 month ago, very good stylish double bed and a benefit to have some storages to hide things away at this time of year from little eyes that are watching x

5 - I got this bed frame around a month ago along with a new mattress. I cannot fault the frame at all. Everything about it is amazing and makes our bedroom complete.

5 - Bed is the focal point in the room. Looks lovely. Website pictures don't do it justice. Extra storage space it gives is perfect for my large shoe collection too!

5 - I bought this in store. The experience, I wasn’t pushed into a sale or sold loads of extra items. The product was the best quality for the price. Very impressed

5 - I bought this bed as I don’t have a lot of storage in my bedroom or a lot of room and found this an excellent choice, it’s amazing how much you can store in it.

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